[[http://hattrick.org Hattrick]] is a free, browser-based MMO Football management simulator, developed and started in 1997 by Swedish programmer Björn Holmér and his development company [=ExtraLives=] AB. It can be seen as a direct competitor to the ''VideoGame/FootballManager'' series, especially ''Football Manager Live''. Currently in its 53rd season (each season lasts 110 days), the game boasts over 800,000 users from almost every country on Earth.

The game has examples of the following tropes:
* BribingYourWayToVictory: Hattrick Supporter gives you a lot more stats and the ability to give your players custom jerseys, but you don't need it to actually play the game.
** After recent changes non-Supporters are given more informations than before - the game is trying to be more newbie-friendly.
* DeathIsNotPermanent: But firing is (though some can come back as coaches, PR managers, and even referees).
* EndlessGame: Well, except for the seasons, just like real football.
* OneStatToRuleThemAll: Although reduced in later seasons, early on the team that had the stronger midfield usually won, meaning that the Playmaking stat was pretty much the only one that mattered.