->''"Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?"''
--> --'''"Lady Marmalade"'''

She charges £600 (or $1,000) an hour, looks great in a court wig and robes, speaks several languages, knows her claret from her Beaujolais, and can carry on a conversation with anyone from the flower vendor to the Queen.

She's not a [[HelloAttorney barrister]], or a [[IThoughtItMeant solicitor]], she's a prostitute. More accurately, an escort.

Mind you, she might be arguing cases before a court of law in a few years yet; she could well be putting herself through law school. But for the moment, she is a prostitute. Far likelier than other kinds of prostitutes to be an EthicalSlut, and to engage in UnproblematicProstitution, she might not even charge for sex. Instead she charges only for her company; whether or not sex happens is up to her.

The High-Class Call Girl is the highest class of prostitute and one that is usually safer, pays more and is seen as more glamorous. It allows for highly attractive actresses to look convincing as prostitutes and do plenty of {{fanservice}}, while not raising too many of the more worrying aspects of prostitution. Her clientele will mostly be men in the upper echelons of society; expect at least one of them to be a politician, particularly one [[{{Hypocrite}} who is always publicly stressing good old fashioned conservative Family Values]]. Having said that, if these girls are anything like their [[TruthInTelevision real-life]] counterparts, they cater to a higher-class clientele because they are classy, well-educated, and ''smart''. The nature of this clientele may also lead to them becoming involved in a HookersAndBlow situation.

Compare and contrast {{Dominatrix}} and SilkHidingSteel. Compare GoldDigger. If they limit themselves to one client, they are TheMistress.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In an episode of ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'', Itoshki briefly overcomes his pessimism and resolves to become TheHedonist. This includes hiring a high-class prostitute.
* Nokaze in ''Manga/{{Jin}}'' is the most famous courtesan in 1860s Edo. [[spoiler: The time-traveling title character gets the special deluxe treatment from her.]]
* Yumi Komagata from ''Manga/RurouniKenshin''. She was an ''[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oiran oiran]]'' or high-class courtesan, more exactly. Also, despite not being a bad person, she was ''far'' [[BrokenBird more cynical and emotionally broken]] than the standard thanks to some extreme dick moves on the part of the government.
* ''Manga/GreatTeacherOnizuka'' - Principal Daimon financed her revenge scheme by being a hostess in a seedy bar.
* RareMaleExample: Souma from ''Manga/SakuraGari'' will let anyone sleep with him as long as there is something for him to gain from them in return. One of the detectives [[LampshadeHanging even remarks on it]], saying that even back when they were investigating [[spoiler:his step-mother's suicide]], he had the eyes of a prostitute.
* Another RareMaleExample: [[spoiler:Sakuya Ookuchi, the male lead]] from ''Manga/SensualPhrase''.
* We meet two in ''Anime/WickedCity''. [[spoiler: They're both demon women sent to act as {{Honey Trap}}s, and one of them actually becomes a major antagonist since she doubles as a DarkActionGirl.]]
* What [[spoiler:Suzu's former mistress Riyo]] used to be in ''LightNovel/TheTwelveKingdoms''.
* Anita in ''Anime/DGrayMan'', could qualify as both this and MissKitty. She runs the biggest and most fancy brothel in China, so it is probably the most expensive that only the uppe-classed men could afford. When dressed up and running her brothel, she wears very elegant clothing and a fancy headress. She seems to get nothing but respect from people and has her own ship, with a crew who respects and obey her every word; thus, she also has a knowlage of sailing. She meets the Exorcists in China but speaks Japanese, which is good since only 1 person in the group of 4 speaks Chinese. Her lover, Cross Marian, who has a good share of other lovers himself, says that she was a strong and good woman, after finding out she's been killed. She also has a big burly female bodyguard named Mahoja who also works as a bouncer for her brothel, most likely to make sure the men won't abuse her or any of the other women, as it's been said Anita has no tolerance for mean people. So, if you're going to be with her or anywhere near her or her brothel, you'd better be well-mannered. She's a prostitute, but she has standards and will NOT have patience if you break them.

