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[[quoteright:350:[[WesternAnimation/PinkyAndTheBrain http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/brain_freeze_moment_4745.png]]]]
[[caption-width-right:350:[[TechnologyMarchesOn What's a]] [[WhatAreRecords VCR?]]]]

->''"Back when I was writing and producing ''Series/DharmaAndGreg'', the only way to read my cards was to record each episode on a VCR and hit the "pause" button. This was not an easy task. The image wobbled like crazy making the tiny words of my weekly tomes very hard to see."''
-->-- '''[[http://www.chucklorre.com/index-bbt.php?p=182 Chuck Lorre Productions, #182]]'''

In video, sometimes the screen will show something briefly that you cannot tell what it is unless you play the video in slow motion or pause it. Often it turns out to be a joke or a ShoutOut, though it can sometimes be used for {{Foreshadowing}} in more continuity-heavy works.

UnreadablyFastText is a subtrope of this.

Also called a "Blink And You'll Miss It" moment.

(It's often good to link to pictures or actually describe what's seen when giving examples of this trope.)

Compare EasterEgg, {{Blipvert}}, and (when it happens in-story) SubliminalSeduction. Also compare IfYouCanReadThis.

!!Example Subpages:
* FreezeFrameBonus/AnimeAndManga
* [[FreezeFrameBonus/AnimatedFilms Films Animation]]
** ''FreezeFrameBonus/TheLEGOMovie''
* [[FreezeFrameBonus/LiveActionFilms Films Live-Action]]
* FreezeFrameBonus/LiveActionTV
* FreezeFrameBonus/VideoGames
* FreezeFrameBonus/WesternAnimation
** ''FreezeFrameBonus/GravityFalls''
** ''FreezeFrameBonus/TeenTitansGo''

!!Other Examples:

* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p50-oWY1pFE There's a Pony For That]] commercial consists of one freeze frame bonus after another. At 0:25, they even have an entire fake news article visible.
* The UsefulNotes/SegaDreamcast's ''Advertising/ItsThinking'' ad campaign are ''full'' of these, ranging from [[VideoGame/JetSetRadio Beat]] holding a microphone in the [=SegaNet=] commercial, the DMV in the ''VideoGame/CrazyTaxi'' ad having [[NumberOfTheBeast a certain number on it]], [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Eggman]] and VideoGame/{{Rayman}} at a taco shop in the NFL 2K commercial, and lots more.
* The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSdJtNen-EA TV commercial]] for ''VideoGame/ClashOfClans'' focuses on the Wall Breakers, Barbarians, Giants, Archers, and Hog Riders, but if you look in the background, you can see Goblins and P.E.K.K.As running about. [[AscendedExtra They later get their own commercials]].
* An infamous [[https://youtu.be/2NPKxhfFQMs?t=23s commercial]] from the [[UsefulNotes/GeorgeWBush Bush]] campaign generated some controversy after some argued that it subliminally showed the word "RATS" for a frame, when talking about AlGore's prescription plan.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In [[http://akross.ru/index.cgi?act=video;id=2105;l=e Paranoia Drift]], an AMV that retells ''Anime/TheGirlWhoLeaptThroughTime'' as delusions from Makoto's mind, there are a few frames at the beginning which read "This time while watching this video please remove all your emotional and logical effliction to this anime".
* ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'':
** When Krillin uses a Solar Flare on Dodoria, the flash contains a shot of Freeza's head on the body of a black man showering, in [[BrickJoke reference to an earlier comment by Vegeta]].
** This is a running gag with every Solar Flare producing a different flash. Other instances include Dodoria's head on a large woman showering; Lanipator in drag; [[ItMakesSenseInContext two insects mating]]; and [[spoiler: [[{{Squick}} Cell raping Android 18]]]].
* In ''[[WebAnimation/{{Smile}} Smile HD]]'', when Fluttershy is delivering a smackdown on Pinkie, for a split second the two of them [[http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/251/5/b/smile_by_moontheumbreon-d6ljo3q.png appear to be laughing and hugging.]]
* In ''WebVideo/RainbowDashsPreciousBook'', there's a scene in Part 5 where the human character books a flight to escape from Rainbow Dash. While the plane takes off from its runway, a filly speculated to be either Scootaloo (who appeared earlier in the episode) or Babs Seed can be briefly spotted on the runway.
* Many of the captions in ''WebVideo/MyLittlePonyTotallyLegitRecap'' go by far too quick to be read the first time without knowing they're there. There's also a RunningGag of Rainbow Dash [[AteHisGun shooting herself in the mouth]] whenever DWK jokes about the show upsetting him, but it's only briefly onscreen each time he uses it.

