The rhythm-oriented grooves of {{funk}} plus the {{Epic Riff}}s of rock. Due to this simple combination, it was the first fusion genre to appear, way back in TheSeventies.

* Music/JimiHendrix - The {{Trope Maker|s}}. "Little Miss Lover" is arguably the UrExample of funk rock.
* [[Music/GeorgeClinton Parliament-Funkadelic]]
* Music/{{Trapeze}}
* [[Music/MothersFinest Mother's Finest]]
* Music/TalkingHeads - They comparatively leaned towards a pure {{Funk}} sound with NewWaveMusic and {{Afrobeat}} influences, but they still count.
* Music/{{Prince}} & the Revolution
** Several of [[Music/PrincesAssociates his associate bands]] like The Time and Mazarati.
* Music/RickJames
* Music/LennyKravitz (possibly).
* Music/TheIsleyBrothers - Some would argue that the Isleys are the UrExample.

'''Punk Funk'''

Appeared in the late 1970s in the UK, can frequently overlap with PostPunk. Much less funk-oriented than either funk-rock or -metal, more experimental/dissonant/noisy. Arguably mutated into what we now know as dance-punk.

* Music/GangOfFour
* Music/ACertainRatio
* Music/OrangeJuice
* Music/ThePopGroup
* Music/TheContortions