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[-[[caption-width-right:320:Don't you wish ''your'' [[UnusualEuphemism schalldämpfer]] was this {{big|gerIsBetter}}?]]-]

->''"It may interest you to know, fräulein, that the carrot and the cucumber are both very powerful sexuality symbols. They represent the masculine phallic member. And you are vishing either to chop it up or to pickle it!"''
-->-- '''Sigmund Freud''', according to ''Literature/MyUncleOswald''

"Paging Dr. Freud..."

When characters in story think that any kind of long thin shape is a symbolic penis, or that any hole that is oval is a symbolic vagina, you've got Freud Was Right in play. Obsession with sex is one of the core aspects of this trope when it's {{lampshade|Hanging}}d.

The truth is that AllMenArePerverts and AllWomenAreLustful, but they are too ashamed of it. Thus, they express it in covert sexual symbolism and repressed desire everywhere, every time, with everybody. Not only is [[EveryoneIsJesusInPurgatory everyone Jesus in purgatory]] -- '''everything is about sex'''.

The TropeNamer is Dr. UsefulNotes/SigmundFreud, a Viennese doctor who proposed a theory of human behavior and development based on the idea that all our behaviours are ultimately expressions of instinctual, biological desires. Like, for instance, sex.

Some say Freud was right about [[EveryoneIsBi something else]], too. Not to be confused with AllPsychologyIsFreudian and EverybodyHasLotsOfSex.

See also CompensatingForSomething, EroticEating, LecherousLicking, LooksLikeSheIsEnjoyingIt, PervertedSniffing, and PhallicWeapon. Also compare EveryoneIsSatanInHell.

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[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
%%* ''Anime/LupinIIIRedJacket'':[[invoked]] "Curse of the Jumbo Juju", English version only. Zenigata, while under the influence of the cursed ruby, makes some rather disturbing comments about his mother. This is neither the first nor last time it happens.
%%* ''Manga/NanaToKaoru'': [[InUniverse Discussed in-story]] in [[spoiler:Kaoru's lecture on anal play]].
* ''Franchise/{{Naruto}}'': Suigetsu Hozuki starts to say what we're all thinking about Sage Mode Kabuto's belly snake before Sasuke cuts him off.
* ''Manga/{{Yamanko}}'': Invoked and parodied. Ogawa spots Nene's tail a couple times when it slips out and describes it as "big and black and fully erect" to Tanaka, who assumes Ogawa is feverish or sexually frustrated.
* ''{{Manga/Gate}}'': The "Men in Green" (Japanese soldiers) achieve worldwide (the world on the other side of the gate) fame when they use a man-portable rocket launcher to seriously wound a giant dragon, viewing it at some sort of PhallicWeapon activated by the magic phrase "Backblast... clear!". And then the S&M-themed dark elves get ahold of some...

[[folder:Comic Book]]
%%* ''ComicBook/ArkhamAsylumASeriousHouseOnSeriousEarth'': {{Invoked}}. If you read Grant's notes, you'll find that a LOT of the scenes in this story have to do with [[ChasteHero Batman's screwed-up sexuality]]. And it was mostly based on Jungian psychology, an outgrowth of Freud's work. Even {{Lampshaded}} in the comic when Arkham goes to study with Jung in Europe.
%%* ''ComicBook/BlackHole'': [[InvokedTrope Invoked]]. There's an abundance of sexual imagery, mostly in the form of vaginas. You could almost make a drinking game out of how many show up.
* ''ComicBook/TheTransformersMoreThanMeetsTheEye'' has a Cybertronian psychologist, Rung. In issue 28, Megatron is sent to see him, leading to this gem:
-->'''Megatron''': Enough's enough. Two hours listening to you tell my why I used to wear a giant weapon on my arm. I hate to disappoint you, Rung, but sometimes a fusion cannon is just a fusion cannon.