* One volume of ''Comicbook/TheBoys'' has a superhero party called Herogasm, where the majority of the country's heros gather and have wild sex with each other and the high-class call girls there. At one point, The Homelander attempts to use one of these girls to distract his uber competent MagnificentBastard boss from Vought American.
* Katchoo was one during her years in LA in the history of ''StrangersInParadise''. She looks back on this time with nostalgic fondness and love, but also with horror, disgust and revulsion. It was during this time that she met Emma, the first person to actually be ''nice'' to her except for Francine, and the woman who took her off the street, gave her a a place to live, and whom Katchoo eventually fell in love and escaped with, but Emma is also the one who introduced her to the world of prostitution and, more importantly (And traumatically), Darcy Parker, whose psychotic tendencies and obsessions drove Katchoo to drink, abuse drugs and suffer from crippling emotional issues for years.
-->'''Emma:''' Nervous? Well, don't be. You'll do fine. Act shy but interested. They love that. And don't fidget... they hate it if you're nervous. Aw, c'mon, honey... its not like it's gonna kill you!"
* ''ComicBook/SinCity'': While it's not outright stated, the girls of Old Town are implied to have a wide range of prices. One story explains that you can see limos parked alongside old pickup trucks in Old Town. Gail, the madame, carries herself in such a way as to imply that she is quite pricey.
* Trish from ''ComicStrip/KnightsOfTheDinnerTable'' might not be quite as high priced as some of the others on this page, but she is certainly classy, well-educated and smart.
* A one-shot [[ComicBook/ThePunisher Punisher]] story had Frank using one of these as an accomplice to get close to some corrupt politicians/corporate goons in order to...well, [[KillEmAll do what he does best]].

* In ''Film/PrettyWoman'', Creator/JuliaRoberts' character essentially goes from [[StreetWalker street-corner hooker]] to this in one fell swoop.
* Satine from ''Film/MoulinRouge'' is a courtesan in the high night club of Paris.
* Gloria from ''{{Butterfield 8}}''.
* ''Film/FlowersOfShanghai'' is about the life of high-class courtesans in 19th-century China.
* The middle segment of ''ThreeTimes'' depicts the relationship between a high-class Chinese courtesan and her favorite patron.
* AlPacino's character from ''AnyGivenSunday'' gets approached by one of these ladies one night in a bar after his team suffered a bad loss, and he is too drunk and depressed to take her up on her offer.
* Lynn Bracken from ''Film/LAConfidential'' is part of a stable of high-class call girls who are made to look like movie stars.
* The Jennifer Garner character in ''Film/CatchMeIfYouCan''.
* Bree Daniels in ''Film/{{Klute}}''.
* Severine in ''Film/BelleDeJour''.
* Chelsea in ''TheGirlfriendExperience''. Offers low five figures for the titular experience, and finds her clients are starting to get wary given the economic crisis. Bonus points for being played by a pornstar.
* ''Literature/AmericanPsycho'' Several times, along with numerous {{Streetwalker}}s he kills, in many different ways.
* Liz Blake in ''Film/DressedToKill'', who's on the phone with her broker between johns.
* ''MemoirsOfAGeisha'' is set in Japan about a girl named Chiyo, who trains to become the esteemed Geisha Sayuri. She is primarily an artist but is required to sell her virginity to become official.
* Sylvia, the Italian courtesan, in ''BrotherhoodOfTheWolf''.
* Rosie in ''Film/{{Payback}}''.
* ''Dangerous Beauty'' is a bio-pic of Veronica Franco, who was a RealLife Venetian courtesan, or high-class prostitute. At one point in the movie, she--ahem--''persuades'' the king of France to lend Venice the warships needed for war with the Turks. In RealLife, she did have a liaison with King Henri III, but it probably wasn't of quite that much diplomatic importance.
* Miss Trixie from ''Film/PaperMoon'', though she doesn't have the refinement or discretion typical of the trope.
* Mara from ''Film/YesterdayTodayAndTomorrow'' entertains carefully selected gentlemen callers and makes a good living doing it. Her neighbor is surprised to hear that she makes a million lire a month.

