->'''Det. Danny Reagan:''' Come on, Russell, I don't give a damn if you like men or women or cream-filled donuts, okay? It's 2013. Men marry each other all the time. They put it in the papers, for goodness' sake.\\
'''Russell Burke''': Well, in my world, it's 1913, and they don't hire fairies to star in the moving pictures!
-->-- ''Series/BlueBloods'', "The City That Never Sleeps"

The tendency of MoralGuardians to be harsher toward homosexuality than heterosexuality. In American media, male/female couples can kiss and make out, but even a slight peck from a same-sex couple is an automatic PG-13, if not an R. And of course, there's no way to include even a tame homosexual sex scene without getting an R or NC-17 rating. UnfortunateImplications of this become [[ValuesDissonance even more apparent]] as [[SocietyMarchesOn gay people become more accepted and equal in society]].

Not to be confused with HideYourLesbians, which refers to the tendency to reduce canon gay relationships to subtext. See also ButNotTooGay for the downplaying of sexuality/exclusion of gay affection altogether.


* Creator/{{CBS}} announced it would accept a TV ad for the 2010 Super Bowl from a pro-life group, in a change from the network's "no controversy" policy. However, CBS turned down an ad from Mancrunch.com, a gay dating service. The network has had no problem with heterosexual dating services, such as eHarmony. Of course, there's no way a small site like Man Crunch could have paid for the ad, and so submitted an ad [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VMqHb03p74 just beyond what would have been acceptable]] [[NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity just so they could get publicity for it being turned down.]]
** Similarly, the pro-life group had a religious orientation... and skeptics brought up how CBS had earlier turned away an ad from the United Church of Christ that depicted bouncers turning away gay people (among others) from church services.

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* The third episode of ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' received unnecessary editing in the English dub; when Naruto attempts to intimidate Sasuke by getting really close to his face, he's unknowingly bumped into by a classmate, leading to an AccidentalKiss. Whilst this is clearly (but briefly) shown for comical effect in the Japanese dub, a mere kissing sound and reaction shot of others was used to avoid an age rating boost in English dubs (despite it being entirely innocent). Later subverted: the screenshot of the kiss remained intact for Sasuke's almost-death collage of flashbacks, and a similar image is used for the fifth English opening as well.
* The English dub of ''Anime/TransformersEnergon'', while not really that great to begin with, made a ham-handed attempt to edit out Mirage/Shockfleet's obvious [[SubordinateExcuse love for his leader]]. Unfortunately for them they could only bring it down to HoYay levels, as there's no real way to rewrite a blossoming pink heart behind Mirage's transformation sequence after [[spoiler:discovering Megatron was still alive]].
* The original English dub of ''Anime/SailorMoon'' famously tried to hide Haruka/Amara and Michiru/Michelle's relationship by making them cousins... without changing any of the visuals, resulting in these two "cousins" acting ''[[KissingCousins unusually close]]''.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* This is supposedly the sole reason why the ''Rawhide Kid'' mini Creator/MarvelComics did a while back was in the MAX imprint, even if he was just somewhat hinted to be gay. [[http://www.cracked.com/article_18502_the-5-most-unintentionally-offensive-comic-book-characters.html Through constant and offensive innuendo]].
* After Karolina came out in ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'', she was almost immediately [[PutOnABus put on a spaceship]], having suddenly become betrothed to Xavin, a genderfluid Skrull royal (who presented as male as often as female, if not more). When they came back, they were generally portrayed as a happy couple...until volume three contrived a reason to put ''Xavin'' on a bus just after they shared their first and only on-panel kiss. Xavin hasn't been seen since, and Karolina is currently dating Lightspeed whenever they show up. By contrast, Nico and Victor were shown in bed together, and it was explicitly stated that Gert and Chase had a very active sex life.
* During his legendary career writing ''ComicBooks/XMen'', Creator/ChrisClaremont intended to reveal {{ComicBooks/Nightcrawler}} was the result of HomosexualReproduction by way of Mystique (his canonical mother) gender-bending into a man to impregnate Destiny. Marvel put the kibosh on the idea as a result of a strict "No homosexuals" policy active at the time. Perhaps in retaliation, Destiny is often depicted as the only of Mystique's lovers she truly cares about.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Works of slash often raise their ratings for exactly this reason, and homosexual content is often listed as a warning alongside violence and nudity. This system is even present at some fan fiction recommendation pages on this site.[[note]]For the record, official policy on fanfic rec pages is to treat slash ships the same as het ships, and has been for some years now. Anything on a fanfic rec page that indicates otherwise is a remnant from an earlier time, and is best zapped.[[/note]]
** In revenge, some writers started [[HetIsEw warning for heterosexual content]].
** Some small fanfic sites that require authors to warn for homosexual content claim that it is just meant for information, despite there being no such warning for heterosexual content.
** As a general trend, this seems to have died down in recent years; slash fiction is so prolific now that it's hardly a surprise to see it anymore, as well as general attitudes towards LGBTQIA+ issues improving over time. A specific example of this trope being averted in fandom spaces is Archive Of Our Own, which has a filtering system for specific pairing types (Gen, M/F, M/M, F/F, Multi, and Other) that is separate from their age rating system - on that site at least, the tags for "yaoi" or "slash" rarely get used as there's no need to add it as an additional content warning (if a specific author wanted to rate their slash fiction as being more "adult" than their M/F works, then theoretically they could - but it would be much more noticeable to do so).