[[folder:Music Videos]]
* There are two in Music/WeirdAlYankovic's [[TakeThatMe White and Nerdy]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9qYF9DZPdw video]]. The first is at min 1:10 with a mock Trivial Pursuit question card with questions like "F.D.R. - [[TooSoon Was he faking it?]]" and "What's the deal with [[AcceptableTargets Lindsey Lohan]]? I mean, seriously". The other is at 1:50. The Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} article he's editing (vandalizing) is Atlantic Records'. Al's James Blunt parody [[WhatCouldHaveBeen "You're Pitiful"]] was squashed by the label... he's less than pleased with the way they [[ExecutiveMeddling handled it.]]
** His video "Word Crimes" packed with them starting with Weird Al's picture in the dictionary under "accordion".
** The name on his the reddit screen on the same video is George Newman, his character from UHF.
*** In fact, he ''created'' the subreddit /r/hamstergifs with a conspirator several months before the music video ever released, using his own character's name to make the same comment that he showcases.
** His degrees on the wall include a Bachelors Degree in "Writing Good" and a Masters in Greek.
** The teacher on the graded paper is [[TheSimpsons Ms. Krabappel.]]
* Music/ThirtySecondsToMars' Attack [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acIU7yxzJ70 video]], by way of superimposed writing and scribblings. Probably the only one in recorded history to use this to give a ShoutOut to their fanbase ''and'' equate the lead singer to {{Satan}} within the same timespan.
** Another ShoutOut to Universal Horror flicks: at one point, the bassist and the drummer have the heads of FrankensteinsMonster and Film/TheWolfMan1941, respectively, drawn over their own.
** This trope also shows up in their video for Hurricane, [[NotSafeForWork only with fetish material]].
* Specifically invoked in the Music/MatthewGood video for ''Weapon''. Initially upset with what the video's director had done with it, Good took control of the project and inserted every-other-frame videos, very quick flashes of words, and actually lengthy diatribes that you ''have'' to pause to be able to read. The video [[AwesomeMomentOfCrowning won a Juno]] (the Canadian Grammy), but because Good boycotts the Junos, the original director accepted the award...[[{{Jerkass}} despite not really making it in the first place]].
* The All-American Rejects' "Dirty Little Secret" video features people who's faces are hidden by little cards that admit ''their'' dirty little secret, such as suspecting that their fiancee isn't [[OneTrueLove the One]] or exactly what happened at church camp. A list of what appears to be all of them is [[http://www.answers.com/Q/What_do_all_of_the_note_cards_say_in_all_American_rejects_video_Dirty_little_secret here]].
* Kennedy's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Sb1_EZ9ZXQ "Mama Made Me a Pimp"]] features a split-second flash of a skull in the mirror, [[spoiler:foreshadowing the protagonist getting killed in a knife fight by a rival pimp.]]
* Music/TheBeatles ''[[Music/TheBeatlesAnthology Anthology]]'''s video for "Free as a Bird" is packed full of references to Beatles songs and lyrics; glimpses of the band members themselves as well as people and places important to them can also be spotted. A good many of the references are obvious, but some can only be spotted on repeat viewings or by slowing the video down.
* ''Music/KagerouProject'': In [[https://youtu.be/p1fNZs9_yP4?t=1m20s 1:20 of Moon-viewing Recital]], Hibiya is DraggedIntoDrag for a photo with Momo, both in maid uniforms, in a split-second flash.