* Francesca in ''Literature/TheHeirsOfAlexandria''. Goes on to become an imperial advisor and TheMistress.
* The Creator/JamesPatterson novel ''Sail''.
* In Robert B. Parker's ''{{Spenser}}'' series, recurring character Patricia Utley runs a whole enterprise of this sort. She takes very, ''very'' [[MamaBear good care of her girls]].
* In the ''Literature/KushielsLegacy'' series, prostitution is a sacred calling. The protagonist, Phedre no Delaunay, is an extremely high priced prostitute, who, besides her [[TooKinkyToTorture innate craving for pain]], is a trained spy, speaks [[{{Omniglot}} thirteen languages]], and is quite generally regarded as the best in the business by man and [[EvenTheGirlsWantHer woman alike]].
* Creator/HarukiMurakami wrote ''Dance Dance Dance'' which had a network of these.
** ''Literature/KafkaOnTheShore'' describes one, a philosophy major, on the job.
* The story "The Whore of Mensa" in Creator/WoodyAllen's book ''Without Feathers'' features a call-girl agency where the girls discuss high literature with the customers (and do nothing else).
* Madame Ahnzhelyk Phonda runs this sort of establishment in the ''Literature/{{Safehold}}'' series, catering to the needs of the various priests and bishops of the CorruptChurch. [[spoiler:She uses this role to act as a spy.]]
* In Colette's ''Literature/{{Cheri}}'' and ''La Fin de Cheri'' novellas, Lea de Lonval is a retired kept woman.
* Servilia in the ''Literature/{{Emperor}}'' books ensures that her brothels are staffed entirely by girls like this. She herself also qualifies, and is so successful that she can influence the senate.
* ''Literature/ThaisOfAthens'' stars the (in)famous Greek hetaera of the title as the protagonist. There is also her best friend Aegesichore.
* Discussed in ''Literature/TheWiseMansFear'': Denna rescues a runaway girl forced to play prostitute to make ends meet from a violent client, then has a long talk with her about how if she doesn't want to return home she can at least make herself one of these. The glamor only goes so far, though: Denna compares a High-Class Call Girl to a normal prostitute by comparing a lord's well-kept horse to a shabby, run-down steed - including the part where at the end of the day they both get ridden.
* Mona Sofia from Federico Andajhazi's ''The Anatomist'' is the most beautiful, cynical, and expensive prostitute in the whole Venetian Republic. A whole chapter of the book is dedicated to the ''extremely'' {{squick}}y (and not exactly believable) circumstances behind her success. [[spoiler: She meets an {{anvilicious}} and tragically ironic end, due to contracting syphillis.]]
** Also [[spoiler: Ines de Torquemada, after [[BreakTheCutie being emotionally broken.]] [[TearJerker She doesn't end up much better]].]]
* The Literature/InDeath series: Charles Monroe is definitely a High-Class Call Boy. Eve is friends with him, even though his profession bothers her. There is this one High-Class Call Girl who ends up murdered in ''Indulgence in Death''.
* [[MissKitty La Señora]] from ''Literature/EvaLuna'' has several of these girls working for her in her brothel. They're described rather sympathetically: they're pretty, and rather kind girls who dote on teen!Eva and just ''happen'' to be atop of the local sex industry.
** Also, [[spoiler: Tránsito Soto]] from Literature/TheHouseOfTheSpirits. [[spoiler: She doesn't really start as such, though: by the time she's in her 30's/40's, however, she has become this thanks to hard work, growing into her looks ''and'' showing off lots of smarts and charisma.]]
* Prostitution is considered a sacred profession by the Summer Islanders of ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'', being practiced even by the nobility. Chataya, a Summer Islander, runs a high-class brothel in King's Landing that caters to nobles and wealthy clients.
** Another example is provided by the coutesans of Braavos, who are famed throughout Essos and Westeros and who enjoy a practically revered status.
* In the ''Literature/JamesBond'' novel ''Literature/DrNo'', Honey Ryder says she plans to become one of these with the money she's going to get by collecting rare seashells.
* ''Literature/TheReynardCycle'': ''Defender of the Crown'' features Precieuse, who is a [[BandOfBrothels temple prostitute]] and companion to the King. Even his mother approves.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''{{Buffyverse}}'': Darla was implied to have been one when alive.
* Joanie Stubbs in ''{{Series/Deadwood}}''. At the beginning of the series she has graduated from High-Class Call Girl to Bottom Girl and manages the other whores. She goes on to open her own brothel staffed exclusively by High-Class Call Girls. [[spoiler: It doesn't work out.]]
