->''"Aladdin! You've just won the heart of the princess; what are you gonna do next...? Psst, your line is, 'I'm going to free the genie...' Anytime."''
-->-- '''Genie''', ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}''

ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin. Usually done with a wish something along the lines of: "I wish you were free" but it doesn't have be those exact words, or involve wishing. There are two basic forms; if it's a BenevolentGenie, the master may make this his final wish as a reward. If it's a JackassGenie, such [[TurnTheOtherCheek an act of selfless generosity]] may be the only way to get it on your side - see {{Wishplosion}}.

Genies who retain their powers will often continue to do magical favors for their former masters out of friendship and gratitude, making this a possibility for characters who want to [[WishingForMoreWishes wish for more wishes]]. Other times, genies are inherently a SlaveRace and the only way to free one of them is to wish for them to [[HumanityEnsues no longer be a genie]].

One interesting thing about this trope that should be noted: the reason the Genies are enslaved is almost never given. Originally, they were a race of beings told to obey men by God but they refused, and the wish-granting is their punishment. This is rarely mentioned, one exception is in ''Series/IDreamOfJeannie'', Jeannie was imprisoned by a more powerful, evil genie.

If the genie decides to continue helping you after you free it, it's a case of SweetAndSourGrapes.

Subtrope of {{Wishplosion}} and GenieInABottle. Compare BecomingTheGenie. See also TrickingTheShapeshifter.



[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In the ''ComicBook/{{XXXenophile}}'' story "Wish Fulfillment", the genie's mistress Zola, who was in love with him, tried to wish him free so they could be equals and lovers instead of mistress and servant. The genie explained that he could only be freed if she made a wish that he wanted to fulfill but could not. He couldn't, for example, create a rock so big he couldn't lift it as "I have no desire to give myself a hernia". After the two enjoy some highly energetic sex, Zola wishes that they could do it again immediately. The genie was so exhausted that he couldn't grant her wish, thus freeing him.
-->'''Zola:''' ''(disappointed)'' Does that mean you can't do it?\\
'''Genie:''' Can you wait five minutes?

[[folder:Fan Fic]]
* In ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2973937/1/Discovery Discovery]]'', a ''WesternAnimation/FairlyOddParents'' fanfic, [[spoiler:Timmy wishes Norm the Genie free in chapter 12: One Jump Ahead. Also was a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming]].
* In the ''FanFic/FacingTheFutureSeries'', [[WesternAnimation/DannyPhantom Desiree]], the wishing ghost is freed from her curse that makes her grant every wish she hears [[spoiler:and now only grants the wishes of her OneTrueLove, Sydney Poindexter]].
* In ''FanFic/ShadowchasersSeries'' continuity, doing this is relatively easy; you simply have to give the genie his or her lamp. Because a genie under this sort of curse is obligated to serve whoever owns it, being given the lamp makes the genie his/her own master, breaking the curse. The problem with this is, whoever does this is not protected from any retribution from the genie from that point on, so evil or abusive masters rarely do it.
* Surprisingly in another ''WesternAnimation/FairlyOddparents'' fanfic, ''FanFic/NeverHadAFriendLikeMe'', Norm ''doesn't'' attempt to reach this goal for most of the story since he is, for all intents and purposes, pretty free while his lava lamp belongs to [[OriginalCharacter Ama]][[ShrinkingViolet nda]]. [[spoiler:He even turns down the offer to be freed when she makes it.]]
** [[spoiler:Amanda finally makes the wish to free him during the confrontation against Bob in an attempt to save Norm's life.]]


[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* In Disney's ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'', Aladdin set the genie free at the end, and [[TrickingTheShapeshifter tricked Jafar into becoming a genie and being trapped in a lamp of his own]].
* In ''Disney/AladdinTheReturnOfJafar'', Jafar makes Abis Mal vow to do this. However, when it's most appropriate to do, Mal (very reasonably) gets cold feet.
-->'''Abis Mal''': I wish for Jafar to be--(''stops suddenly'') Wait...How will I know that these treasures won't disappear once I set you free?\\
'''Jafar''' [''losing it'']: The ''more pressing'' question is: HOW WILL YOU ''STAY ALIVE'' IF YOU '''DON'T?!''''\\
'''Abis Mal''': B-B-But you said that Genies can't kill! Y-Y-You said that!\\
'''Jafar''': [[ArcWords You'd be surprised]] [[FateWorseThanDeath what you can live through!]]
* ''WesternAnimation/DuckTalesTheMovieTreasureOfTheLostLamp'', when Scrooge uses his final wish to turn the genie into [[BecomeARealBoy a real boy.]]

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* A variation in ''Film/The7thVoyageOfSinbad''. Near the end of the movie Sinbad throws the lamp into a river of lava, which frees the genie inside as prophesied.