[[folder:Fan Fic]]
%%* ''Fanfic/HimmlischeKriegerEvangelion'': Lampshaded in the start of chapter two.
* ''FanFic/TheLifeAndTimesOfTheFantasmicFour'': {{Invoked}} in-universe. On prom night (in a CallBack to "Goes Cellular") Wanda decides that the post break-up tension between Phoebe and Arnold was caused by them not having "break-up sex", failing to grasp the subtleties of two people splitting up for no real reason when they're still in love with each other. Turns out [[JerkassHasAPoint she has a point...]]
* ''FanFic/TouhouDoujinDawitsusFolly'': {{Discussed|Trope}}. Dawitsu talks about Freudian Psychology in Koishi's article, and claims that a Male's Id is [[AllMenArePerverts far more sex-drive based]] than women, hence the patterning of Koishi's Id-based spell-card varies with gender.

* ''Film/AnnieHall'': Discussed:
-->'''Miss Reed:''' (''after 6-year-old Alvy kisses a girl on the cheek'') You should be ashamed of yourself!
-->'''Adult Alvy:''' Why? I was just expressing a healthy sexual curiosity.
-->'''Miss Reed:''' Six-year-old boys don't have girls on their mind.
-->'''Adult Alvy:''' I did!
-->'''Girl Classmate:''' (''whom young Alvy kissed'') For God's sake, Alvy, even Freud speaks of a latency period!
-->'''Adult Alvy:''' Well, I never had a latency period! I can't help it.
* ''Film/DearWhitePeople'': Kurt brings up ‘Pastiche’s motto, metaphorically saying that comedy and criticism should not hold back and hit raw nerves: ‘Sharpen thy sword’. One of the members thinks it’s a euphemism for [[ADateWithRosiePalms something else]].
* ''Film/DrStrangelove'':
** Invoked by the film itself. A central theme of the movie is the portrayal of sexual symbolism as more than symbolism; Kubrick transparently paraphrases Clausewitz as in "war is the continuation of sex by other means". Specific examples include:
** In the opening refueling scene, the bomber and the tanker are coupling.
** The madness of General Ripper is driven by not-even-veiled [[IntercourseWithYou sexual references]]. He seems to be CompensatingForSomething with his stiff cigars and his long one-barreled machine gun.
** The film is rife with sexually {{Meaningful Name}}s; the two warmongers (Turgidson) push against a peaceful and mild figure (Merkin Muffley).
** Near the end, there is another MoodDissonance when the characters are happily planning a postnuclear scenario where the male to female ratio would land them with their own [[AdamAndEvePlot harems to repopulate the world]]. The excitement over this allows Strangelove to ''stand up''.
%%** The end of the world is started by a man yelling and riding on top of a phallic bomb to a site called "Laputa" (Spanish for "the whore"). It triggers a series of climatic, ''orgasmic'' explosions.
* ''Film/FreddyVsJason'': Kia decides to try this on Freddy by comparing his tiny knives to Jason's great big machete. [[spoiler:A few seconds later, Kia meets said machete.]]
%%* ''Film/{{Idiocracy}}'': [[invoked]] In the BloodSport example ("Rehabilitation", [[spoiler: in which the one being rehabilitated will actually be killed by two monster trucks]].), all the monster trucks are equipped with huge weapons that are obviously phallic in design and name. Joe's little car has a flaccid rubber phallus on the hood.
%%* ''Film/IvanTheTerrible'': [[invoked]] Eisenstein who was deeply interested in UsefulNotes/SigmundFreud and psychology, layered the entire film with subtext and visual cues to this effect. Stalin was not amused with his hero being made into a "Hamlet type" in Part II with the childhood flashback given by Eisenstein.
* ''Film/SummerLovers'': Invoked, though not in those words, when Cathy builds a small replication of one of the mountains using sand from the beach and Michael and Lina say that it looks like "a tit." Cathy says, "You two have sex on the brain."
%%* ''Film/WRMysteriesOfTheOrganism'': [[invoked]] [[InvokedTrope The whole point]] of the film!
%%* ''Film/{{Zelig}}'': Invoked when one of the interviewees said Freudians had a ball with Zelig because they could interpret him any way they liked.