* Belle de Jour from ''SecretDiaryOfACallGirl''. BasedOnATrueStory.
* Sam's not-girlfriend, Laurie, from the first season of ''Series/TheWestWing'' is probably the highest class of high-class call girls, being that she provides her service for some of '''THE''' most powerful men in the country. She's actually codifies almost perfectly, as she's actually a final year law student (later graduate) from Georgetown University paying her way through college.
* Leanne Battersby briefly works as a call girl in ''CoronationStreet''.
* ''Series/TorchwoodMiracleDay'' has a girl like this, who was hired by Jilly upon Oswald Danes' request. However, when she arrives, he actually asks her to make it sort of a date, to what she replies that she's gotten her hands dirty for politicians, famous stars and the like, but he shouldn't forget what he is (a child rapist, that is).
* Multiple murder victims on ''Series/{{CSI}}'' are those.
** As is recurring character Lady Heather. Though she's doesn't run a brothel, just an S&M club.
* A professional hitwoman becomes one of these in an episode of ''{{Life}}'' in order to get close to her victim.
* In an episode of ''Series/WhiteCollar'', [[LipstickLesbian Diana]] poses as one to get to the guy the FBI is investigating, who's in the business of prostitution, and Neal pretends to be a "costumer". Their interactions are more than amusing.
* Brenda's friend Melissa in season 2 of ''Series/SixFeetUnder''.
* Companions in ''Series/{{Firefly}}''. They are seen as high-class citizens, and Inara gets bizarre looks when she steps outside the ship on backwater planets. Contrast that to the unlicensed brothel in the episode "Heart of Gold"; the workers there are seen as trash.
** When the crew gets interned by a Alliance Cruiser, the officer interrogating them is rather surprised to find a preacher and a Companion on board, implying that Companions have at least equal social standing to that of the clergy. At one point, Inara uses her status as a Companion to browbeat a country sheriff into letting Mal and Zoe out of jail. It's also mentioned or implied several times that Mal originally allowed Inara to rent one of his shuttles because she would give his "enterprise" an air of class and sophistication, and that her presence would ensure that his ship could land even in "respectable" ports.
* In the Australian straight-to-cable TV series ''{{Satisfaction}}'', one of the main protagonists is an independent call-girl of this nature who gets work through the brothel the series focuses on.
* The women (and men) of ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' are this, and much, much more.
* The episode "Pleasure is My Business" of ''Series/CriminalMinds'' had a high-priced call girl who moonlighted as a SerialKiller.
* Blair's new friend Brandice turns out to be this on ''GossipGirl''.
* Ted ''believed'' that the date Barney got him for an award ceremony was one in ''Series/HowIMetYourMother''. The series of [[AccidentalInnuendo Accidental Innuendos]] (some of which were extreme cases of GettingCrapPastTheRadar - you can't really make a more direct reference to anal sex on prime time TV...) didn't help. [[spoiler: She actually ''was'' a paralegal.]]
* In ''Series/{{Community}}'' episode [[Recap/CommunityS1E11ThePoliticsOfHumanSexuality The Politics Of Human Sexuality]] Pierce's girlfriend Doreen is an escort. Curiously (considering this is Pierce we're discussing), he ''doesn't'' have to pay for a date with her. [[spoiler: At least initially.]]
* Rachel from ''Series/HouseofCardsUS'' is a prostitute for congressmen, politians and the like… until she gets caught in the middle of the Underwood's schemes, that is, by being with congressman Peter Russo the night he's arrested. [[BreakTheCutie Everything goes downhill for her from there onwards]].
* Reed from ''Series/{{Homeland}}'', who is part of sheik's harem. One character calls her a hooker, another a paid girlfriend.
* In season 3 of ''Series/BoardwalkEmpire'' Gillian Darmody opens a high-class brothel but she fails to attract the right clientele and it struggles financially. By the end of the season it is taken over as headquarters for Rosetti's mobsters and it quickly devolves into a low class establishment that the mobsters are more familiar with. Gillian was not a prostitute herself before this but in season four she becomes a low class one in order to support her heroin habit.
* The Contessa ran an entire house of these in ''Series/{{Copper}}''.

