That's ''[[Film/BlazingSaddles HEDL-]]'' no wait, never mind!

Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler (1914 - 2000), [[StageNames better known as]] '''Hedy Lamarr''', was an Austrian actress active in Hollywood from the 1930s to the 1950s. One of her first starring roles was in the dialog-light film ''Ekstase'', which featured a long scene of Lamarr fully nude. While UsefulNotes/TheHaysCode made a repeat performance in America impossible, the reputation as a dark and glamorous MsFanservice did follow her. Subsequent films included an adaptation of Creator/JohnSteinbeck's ''Tortilla Flat'' and the [[Creator/CecilBDemille Cecil B. DeMille]] film ''Samson and Delilah''.

Lamarr was also [[HotScientist very mathematically talented]]; her most notable non-movie achievement was inventing, along with composer George Antheil, a form of radio frequency hopping that is the basis for components of wi-fi and cordless phones today. Or as Website/{{Cracked}}.com put it, she's the world's sexiest MadScientist.

!! Films in which Hedy Lamarr appeared include:

* ''Geld auf der Straße'', as the Girl at the Night Club (1930)
* ''Ekstase'', as Eva Hermann (1933)
* ''Algiers'', as Gaby (1938) -- She was the girl whom [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYN27_JDDMU Pepe le Moko]] would have asked to come with him to the Casbah, [[BeamMeUpScotty if he had ever actually said the line]].
* ''Lady of the Tropics'', as Manon deVargnes Carey, aka Kira Kim (1939)
* ''Comrade X'', as Golubka, aka Theodore Yahupitz and Lizvanetchka (1940)
* ''Ziegfeld Girl'', as Sandra Kolter (1941)
* ''H.M. Pulham, Esq.'', as Marvin Myles Ransome (1941)
* ''Tortilla Flat'', as Dolores Ramirez (1942)
* ''White Cargo'', as Tondelayo (1942)
* ''The Heavenly Body'', as Vicky Whitley (1944)
* ''The Conspirators'', as Irene Von [''sic''] Mohr (1944)
* ''Her Highness and the Bellboy'', as Princess Veronica (1945)
* ''The Strange Woman'', as Jenny Hager (1946)
* ''Dishonored Lady'', as Madeleine Damien (1947)
* ''Let's Live a Little'', as Dr. J.O. Loring (1948)
* [[Creator/CecilBDemille Cecil B. DeMille]]'s ''Samson and Delilah'', as Delilah (1949) -- Opposite Victor Mature. This was the film that prompted [[TheMarxBrothers Groucho Marx]]'s famous [[DeadpanSnarker quip]]: "I never go to see a picture where the guy's tits are bigger than the [[BigApplesauce goil]]'s."
* ''Copper Canyon'', as Lisa Roselle (1950)
* ''My Favorite Spy'', as Lily Dalbray (1951) -- Opposite Bob Hope
* ''The Story of Mankind'', as Joan of Arc (1957)
* ''The Female Animal'', as Vanessa Windsor (1958)
!!Tropes associated with her roles:

* FakeNationality: Everything from Russian to Mexican to South Sea Islander.
* FemmeFatale: Most notably in ''Algiers'', in which she lures Charles Boyer to his doom.
* [[HeAlsoDid She Also Did]]: As noted above.