''Gangland'' is a computer game created by Mediamobsters (now known as Sirius Games). It was released in February 2004. The game mixes real-time strategy with elements of simulation and roleplaying.

The plot follows Mario Mangano, second-oldest grandson of Don Mangano, head of a [[TheMafia Sicilian family]]. Two years after the murder of youngest brother Chico, at the hands of the three remaining brothers, Grandpa Mangano receives a phone call from one of his sons, Vincenzo, who has been living in Paradise City for decades. He reports that Romano, Angelo and Sonny has been sighted there - And so, Grandpa Mangano dispatches Mario to hunt them down and avenge his brother.

Of course, things aren't always that easy. Mario ends up as Vincenzo's errand boy. After preforming several missions for his uncle, he is promoted to ''capo soto''. As always when things are starting to look good, disaster strikes - Vincenzo is kidnapped, and his entire gang is vanquished. Now on his own, Mario begins to carve out an empire of his own. While, of course, killing a few of his brothers on the way. Oddly enough, before Angelo and Sonny dies, they both try to say that they're innocent..

Several brutal conflicts with other mobsters later, Mario is now a real kingpin. As he moves in on ''the Strip'', the fanciest area of Paradise City, he is contacted by Vincenzo's kidnapper. A bloody rescue follows - Vincenzo is rescued. Within soon, however, tragedy strikes for the, like, fourth time. Mario's wife is found poisoned, and Vincenzo is gone yet again. Mario figures that it has to be Romano, the oldest brother.

He succedes in killing him, but victory decides to be even more bittersweet than usual - In his dying breath, Romano reveals that Vincenzo was the one who killed both Chico and Mario's wife. And so, Mario spends the rest of the game hunting his uncle.

Not to be confused with the TV show [[Series/{{Gangland}} of the same name]].

Provides examples of:
* ATeamFiring: Even the best units suffer heavily from this.
* BadAssGrandpa: Grandpa Mangano is probably one of these - You don't stay alive as the Don of a Sicilian mob family for very if you're not.
* BadassLongcoat: Interestingly enough, Mario begin to wear one of these when he becomes theDon of a family of his own.
* CutAndPasteEnvironments
* DamnItFeelsGoodToBeAGangster: The game feels a lot like this. Until the ending.
* DirtyCop: The local chief of police comes around every now and then, casually asking for a bribe and insulting you and your mother.
* DownerEnding: The game, which up until now has been glorifying gangsters to hell and back, ends with Mario sitting in the street, thinking about the pointless deaths of his brothers and his wife. At least the constant bloodletting is still over - Oh, wait. It's not. Somewhere in the distance he hears guns being fired and realize that the battle never ends.
* DysfunctionalFamily / Cain And Abel: Not only are they all mafiosos - They're cold-hearted murderers, too. Uncle Vincenzo killed his nephew Chico in order to get his cut of an operation they were running together, and then frames three of his other nephews. The fifth nephew does, of course, end up killing both the uncle and his runaway brothers. Also, Mario's children eventually becomes underbosses of the family.
* EvenEvilHasLovedOnes: Mario loved his brothers and his wife. They all die, of course.
* EveryCarIsAPinto
* FamilyBusiness: Oh boy.
* GameplayAndStorySegregation: Wow. A lot of this. Most notably, the fact that your wife (Who's murder is very important to the story, and who Mario apparently loves to the extreme) is not only randomly generated, but she also actually survives being killed story-wise.
* {{Gangsterland}}: Taken to the extreme.
* GenericEthnicCrimeGang: This game has just about every kind.
* GoodOldFisticuffs: The various kinds of bouncers use this. With great success.
* GunsAkimbo: Revolvers, pistols, tommy guns, uzis..
** TheMafia: The very basis of the game. There's both the generic ''Sicilian Mafia'' and the family which Mario is from.
** TheMafiya: They are featured somewhat prominently in the story, being one of Mario's early allies and later enemies.
** TheCartel: Colombian mafia, more precisely.
** {{Yakuza}}: One of these groups hold Vincenzo hostage. Or so it appears.
** TheTriadsAndTheTongs: Vincenzo has a shitload of these as allies.
** Jewish Mafia
** Black Mafia
* MafiaPrincess: One of the three different types of children you can have is this.
* MobWar
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Mario has one of these when he realized that his three brothers, who he just killed, were innocent all along.
* NominalImportance: The only named characters are Mario, Vincenzo, Romano, Angelo, Sonny and a few of the enemy bosses. Grandpa Mangano, your wife, your children? No name given.
* PyrrhicVillainy
* TheDon: Grandpa Mangano is a major one in Palermo, Uncle Vincenzo is a minor one over in America and Mario eventually becomes one. Also, there's plenty of these as enemies.
* TimeBomb: One of the special units is a maddened Russian bomb expert, capable of planting these.
* TimedMission: Every now and then, there's a timed challenge mission - Winning one of these unlocks the use of a special unit.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential: You can run over/shoot civilians without any real penalty.