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[[caption-width-right:330:He won't be screaming long... but that's a very [[IncrediblyLamePun cold comfort]].]]

->"''In this universe, there's only one absolute... everything freezes!''"
-->-- '''Mr. Freeze''', ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''

Any gun that almost always generates {{Instant Ice|JustAddCold}}. Sometimes it causes HarmlessFreezing, and [[IceBreaker sometimes not]].

The mechanism varies from gun to gun. Some freeze rays operate by spraying a target with a sheet of ice or snow, like an icy version of a [[KillItWithFire flamethrower]]. Some spray a stream of liquid, e.g. liquid nitrogen. Most commonly though, freeze rays fire blasts of coldness as FrickinLaserBeams to freeze the target.

Note that coldness [[ArtisticLicensePhysics doesn't quite work that way]]; coldness isn't energy, but rather lack of it (from the point of view of our environment's parameters). As such, you can't transfer coldness; you make things cold by transferring heat away from them. But, [[MST3KMantra it isn't really worth getting into]] ''heated'' debates over the mechanics of the FreezeRay. So what if it's another example of writers giving [[NoConservationOfEnergy Conservation of Energy]] the cold shoulder? They've been getting along just fine over the years thanks in part to the {{Rule of|Cool}} [[HurricaneOfPuns Cool]].

Real world physics experiments which require extreme cold near absolute zero use [[FrickinLaserBeams lasers]] to perform 'atom trapping', slowly punting the target with photons to stop it bouncing around uncontrollably. If your target isn't a blob of already-supercold gas comprising a few dozen atoms though, you'll find this technique less than useful.

Frequently toted by AnIcePerson, dressed in AnIceSuit, in order to KillItWithIce.

Does anyone else feel cold?

A SubTrope of ImpossiblyCoolWeapon and RayGun.



[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/{{Tekkaman}}: The Space Knight'' has... '''''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MURDGxx7FJo OH NO! A FREEZE RAY!]]'''''
* ''Anime/MazingerZ:'' It is one of the weapons of the titular HumongousMecha: its helmet's horns shoot freezing beams that turn the enemy into a chunk of frozen, brittle ice. It is called [[CallingYourAttacks REITOU BEAM!!!]]. It is also used in Anime/{{Mazinkaiser}}.
* ''Anime/{{Daimos}}'' has the Freezer Storm, head-mounted Freeze Rays that made-up the first part of the FinishingMove of the eponymous mecha after its MidSeasonUpgrade.
* Chrono's Durandal in ''[[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaTheMovie2ndAs Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha TheMovie 2nd A's]]'' is depicted as this, being a BoomStick that comes with multiple {{Attack Drone}}s, all capable of firing ice beams that could freeze a monster the size of a small island and the ocean surrounding it.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Mr. Freeze from ''Franchise/{{Batman}}''. The exact size and shape of Freeze's Freeze Gun has varied wildly over the years; when it first debuted, it looked more like a teakettle than anything. Since then, it's been portrayed as everything from the standard futuristic-pistol design to a massive two-handed cannon connected to a backpack to a tiny, unassuming-looking device mounted on the wrist of his armor.
* Captain Cold from ''ComicBook/TheFlash'' comics claims to be an exception. He doesn't use a freeze ray, he uses a ''cold'' ray, by which it seems he means that it freezes things not by spraying them with cold fluids, but by directly stopping the motion of the target's atoms. The difference is largely semantic though, as for all practical purposes it does the same thing as any other freeze ray.
* ''ComicBook/BatmanAndTheOutsiders [[http://en.dcdatabaseproject.com/Batman_and_the_Outsiders_Vol_1_6 #6, "Death Warmed Over!"]]''. The team battles the Cryonic Man, a villain with a backpack full of liquid nitrogen attached to wrist-mounted sprayers that he uses to freeze the Outsiders solid.
* In ''Comicbook/{{Empowered}}'', Thug Boy used it against Willy Pete, an AxCrazy fire elemental. He got better.
* On the cover of ''Franchise/WonderWoman'' [[http://superdickery.com/images/stories/bondage/277_4_162.jpg #162]], Minister Blizzard has frozen Steve Trevor with his freeze ray gun and is about to do the same to Franchise/WonderWoman.
* GoldenAge ComicBook/GreenLantern foe the Icicle wielded a freeze ray. His son internalized the cold powers and became AnIcePerson.
* ''ComicBook/IronMan'' foe Blizzard uses a battlesuit that shoots freeze rays from its gloves.