* In ''Literature/DragonBones'', Ward inherits Oreg, who has been an immortal slave for hundreds of years, and is bound to a magic ring. While Oreg can't grant wishes as such, he is a powerful mage and must do whatever he is ordered to do. As Ward is against slavery, and, in theory, doesn't even tolerate it on his own land (a slave, who sets foot on Hurog land, is free from then on), he would very much like to free Oreg. He briefly considers taking Oreg to the palace and ask one of the powerful mages there, but then he realizes that the magic was stronger in the past, and it probably won't help, and he doesn't want to expose family secrets, either. [[spoiler: In the end, he frees Oreg by killing him. Something that makes Oreg happier than Ward.]]
* In ''Literature/{{Castle in the Air}}'' by Creator/DianaWynneJones, the sequel to ''Literature/HowlsMovingCastle'', it is revealed that the JerkassGenie freed at the end was actually [[BalefulPolymorph Howl]] who'd been turned into a bottled genie by a more powerful djinn[[note]]In this ArabianNightsDays setting, there is apparently a fundamental difference between a genie, who lives in a bottle and grants wishes, and a djinn, who is more like the original djinn of legend.[[/note]] who wanted him and Calcifer out of the way.
* There's this short story where a girl has a wish egg. Its by Creator/CharlesDeLint in the ''WaifsAndStrays'' collection of short stories. [[spoiler: At the end, she sets it free with her wish]].
* One anthology of djinn stories had a tale where the genie had a succession of married couple masters, each of whom wished for "youth, wealth and power"--and each time he made the wishers younger (with correspondingly smaller wealth and power grants), until one of the wishers was young enough to trick into wishing him free.
* Subverted in the ''Literature/RiverOfDancingGods'' series with the Lamp of Lakash. Anyone greedy enough to make a second wish from the lamp would ''automatically'' free the genie and take its place. The "three wishes" story was a clever dodge by the genies to get themselves freed by unwitting masters.
* Metaphorical example in ''Literature/EllaEnchanted''. At one point, Ella's cursed state is likened to a story about a trapped genie - she grants "wishes" by being forced to be obedient and doing what people tell her, but she absolutely hates it. [[spoiler:At the end of the novel, she frees herself through sheer force of will and desire to protect Prince Char.]]
* In the ''[[Franchise/DoctorWhoExpandedUniverse Doctor Who]]'' novel ''The Stone Rose'', Rose wishes for the [[FunWithAcronyms G.E.N.I.E.]] to be able to refuse to grant wishes it deems unwise.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the pilot of ''Series/IDreamOfJeannie'', Major Nelson wished Jeannie free to get rid of her. This backfired when it turned out she was now free to follow him anywhere, and sabotage his relationship with his then-fiance.
** In future episodes Jeannie was forced to serve other people who acquired her bottle, meaning the writers forgot about this.
* An episode of ''Series/TheXFiles'' had Mulder finding a genie in a carpet who was such a pain in the ass about being a LiteralGenie this was the only wish that would work.
* "Addams Family Tree", an episode of ''Series/TheAddamsFamily'', has a woman wish that a wishing well never existed so as to free the ghost trapped inside it.
* ''Series/AreYouAfraidOfTheDark'': The storekeeper who sold the protagonist the box containing a female genie accidentally becomes a genie himself when he wishes for a million wishes.
* Two episodes of ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' dealt with genies, the first genie needing to grant three wishes in exchange for freedom. The second episode had Phoebe acquire a genie accidentally and when she wished her free, became the genie [[FanService herself]]. And the genie turned out to be a demon who was imprisoned in the bottle as punishment.
* In the 2000 adaptation of ''Series/ArabianNights'', Aladdin frees the genie of the ring, and offers the same to the genie of the lamp (who refuses).
* In ''Series/OnceUponATime'', when wise and benevolent King Leopold finds a genie, his first wish is for the genie to be free, and his second wish is for the genie to get the third wish. [[spoiler:Unfortunately, these three wishes prove not to be exceptions to the genie's observation that wishes always end badly for everyone involved.]]
** In the spinoff ''Series/OnceUponATimeInWonderland'' [[spoiler:Will wishes for Alice's suffering to end. Because part of her suffering was being separated from Cyrus, the genie she loved, the wish made Will take Cyrus's place as genie.]]
* In one episode of ''Series/PoltergeistTheLegacy'' had a genie in a bottle who has become a JackassGenie because her previous masters all promised to free her with their third wish and each had betrayed her trust. In the end, the genie traps Derek's girlfriend in the bottle to force her current master, Derek's friend (who happens to be in love with the genie), to free her. The man takes a moment to think and wishes that the bottle no longer be a prison for anyone, freeing Derek's girlfriend and the genie at the same time.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/KingsQuestV'', the genie's first act upon being freed is to put the person who freed it into the lamp.
* In ''VideoGame/AdventureQuestWorlds'', [[spoiler:this was Zhoom's reason for destroying Zahart's ring in the Sandsea saga, which he had been using to control Tibicenas. Tibicenas promptly enslaves Zahart and escapes to the Djinn Realm to take revenge upon the Efreet, the ruler of all Djinn, for kicking him out. NiceJobBreakingItHero]].
* Several examples in ''VideoGame/BaldursGateII: Shadows of Amn'':
** In the first dungeon, you can free a genie imprisoned in a bottle by the BigBad, which gets you a rather powerful sword for that portion of the game. (It's the sword used by the BigBad of the first game.) One of the dialog options is actually a nice LampshadeHanging: "You would be the proverbial genie in a bottle?"
** No bottle or wishing involved, but in the final chapter in hell, there is an imprisoned genie you can either set free or kill. The latter gets you an incredibly powerful sword, but if you are of a non-evil alignment you should do the former.
** Likewise, in the drow city, some drow are using a summoned genie for target practice, beating him up and then healing him before he gets killed . He begs for you to just kill him already (by the rules of the game, a summoned creature is returned to its home plane unharmed when killed), but doing so will anger the drow.
** Not in the original game, but a fan-made GameMod expands upon the circus tent SideQuest. You can find out that Kala got his power from a genie, and he got himself killed before using the last of his ThreeWishes. You can use the remaining wish, and one of the possible things to wish for is the genie's freedom, which nets you some ExperiencePoints and a positive nudge of the old KarmaMeter.
*** In fact, from a power-gaming perspective, this is the best choice of the four specific wishes to make, awarding the party with +1 Reputation and five thousand experience points. The second best is to send the genie to kill the Rakshasa who trapped the genie in the first place (three thousand experience points). Comind dead last is either resurrecting Kalah or damning his soul, which both grant a thousand experience points, but the former also grants +1 Reputation.
* Though Genies exist in all versions of ''VideoGame/TheSims'' (via expansions), only ''VideoGame/TheSims3: Showtime'' allows you to free them, which adds them to your family as a fully playable genie-Sim.
* Not exactly a genie, but in a small H-game called ''Marionette of the Labyrinth'', the heroine, Claudia, is a Marionette, a magical doll built for combat that follows orders from the ones who activate them. Claudia is activated by a group of soldiers losing to a band of goblins, and ordered to cover their escape and then follow after them. When she finally completes the second part of the task (having been forced to take the scenic route since the original escape route has collapsed) and makes it back to her creators' nation, she meets the solder who activated her and asks for further orders. Since both he and the kingdom are dying, he orders her to do as she pleases, granting her freedom.
* ''VideoGame/NetHack'''s genies are more like the classical kind--rubbing a magic lamp releases the genie from imprisonment. [[LuckBasedMission It may decide]] to grant a wish, become your pet, do nothing/disappear, or [[JackassGenie attack you for bothering it]]. "Blessing" the lamp beforehand with holy water greatly increases the chance of the genie feeling nice enough to give you a wish.

