Also called "The Razzies". And by "raspberry" we mean [[BlowingARaspberry the big, loud, wet one]], although the trophy portrays, for simplicity's sake, a fruit.

When you've made a movie that is DarthWiki/SoBadItsHorrible, this is exactly the sort of "award" you may be in for.

Created by John J.B. Wilson, the Razzies have been handed out since 1981, traditionally on the evening before [[TheOscar the Academy Awards]] are handed out. Understandably, very few people ever show up in person to accept their Razzie, a gold-painted plastic statue costing "about $4.97". [[MedalOfDishonor A few have, though]], taking the suckitude of their movie in stride (which [[MoneyDearBoy makes you wonder]]). A few actors and films have won both Oscars ''and'' Razzies, while a select few have been nominated for both awards ''for the same work''.

To date, only one actor has ever won both the Razzie and the Oscar in equivalent categories in the same year (albeit for different films), in 2010 and SandraBullock actually did turn up to collect both (the Worst Actress Razzie for ''Film/AllAboutSteve'', the Best Actress Oscar for ''Film/TheBlindSide''); Bullock even "gifted" the Razzie audience with Blu-Rays of the former film. Two others also won simultaneous awards: composer AlanMenken (Oscar for Score and Song in ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'', Razzie for Worst Song in ''{{Newsies}}'') and screenwriter Brian Helgeland (Oscar for the ''Film/LAConfidential'' adaptation, Razzie for ''Film/ThePostman''). Helgeland decided to accept the Razzie, and they delivered it to him in his office; his collaborator, Eric Roth who had himself adapted ''Film/ForrestGump'' into the far better-known movie and won an Academy Award for that one was not so gracious.

Aside from the aforementioned Sandra Bullock, among the people who've showed up to collect awards are Creator/HalleBerry for ''Film/{{Catwoman}}'' (bringing her Oscar from the previous year to the ceremony!), Tom Green for ''Film/FreddyGotFingered'' (accepting all four of the awards he personally won as well as the Worst Picture trophy... and showing a distinct lack of maturity by berating the crowd), J.D. Shapiro for ''Film/BattlefieldEarth'', and Paul Verhoeven for ''Film/{{Showgirls}}''. TomSelleck received his for ''Film/ChristopherColumbusTheDiscovery'' on a talk show, and on another show Creator/BillCosby received a literal Golden (and marble) Razzie for ''Film/LeonardPart6'' on a show instead of the cheap one. The star of ''Series/TheWildWildWest'', Robert Conrad, picked up the awards for [[Film/WildWildWest the ill-fated adaptation]] starring Creator/WillSmith as a protest.

Though there have been criticisms of The Razzies' process. As [[WebOriginal/TheCinemaSnob Brad Jones]] stated in his ''Film/MommieDearest'' review, Razzie voters don't even see the films they're nominating [[ItsPopularSoItSucks instead choosing to hate on films just because they're popular to hate on.]] Along with some critically acclaimed films being nominated for Razzies such as ''Film/TheShining'' in 1980 and ''[[Film/TheThing1982 The Thing]]'' in 1982, it's easy to see where some of the backlash lies. And [[WebOriginal/TheOnion The A.V. Club]] stated in their coverage of the 2013 awards that they tend to go for really low-hanging targets instead of truly irredeemable films like Film/AGoodDayToDieHard. Nevertheless, the Awards still go on, despite little-to-no respect from cinephiles.

Biggest Razzie winners are ''Film/JackAndJill'' (10 awards, i.e. ''all the categories''), ''Film/BattlefieldEarth'' (9 total; 7 awards upon release, Worst Drama of Our First 25 Years in 2005, and Worst Movie of the 2000s in 2010), ''Film/{{Showgirls}}'' (8 total, 7 awards upon release and Worst Movie of the 90s in 2000), and ''Film/IKnowWhoKilledMe'' (8 awards in 2008, though one is kind of a cheat as Music/LindsayLohan tied with Lindsay Lohan for Worst Actress as she [[ActingForTwo played two roles]]) for movies, Creator/SylvesterStallone (10 awards, including Worst Actor of TheEighties and Worst Actor of the Century, the latter being for "99.5% of everything he's EVER done") and Music/{{Madonna}} (8 awards, including Worst Actress of the Century) for actors.

To date, only one documentary (Creator/MichaelMoore's 2004 film ''Fahrenheit 9/11'') has ever been nominated for or won a Razzie. It was also the first Razzie winner (all four awards scorning the performances of high-ranking American [[TheWarOnTerror Iraq]] hawks who "starred" as themselves) that bombed neither critically nor financially. [[note]](The Worst Actor was none other than President GeorgeWBush, who also won Worst Screen Couple {with either Worst Actress nominee Condoleezza Rice or his ''Pet Goat''}; Donald Rumsfeld won the Worst Supporting Actor laurel; and Music/BritneySpears won Worst Supporting Actress based on a clip in which she expressed her support for the administration's policies.)[[/note]]

[[MST3KMantra Remember, it's just a movie]]...

* [[http://www.razzies.com/ Official site]]
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Raspberry_Award The Other Wiki's entry]]

!!Worst Picture winners include:

* 1980: ''[[Music/VillagePeople Can't Stop the Music]]''
* 1981: ''Literature/MommieDearest'' (also won Worst Picture of TheEighties in 1990)
* 1982: ''Film/{{Inchon}}''
* 1983: ''Film/TheLonelyLady''
* 1984: ''Film/{{Bolero}}''
* 1985: ''[[Franchise/{{Rambo}} Rambo: First Blood Part II]]''
* 1986: Tie between ''Film/HowardTheDuck'' and ''Under the Cherry Moon''
* 1987: ''Film/LeonardPart6''
* 1988: ''Film/{{Cocktail}}''
* 1989: ''Film/StarTrekVTheFinalFrontier''
* 1990: Tie between ''Film/TheAdventuresOfFordFairlane'' and ''Ghosts Can't Do It''
* 1991: ''Film/HudsonHawk''
* 1992: ''ShiningThrough''
* 1993: ''Film/IndecentProposal''
* 1994: ''Film/ColorOfNight''
* 1995: ''Film/{{Showgirls}}'' (also won Worst Picture of TheNineties in 2000)
* 1996: ''Film/{{Striptease}}''
* 1997: ''Film/ThePostman''
* 1998: ''AnAlanSmitheeFilm''
* 1999: ''Film/WildWildWest''
* 2000: ''Film/BattlefieldEarth'' (also won Worst Drama of Our First 25 Years in 2005 and Worst Picture of [[TurnOfTheMillennium the 2000s]] in 2010)
* 2001: ''Film/FreddyGotFingered''
* 2002: ''Film/{{Swept Away|2002}}''
* 2003: ''Film/{{Gigli}}'' (also won Worst Comedy of Our First 25 Years in 2005)
* 2004: ''Film/{{Catwoman}}''
* 2005: ''Film/DirtyLove''
* 2006: ''Film/BasicInstinct2''
* 2007: ''Film/IKnowWhoKilledMe''
* 2008: ''Film/TheLoveGuru''
* 2009: ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen''
* 2010: ''Film/TheLastAirbender''
* 2011: ''Film/JackAndJill'' (first film to sweep the Razzies, and for good reason)
* 2012: ''[[Literature/{{Twilight}} The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2]]''
* 2013: ''Film/{{Movie 43}}''