[[folder:Film - Animated]]
* Gru from ''WesternAnimation/DespicableMe'' wields a freeze ray he invented, making for a comical opening scene of him cutting in line at the coffee shop by casually zapping people while shouting "Freeze ray!!" Conveniently, the HarmlessFreezing effect allows him to be a villain without actually killing anyone.
* The Prequel ''WesternAnimation/{{Minions}}'' shows a much younger Dr. Nefario demonstrating the gun to an audience (and freezing his own hand) in Villain-Con, which implies Gru actually got the gun (or perhaps stole it) from him.

[[folder:Film - Live Action]]
* ''Film/{{Predator 2}}''. Peter Keys' team had "nitrogen guns" (liquid nitrogen backpacks attached to sprayers), which they planned to use to freeze (and thereby capture) the Predator.
* There are some examples from the ''Franchise/{{Godzilla}}'' series, tanks that shoot freeze rays, the [[Film/GodzillaVsDestoroyah Super X-3]] has freeze missiles and beams, and [[Film/GodzillaAgainstMechagodzilla Kiryu]] had a Absolute Zero cannon [[ChestBlaster in his chest]]. They are the few weapons to actually ''work'' on Kaiju.
* Will Stronghold had to build one for a Mad Science class in ''Film/SkyHigh2005''.
* ''Film/SuburbanCommando'' has a freeze weapon that two hoods find and use to rob a bank. It's the source of the MemeticMutation "I WAS FROZEN TODAY!"
* Mister Freeze (again) from ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''.

