A series of books consisting of various world records for everything. And by everything, we mean '''everything'''. If you ever thought of a record that is physically possible, chances are that the book has it. The lists include things from the mundane to the most outrageous, and from some famous celebrity doing what they usually do to some obscure person doing outrageous stuff and obviously trying to get that record.

Started when some [[ComicallyMissingThePoint British guy]] who managed a Guinness brewery had an argument about which game bird is the fastest, the record books have become a sort of CashCowFranchise with editions published every year, and are considered the primary authority on the subject of world records.

! World's biggest tropes:

* DoNotDoThisCoolThing: Certain categories have been retired due to fears that people could damage themselves in a lawsuit-inducing way by trying them.
* OverlyNarrowSuperlative: It's actually pretty easy to get a Guinness World Record these days, you just need the imagination to come up with a category narrow enough that you won't have much competition. You're probably never going to hold the world record for the 10,000m, but the world record for doing the 10,000m on all fours while dressed as a postbox? That's much more easily achieveable.