* The ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' series:
** ''Discworld/GoingPostal'': Invoked by Adora Belle as she looks over Moist's ideas for stamp pictures; she notes that the stamp with the highest value has a picture of the Tower of Art at Unseen University -- tallest building in the city.
--->'''Miss Dearheart:''' Oh, the Tower of Art... How like a man.
** ''Discworld/LordsAndLadies'': "Magrat says a broomstick is one of them sexual metaphor things." (Footnote: Although this is a phallusy.)
* ''Literature/TheLeagueOfPeoplesVerse'': {{Discussed}} InUniverse example in ''Expendable''. When explaining why the FTL drive is called a "sperm-tail generator", the narrator comments that, given sufficient time, soldiers will assign sexual references to every damn thing.
* ''Literature/NineteenEightyFour'': Invoked. Julia theorizes that the Party keeps people in a state of warlike hysteria and power hunger though subjecting them to sexual deprivation. She even calls it "sex gone sour."
%%* ''Literature/{{Paprika}}'': Invoked. The sheer amount of imagery available to prove this in the movie would be enough to satisfy any psychiatry fan. And it doesn't get any more Freudian than Paprika becoming the Sphinx and her enemy becoming Oedipus to attack her!

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
%%* ''Series/{{Angel}}'', "You're welcome": Lindsey on seeing Angel's sword is bigger than his clasp knife.
%%-->Oh. Well, it's not the size that matters, big guy. (transforms the knife into a hefty sword, grins) It's how you use it.
%%* ''Series/{{Blackadder}}'': She doesn't realise it, but Queenie's description of her dreams suggest that the Virgin Queen badly wants to get laid:
%%-->I have some pretty wild dreams you know. The other day I dreamt [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar there was this big tree, and I was sitting right on top of it... and then I dreamt I was a sausage roll]]...
%%* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
%%** "This Year's Girl": Faith describes her dreams seriously, then adds with her tongue firmly in her cheek, "That, and some stuff about cigars and a tunnel."
%%** "Smashed": While admiring the diamond, the Trio conclude that size is indeed everything.
%%** "Where the Wild Things Are": Anya tells Xander that the only thing they have in common is they both like his penis. Unless she was referring to ADateWithRosiePalms.
%%** "The Zeppo": Xander pulls up in his CoolCar.
%%-->'''Buffy:''' Is this a [[CompensatingForSomething penis metaphor]]?
%%* ''Series/DoctorWho'', "Let's kill Hitler": Example from Rory:
%%-->'''Rory:''' Okay, I'm trapped inside a giant robot replica of my wife... ''(lowers voice to a whisper)'' I'm really trying not to see this as a metaphor.
* ''Series/{{Frasier}}'':
** [[invoked]]Lampshaded, of course -- Frasier thinks Niles is making up for a dry spell in his sex life by buying suggestive antiques;
--->'''Frasier:''' In addition to the loveseat, let's see, your most recent acquisitions have been: a French bed- warmer, a pair of Toby jugs... the less said about that Civil War ramrod, the better.
--->'''Niles:''' Oh, you Freudians! Sometimes a ramrod is just a... oh hell, even I can't make that one fly.
** The source of jokes in at least two episodes dealing with a characters OedipusComplex. In Season 5, when Roz reveals her pregnancy to Rick, he points out that his mother is the same age and even kind of looks like Roz. She makes him stop talking. In another episode, Frasier dates a woman who could be Hester Crane's twin.
---> '''Niles:''' These pants might have to be REPRESSED!
* ''Series/HouseOfCardsUS'': [[invoked]] {{Discussed}} by Frank Underwood to Zoe. He references an Creator/OscarWilde quote:
--> "A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power."
%%* ''Series/TheMiddleMan'': [[invoked]] Everything Joe 90 makes.
* ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'':[[invoked]] An actor playing Hamlet is depressed because he is bored with life and wants to become a private dick (detective), hoping to get fame, money, glamour, excitement, and sex; all the psychiatrists and other people around him jump on the "sex" part.
* ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'':
** "12 to the Moon": Invoked by Servo and averted by Crow
--->'''Tom Servo:''' I wonder what Freud would make of that sun hat!
--->'''Crow:''' Well, sometimes a sun hat is just a sun hat.
%%** "Hamlet": Mike and the bots take the play's subtext to its funniest conclusion. It could also be they were just referencing [[Theatre/OedipusTheKing another classic piece of theater]].
%%--->'''Tom Servo:''' Hamlet, get off your mom!
** "Merlins Shop Of Mystical Wonders": The first half, {{lampshade|Hanging}}d by Tom Servo.
--->'''Servo:''' Based on a story by Sigmund Freud!
* ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'': [[invoked]] Inverted in "Phantasms", when Data recreates Dr. Freud in the holodeck with the hope of interpreting the disturbing images generated by his dream program. Freud, of course, proceeds to assume it's all about Data's issues with his mother and his sexuality, neither of which he has, because he's an android.[[note]]Hilariously, a later episode revealed that Data actually did have a mother figure in Dr. Soong's wife, but this does not make his objection to Freud's go-to ramblings any less true. He's also been sexually active, though with women only.[[/note]]