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* At the end of ''WesternAnimation/ParaNorman'' [[spoiler:Mitch]] reveals he has a boyfriend. In some foreign dubbed versions it's changed to girlfriend.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* The documentary ''Film/ThisFilmIsNotYetRated'' had additional examples of this: It showed straight and gay sex scenes with similar action, positions and lighting side-by-side on the screen, then pointed out that the films with gay scenes almost invariably had far stronger ratings (usually NC-17 as opposed to R).
* In ''Film/INowPronounceYouChuckAndLarry'', the filmmakers originally planned for the two male leads to kiss there in court, but the MPAA threatened to rate it R if they did. Instead, they just got extremely close.
** Oddly enough, other PG-13 films like ''Film/FarFromHeaven'' have featured gay kisses so the MPAA isn't even consistent in that area. This, of course, takes us back to ''Film/ThisFilmIsNotYetRated''.
* The film ''Film/MaVieEnRose'', about a male-born 7-year-old child who identifies as a girl, was given an R rating for this reason, although the "official" reason is "brief strong language."
* The dark comedy ''Film/ILoveYouPhillipMorris'' had a delayed American release for this reason - distributors supposedly refused to pick it up due to its fairly graphic sex scenes. It was released in more liberal places, like Europe, though. Fortunately it was ultimately averted as it did eventually receive a release and became rather popular (especially in DVD sales and on streaming sites, like Netflix).
** It took a while to come out in Australia too, as MoralGuardians are just as big in Australia as in America, if not more so - many things only see edited release there if they are released at all. The MoralGuardians have more pulling power over the media than the general public do.
* ''G.B.F.'' (Gay Best Friend) is rated R despite having no sexual moments or strong language. Wiki/TheOtherWiki notes that the MPAA tends to be harsher on independent movies than major studio-backed films.
* The queerness in ''Love Is Strange'' extends to our main characters kissing and at one point sharing a bed completely clothed. And yet it still received an R rating despite how tame this was in comparison to films with heterosexual content with the same rating!

