--> -- '''Volothamp Geddarm's new parrot''' [[PardonMyKlingon swearing in Dwarven]], ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2: Storm of Zehir''

Parrots, mynahs, crows, and some other birds have a well-known ability to mimic many of the sounds they hear. Thus, it shouldn't be surprising that some of them learn to cuss like a sailor.

This is primarily a comedy trope, used for a laugh as the parrot's embarrassed owner tries frantically to shut the bird up. It's also TruthInTelevision. Because parrots live for a very long time, most parrot owners are advised not to swear around them so that when the owner dies, the parrot doesn't have trouble finding a new home. For some reason, most prospective pet owners don't want their bird swearing at them.

A common variation seen in works aimed at kids (or otherwise vulnerable to censorship) is for the parrot to learn non-profane words that are, nevertheless, still insults or otherwise not meant for polite conversation.

This is a sister trope to NotInFrontOfTheParrot, where the bird repeats something important it overheard such as the combination to a safe or a villain's EvilPlan. Do not confuse this trope with actual {{talking animal}}s; this trope is about mimicry of profanity. Compare to InnocentSwearing, where the one doing the parroting is a sapient being (usually a kid) that doesn't understand that it shouldn't say such things.



[[folder:Comic Books]]
* One of Ralf König's comics featured a parrot whose prior owner spent all his free time watching porn. The parrot had an understandably difficult time finding a new owner.
** In another, a gay youth councellor inherits a parrot from an old uncle. Unfortunately, the uncle was a Nazi ...
* ''{{Tintin}}'':
** A G-rated version happens in ''The Broken Ear''. Tintin ends up with a parrot that spams his favorite insult "Great Greedy Guts!!!"
** In ''Red Rackham's Treasure'', on the island near the Unicorn's shipwreck the heroes find the descendants of parrots who spent the last centuries transmitting to each other Sir Francis Haddock's vocabulary. [[FridgeLogic Despite him leaving the island far long before the natives went extinct, and of course there was no copy degeneration over time.]]
** In ''The Castafiore Emerald'', Haddock is offered a parrot. The very last panel has it begin to imitate Captain Haddock's {{unusual euphemism}}s, particularly "Blistering Barnacles!"
* ''Bertie Blunt (His Parrot's A Cunt)'' in ''{{Viz}}''.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/ScaryMovie 2'', the parrot does this, except it turns out it can really talk and not just mimic.
* In ''Film/SurLaPisteDuMarsupilami'', Kiki the ara commonly insults his owner Pablito, including while they both are in the process of swindling some tourists of their money. ("Crook." "Imposter." "Mythomaniac.")
* Preacher Dudley's parrot in ''Film/DeepBlueSea''.

* The "frozen parrot" joke:
** A man owned a parrot that would [[ClusterFBomb swear up a storm]] at the drop of a hat. Around Thanksgiving, the owner had guests coming and hatched a plan. The next time the parrot started cursing, he grabbed it by the neck and tossed it into the freezer. Muffled cussing came out of the freezer for a couple minutes, then suddenly absolute silence. The owner was worried and opened the door. The parrot very meekly walked out and quietly asked, "What did the turkey do?"
** In a similar Russian joke, the owner puts the parrot in the freezer, and the parrot stops swearing. The owner says: "I knew that only [[TheGulag Siberia]] can set you straight!".
** A third variation has the parrot forgotten in the icebox for an extended period of time while the owner is distracted doing something else. Panicked, they open the fridge and find the bird frozen solid--flipping them off with both barrels.
* A thief gets a tip from a fellow criminal to hit an old lady's house. He was told ''one'' thing. Nothing would happen to him if he didn't say a word to the parrot.\\
Sure enough, he breaks into the house, and he sees the parrot on it's perch. The parrot looks at him and shouts "Brutus is gonna fuck you up, you bastard. Brutus is gonna fuck you up!" the thief ignores him and starts going through the dressers.\\
"Brutus is gonna fuck you up, you motherfucker! Brutus is gonna fuck you up!" the thief grits his teeth and starts taking expensive items he can easily carry, jewellery and whatnot.\\
"Brutus is gonna fuck you up, you cunt! Brutus is gonna fuck you up!" the thief loses it and snaps at the parrot "Shut up, you dumb bird!"\\
Suddenly there's a big Rottweiler in front of the thief.\\
The parrot looks at him and pauses. "Brutus. ... ''Sic 'em''."
* [[http://www.atrochatro.com/joke_prostitutes-parrot_179.html This]] classic joke about a parrot who used to live at a brothel revealing that [[YourCheatingHeart the husband of its new owner was/is a regular customer.]]

