[[caption-width-right:350: [[strike:'''AFLAC!!!''']] '''[[IncrediblyLamePun AFLAXED!!!]]''']]

->''"If they'd wanted a ''nice'' parrot, they wouldn't have asked for me."''
-->-- '''Gilbert Gottfried''' on his role in ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'' (paraphrased)

Everybody's favorite squinty-eyed, grating-voiced, pint-sized, obnoxious, hilarious stand-up comic and voice actor. Known as Iago in the ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'' films (and by extension, the ''KingdomHearts'' series and ''HouseOfMouse''), Igor Peabody in the ''ProblemChild'' movies, Mr. Mxyzptlk in ''{{Superman The Animated Series}}'', Jerry the Bellybutton Elf from ''WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow'', Art De Salvo from ''{{Duckman}}'', a troll from ''WesternAnimation/{{Dilbert}}'', deranged dentist Dr. Bender and his son, Wendell, from a few episodes of ''WesternAnimation/{{The Fairly OddParents}}'', PatrickSwayze and Jerry Seinfeld from ''ClerksTheAnimatedSeries'', Santa Claus from ''WesternAnimation/{{The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy}}'', Digit from ''WesternAnimation/{{Cyberchase}}'', monster toy Tickle Me Psycho on ''{{Robotomy}}'', the Aflac duck, and years of comedy routines.

Gottfried was also a cast member on the NBC sketch show ''SaturdayNightLive''...during its [[SeasonalRot widely-panned sixth season]] (1980-1981; the first season after LorneMichaels and the remnants of the original "Not Ready For Primetime" cast left the show due to creative exhaustion). [[http://snl.jt.org/cast.php?i=GiGo During those years]], Gottfried had a full head of curly black hair, rarely if ever squinted, and ''[[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness actually had]]'' [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness an indoor voice]] (though it did escalate into a NoIndoorVoice from time-to-time. Still, if you ever watch a Jean Doumanian-era ''SNL'' sketch, you'll be shocked to find that, once upon a time, Gilbert Gottfried was more-or-less soft-spoken).

He also, along with [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0005418/ Rhonda]] [[http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb129/ZKOrion/Cracked/rhonda_shear.jpg Shear]], hosted the USA Network's enduring late night B-Movie showcase, ''USA Up All Night'', from 1989 to 1998.

Gottfried caught some heat while speaking at a roast soon after 9/11 and making an Empire State Building joke that popularized the TooSoon meme. He then saved himself by doing a take on TheAristocrats that opens up [[Film/TheAristocrats the documentary of the same name]]. He has been fired by Aflac for making jokes about the 2011 Japanese earthquake on his Twitter, showing that he has no fear of TooSoon jokes, nor enough sense to keep from [[DudeNotFunny making light of Japan's national crisis]] while also [[WhatAnIdiot representing Japan's top insurer]]. He has since responded to this by [[TakeThatCritics apologizing after virtually every joke]].

Has [[http://www.jest.com/video/174214/gilbert-gottfried-reads-fifty-shades-of-grey done]] a DramaticReading of ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey''.