The Four Man Band is a primarily comedic group, designed for a sitcom or domcom. The four distinct personalities are specifically designed to play off each other so that whatever happens that day, HilarityEnsues.

Please note that the FourManBand does ''not'' include TheHero. The focus is evenly spread among them. If there is a MainCharacter (rare) he can easily be any one of the Band, or the focus can just be switched between episodes to different characters. Even the four roles can be shuffled around a little.

Compare and contrast FourTemperamentEnsemble. The band most commonly includes:

* OnlySaneMan - Or maybe just the guy who comes the ''closest'' to being sane most often. Every zany gang must have a StraightMan, and the other three leads have to share one. While his (or her, although the role is usually male) friends act out, the Normal Guy's role is to Lampshade and be embarrassed by their behaviour. He will be more successful with the opposite sex than his friends, notably The Pervert.
* TheSmartGuy - More intelligent than his friends. This variant is primarily geared towards Lampshading the relative stupidity of the others and being [[BreakTheHaughty humiliated for his arrogance]]. Alternatively he may be a MadScientist type, with insane inventions.
* The Pervert - This guy has a perverted mind. He usually takes one of two common forms - the LoveableSexManiac whose high sex drive is his most memorable trait, or the ComedicSociopath, who has bursts of hilarious violence. In lighter examples, [[ADateWithRosiePalms certain concepts]] may be PlayedForLaughs, whereas in darker examples the character may draw on BlackComedyRape.
* The ButtMonkey - A character who serves as a target for the others' jokes. There are a few tropes that could make the Band's ButtMonkey; TheDitz, the ExtremeDoormat or others. This member has remarkably less charisma than his friends or is a better target for jokes. The others will pick on him frequently and make him the target of practical jokes. Sometimes, however, this character may [[WhosLaughingNow get one over]] on his bandmates, and this will thoroughly humiliate the others.

Compare ComicTrio (where The Pervert leads, The ButtMonkey goes along with him, and The OnlySaneMan complains but is ignored).



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||OnlySaneMan||Kagami Hiiragi||
||TheSmartGuy||Miyuki Takahara||
||The Pervert||Konata Izumi||
||The ButtMonkey||Tsukasa Hiiragi||

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''Characters/LupinIII'' reminds us that situational comedy humour can be found in many genres.
||OnlySaneMan||Jigen||Keeps the most level head, gets to snark instead of gasp at the other characters.||
||TheSmartGuy||Goemon||Head in the clouds, but not obsessed with his intelligence. Still gets into humiliating situations.||
||The Pervert||Lupin||Depending on the story, his actions may be more or less explicit.||
||The ButtMonkey||Inspector Zenigata||Especially in ''Anime/LupinIIIRedJacket'', his role is to be humiliated by Lupin.||

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''Manga/ShamanKing'' Yoh and co. group searching for Dobi village
||OnlySaneMan||Yoh Asakura||
||The Pervert||Ryu||
||The ButtMonkey||Trey/Horohoro||

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||The Pervert||Panty||
||The ButtMonkey||Brief||

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||The Pervert||Gian||
||The ButtMonkey||Nobita||

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''Anime/HunterXHunter''. At the Hunter Exam Arc we have...
||OnlySaneMan||Gon, while certainly naive and [[BlueAndOrangeMorality with a weird concept of morality]], tends to act as TheKirk to Leorio's [[TheMcCoy [=McCoy=]]] and Kurapika's [[TheSpock Spock]].||
||TheSmartGuy||Kurapika is the smartest and most level-headed member of the group, unless you [[RedEyesTakeWarning piss him]] [[UnstoppableRage off]].||
||The Pervert||Killua, of the [[EnfantTerrible sociopathic variety]]. Thanks goodness [[HitmanWithAHeart he isn't actually a bad person]]. ||
||The ButtMonkey||Leorio can't catch a break. When he is not getting beaten up or tricked by some other contestant, he is at the receiving end of Kurapika's snark. ||
[[folder:Comic Books]]
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||OnlySaneMan||Sue Storm||
||TheSmartGuy||Reed Richards||
||The Pervert||Johnny Storm||
||The ButtMonkey||Ben Grimm||

[[folder:Fan Fic]]
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||The Pervert||Socrates, ComedicSociopathy||
||The ButtMonkey||Calvin||
* Fanfic/RagnarokRagnaGuardian
||The Pervert||Reiko, LovableSexManiac||
||The ButtMonkey||Shiro||