* While marooned in the South China Sea in one of the ''Literature/{{Destroyermen}}'' books, Silva discovers a flying lizard that takes a liking to him, much to his chagrin. Being an enlisted man, Silva swears a lot, in particular calling the parrot equivalent a "stupid shit". You can probably see where this is going.
* In the ''Literature/GarrettPI'' series, Garrett receives "the Goddamn Parrot" from his friend Morley. [=TGP=]'s vocabulary primarily consists of appreciative but extremely vulgar descriptions of female anatomy, which he loves to indulge in whenever a woman comes to visit.
** Morley won't ever admit it, but it's an invoked example: he and his buddies must've spent ''weeks'' pre-loading the parrot with rude phrases before giving it to Garrett as a prank.
* A G-rated version appears in the ''{{Literature/Fudge}}'' books. Fudge is very proud of his myna bird, Uncle Feather, who can speak French. Any time someone addresses the bird he responds by saying, "Bonjour, Stupid."
* The ship's parrot in ''Literature/{{Nation}}'', who spends most of the book shouting "Show us yer drawers!" at no-one in particular. The narrator notes that many of the things the parrot says are phrases Daphne knows she shouldn't recognize as a "proper" young lady, but she's more concerned about the phrases she ''doesn't'' understand.
* In ''Discworld/MovingPictures'', the movie pioneers attempt to add sound to their films by using parrots. The result tends to be along the lines of brief snatches of romantic dialogue interrupted by cries of "Warrrk! Showusyerknickers!"
* Kiki the cockatiel in EnidBlyton's "Adventure" series, although being a children's series this takes the form of shouting obnoxious quotes rather than swearing per se.
* Mr. Harrison's parrot Ginger in ''Anne Of Avonlea.'' He got Ginger from his brother, a sailor who used a lot of coarse language. Mr. Harrison is used to Ginger's bad language, but it really embarrasses him when the parrot swears in front of company.
* In one of Betty MacDonald's ''Literature/MrsPiggleWiggle'' stories, little girls who sass their parents and teachers have to deal with a parrot who says all those rude, ugly things. Not quite swearing, but still unacceptable; the girls learn how nasty they sound.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* One episode of ''Series/HappyEndings'' has Alex buy a parrot that keeps making racist and homophobic remarks.
-->White power
-->Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
-->I hate the Indians
-->'''Alex''':He's a White Sox fan.
-->I hate Native Americans too.
* ''NYPDBlue'' had the PointyHairedBoss bring in an obnoxious parrot that repeated everybody. Sipowicz forces the boss to get rid of it by a simple trick: he plants a tape recording of somebody shouting "Douchebag! Douchebag!" in the parrot's room overnight. You can watch it [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2BOp_uktAx0 here.]]
* On ''MyNameIsEarl'', Darnell revealed that back in the day [[spoiler: before he got put into WitnessProtection]], he shared an apartment with a man who was a porn star. [[spoiler: He is now married to the governor of [[WhereTheHellIsSpringfield whatever state Camden is located in]], and she got him a job as the warden of the state prison.]] A porn movie was being filmed in the apartment just as Darnell returned. He was OK with that, but asked if he could put a cloth over Mr. Parrot's cage.
--> '''Darnell''': I don't want to hear him talking about this all night.
* A MissingEpisode of ''Series/DadsArmy'' had a scene involving two old ladies with a parrot that used to belong to a DirtyOldMan. The women were rather deaf so didn't realise their parrot was saying things like, "Get off your knickers and get up those stairs."
* One sketch on ''Series/TheBennyHillShow'' features a woman pulling the cover off of a birdcage with a parrot inside. The parrot quickly begins mildly cursing as the woman notices her priest coming over to her flat. She quickly pulls the cover back over the birdcage and invites the priest in... just in time for the parrot to exclaim, "Bloody hell! What a short day that was!"

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* [[http://www.johnhartstudios.com/ckennel/strips/2009/june/CK_06_19_09jkl.gif This]] ''ComicStrip/DogsOfCKennel'' strip had Wheeler the bird introducing his parrot friend to Will, only for the parrot to do some SymbolSwearing, implying that Will had already met the parrot.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The {{Trope Namer|s}} is ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights2: Storm of Zehir'', where an early FetchQuest has the {{player character}}s finding a parrot for Volothamp Geddarm. Turns out the parrot's previous owner taught it a wide variety of [[PardonMyKlingon useful Dwarven expletives]]. Cue Volo remarking on the bird's "fowl language", and [[LamePunReaction the player characters calling him on the pun]].
* The InteractiveFiction game ''Glass'', where you are a parrot belonging to a rich old woman. Among other things you can do, you can try swearing; do it once, and the lady threatens to "sell you to the first man with an earring we can find". Do it a second time, and "[[NonstandardGameOver you are sold to pirates and have a glorious career on the open sea]]".
* [[{{Film/Scarface 1983}} Tony the Parrot]] from ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas''.
-->'''Tony:''' Brawk, I never fucked over anyone in my life who didn't have it coming!

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* One cutaway of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' has Joe buy a talking parrot. Peter immediately teaches it the word "cripple", much to Joe's dismay.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheKidsFromRoom402'': Subverted. When Jesse and Vinny taught insults to a parrot, Jesse suggested teaching curse words but that was as close as the trope came to being played in the cartoon.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* FinaglesLaw means that the one time you slip up in front of the parrot (e.g. you stub your toe on the coffee table and drop a ClusterFBomb), the parrot will inevitably remember it.
* There's a story about a couple who kept an African grey parrot in their bedroom. One night the couple "got busy". Later on they had some guests over and the parrot repeated the events of the night.
* President UsefulNotes/AndrewJackson's parrot had to be removed from his funeral because it wouldn't stop swearing. [[BilingualBonus In two different languages, no less]].
* UsefulNotes/WinstonChurchill allegedly owned a parrot that constantly repeated the phrases "Fuck Hitler" and "Fuck the Nazis".