* Shooting Disaster Drop in ''Pinball/WhiteWater'' plays an animation showing water rushing towards the viewer; for one frame, a [[EverythingsBetterWithCows cow]] appears in the lower-left corner.
* ''Pinball/SafeCracker'': When you get into the vault through the cellar, the animation that plays has Brian Morrison's initials pop up very briefly on the far right side.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* There are tons of them in the WebAnimation movie ''WebAnimation/RiseOfTheMushroomKingdom'', from game references and {{Shout|Out}}s Out to hidden characters and plotlines. There is a guide to them on the movie's main page on Video Game Director's Cuts.
* In the scene in ''[[WebAnimation/AwesomeSeries Metal Gear Awesome]]'' where the player skips the long cutscene, slowing it down reveals some very strange drawings, and a screen with the handwritten text 'I wish people could see these drawings, I think they're pretty funny'.
* ''WebAnimation/DaAmazinOTAdvenchr'' has quite a few of these, including one from episode 22, where one shows [[FanDisservice Lite wearing]] [[{{VideoGame/CaveStory}} Curly Brace's]] [[FanDisservice panties]].
* In ''WebAnimation/IfTheEmperorHadATextToSpeechDevice'', when [[spoiler:Magnus]] breaks the wards surrounding the Imperial Palace, there's a frame or two of "We are all free now", serving as FiveSecondForeshadowing of [[spoiler:swarm of daemons that pours into the palace]] if one can catch it.
* Too many {{WebAnimation/YouTube Poop}}s to count...
** The user avojaifnot specializes in this though.
** As does Stuart K. Reilly, who even wrote "[[LampShadeHanging Y'all don't read my subliminal text anymore]]" in one of his videos.
* Every so often in ''WebAnimation/HappyTreeFriends'' episodes from 2012 onwards, Truffles the pig, the loser from the new character contest Vote Or Die, can very briefly be seen in the background. On one occasion when Petunia explodes, he can even briefly be seen flying out of her.
* Sometimes in ''WebAnimation/SpaceTree'', a long shot of a character talking will have a different image show for a frame. Random bits of text are also often displayed, though longer and more subtly than the usual freeze frame bonus.
* Starting in the second season of ''WebAnimation/TheDota2Reporter'', there is always a bit of text that can only be seen if you pause to that exact moment.
* ''Machinima/TheGModIdiotBox'' Episode 3 has a brief flash of "HE'S GOT A GUN".
* ''WebAnimation/DeadFantasy'':
** In Part V, the flickering in Tifa's flashback conceals text. Also, pausing at the moment right after [[spoiler: Hayate knocks Tifa out]] will show a very, very brief image of a [[spoiler: white materia in the middle of her back.]]
** Also, all of Hayate's attacks and movements are animated - they just move [[FlashStep so fast]] that they look like he's teleporting. You have to actually go through the video frame-by-frame to see what he's doing.
* Pinisu-chan's essay [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPBbLCIyBco in the first episode]] of ''Webcomic/LargeBagel'' begins with her trying to find out where she came from and if there are other Large Bagel's, only to change in the second paragraph to a ''[[Series/TheFreshPrinceOfBelAir Fresh Prince of Bel-Air]]'' parody.
* There is a CouchGag in the beginning of every opening sequence in the full-length episodes of ''WebAnimation/CyanideAndHappiness'' where a guy arrives home from work. In every episode, there is a different "To-Do List" on his whiteboard behind the door. To see it, you have to pause after the "camera" pans into his apartment and JUST before he opens the door.
* The ''WebAnimation/ExtraCredits'' team [[https://youtu.be/yxpW2ltDNow?t=2m26s pulls]] a {{Rickroll}}. [[spoiler:Read the initials on the high score list.]]
* The WebAnimation/FlashGitzAnimation toon [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg0D1PpgCXs "TRANSformers"]] has Megatron read a couple of articles written by "[[PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad social justice warriors]]". The headlines flash by fast, but by pausing, it's possible to actually read the articles... including one that's just a rant about how tiresome it is to write these fake articles for the benefit of overly curious viewers.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'''s Act 4 closing animation, in the intermittent sequences of Becquerel's static, you can see various scenes flashing through the silhouette of Bec's head. One of them, appearing for the briefest of instants, is ''[[CrazyAwesome Bro riding Maplehoof engulfed in the flames of a meteor]]''. Later, during the flashback battle between [[FamousAncestor Mindfang's fleet and Redglare's dragon]], you can briefly see sailing around what appears to be a troll version of [[VideoGame/MonkeyIsland Guybrush Threepwood]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'':