* In David Gerrold's ''Literature/TheWarAgainstTheChtorr'' series of novels, the protagonist is scouting with his commander. The commander has a flamethrower while the protagonist has a weapon that shoots liquid nitrogen. Which comes in handy as they're trudging through huge dunes of alien plant dust. The spray weapon is able to compact the dust so they can walk on it. The flamethrower, as it turns out, has a more explosive reaction to that environment.
* George Zebrowski and Charles R. Pellegrino's ''Literature/TheKillingStar'' has a weapon of mass destruction that's the inverse of an atomic bomb. Instead of converting matter into energy, it does the opposite, which means sucking huge amounts of heat out of the ambient environment to form a tiny amount of matter, leaving behind a frozen hell.
* Castle Brass in Creator/MichaelMoorcock's ''Literature/TheHistoryOfTheRunestaff'' has such a defensive weapon. Among many others.
* A handheld (or hand-mounted) weapon in Creator/MikhailAkhmanov's ''[[Literature/ArrivalsFromTheDark Fighters of Danveys]]'' called the Freezer fires a shot which, at a specific point, creates a micro-singularity (i.e. a tiny black hole), which instantly drains the area within a several-meter radius of all heat. Yes, SpaceIsCold. Oh, and there's a [[MoreDakka rapid-firing]] version of the weapon.
* In Creator/CordwainerSmith ''Instrumentality ''universe, there is a staff-like weapon which drains heat from the opponent, freezing him or her on the spot and then slowly releasing the absorbed heat via radiation. In the short story ''The Dead Lady of Clown Town'' an Instrumentality soldier kills [[SlaveRace Underpeople]] and robots with it during a riot.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* A Comedy programme on the BBC had a man come in with an invention where he froze the dragons (of ''Series/DragonsDen'') after they refused to fund production of his gun which heated chicken instantly (and also did the reverse). He then nicks their cash.
* A few ''SuperSentai''[=/=]''PowerRangers'' weapons have had this.
* Warren's freeze ray in ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', which turns people into popsicles.
--> '''Guard:''' What are you boys doing?
--> '''Warren:''' Uh, we're with a tour group. The ''Get-the-freeze-ray'' tour group. Must've gotten separated.
--> '''Guard:''' Museum closed five hours ago.
--> '''Warren:''' Huh! Guess we just lost track of time, we should probably get the *freeze ray* out of here.
* Mr. Freeze in the 1960's ''Series/{{Batman}}'' show.
** His standard weapon is a rifle-like device that spews out a stream of freezing gas at short range.
** In the episodes "Ice Spy"/"The Duo Defy", Mr. Freeze creates an ultra-powerful version called the Thermodynamic Ice Ray Gun that can freeze large areas of effect at long range.
* ''Series/{{Warehouse 13}}'' has a variation in Claudia's insta-freeze snowglobe.
* In ''Series/TheFlash2014'', [[Creator/WentworthMiller Leonard Snart]] gets his hands on a "cold gun" created by Cisco in case Barry turned out to be evil, figuring that a gun that slows down molecules is the only real weapon that can stop someone with SuperSpeed. Snart (whom Cisco dubs "Captain Cold") learns to use the gun quite effectively both against the cops and Barry. He gives Barry a SadisticChoice, when the latter corners him on a train: Barry can either chase down the bad guy, or save a train full of people that's about to be derailed by the cold gun. Naturally, Barry chooses the latter, but Snart doesn't run away and nearly kills Barry. Cisco tricks Snart by threatening him with the prototype cold gun (it's actually a vacuum cleaner with some LED strips attached).
** His counterpart from the 1990 series had the {{BFG}} version.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'' supplement ''Classic Organizations'', "Red Doom" section. The {{NPC}} Cold Warrior has a power pack backpack that can condense water out of the air to create ice. He uses it to create ice bolts and entangle opponents.
* ''TabletopGame/{{GURPS}} Warehouse 23''. The Greys (space aliens) have a FreezeRay device that can fire a beam of focused cold at the target, freezing it solid and coating it with ice.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Space 1889}}'' has a freeze ray as a possible invention. Living creatures hit by the ray are frozen solid and [[HarmlessFreezing thaw out one hour later with no ill effects]].
* In ''TabletopGame/RocketAge'' the Ancient Martians experimented with freeze ray technology and a few may still be found in working order.
* In ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'', the Space Wolves Chapter of [[SpaceMarine Adeptus Astartes]] have access to unique Helfrost weapons. These arcane devices focus a powerful laser through rare glimmerfrost crystals, resulting in the targeted area being instantly frozen to near absolute zero.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The Freezethrower from ''VideoGame/DukeNukem3D'', which allows you to kick your frozen enemies [[IceBreaker into pieces]].
* The Ice Beam from ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}'' games. ''VideoGame/MetroidPrime2Echoes'' has a PaletteSwap of the beam in the [[CastingAShadow Dark Beam]] (which only freezes with charged shots).
* Like everything ''else,'' it's summonable in ''VideoGame/{{Scribblenauts}}''. It temporarily traps things in blocks of ice. [[HarmlessFreezing Freezing is harmless,]] so it's a good way to deal with hostile creatures you're not allowed to hurt.
* The shotgun in ''VideoGame/{{Painkiller}}'' has this as its secondary fire mode: Ideally, this can be used to first freeze an enemy, and then fire the shotgun to [[LiterallyShatteredLives instantly shatter the monster]], often sparing lots of time.
* Different attacks from the Ice type in ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'', like Ice Beam or Blizzard, have the chance of freezing your opponent solid.
* In ''VideoGame/BioShock'', one of the plasmids your character can pick up is called Winter Blast, which allows you to temporarily freeze an enemy, allowing you to shatter him with another weapon, although usually you [[DisadvantageousDisintegration won't be able to take any items they were carrying]]. Freezing enemies can also be done via the chemical thrower when using liquid nitrogen. However, this only freezes the target in place, [[HarmlessFreezing dealing no damage]].
* In the first stage of ''VideoGame/InTheHunt'', you submarine had to navigate a series of icebergs with these attached. They [[HarmlessFreezing couldn't kill you]], but they would make your character temporarily immobilized. Interestingly enough, they could do this to enemy subs too.
* ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3'' has the appropriately named Cryocopters and later Cryo Legionnaires. There is also superweapon version Cryoshot/Cryoblast/Cryogeddon. These are [[HarmlessFreezing mostly harmless]], but frozen objects will [[LiterallyShatteredLives shatter]] if hit with the slightest damage, and for air units (done by cryo legionnaires garrissoned in a multigunner turret/IFV) the result is not something to laugh at since they will immediately come crashing down when frozen.
* ''VideoGame/WarFrontTurningPoint'': an earlier example. The [[RedsWithRockets Soviet Union]], with their can deploy air-dropped [[SovietSuperscience freeze bombs]] and "[[FreezeRay Ice Spitter]]" Tanks in advance of an attack force; the metaphor used in-game is ''"canned Siberian weather"''. Frozen units recover after a time, but are very vulnerable to damage and immobile.
* One of the bosses in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics'' had a magic gun that shot blocks of ice.
* ''Franchise/MassEffect'' not only has Cryo Ammunition, but the appropriately named M-622 Avalanche heavy weapon from ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' is essentially a hand held ice ''cannon''.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Crysis}}'', the [[spoiler:aliens have freeze rays, and Prophet makes a human-usable weapon out of one of them. In addition, the Ice Sphere flash-freezes the island, creating a cold wasteland.]]
* The Freeze Ray Gun is one of the martian weapons that can be found in ''VideoGame/UltimaWorldsOfAdventure2MartianDreams''. It's powered by raw radium and immobilizes the targets.
* ''VideoGame/{{Crusader}}: No Regret'' has the BK-16 "Crystallizer" Molecular Inhibitor Rifle which works in a different manner from other freeze rays. The aptly-named Crystallizer instead fires a self-contained field that brings the molecular motion of any target to a screeching halt, effectively exposing them to a few minutes in Absolute Zero. The kill animation is bloodless yet still looks and sounds painful to emphasize how it is ''not'' HarmlessFreezing. The corpsicle can then be shattered with additional weapons fire or an explosion.
* ''VideoGame/{{Purple}}'' hands out freeze-rays late in the game (starting at the [[SlippySlideyIceWorld appropriately themed]] World 5). Their function is to freeze enemies for use as a stepping stone. [[HarmlessFreezing No side effects!]] Unless it's a boss, or a breakable block.
* The Medusa Gun in ''VideoGame/WillRock'' is a variation: it shots a strange, blue gas that [[TakenForGranite turns enemies into stone statues]] and break them.
* In ''VideoGame/LuigisMansion'', this was one setting that the [[WeaponsThatSuck Poltergust 3000]] was eventually upgraded to. The freeze ray setting is necessary for fighting Drippy Ghosts, and the BossBattle with Boolossus.
* ''VideoGame/GhostbustersTheVideoGame'' features the Stasis Beam, whose effects are similar to the Crystallizer above. Good thing it only works on ghosts...
* More of a Freeze Rod/Bomb, but the Thermal Tazer and Thermal Shok Bomb in ''VideoGame/XCOMTerrorFromTheDeep'' both use intense cold to render their targets unconscious.
* The ''Alien Hunters'' DLC for ''VideoGame/{{XCOM 2}}'' adds the Frost Bomb, which causes HarmlessFreezing. It works on every enemy that gets caught in the blast radius, even Alien Rulers, robots and [[spoiler:Avatars]].
* In ''VideoGame/RiddleSchool 5'', this is the ultimate plan of [[spoiler:Viz. He planned to freeze all the planets using a ray that harnessed Zack's coldness. Fortunately, it backfired on him.]]
* The Creonites' freeze weapons in ''VideoGame/TotalAnnihilationKingdoms''. They have a similar effect to the TakenForGranite petrifying spells, except that the target turns to ice rather than stone.
* VideoGame/TokiTori's Freeze-o-matic turns enemies into blocks of ice. On land, they can be used as platform but underwater they float up. Either way they can block your path if you're not careful, causing a need for a reset.
* A staple of Dr. Eggman's winter-themed weapons in ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' games.
* The third ''VideoGame/{{Resistance}}'' game features a straight-forward liquid nitrogen thrower. To make things just a bit more interesting, its secondary fire is a compressed air shotgun blast, which does minimal damage under normal circumstances, but [[LiterallyShatteredLives against frozen enemies...]]
* In ''LEGO VideoGame/RockRaiders'', you can arm your Rock Raiders with freezer beams to defend your base. They don't work very well against rock or ice monsters (the laser beam works much better), but they're devastating to lava monsters.
* The puzzle game ''Dr. Brain: IQ Adventure'' had a freeze blaster you could use to freeze enemies in place temporarily.
* Simon of ''VideoGame/RogueGalaxy'' has flamethrowers as his WeaponOfChoice, but some of his guns shoot ice instead.
* The Ice elemental damage in ''VideoGame/BloodCrusher2'' slows enemies and can turn them into a HumanPopsicle
* ''VideoGame/{{Fracture}}'' features one, the appropriately named ALM-37 Deep Freeze.
* ''VideoGame/{{Spelunky}}'' has a Freeze Ray. While not as powerful or long ranged as many weapons, once frozen an opponent can be [[LiterallyShatteredLives shattered]] for a OHKO (including the [[ShopLiftAndDie Shopkeeper]]). Also, anyone frozen in midair will be shattered by falling.
* Blizzard Buffalo from ''VideoGame/{{Mega Man X}}3'' uses a ''[[WaveMotionGun huge]]'' one as his DesperationAttack. This doesn't damage X, but will freeze him in place, allowing Buffalo to ram him and shatter the ice for extra damage.
* In ''VideoGame/KirbySqueakSquad'', the leader of the titular gang, Daroach, has a fancy cane that serves as one of these.
* ''Videogame/{{Warframe}}'' The Glaxion, a freeze ray released in update 14.5. It turns enemies into ice statues when killed, which easily shatter upon impact from repeat attacks and other weapons.
* The Cryolator from ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}'' sprays enemies with a cryogenic compound (heavily implied in-game to be liquid nitrogen) in order to freeze them. It can also be modified to [[AbnormalAmmo shoot chunks of solid ice]].
* In ''Videogame/{{Overwatch}}'', Mei's main weapon is an ice gun that fires off a freezing spray that freezes enemies solid as well as fire icicles and create a wall of ice.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt''. Just because if you release [[spoiler:''laser cows'' (robots)]], it's a good idea to equip them with something fire-suppressing as well.
* ''Webcomic/{{Adventurers}}!'': Tesla, the party's gun-wielder, gets a freeze gun at one point (she refers to being in the party as "the Gun-of-the-month Club"). It shoots flames. Karn doesn't see what the problem is.