* ''Killer Queen'' by Music/{{Queen}} pretty much defines this trope. [[note]]She's also SilkHidingSteel.[[/note]]

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* The Vodacce courtesans in ''TabletopGame/SeventhSea''.

* The Spanish courtesan Clementina in ''Theatre/TheDesertSong''.
* Madame Leonora Armfeldt, of ''Theatre/ALittleNightMusic'', is a prime example. She spent her days as a courtesan in the palaces of Europe, romancing princes, dukes, barons, and a few kings. After making several fortunes, she retired to her estate in Sweden, where she raises her granddaughter and laments about how "modern" women lack the skill, discretion, and passion for sex that her generation displayed. Madame Armfeldt even has an entire song, appropriately titled "Liaisons," in which she lists off her conquests.

* ''VideoGame/PlanescapeTorment'' has two different classes of prostitutes who can be solicited, the other group being [[TheWoobie very destitute]].
* If you don't do so well in ''VideoGame/PrincessMaker 2'', but just enough to give your daughter good stats (specially Charisma and Refinement), she may end up being a high-class prostitute. In the ending picture she's seen completely naked on a bad and giving you a mischievous wink.
** Don't forget to make her Sin over 100!
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'': While Sha'ira the Consort and her Acolytes are ''technically'' more than prostitutes (one of the Acolytes specialities is ''speech''), the Consort's Chambers are located on the Presidium and '''opposite''' the Citadel Embassies.
** A news report in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' mentions that Sha'ira was forced to leave the Citadel following some sort of scandal over her spreading her customer's secrets. Bizarrely, this happens even if the player helped her out with the false claims in the previous game.

* Getter Must from ''Webcomic/{{Rasputin Barxotka}}'' and ''Webcomic/{{Rasputin Catamite}}'' officially works as a secretary, but actually services high-end clients and foreign dignitaries.
* Debacle in the ''Webcomic/{{Insecticomics}}'' is a well-respected actor and cultural icon, mainly due to her [[http://www.insecticons.com/insecticomics/v6/592.html Debbie Does Daebola]] series. No one seems to have a problem with this, besides the local network executive (whose problem is mostly because she has no idea what the porn is about even after seeing it).
* Bridget O'Brian in ''TalesOfGnosisCollege'' is a beautiful and talented college student who agrees to spend time in a sultan's harem -- even going through a mock slave-auction to get there -- partly in return for a hefty fee paid to her for her services, although she also claims to be doing it as a mode of sociological research.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* The Butterfly Girls of early 20th century Chicago were beautiful, brilliant, and earned the modern equivalent of over $400,000 per year.
* Ashley Dupre, the call girl who brought down former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is now an [[http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/spitzer_babe_answers_4duaVqTCJHA38suGawuaiM advice columnist]] for the ''NewYorkPost''.
* Sydney Biddle Barrows, "The Mayflower Madam", and her employees.
* Courtesans the world over, including regional variations like oiran in Japan and hetaera in ancient Greece.
* Empress Theodora of the Eastern Roman Empire was not an example of this. She was an actress and borderline prostitute who worked her way up to a higher class of client, including eventually becoming the mistress of the future Emperor Justinian and having him overturn many laws on Marriage for prostitutes to higher class Romans. Belisarius, the top General of the Emperor, however was then free to marry his own high-class prostitute mistress.
** Theodora's sister, Comito, was however one of the leading courtesans of the period.
* Heidi Fleiss, the "Hollywood Madam".
* The oiran of Japan were the High-Class Call Girls of their time and culture. The most beautiful, most high ranked oiran were of high demand and charged accordingly, and their job, along the laying down part, consisted of partying with their clients. Geisha, high-class entertainers sometimes mistaken as prostitutes, were often called to entertain both the oiran and her customers.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phryne Phryne]], a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hetaera hetaera]] from ancient Greece, was so beautiful that she may have been the model for multiple statues of [[ClassicalMythology Aphrodite]] and eventually grew so rich that she offered to rebuild the walls of Thebes so long as the words ''destroyed by [[AlexanderTheGreat Alexander]], restored by Phryne the courtesan'' were inscribed on them. Coincidentally, she was a native of Thespiae, where Eros, the god of love/sexual desire, was the most worshipped deity.
** She is also famous for being acquitted after taking off her clothes before the jury. ItMakesSenseInContext: in AncientGreece, BeautyEqualsGoodness.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspasia Aspasia]], who is believed to have had a major influence on Pericles' opinions and oratory. However, historians now disagree as to whether she actually ''was'' a courtesan; on one hand, it's recorded in several sources, but on the other hand, several of these were basically Ancient Athens' equivalent of stand-up comics making jokes about her lover Pericles, so it might just have been MemeticMutation. She may well have been a madam: as a ''metic''--that is, a free Greek resident alien in Athens (she was specifically from Miletos)--she was expected to have some kind of trade. As an unmarried but wealthy woman, running a firm hiring out hetaerae would have been a likely--although hardly certain--business (prostitution was one of the few areas of work open to free, single, foreign women, and she didn't become Pericles' SO right when she arrived in Athens).
* The originally anonymous [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belle_de_Jour_(writer) writer]] of [[http://belledejour-uk.blogspot.com/ Belle de Jour]] wrote a memoir about her experiences as a call girl, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intimate_Adventures_of_a_London_Call_Girl The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl]]. In a story that made newspapers, the mystery surrounding her true identity eventually lead [[HotScientist Dr. Brooke Magnati]] to reveal herself to public.
* It's fairly common for famous porn stars to also work as escorts, charging a lot of money for a date and being very careful in their choice of clients.