** The [[http://www.thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/new-guys/linkara/at4w/4302-newmen-1 episode on Newmen #1]] has flashing "extreme!" text, at on the final repeat there also appears "if you can read this, you paused the video".
** His [[http://atopfourthwall.blogspot.com/2009/05/new-guardians-2.html New Guardians #2]] video also has one, the end of which reads "[[JustForFun/NotableReferencesToTVTropes Hi TV Tropes]]!"
** The entire set of episodes leading up to Linkara's confrontation with the Entity involves staticky, split-second messages in the credits, presumably from the Entity itself.
* The WebVideo/AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/ask-thatguy/32841-episode-65 episode 65]] has this:
-->''"Really? You went to read this knowing it would lead you straight to hell? What the Ass-Puke is wrong with you? It's friggin' Hell! Fire, pain, the Devil, it's worth that to see what this said? That Guy With The Glasses was just kidding when he said you were going to Hell, but now that you've actually come back to pause it, we have no choice. You're going to Lem. It's a place like Hell but ten times worse. It's not written about in the Bible because every time some one tried writing about it, they'd cut their own head off. It's THAT bad. So I hope it was worth it, I hope it was worth pausing this video for that. See ya in Lem ya miserable piece of donkey rectum. En- friggin- joy!''"
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic:
** The [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/nostalgia-critic/15937-junior review of]] ''Film/{{Junior}}'', listing why [[MisterSeahorse men getting pregnant]] is a bad idea (includes gems such as "if a baby kicks, the man would probably kick back").
** A darker one in ''WesternAnimation/OnceUponAForest'', as when the [[YouBastard audience member]] clicks on the porn a second time, it's now a site that depicts fifteen year old girls with the words "make her suffer" nearby. [[SarcasmMode Charming]].
** In the "Top 11 Avatars" episode, the first page of the "Cab Bitches" book has two entire paragraphs, including these lines:
---> Do you really think anyone's going to be attracted to you when you say "Oh yeah, [[TakeThatAudience I pause online videos to see if they put in secret jokes?]]" God, I'm surprised several women haven't just stripped naked shouting "Take me!" from reading that line. Jesus Christ! We'll spare you from pausing the video to look up any any other secrets, because there aren't any.
* ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'' uses these for horror rather than humor, to indicate [[CosmicHorrorStory something very wrong is going on]]. Quite common in ''Franchise/TheSlenderManMythos''; ''WebVideo/TribeTwelve'' also uses them for the purposes of horror, as well as MindScrew.
* A fan ending to ''Website/{{Botchamania}}'' episode 166 (which uses voice clips from ''NFL Blitz 2001'') has a bunch of these. Interspersed with images of random wrestlers and Website/{{WrestleCrap}} moments, there are a few jokes written about them that can only be seen on the screen for a fraction of a second (example: the announcer calls out "Fat" while showing an image of Wrestling/SamoaJoe, and the caption above Joe's head reads "Damn you, Wrestling/ScottSteiner promos! And your [[Funny/{{TNA}} unintentional hilarity]]!" [[note]]a reference to an interview from 2009 where Steiner calls Joe a "fat slob"[[/note]])
* ''WebVideo/FiveSecondFilms'' does a lot of "Blink and Your Miss It" jokes. For example in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbLYmvSdlug "Meanwhile, in Kansas",]] the headline of the newspaper at the end reads, "Don't Enter Politics. It Can Turn Your Daughter Gay!"
* Used as {{foreshadowing}} in ''WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee''. When WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic finds out the dialog he just spoke was [[spoiler:written for him]], we see the flash of [[spoiler:script]] and realize that he didn't follow it to the letter. This sets up the gist of the next few scenes; that he's evolved and has taken control of his own character.
* ''WebVideo/CommunityChannel'' has been doing this in her videos recently, because people kept pausing to read the fake webpages. Now they usually start with text that's relevant to the subject, cut off mid-sentence by "why do you guys pause the videos to read these" or something similar.