* In ''Webcomic/OurLittleAdventure'', Emily has a magic spell called 'Frozen Ray' which does just this. It's an ice version of Angelika's [[KillItWithFire 'scorching ray']].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* [[WebVideo/DoctorHorriblesSingAlongBlog Dr. Horrible]] has a "freeze ray", although of course his freeze ray ''[[TimeStandsStill stopped time]]''; it was Johnny Snow who had the "ice beam."
* [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-2424 SCP-2424 ("Hostile Walrus Cyborg ''research ongoing''")]]. In the anomalous VideoGame ''Eskimo Moe'', the enemies known as Goonters (intelligent penguins) have pistol-like devices that can fire a freezing ray.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Mr. Freeze from ''Batman'' (restating it because Mr. Freeze as we currently know him was created for ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'')
** Reappears in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond''. Once, Bruce himself uses an old freeze gun, which he keeps as a memento, to against Inque. The second time, Inque learns to destroy the gun first. In another episode, [[CorruptCorporateExecutive Derek Powers]] clones Freeze and implants the villain's memories into the clone. When Freeze has a relapse of his condition, he dons an upgraded suit, which has built-in freeze rays.
** Subverted in ''WesternAnimation/TheBatman''. Here, Mr. Freeze is (per his description) "a walking cryonic miracle" whose powers allow him to literally shoot freeze-rays from his hands.
** Then he appears again in ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' where the pilot featured 4 ice themed villains aside from Mr. Freeze, namely Killer Frost, Icicle Jr. and Captain Cold. Like Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold has a freeze ray gun. Killer Frost doesn't have a freeze ray gun, but generates a freeze ray through her hands.
* ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' had a sketch parodying a similar situation to the Young Justice example above. Several different cold-themed villains with freeze-rays show up, one after another, to steal the same priceless giant gem and they all start bickering over who has a better thematic claim to it. Eventually, yet another villain destroys a wall with his freeze-ray in order to burst in, and the combined structural damage they've all done making their entrances collapses the entire building on top of them.
* There's a freeze weapon of some sort in Creator/HannaBarbera show ''WesternAnimation/SpeedBuggy'', prompting Speedy to complain, "who put the anti-freeze in my carburetor?" I'm pretty sure there's an episode to go along with it.
* Variation: The Arborians' ice arrows in {{Creator/Filmation}}'s ''WesternAnimation/{{Flash Gordon|1979}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/SpaceGhost''
** The title character fires one from his Power Bands in "Lokar - King of the Killer Locusts" against Lokar's metal-eating locusts. He does it again against a giant ant/spider hybrid InsectoidAlien in "The Web".
** In "The Heat Thing", Jan and Jace use the Phantom Cruiser's "cold units" ray to seal the title monster into a lava pit.
** "The Iceman". The title {{Villain}} has an Ice-Ray Projector that can be used to create a wall of ice between the Ghost Planet and its sun as well as encasing Space Ghost in ice.
** "The Meeting". Metallus' Freeze Robots fire beams of cold that cover the Phantom Cruiser in ice.
** "The Final Encounter". Space Ghost uses his Freeze Ray against the Sultan of Flame's fire demon, but unfortunately his technology is useless against the Sultan's magic.
* The physical impossibility of such a device is mentioned in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/ChalkZone,'' but Rudy draws one up anyways, reasoning that imagination overrides logic in a realm composed of animated chalk drawings.
* Heloise on ''WesternAnimation/JimmyTwoShoes'' has one. Among its uses: [[{{Yandere}} freezing Jimmy to keep him around]].
* ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'': Blitzwing can do this in his Icy and Random personalities.
* The 1987 ''[[WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles]]'' episode "Return of The Fly" has Bebop and Rocksteady equipped with freeze guns.
* ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog'' episode "Baby-Sitter Jitters" features Robotnik's "Reversible Melt-O/Freeze-O Ray", pairing this trope with its inverse. However, the two modes aren't used in tandem to any significant effect: early on, Robotnik is hit by the "Freeze-O" mode and [[InstantIceJustAddCold trapped in a block of ice]], while in the climax the "Melt-O" mode makes a hole in a thick metal door that's trapping Sonic and Tails.
* ''WesternAnimation/FilmationsGhostbusters'' had a gizmo called the Fright Freezer. Sometimes it was a handheld gun, while at other times it was mounted on the Ghostbuggy.
* ''Young Samson & Goliath'' episode "The Colossal Coral Creature''. The villain Darvo uses a freeze ray to solidify a cloud in an attempt to destroy a plane that Samson and Goliath are riding on.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Birdman}}''
** "The Pirate Plot". The pirates use a freeze ray to encase in ice several armed officers of the ship they're attacking.
** "Skon of Space''. The title villain uses a "cold ray" to freeze Birdman solid.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBros'' - in "Trial of the Monarch" he uses a ray that freezes Brock in green ice - but this is total fiction in the Venture boys' loopy testimony. Later, though, the Guild of Calamitous Intent does freeze the entire courtroom long enough to rig the verdict.
* In the second WesternAnimation/{{Care Bears|1980s}} special, Professor Coldheart invents a freeze ray called "The Careless Ray Contraption," which he uses to freeze all the kids in town.
* In ''WesternAnimation/JohnnyTest'' in "Johnny vs Brain Freezer" A coffee guy/science student gets angry about not winning 1st place in the science fair so he gets a blaster, combines it with his coffee machine, and becomes the Brain Freezer and starts freezing people.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Mad}}'' an alien asks a person to take him to his people's leader in which he responds mockingly by pretending to call the president on his cellphone and insulting the alien's proposition. The alien then responds by saying "I think you're making fun of me." The guy replies "Where do you come from the genius planet?" The alien then freezes him with his gun and the guy says "I regret nothing."
* [[GadgeteerGenius Olaf]] from ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}'' owns one of these. [[spoiler:He uses it in Episode 104 to [[HarmlessFreezing freeze Kaeloo and Mr. Cat alive]] and put them in PeopleJars.]]

