[[quoteright:242:[[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/zp_pruning_7817.jpg]]]]

A lot of polite wiki authors are uncomfortable with outright deleting fragments, which result in a [[WikiSchizophrenia sentence full of exceptions]] and {{weasel words}}. Meanwhile, the Hedge Trimmer is a merciless subspecies of [[Administrivia/LumperVsSplitter Lumper]], editing things down to be as concise as possible like a sheep goes at grass. While how long an article is usually depends either on how much one writer can ramble or how long a good explanation needs to be, the Hedge Trimmer figures an article should be as long as its assumed effect or importance. [[MemeticMutation Too Long; Didn't Read]] is used unironically, and some articles are thought not to dignify the use of the scrollbar. Discussion pages especially are glossed over like Martian instruction manuals.

The core reasoning is, whatever the standards of the appropriate format, they will cut and mutilate it to fit into that. The Hedge Trimmer can only avoid getting into {{Edit War}}s if he has a very good grasp of grammar. If WallsOfText are overgrown ivy, bits of (perceived) {{Fancruft}} are stinkweeds that kill bees and eat birds.

One side-effect of conciseness is most Hedge Trimmers edit articles rather than start them.