* ''Website/TheAgonyBooth'': Mr. Mendo's [[http://www.agonybooth.com/video998_That_70s_Girl_2003_Softcore_Porn_Parody.aspx review]] of a horrible porn flick culminates in a jumbled sequence (from the original film) covered with various censorship signs and captions. Towards the end, for a split-second, there's a caption that reads: "I'm willing to worship whatever deity makes this Slipknot editing go the fuck away!"
* In the ''WebVideo/GameTheory'' episode on ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Diamond Armor theory, after [=MatPat=] talks about crystals having four planes of cleavage and says "we're not talking about the Creator/PamelaAnderson Bermuda Triangle brand of cleavage here," two "editor's notes" briefly appear on screen, the first saying "Wait!? We're not?" and the second saying:
--> Matt, I just spent, like, 25 minutes Photoshopping Music/KatyPerry's pom-poms onto crystalline solids and you're telling me we aren't even talking about ta-tas?
--> My roommate walked in on me! Imagine having THAT conversation...
* When [[DaddysLittleVillain Chaotrix]] is hacking the Student Database in ''WebVideo/SuperAcademy'', we get some glimpses of everyone's class lists. Without exception, every single student is registered for the class "Reading and Writing 1".
* This is a somewhat common occurrence within LetsPlay/{{Chuggaaconroy}}'s Let's Plays. During day 6 of his playthrough of ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing: New Leaf'', as soon as he's done explaining why you'll catch nothing but Sea Basses on the shore, the video very briefly shows [[https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BZylHuyCcAA0jQr.jpg a still]] of a MemeticMutation related to the situation. For a more recent example, at about the 11:50 mark in episode 5 of his ''VideoGame/MarioAndLuigiSuperstarSaga'' playthrough, when Chugga is talking about how games let you see previous areas you've been through in new areas, the logo for ''{{VideoGame/Xenoblade}}'' briefly appears.[[note]]coincidentally it's the game he just finished playing before this one[[/note]]
* WebVideo/MatthewSantoro:
** In Matt's video ''Anonymous'', you can see that [[spoiler: Matt is wearing the Guy Fawkes mask worn by the members of Anonymous at various points in the video]].
** In ''Worldwide Internet Control!'', Matt says that Steve Ballmer, the then-CEO of Microsoft, always plagiarizes peoples' ideas. [[TakeThat The Apple logo then flashes on the screen for a fraction of a second]].
** In TheStinger of ''A New Planet & Antimatter!'', a fan commenter accuses Matt of putting subliminal messages in his video. Messages, including ones telling the viewer to subscribe, show up on the video for a fraction of a second.
* WebVideo/{{Brutalmoose}} does this frequently by putting in CaptionHumor that can only be read clearly if the video is paused.
* An upside-down paragraph of text appears in a joke in WebVideo/{{Caddicarus}}'s ''Putty Squad'' video, in a book titled, "Mid-80s UK Game Developing Company Naming Theory", which reads:
-->''If you're on a desktop computer or watching this on a tv, you must look fucking ridiculous right now. And what was this all for? Nothing. Why would there be? I'm just about to explain what this silly theory is in my next spoken sentence, so why on Earth would I display it here as well? You've been had. And now I have your head upside down. Looking stupid. Yep. Sorry. There's NOTHING of any relevance here. You can unpause the video, now. Or you can take a break - your head must be very tired. Love youuuuuuuuuuuuu.''
* Often done to [[LampshadeHanging lampshade]] the WebVideo/ThirdRateGamer's StylisticSuck. For example, after delivering a crappy joke, he turns to the camera; a split-second flash reads "This is the part where you're supposed to laugh".
* For a Valentine's Day special on ''WebVideo/ThePeriodicTableOfVideos'', the cast was asked to contribute chemicals that invoked Valentine's Day to them for use in a perfume. Most went with chemicals that are responsible for smells they like, such as vanillin, but a couple others included chemicals that merely had personal meaning to them. At the end, the director/editor popped up a fake advertisement for the finished perfume, with a footnote at the end.
--> "Unlikely to be safe for humans"
* ''WebVideo/DontHugMeImScared''
** In episode 5, when Duck Guy knocks down the camera [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere trying to escape]], you can see Red Guy's head in the microwave, Roy sitting on top of the wall of the set, and a shot of Red Guy just standing as it falls down, when Red Guy has been absent for almost the entire episode.
** In episode 6, during the end of the animated dream sequence, Roy can be seen in a phone booth in the background while Yellow Guy is riding a horse, as well as in a window while Yellow Guy is drowning in oil.