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
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||OnlySaneMan||Chicken Little
||TheSmartGuy||Fish Out of Water
||The Pervert||Abby Mallard
||The ButtMonkey||Runt of the Litter

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||OnlySaneMan||Kristoff Bjorgman||
||TheSmartGuy||Queen Elsa||
||The Pervert||Princess Anna||
||The ButtMonkey||Olaf||

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||OnlySaneMan||Mrs. Brisby||
||The Pervert||Jeremy||
||The ButtMonkey||Mr. Ages||

||The Pervert||Fiona||
||The ButtMonkey||Puss in Boots||

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||OnlySaneMan||Sgt. Calhoun||
||The Pervert||Fix-It Felix||
||The ButtMonkey||Ralph||

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
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||The Pervert||Groucho||
||The ButtMonkey||Harpo||

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||The Pervert||Finch||
||The ButtMonkey||Jim||

''Film/AmericanWedding'' instead goes:
||The Pervert||Stifler||
||The ButtMonkey||Jim||

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''Film/{{Ghostbusters 1984}}''
||OnlySaneMan||Winston Zeddmore||
||TheSmartGuy||Dr. Egon Spengler||
||The Pervert||Dr. Peter Venkman||
||The ButtMonkey||Dr. Raymond Stantz||

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''Film/{{Ghostbusters 2016}}''
||OnlySaneMan||Dr. Abigail Yates||
||TheSmartGuy||Dr. Jillian Holtzmann||
||The Pervert||Patty Tolan||
||The ButtMonkey||Dr. Erin Gilbert||

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Music/TheBeatles in ''Film/AHardDaysNight'' and ''Film/{{Help}}''
||The Pervert||Music/JohnLennon||
||The ButtMonkey||Music/RingoStarr||

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||OnlySaneMan||Mikey Walsh||
||The Pervert||Mouth||
||The ButtMonkey||Chunk||

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||OnlySaneMan||Chris Chambers||
||TheSmartGuy||Gordie [=LaChance=]||
||The Pervert||Teddy Duchamp||
||The ButtMonkey||Vern Tessio||

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||OnlySaneMan||Doug Billings (to the point the plot always ditches him to turn it into a ComicTrio)||
||TheSmartGuy||Dr. Stu Price||
||The Pervert||Phil Wenneck||
||The ButtMonkey||Alan Garner||

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''Film/HorribleBosses'' 1 & 2
||OnlySaneMan||Nick Hendricks/Motherfucker Jones||
||TheSmartGuy||Motherfucker Jones/Nick Hendricks||
||The Pervert||Kurt Buckman||
||The ButtMonkey||Dale Arbus||

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||The Pervert||Tin Man||
||The ButtMonkey||Cowardly Lion||

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||OnlySaneMan||Liz Sherman||
||TheSmartGuy||Professor Krauss||
||The Pervert||Abe Sapien||
||The ButtMonkey||Hellboy||

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''Film/StarTrek'' (Kelvin line, which upgraded Uhura, the original timeline had a more ComicTrio dynamic)
||The Pervert||Kirk||
||The ButtMonkey||[=McCoy=]||

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The Hobbits:
||The Pervert||Merry||
||The ButtMonkey||Sam||

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||The Pervert||Legolas||
||The ButtMonkey||Gimli||

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||OnlySaneMan||Caleb Danver||
||TheSmartGuy||Pogue Parry||
||The Pervert||Reid Garwin||
||The ButtMonkey||Tyler Simms||


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The Marauders:
||OnlySaneMan||Remus Lupin||
||TheSmartGuy||James Potter||
||The Pervert||Sirius Black||
||The ButtMonkey||Peter Pettigrew||

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The main characters themselves:
||OnlySaneMan||Harry Potter||
||TheSmartGuy||Hermione Granger||
||The Pervert||Ron Weasley||
||The ButtMonkey||Neville Longbottom, before he TookALevelInBadass||

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||The Pervert||Peter||
||The ButtMonkey||Michael||


[[folder:Live Action TV]]
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||OnlySaneMan||Leonard Hofstadter||
||TheSmartGuy||Sheldon Cooper, ''[[InsufferableGenius and how]]''.||
||The Pervert||Howard Wolowitz, LoveableSexManiac [[CharacterDevelopment until he met Bernadette]]||
||The ButtMonkey||Raj Koothrappali. For the first six seasons, he's shy to the point he can't even speak to women unless drunk and is generally awkward. As he overcomes his fear of speaking to women, he retains his awkwardness but remains the Butt Monkey because he sometimes acts "[[AmbiguouslyGay metrosexual]]."||