* In the summer of 2011, Trisha Telep, an editor of various anthologies rejected YA author Jessica Verday's short story on account of it being a QueerRomance, saying it was too risque for a Young Adult audience. [[ButNotTooGay Never mind the fact that some of Telep's previous anthologies had far more explicit heterosexual content (i.e. foreplay,) drug use, violence, and foul language.]] Telep advised Verday to [[GenderFlip de-gay]] her story if she wanted to publish it, [[HideYourLesbians which sadly isn't an uncommon occurrence in publishing.]] When Verday posted about it on her website, a counterattack ensued and most of the authors featured in the anthology (and some who were involved in Telep's other projects) pulled out in support of Verday.
* Multiple agents in 2011 famously [[http://blogs.publishersweekly.com/blogs/genreville/?p=1519 told the authors]] of ''Literature/{{Stranger}}'' to either straight-iron Yuki and remove his relationship with his boyfriend or take out his POV and relegate him to a side character. The authors refused and the book was finally published in late 2014. In fact, they added a kiss between two female minor characters, too, just out of spite.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* [[Creator/TheBBC BBC America]] took a lot of stick for the edit job they did on Series 3 of ''Series/{{Skins}}''. Cook and Effy graphically rutting in a closet? Fine. Naomi and Emily sharing a tender scene by the lake? Cut it.
* Italian Network Rai2 has aired ''Series/BrothersAndSisters'' at ''21.55'' because of ''homosexual content'' while airing way racier shows (why, hello ''Series/DesperateHousewives''!) at earlier times. This baffles the mind.
* This is why Willow and Tara were together for a season before kissing on ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''. This may have actually helped -- the writers were forced to find other ways to show their love and affection for each other.
* Invoked in-universe in the season 3 episode of ''Series/{{Glee}}'' "Heart" Where Principal Figgins stops newly out couple [[spoiler:Santana & Brittany]] when they are about to kiss in the school hallway as other students might find it offensive. [[spoiler:Santana]] is quick to point out how unfair this is, citing Rachel & Finn as an example and eventually leaves the office in an angry huff.
** Also in the third season, a warning for parental discretion was shown during the episode where gay couple Kurt and Blaine lose their virginity to each other, despite there being no graphic contact at all, just a shot of them snuggling in bed and the implication afterwards. However, there were no such warning in previous episodes where characters had sex since the pairings were opposite genders.
** Fox seems to have learned their lesson, as there was no such warning in a later episode where couples of all stripes hook up after Will's [[RunawayBride aborted first wedding]] to Emma, including Kurt & Blaine as well as Santana & [[BiTheWay Quinn]]. Santana and Quinn's hookup was entirely off screen (just the "after" shot of them in bed) but Kurt and Blaine's car makeout was seen in full, well lit glory.
* American soap operas have been called out for the double standard they use to treat their gay romances. Notably ''Series/AsTheWorldTurns'' with gay couple Luke and Noah. Fans instituted a "kiss clock" marking how long it had been since their last kiss. It was over 6 months, in a genre that has people hopping in and out of bed on a regular basis. ''Series/GuidingLight's'' gay couple suffered similarly with hand holding and longing looks being the extent of affection seen. ABC and NBC have made more of an effort to give more than lip service to treating their gay soap couples the same as the straight ones.
* Another in-universe example in Series/GoodLuckCharlie where Teddy (dressed as Benjamin Franklin) kisses her boyfriend (dressed as Thomas Jefferson) in front of a family and are promptly fired for the "inappropriate" act. Unlike the Glee example above, this is played for un-ironic laughs. To drive the point home on this fine example of homophobia, Disney ''still'' cut away from the two before they actually kissed.
** Then again, they later revealed one of Charlie's playmates had two female parents, and several people involved in the production received [[DisproportionateRetribution death threats]], ''[[WouldHurtAChild even the actress portraying Charlie]]''.

* Music/KidzBop, a CD compilation series that features children covering number one hits, is infamous for [[{{Bowdlerize}} Bowdlerizing]] songs that were never intended for kids in the first place. Their "clean" version of [[{{BiTheWay}} bisexual]] Music/LadyGaga's "Born This Way" removes all mention of the LGBT community, despite being the entire point of the song. Furthermore, their cover of Music/{{Halsey}}'s "Bad at Love", where she describes her failed relationships with both male and female lovers, has only the males sing the parts about the females.

[[folder:New Media]]
* On Bing image search, you won't get any results for anything with the words "gay" or "lesbian" in it unless you turn Safe Search off completely (which requires you to say you're 18).
* Similarly, Google Instant won't automatically complete most gay-related searches (including those that are still not [=NSFW=] or inappropriate for minors) until you hit Enter. Gay news websites are treated as gingerly as sites with adult content.
* At one point on Craigslist, the "male seeking male" personals page was marked for adult content (meaning both that it was restricted and that racier posts needn't be flagged), whereas the straight and lesbian personals were kept clean, only the "casual encounters" page being marked. Presumably due to complaints, all personals but "strictly platonic" are now marked adult.
* Amazon once marked any book with the keyword "Gay & Lesbian" as adult, meaning that unless a search included those keywords or other "adult" keywords, any books marked with that keyword were excluded, whereas keywords like "homosexual" or "homosexuality" were fine, with the effect that the only books dealing with homosexuality that showed up on general search were [[HeteronormativeCrusader right-wing polemics]]. Amazon first claimed they'd been hacked, then that a single employee had accidentally done it. Whether that is an example of this trope is debatable, since some believe it wasn't deliberate on the company's part.
* [[http://www.tv.com TV.com]] censored the words "gay" and "homosexual" on its forums for a few weeks in 2006.
* Website/YouTube [[http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2012/01/26/video-youtube-pulls-non-family-safe-gay-music-ad/ pulled a 16-second sponsoring ad]] that featured two men in their underwear in an emotional embrace, saying it "promoted mature sexual themes" and was "non family safe". It was an excerpt from a Music/PerfumeGenius music video [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOpkr8uNWpk YouTube still hosts]]. Cue InternetBackdraft. The other man in the video is recognized by ''some'' as the ManlyGay {{Bear}} porn star Arpad Miklos, but this would not likely be recognized by a random viewer who has never seen an Arpad Miklos porno.
* Internet search filters in some schools prohibit the search of 'gay', 'lesbian', or anything along those lines.
* On this very site, any time homosexuals or otherwise are so much as alluded to on a show meant for kids, it almost always gets labeled as GettingCrapPastTheRadar. Though this isn't necessarily due to the tropers' view on the subject and is instead how they perceive the executives and MoralGuardians to act. And, to be fair, most examples pretty much ''treat'' it as such; while a work like ''WesternAnimation/ParaNorman'' has no problems in addressing the existence of LGBT people, things like ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' have whatever subtext they have as basically treated in the same way they treat "adult jokes": implied, [[QueerPeopleAreFunny humorous as means to "soften the impact"]], kept as vague as possible, et cetera.
* After Yahoo bought Website/{{Tumblr}}, it has set a rather unnecessarily complicated tag blocking system to make it "kid friendly". Among the deleted tags? "Gay", "lesbian", "bisexual", even simply "lgbt". "Straight" isn't blocked, and neither are far more explicit tags like "rape". This turned out to be an aversion though: the real reason those were blocked was because most things tagged with them were NotSafeForWork (as in ''pornography'') and they risked getting the Tumblr app pulled from app stores because of it. It's now possible to search those tags again, with most NSFW stuff left out. ([[http://staff.tumblr.com/post/55906556378/all-weve-heard-from-a-bunch-of-you-who-are Question 2 is the relevant one]].)

