->''"They wanted to be Music/TheBeatles. They wanted to be [[Music/TheRollingStones the Stones]]. OK, so a couple of them made itů but what about the rest?"''
-->--Advertising blurb for the box set ''Nuggets II: Original Artifacts From the British Empire and Beyond''

Garage Rock is a raw form of rock music that is gets its name from the stereotype of amateur teenage musicians playing in {{Garage Band}}s. In reality, while this is how the genre got its start, today many such bands are composed of older and more professional musicians.

The first wave of garage rock lasted from around [[TheSixties 1963 to 1968]]. Perhaps the most influential (and definitely the most frequently covered) garage rock single was "Louie Louie", a tune written by Richard Berry, reintroduced by the Sonics and the Wailers and definitively covered by the Kingsmen. However, it was UsefulNotes/TheBritishInvasion that really started the deluge; Music/TheBeatles, Music/TheRollingStones, and all the movement's other groups inspired countless teens from all over the world to form their own bands.

Nearly every early garage band that made a hit was a OneHitWonder, although some bands like The Sonics, The Standells, The Seeds, and especially Music/PaulRevereAndTheRaiders were slightly luckier. (Also, major names like Music/AliceCooper, Music/TedNugent, Music/IggyPop and Music/ToddRundgren got their starts in garage bands.) The double LP (and later CD box set) ''Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era: 1965-1968'', compiled by Music/PattiSmith Group guitarist Lenny Kaye, contains a decent amount of these hits, as well as some "deep cuts" and even novelty songs from garage and PsychedelicRock. It also [[FollowTheLeader inspired]] countless similar compilations.

There is significant overlap between garage rock, SurfRock, FolkRock, TheBritishInvasion, PowerPop, and ProtoPunk. Question Mark & the Mysterians, The Monks, and a few later garage rock bands such as Music/TheStooges and Music/{{MC5}} are often considered to be the first PunkRock bands.

In TheSeventies and TheEighties, punk bands like Music/TheCramps and Music/TheRamones would create the first garage rock revival. But the most successful garage rock bands were formed in the 2000s, when Music/TheWhiteStripes, Music/TheStrokes, and Music/TheHives achieved commercial success that was unrivaled by even the first wave of garage rock bands.

The film ''Film/ThatThingYouDo'' is a tribute to this genre.

!!Some influential mid-60s American Garage Rock bands:

* Music/The13thFloorElevators ("You're Gonna Miss Me"; more PsychedelicRock than garage, but very influential on both genres)
* Music/TheBluesMagoos ("We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet")
* Music/TheCastaways ("Liar, Liar")
* Music/TheChocolateWatchband ("Sweet Young Thing", "Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)?")
* Music/CountFive ("Psychotic Reaction")
* Music/TheElectricPrunes ("I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night," "Get Me to the World on Time"; they were at the midpoint between garage and PsychedelicRock)
* [[Music/TheFlaminGroovies The Flamin' Groovies]] (started in 1965, made their major impact in TheSeventies, and [[LongRunners finally split up]] in 1992)
* Music/TheFugs ("Boobs A Lot", "Kill For Peace")
** ''Music/TheFugsFirstAlbum'' (1965)
** ''Music/TheFugsSecondAlbum'' (1966)
* Music/TheKingsmen ("Louie Louie", "Jolly Green Giant")
* Music/TheKnickerbockers ("Lies")
* Music/TheLeaves ("Hey Joe" [which became a Garage Rock standard], "Too Many People")
* Music/{{Love}} (started as Garage, evolved into PsychedelicRock and BaroquePop)
** ''Music/ForeverChanges'' (1967)
* Music/{{MC5}}
** ''Music/KickOutTheJams'' (1969)
* Music/TheMonks (five American servicemen stationed in UsefulNotes/WestGermany whose unique sound was half-garage, half-PsychedelicRock)
* Music/TheNazz (Music/ToddRundgren's first band; hits included "Open My Eyes" and the original version of "Hello, It's Me")
* [[Music/QuestionMarkAndTheMysterians Question Mark & the Mysterians]] ("96 Tears")
* Music/TheRemains ("Don't Look Back")
* Music/PaulRevereAndTheRaiders (their garage era hits included "Kicks", "Hungry", "Him or Me", "Steppin' Out", and "Just Like Me"; they're also remembered for their 1971 comeback hit "Indian Reservation")
* Music/TheRivieras ("California Sun")
* Music/TheSeeds ("Pushin' Too Hard," "Can't Seem to Make You Mine," "Mr. Farmer")
* Music/TheShadowsOfKnight (their version of "Gloria" [[invoked]] CoveredUp Them's original on the American charts)
* Music/TheSonics ("Strychnine," "Psycho," "The Witch"; considered ''the'' ancestor of Washington state's AlternativeRock scene)
* Music/TheStandells ("Dirty Water," "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White")
* Music/TheStooges ("No Fun," "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "1969"; they came along too late to be part of the original movement, but combined garage rock with proto-punk)
** 1969 - ''[[Music/TheStoogesAlbum The Stooges]]''
** 1970 - ''Music/FunHouse''
** 1973 - ''Music/RawPower''
* Music/TheSwinginMedallions ("Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)", "I Found A Rainbow")
* Music/TheTurtles (started as a garage-y FolkRock group before having pop hits like "Eleanor" and "Happy Together")
* Music/TheTrashmen ("Surfin' Bird")
* Music/TheWailers (not ''those'' [[Music/BobMarley Wailers]]; this group was from Tacoma and recorded the song "Tall Cool One", as well as one of the better known pre-Kingsmen revivals of "Louie Louie")