* ''Music/NinjaSexParty'': {{Invoked|Trope}} multiple times by Danny. One such example is "The Ultimate Sandwich", complete with multiple instances of {{Metaphorgotten}}.
-->Now just add panther, bear meat, and duck\\
And you've got a sandwich that I'd like to fuck!\\
I mean eat...what?
%%* ''Music/{{Tool}}'': [[invoked]] "Tool" is slang for penis. WordOfGod is that this is only one interpretation, but some of the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tool_(band)#/media/File:Tool-logo-early.jpg licensed artwork]] [[InvokedTrope definitely goes down that particular route]].

%%* ''Pinball/FamilyGuy'': Invoked; shooting the Super Jackpot lane shows Peter driving a phallic-shaped car into a tunnel.

[[folder:Stand-Up Comedy]]
* Humanity's obsession with sex is implicitly discussed in Gary Gulman's bit about how the birth control pill is referred to as "the pill".
-->There are a lot of pills out there, but that's ''the'' pill. There's a pill that keeps you from getting ''polio''. That's not the pill.

[[folder:Video Games]]
%%* ''VideoGame/EscapeVelocity'': Mixed with DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything [[invoked]] in the case of the [[http://www.boring.org.uk/evo/ships/igzara.htm Igazra]].
* ''VideoGame/FallenLondon'': [[spoiler:InUniverse, Dr. Schlomo's the TropeNamer, so this comes as a natural consequence. He's not ''always'' right, mind - for instance, he may interpret your dreams of [[FateWorseThanDeath Death By Water]] as a suppressed desire to return to the womb - but even so, his descriptions of Parabola are quite informative.]]
%%* ''VideoGame/LANoire'':
%%** Rusty boils down ninety percent of the L.A. Homicides to this.
%%** Rusty's Razor: If he's bangin' her, he's our killer.
%%* ''VideoGame/{{Scorn}}'': {{Invoked|Trope}}; the game is deliberately designed to resemble H. R. Giger's works, which involved a lot of freudian imagery.
* ''VideoGame/ShadowsOfTheDamned'': Invoked long and hard. Both Johnson and Fleming can barely go three minutes without making a penis innuendo, Fleming because he thinks it's intimidating and Johnson because he's the comic relief.
%%* ''Franchise/SilentHill'', the town seems to draw from its victims' subconscious and twists them. Which character's or characters' minds the enemies are drawn from is different in each game. Sometimes they come from the protagonist, sometimes an antagonist, and sometimes a side character.
%%* ''VideoGame/SilentHillShatteredMemories'': [[spoiler:Cheryl ''really'' loves her daddy.]]
%%* ''VideoGame/StarControl''[[invoked]]: Syreen ships are ''ribbed'' and rather phallic. And they're called "Penetrators".
* ''VideoGame/TalesFromTheBorderlands'': [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Vasquez, who pointed out that every spaceship in the universe looks like a penis. The really funny thing is that he's ''wrong'': We haven't seen very many ships in this 'verse (escape/drop pods from Atlas and Jacobs, Sanctuary, a crashed Hyperion ship, some jet-looking things, a Dahl fleet is seen early in the ''Pre-Sequel!'', but that's about it), and other than the Hyperion and Dahl ships being long and thin, they don't really look like penises unless you squint. Vasquez might be projecting a little.

