->''"'Old on to tha pin, throw the udder part!"''
-->-- '''Ork Tankbusta''', ''[[VideoGame/DawnOfWar [=Warhammer=] 40000: Dawn of War]]''

!!Tropes to do with hand-held explosive devices:
* BlindedByTheLight: Along with being deafened by the noise, the usual result of getting hit with a stun grenade (also called a flashbang).
* BombproofAppliance: Includes disposing of a grenade by putting it in the fridge,
* ConcussionFrags: When concussion grenades and frags act inexplicably alike.
* FakeInTheHole: Tossing something at your foes and pretending it's a grenade, causing them to dive for cover.
* GrenadeHotPotato: A grenade is live and the characters spend the next few seconds trying to pass it off on someone else, until someone gets the bright idea to lob the grenade far away.
* GrenadeLauncher: A CoolGun that fires grenades.
* GrenadeSpam: Tossing around more grenades than humanly possible.
* GrenadeTag: Using a StickyBomb on the unwary.
* InsertGrenadeHere: Shoving a grenade into a buttoned-up armoured vehicle for maximum carnage.
* JumpingOnAGrenade: A type of HeroicSacrifice where a soldier jumps on a grenade to shield his comrades from the blast.
* MolotovCocktail: a.k.a. "the people's grenade".
* PineappleSurprise: Pulling the pin out of a grenade while someone else is still wearing it.
* PinPullingTeeth: Pulling the pin out with your teeth: It looks [[RuleOfCool cool]], and frees up a hand for mowing down enemies with a machine gun, but isn't possible without damaging your teeth. This is not done in RealLife.
* StickyBomb: Your basic grenade, now with adhesive.
* ThrowDownTheBomblet: For people who use thrown explosives and incendiaries as a WeaponOfChoice.
* ThrowThePin: How do you use a grenade? Easy: pull the pin, [[AmbiguousSyntax and throw it]]. Wait, you still have the grenade?!?
* TrickBomb: Fictional (or sometimes RealLife) handheld explosives with unusual properties, such as {{Sticky Bomb}}s and {{Stink Bomb}}s.

See also StuffBlowingUp for the effects of grenade use.

!!Cooking off examples:
* ''[[ThePoseidonAdventure Beyond the Poseidon Adventure]]'' (1979) had an example of 'cooking off'. One of the terrorists is about to throw a hand grenade into the hold (having already pulled out the pin) when Telly Savalas (playing the BigBad) grabs hold of his hand. The mook struggles against his grip in wide-eyed silence for a couple of seconds until Savalas releases him so he can throw the grenade. Incredibly stupid in real life, but it did make Savalas' character look suitably {{Badass}} and cool under pressure.
* In ''[[Literature/JackRyan Without Remorse]]'', the narator notes that John Kelly and the rest of the [=SEALs=] operating in Vietnam personally cut their grenade fuses to a precise length, in order to make the timing more predictable.
* PlayedForLaughs on ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' when a soldier pulls the pin ''before'' delivering an extended AndThisIsFor speech to the enemy. Key word: extended.
* In ''Film/TheRock'', one of the bad guys pops the pins and spoons on two grenades, and loudly counts to three before throwing them through the door towards the good guy. It still takes more than five additional seconds for the grenades to explode.
* While ''ComicBook/ThePunisher'' oneshot story ''Return to Big Nothing'' does not actually feature anyone cooking a grenade, there is a scene pertinent to the trope: The Punisher throws a grenade into a truck full of firearms about to be sold illegally, and as he proceeds to mow down the dealers and their customers, his internal narration counts down from five. The grenade goes off when he reaches one, and Punisher simply remarks, "Short fuse."
* In {{Literature/Worm}}, Tattletale cooks a grenade at one point. Justified because her superpower lets her know the exact timing of the fuse.
* ''Film/TheTerminator''. During the final car chase, Kyle Reese is trying to blow up the pursuing Terminator with pipe bombs. After the first ones explode behind the Terminator's motorbike, he tries letting the fuse burn down a bit before throwing them. The second time he does this, the Terminator shoots him while he's waiting for the fuse to burn down.