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Sometimes, characters get [[{{Indexitis}} sick]] or [[InjuryTropes injured]]. These tropes come to the rescue!
+ DoctorIndex
+ {{Indexitis}}
+ MedicalDrama
+ MedicalHorror
+ PharmacologyTropes

* AfraidOfNeedles: Someone is scared of getting injections.
* AfterActionHealingDrama: Someone is seriously injured and needs healing after an action scene.
* AfterActionPatchup: Someone is injured and gets treated after an action scene, but their injuries weren't serious.
* AfterCombatRecovery: Video game characters who get injured in fights automatically heal when they go out of combat mode.
* AnatomicallyIgnorantHealing: Aliens have no clue how to heal a human.
* AntiRegeneration: Someone's healing powers are nullified.
* {{Autodoc}}: Machines that heal.
* BandageWince: Someone winces at being bandaged up.
* CloningBodyParts: Doctors can clone body parts if patients need them replaced.
* ComicallyIneptHealing: Someone tries to heal another person despite having no idea how.
* CureForCancer: Cures for real-life terminal illnesses.
* DisabilityNegatingSuperpower: A disabled character develops superpowers that, while active, negate their disability.
* DiseaseByAnyOtherName: The characters don't know what a sick character has, but the viewers can get a pretty good idea.
* EmpathicHealer: Someone who can heal others but in the process, they become afflicted with what's bothering the people getting healed.
* EnergyDonation: One character gives their life energy to another.
* FakeFaithHealer: Pretends to offer faith-based healing services.
* FingerSuckHealing: Sucking on someone else's sore finger to heal it.
* FindTheCure: A plot focused on finding a cure for something.
* FromDressToDressing: Using parts of clothes as a bandage.
* GoodThingYouCanHeal: A character with healing powers is seriously injured.
* HarmfulHealing: Medical methods that actually make things worse.
* HeadbuttThermometer: Touching foreheads to check someone's temperature.
* HealingFactor: Someone can heal themselves instantly.
* HealingHands: Someone with the ability to heal others.
* HealingHerb: Plants that can cure.
* HealingMagicIsTheHardest: Most things can be done easily via magic, but healing others is difficult to do magically.
* HealingPotion: A potion with healing properties.
* HealingShiv: Someone is healed by a weapon.
* HealingSpring: A body of water with healing powers.
* HealingVat: Someone is healed by being put in a tank of fluid.
* HealItWithBooze: Healing wounds with alcohol or using it as anasthaesia.
* HealItWithFire: Fire is used to heal wounds.
* HealThyself: A video game character heals themselves with a first aid kit.
* HollywoodHealing: Heroes never get scars, even if they logically should.
* ImprobableAntidote: Something weird works as an antidote.
* InconvenientHippocraticOath: Someone is on the run but has to pose as a doctor and heal somebody else.
* InjuryBookend: A repeat of what caused an injury gets rid of it.
* IntimateHealing: Healing someone in a romantic or sexual way.
* IntimatePsychotherapy: Sex cures psychological problems.
* MagicAntidote: An antidote or vaccination that works instantly.
* MedicalMonarch: A king or queen who has the power to heal others.
* MedicineShow: A traveling wagon show with a medical theme.
* NoCureForEvil: Bad guys cannot do healing magic.
* {{Panacea}}: A substance that can cure anything.
* PoisonAndCureGambit: A plot that involves poisoning someone and making them find the antidote.
* RegeneratingHealth: Walking cures wounds.
* RestingRecovery: Sleeping cures video game characters.
* RoadsideSurgery: Operating outside of an operating room.
* SelfRecoverySurprise: Someone hurts a villain, who reveals that they have healing powers.
* SelfSurgery: Someone operates, or tries to operate, on themselves.
* ThatOldTimePrescription: Primitive medicines that sort of work.
* ThrowingOffTheDisability: A character who used to be disabled now isn't.
* TraumaInn: Staying at an inn heals the stayer.
* WithholdingTheCure: Someone prevents the cure for a disease from getting to the sick people for selfish reasons.
* WoundedHeroWeakerHelper: Someone is hurt and must be treated by someone who's more hurt or is inexperienced.