%%* ''Webcomic/{{Dolan}}'': Invoked in Bogs Binny's character design.
* ''Webcomic/TheFancyAdventuresOfJackCannon'': [[invoked]] "Take me to that phallus!"
-->'''TheRant:''' [[LampshadeHanging About time somebody said it]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': [[invoked]]
-->TG: i just want your professional take on how many things in my dream symbolize dicks
-->TT: We've already established that all of your dreams are packed with enough homoerotic symbolism to lift Freudian theory from the ashes of discreditation.
%%* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'': [[invoked]] Roy feels [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0308.html diminished]] without his sword.
%%* ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'': [[invoked]] During a docking procedure, Admiral Breya is really, really tired of these kinds of the sexual innuendo. All Kevyn said was that [[http://www.schlockmercenary.com/2004-08-14 things were going smoothly.]]
* ''Webcomic/{{Shortpacked}}'': [[invoked]] [[http://www.shortpacked.com/index.php?id=1112 Rosenthal Industries]]. "So the building is ''intentionally'' penis-shaped, right?"
%%* ''Webcomic/SpellingTheVacuum'':[[invoked]] The "resemblance," according to readers, of the antenna-thingy on the author-mouthpiece's head to a penis was used for a joke once.
%%** His name is ''Nub''. It was a foregone conclusion.
%%* ''Webcomic/SuperEffective'': Invoked in the second [[http://www.vgcats.com/super/?strip_id=32 "Who's that Pokemon?"]] strip.
%%* ''Webcomic/TheUnspeakableVaultOfDoom'':[[invoked]] [[http://www.goominet.com/unspeakable-vault/vault/311/ Played with.]]
* ''Webcomic/VirtualShackles'': Invoked in the console wars, where apparently Sony's end-goal is the "Playstation: Giant Penis".