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Using directed energy to ''lower'' temperatures may sound absurd, but on a molecular scale, cold is just slowness. Lasers have demonstrated an ability to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_applications_for_lasers#Laser_cooling produce cold, given very, VERY specific circumstances]]. See: Atom Trapping.
** Specifically, a photon is more likely to be absorbed by an atom if it's just the right wavelength. If you make the laser just a bit redder, it will be blueshifted from the point of view of the atoms moving towards it, and hit them, slowing them down.
** Not exactly an energy ray, but if you hold a can of compressed air upside down, the can sprays a jet of very cold liquid. It's fun as a novelty, but that's about it. This is because the sudden drop in pressure causes the propellant [[note]]which sits in the bottom of the can and expands up to push out the can's contents[[/note]] to spread its energy over a wider area, making it colder. The propellant most often used? Nitrogen, in this case ''liquid nitrogen''. It should go without saying that letting this touch you is probably a bad idea.
** Lasers can super-cool plasma. Find a way to [[PlasmaCannon launch the plasma]], and you've got this.
* Ironically, a flamethrower without the pilot light can become a freeze ray depending on the fuel used. Many designs use Napalm engineered to be hyper stable when not exposed to an open flame, and as a consequence tend to sublimate (producing extreme cold) very aggressively when not confined to a pressurized tank. As an added bonus (for the shooter) the target won't be able to heat themselves up or they risk the opposite problem of frost bite.