!!Equally influental mid-60s UK bands who were kindred spirits:

* Music/TheAnimals
* Music/TheBeatles (without them, there would have been no British Invasion and hence no Garage Rock, at least not as we know it)
* Music/TheCreation ("Making Time")
* Music/TheDaveClarkFive ("Bits and Pieces", "Glad All Over")
* Music/TheKinks
** 1967 - ''Music/SomethingElseByTheKinks''
** 1968 - ''Music/TheKinksAreTheVillageGreenPreservationSociety''
** 1970 - ''Music/LolaVersusPowermanAndTheMoneygoroundPartOne''
** 1971 - ''Music/MuswellHillbillies''
* Music/ThePrettyThings ("Rosalyn", "Don't Bring Me Down")
* Music/TheRollingStones (their influence on the genre can't be overstated)
* Music/{{Them}} (Music/VanMorrison's first band; hits included "Here Comes The Night", "Baby Please Don't Go" and "Gloria")
* Music/TheTroggs ("Wild Thing", "I Can't Control Myself", "Love Is All Around")
* Music/TheWho
* Music/TheYardbirds
** 1964 - ''Music/FiveLiveYardbirds''
** 1965 - ''Music/ForYourLove''
** 1965 - ''Music/HavingARaveUp''
** 1966 - ''Music/RogerTheEngineer''
** 1967 - ''Music/LittleGames''

!!Bands from TheSeventies, TheEighties and later who helped revive Garage Rock:

* [[Music/TheFiveSixSevenEights The's]] (You've heard them if you've seen ''Film/KillBill'')
* Music/ArcticMonkeys
** 2006 - ''Music/WhateverPeopleSayIAmThatsWhatImNot''
* Music/CageTheElephant
* Music/TheChesterfieldKings
* Music/TheCramps (they mixed Garage with {{Rockabilly}} and {{Exploitation Film}}s)
* Music/TheDirtbombs
* Music/{{DMZ}} and their SpinOff Music/TheLyres
* Music/TheDetroitCobras
* Music/TheFleshtones
* Music/TheHives
* Music/LimeSpiders (legends in Australia, but screwed themselves over by continuing to release their work mainly on vinyl and cassette in the late 80's and 90's)
* Music/{{Mudhoney}}
* Music/TheRamones
** 1976 - ''Music/{{Ramones}}''
** 1977 - ''Music/LeaveHome''
** 1977 - ''Music/RocketToRussia''
** 1978 - ''Music/RoadToRuin''
** 1980 - ''Music/EndOfTheCentury''
* Music/TheStrokes
* Music/TheVines
* Music/TheVonBondies
* Music/TheWhiteStripes
** 2001 - ''Music/WhiteBloodCells''
** 2003 - ''Music/{{Elephant}}''

!!Tropes associated with Garage Rock:

* {{Flanderization}}: The original 60s garage bands were a diverse bunch; several bands performed [[Music/TheBeatles Beatles-like]] PowerPop or [[Music/TheByrds Byrds]]-ish FolkRock. However, the genre became best known for bands influenced by the tougher, R&B-inspired side of TheBritishInvasion, such as Music/TheRollingStones, Music/TheWho, Music/TheAnimals, Music/TheKinks and Music/TheYardbirds.
* NamesTheSame[=/=][[SimilarlyNamedWorks Similarly Named Groups]]: In those pre-Internet days, it was all too easy for bands in different cities or countries to give themselves identical names without realizing it. Particular favorites included the Missing Links (used by 9 different bands), the Chosen Few (10 bands) and the Coachmen (11 bands).
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Most original garage bands were male, although there were a handful of female bands.
* ThreeChordsAndTheTruth: Garage Rock makes musical and lyrical simplicity a virtue, partly out of necessity. One of its most appealing aspects is its contention that ''anybody'' can be in a band, with only a minimal amount of practice.