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The American release of ''VideoGame/WildArms2'' [[ShesAManInJapan turned Caina into a woman]] because he was in love with Vinsfeld. They didn't do that to [[ManlyGay Brad]] and [[ClosetKey Billy]] though, instead downplaying their relationship. [[TransparentCloset That didn't work out.]]
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'' was guilty of this for two whole games. In the first game you can romance a genderless but female-presenting alien, Liara, who has become a mascot for the DiscountLesbians trope, since the relationship is only gay from a human perspective. In the second game, you can have a fling with a pansexual human female, Kelly, that does not grant you any recognition on the romance achievement. It takes until ''Mass Effect 3'' for gay relationships to be granted equal standing; it is also the first game in the franchise to allow any kind of ''male'' same-sex romance. This is despite the fact that the second game allows you to romance three very inhuman aliens, as if that's somehow more normal than a same-sex romance.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* There was a spin-off of the PBS television show ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' called ''Postcards from Buster''. [[OvershadowedByControversy It is remembered for little more than the fact that]] one episode got banned for showing [[HasTwoMommies an (implied) lesbian family]].
* The infamous gay marriage episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' (season 16's "There's Something About Marrying") became the first episode on American TV to get a content warning before the episode started [[note]] On FOX, content warnings are reserved for just the Creator/SethMacFarlane cartoons -- ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' and ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' especially -- and the oddball shows like ''WesternAnimation/BobsBurgers'', ''WesternAnimation/AllenGregory'', the short-lived series ''WesternAnimation/SitDownShutUp'', and the cartoon adaptation of ''WesternAnimation/NapoleonDynamite''[[/note]] and was rated TV-14 for strong sexual themes (in this case, gay marriage). This is coming from a show that regularly contains child abuse, gambling, death, alcohol abuse, juvenile delinquency, sex, attempted murder, explicit animal blood and gore, and other humor that is usually considered cruel or dark, yet often gets away with a TV-PG rating. Older episodes with gay content have gotten away with just the TV-PG ratings, so the content raters aren't consistent in this area.
* An openly gay character was one of the reasons the third season of ''{{WesternAnimation/Braceface}}'' didn't air in the US.
* The series finale of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' ends with [[spoiler:Korra and Asami]] becoming a couple, though the fact that they never kiss, merely hold hands, had some viewers argue that this was ambiguous. Creator Konietzko wrote that the same-gender relationship is canon, and that while Nickelodeon was supportive of this decision, "there was a limit to how far [they] could go with it"- meaning no kissing, even though every heterosexual romance in both this show and [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender its predecessor]] got one.
* When [=PopGirl=] in the UK started censoring ''[[{{WesternAnimation/Sixteen}} 6teen]]'' so younger viewers could watch it, they stopped airing the episode where Nikki had a lesbian co-worker and the episode where Jen developed a "girl crush" on her new boss. Oddly, they still aired the episode where a gay cowboy bids on Jonesy.
** Cartoon Network in the US didn't air the lesbian co-worker episode even once.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' had [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH9TJj9Qj-Q a skit]] where a LemonyNarrator talks about the "science" of love. The ending of the skit, where a man and a woman fall in love with members of the opposite sex and the narrator saying that there are no rules to love, was cut despite being the entire point.