* Averted in ''Webcomic/TheWotch'': [[http://www.thewotch.com/?epDate=2003-04-07]] Such a wish is explicitly forbidden. Angelique does note however, that Jason planned to do it.
* The ''Webcomic/PrincessPi'' comic "Princess Pi vs. Bottle Blonde" ends with Bottle Blonde the genie telling Princess Pi that she would like to be freed from servitude. Pi tells her that she can't free her without knowing if she's good or evil, so first she wishes for her to admit her affiliation. Bottle Blonde assures Pi that she's good, so Pi frees her. Bottle Blonde retains her magical abilities after this.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Used in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/SamuraiJack''. He attempted to rescue a captured fairy who can grant one wish, with which he could get home, but kills the only person who knew how to get her free. In trying to get her out, he gets himself trapped, and after a thinking for a few moments, decides what to wish for-- [[spoiler:"I wish we were free."]]
* ''WesternAnimation/ChipNDaleRescueRangers'' subverted it: whoever frees the genie has to take their place (as the LiteralGenie who appeared in the episode failed to mention). The genie tricked the wisher into replacing the genie by saying something about having infinite wishes...
* ''TheFantasticVoyagesOfSinbadTheSailor'' cartoon also had a freeing of the Genie at the end on one episode. How? By wishing that there was no lamp.
* ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'' the series:
** In one episode, a little homeless girl who gained possession of a genie named Eden who became Genie's LoveInterest had every intention to free her. At the end of the episode, the girl is about to make the wish but sadly mentions that "[the girl] wished we could be together forever...". She realizes what happened and tries to take it back, but it's too late. Eden, though regretful that she won't be able to spend more time with Genie, is happy to grant the wish since she bonded with the girl and knows that she is still needed. It's also pointed out that Genies have eternity to spend together, and the lives of humans are a relatively short wait compared to that.
** This concept is addressed in another episode, where Chaos creates an EvilTwin of Aladdin, complete with an evil genie under his command. When the evil genie [[AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever grows to giant size and starts wrecking the city]], Aladdin solves the problem by grabbing his lamp and wishing for him to go away. And he ''does''. When Iago questioned why the guy listened to Aladdin, he replies that he just didn't think his Evil Twin would be the type who'd use a wish to free a genie.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfPussInBoots'' has Puss letting the orphans use a Golem as their own personal genie, but when ExactWords causes problems, he briefly considers it better off to leave it dead before he comes up with a better idea and commands the Golem to "Write down what you want the Golem to do".
-->'''Golem''': "Be free".
* The cat genie at the end of ''WesternAnimation/HeathcliffAndTheCatillacCats'''s episode "Wishful Thinking" gets free after he acomplished Mungo's ThreeWishes, mostly wasted as when Mungo just says "I wish to know [were the genie is]".