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->''"[[DeadpanSnarker It's not that hard.]] You just have to use abilities they won't discuss and techniques they haven't entirely taught you via controls they never quite explain."''
-->--'''[[WebComic/PennyArcade Tycho]]''', ''[[http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2011/05/25/ Penny Arcade]]''

Cousin to a SolveTheSoupCans puzzle, a Guide Dang It is any part of a video game in which that correct action or set of actions is so difficult to figure out from the game's own clues that, effectively, the only way to know what to do (aside from spending countless hours of trying [[CombinatorialExplosion every remote]] possibility [[TrialAndErrorGameplay until something happens]]) is via a StrategyGuide or an online {{Walkthrough}}. For example:

Battles are tough but {{save point}}s are terribly placed? - Check.

Inventory decisions must be made with ESP? - Check.

TalkToEveryone and TryEverything 3 times or you will miss crucial stuff? - Check.

Cannot tell when MissionControlIsOffItsMeds and when it's helping? - Check.

This is particularly necessary when dealing with random [[TheMaze maze sections]], determining RelationshipValues, or trying to achieve HundredPercentCompletion (to avoid having anything LostForever).

Do note that quite a few of these examples may have been placed as interesting finds for players that ''accidentally'' get into obscure situations or curiously muck around with the game, especially in older sandbox titles where [[TryEverything groping around in the proverbial dark]] was an intentional part of the experience. Examples that are required to complete the game are still nasty, however.

Most of these examples are basically just poor design, where the manual or in-game instructions just fail to elaborate on some things. There were also some more sinister versions where the developers ''wanted'' you to spend money by calling their hotline or buying their hintbook or [[Magazine/NintendoPower Magazine]]. Now that GameFAQs is more common, this practice has pretty much stopped.

Contrast with PlayerNudge, when the Devs are aware how complicated the game might have become and try to subvert it. Compare MoonLogicPuzzle, where the game does provide the information you need, but most players will still require a walkthrough to put it all together. Often overlaps with {{Metagame}}, which has new rules that are not written in the official books, making the game very annoying for new players.


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