[[folder:Web Original]]
%%* ''WebVideo/AbridgedOnTitan'': {{Invoked|Trope}}, "Hey Eren, grab my ''shaft''."
%%* ''WebVideo/BennettTheSage'': Discussed in ''X'', when he notices that since [[spoiler:[[BrotherSisterIncest Kotori is the lover of Kamui/Fuuma]] and she carries the Sword of the Dragon of Earth in her body]] that this implies something similar between [[ParentalIncest Kamui and his mother]]. [[ScreamingAtSquick Sage isn't pleased]]. [[invoked]]
%%* ''WebVideo/{{Brutalmoose}}'':[[invoked]] In ''Space Dude'', he encounters a DamselInDistress who gets seized by a set of tentacles, and then a room full of balls.
* ''WebVideo/HonestTrailers'': {{Invoked|Trope}} about the Kryptonian ships "shaped like wangs" from ''Film/ManOfSteel''.
* ''WebAnimation/KroboProductions'': In "Friendship is Gic 3: Revenge of the First One", Bill Engvall has to shout "SEX" to get the crowd to laugh.
%%* ''LetsPlay/{{Lucahjin}}'': [[invoked]]Interprets almost ''everything'' in the ''VideoGame/FreddiFish'' games as some kind of euphemism.
%%* ''LetsPlay/MasaeAnela'': [[invoked]]She ends up seeing mage-head Smithy's nose as...something else, to put it lightly.
%%** There was also the "stretching, shrinking thing" in episode 20 of her ''Ocarina of Time 3D Master Quest'' LP.
%%** She also cracks a few perverted jokes about Nago & Chuchu's animations early on in ''Kirby's Dream Land 3''.
* ''LetsPlay/NerdCubed'': Invoked in his video on ''Underground Mining Simulator''. He looks at a spiky, phallic-looking drill and comments that he's, "seen that on dodgy websites".
** Also in his video on ''Skate 2'':
---> '''Dan:''' *reading* "Air grab over the funbox." I remember that one from the Kama Sutra.
** Played straight in ''InTheLittleCubed'' episode 2-3:
---> '''Martyn:''' What was it you told me to do? Earlier on, you told me to "fiddle with my pink slot" or something,when I was trying to plug the microphone into the computer...
---> '''Dan:''' I went "Make sure you're putting it in the pink slot", which you decided was incredibly funny!
%%* ''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick'': [[invoked]]
%%** Upon seeing [[WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983 Skeletor's]] rather, uh... phallic weapon.
%%-->'''Chick:''' Woah, honey, watch how you're holding that thing!
%%** In ''Disney/{{Pocahontas}}'', John Smith is so potent that he has to get onto the boat while riding a giant phallic symbol.
%%* ''WebVideo/PeanutButterGamer'': [[invoked]] "She shakes your bag around and it gives your wand special... powers... uhhhhhh-"
%%* ''LetsPlay/{{Pokecapn}}'': [[invoked]]A donator asked for more "That's what she said!" jokes. They got them.
%%** "Thank you for your 69 and 420." (Someone donated $6.90 and then $4.20.)
%%* ''WebVideo/ReBootTheAbridgedSeries'': Mentioned by Dot in episode 23.
%%* ''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation'':[[invoked]] Subverted in the ''VideoGame/SilentHill2'' review.
%%-->"Pyramid head: An über-masculine powerhouse who is repeatedly seen plunging his massive, throbbing knife into the other monsters' moist, quivering bodies, which obviously symbolizes... neo-conservative imperialism."
* The aptly named ''Freudian Nightmare'' from [[https://i.warosu.org/data/tg/img/0315/42/1397772489647.jpg this image]]; a 260 kilometer long [[Franchise/StarWars Star Destroyer]] (100km larger than the [[ThatsNoMoon Death Star]]!) who's [[DidntThinkThisThrough huge list of flaws]] show that it exists for reasons [[AwesomeButImpractical other then actually combat usefulness]].
* In an arguably original take on the ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' franchise, the ''WebVideo/WisecrackEdition'' video "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LueVmefY_Kg The Philosophy of Dark Souls]]" views the philosophical implications of ''Dark Souls'' (and by extension ''VideoGame/DemonsSouls'' and ''VideoGame/{{Bloodborne}}'') through the lens of psychologist ''UsefulNotes/SigmundFreud''.
--> '''Jared:''' ''Dark Souls'' is about wanting to climb back into your mom's womb, getting your dick cut off and being endlessly miserable. I am completely serious about this. I'm Jared and welcome to this Wisecrack Edition on the ''VideoGame/DarkSouls'' series.
** The beginning of ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsI'' beginning with a symbolic birthing scene, plunging into a tonic-crevice deep within the Earth into a pit where "things" are born, but only a few (the [[Characters/DarkSoulsMainCharactersAndLords Old Gods]]) developing names and identities via the Lord Souls. The beginning of ''VideoGame/DarkSoulsII'' has the protagonist exit an underground labyrinth and breaching the surface through a yonic-shaped crevice.
** [[OedipusComplex Themes of openings and other tonic imagery (symbolic of the mother) being blocked by a masculine figure]] with [[PhallicWeapon phallic weapons]] that seek to stop your progress (symbolic of the father). This also applies to the protagonist needing to enter through deep dark caves for both progress and fulfillment in the story, symbolic of the [[FreudianExcuse Freudian desire]] to return to the womb.
** VaginaDentata symbolically represented in Chaos Witch Quelaag and Mytha, the Baneful Queen, attributing to themes of metaphorical castration.
** Kilns, thrones and the First Flame representing the womb, fighting metaphorical fathers as to return to this metaphorical womb and finally finding satisfaction.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman'': Invoked in Harley Quinn's introductory episode, after Batman points out the reasons for Joker's interest in Harley.
-->'''Batgirl''': [[DeadpanSnarker And join us next week, when Batman analyzes the Freudian implications of Penguin's umbrella.]]
%%* ''WesternAnimation/BromwellHigh'': [[invoked]]
%%** Martin's math diagram.
%%** Latrina's dream about a tunnel and a series of bigger and bigger trains.