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||OnlySaneMan||Olivia Dunham. Peter sometimes takes a crack at this, especially when Olivia shows up at his apartment at ungodly hours.||
||TheSmartGuy||Peter Bishop: IQ 190.||
||The Pervert||Walter Bishop. He would be the smart guy, but he's just too darn insane to function.||
||The ButtMonkey||Astrid. Walter can't even remember her name.||

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||OnlySaneMan||Simon Cooper. Not, however, the MainCharacter.||
||TheSmartGuy||Will Mackenzie, who speaks French and is something of a high flyer||
||The Pervert||Jay Cartwright, who has been singularly attributed with bringing the word ''clunge'' back into the popular lexicon||
||The ButtMonkey||Neil Sutherland. While he is more successful with the opposite sex than the others, he takes TheDitz to extreme levels and is the target of the others' jokes||

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||OnlySaneMan||David Lister||
||TheSmartGuy||Kryten. ||
||The Pervert||The Cat. LoveableSexManiac||
||The ButtMonkey||Arnold Rimmer||

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||The Pervert||Ravenna||
||The ButtMonkey||Lamponne||

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||The Pervert||Davy||
||The ButtMonkey||Peter||

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||OnlySaneMan||Fran Fine||
||TheSmartGuy||Maxwell Sheffield||
||The Pervert||Niles||
||The ButtMonkey||C.C. Babcock||

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||OnlySaneMan||[[TheDanza Jerry Seinfeld]]||
||TheSmartGuy||Elaine Benes||
||The Pervert||George Costanza||
||The ButtMonkey||Cosmo Kramer||

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||TheSmartGuy||Sal ||
||The Pervert||Joe||
||The ButtMonkey||Murr||

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||OnlySaneMan||Mike by default||
||TheSmartGuy||Vyvyan, by mad scientist standards anyway. ||
||The Pervert||Rick||
||The ButtMonkey||[[TheWoobie Neil, oh]] [[TheEeyore Neil.]]||

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''Series/TheYoungOnes'' (AlternateCharacterInterpretation)
||OnlySaneMan||Neil by default||
||TheSmartGuy||Vyvyan, by mad scientist standards anyway. ||
||The Pervert||Mike, CasanovaWannabe||
||The ButtMonkey||Rick, who gets beat up and tormented even more than Neil.||

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''Series/TheYoungOnes'' (AlternateCharacterInterpretation)
||OnlySaneMan||Mike by default||
||TheSmartGuy||Neil, a GeniusDitz who got the highest test scores||
||The Pervert||Vyvyan, the poster child for ComedicSociopath||
||The ButtMonkey||Rick, who gets beat up and tormented even more than Neil||

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''{{Shameless}}'' Maguire boys
||OnlySaneMan||Paddy Maguire. Frustrated at the failed initiatives and incompetence of his sons||
||TheSmartGuy||Jamie Maguire. Generally speaking, the most independent and able of the sons||
||The Pervert||Mickey Maguire. Mainly his obsessive love for gay porn||
||The ButtMonkey||Shane Maguire. Pretty much identified for his lack of common sense or intelligence, early on.||

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||The Pervert||Ralph
||The ButtMonkey||Potsie

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''Series/ItsAlwaysSunnyInPhiladelphia'' [[note]][[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness First Season only]][[/note]]
||The Pervert||Mac
||The ButtMonkey||Charlie

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''Package Deal''
||The Pervert||Sheldon||
||The ButtMonkey||Ryan||

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||The Pervert||Kelso||
||The ButtMonkey||Fez||

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||The Pervert||B.A.||
||The ButtMonkey||Murdock||

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||The Pervert||Roy or Douglas||
||The ButtMonkey||Roy or Richmond||

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||The Pervert||Karen||
||The ButtMonkey||Jack||

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||The Pervert||Blanche||
||The ButtMonkey||Rose||

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||The Pervert||Jen||
||The ButtMonkey||Pacey||

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||OnlySaneMan||John Sheridan||
||The Pervert||G'Kar||
||The ButtMonkey||Londo Mollari||

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||OnlySaneMan||Samantha Carter||
||TheSmartGuy||Daniel Jackson||
||The Pervert||Teal'c||
||The ButtMonkey||Jack O'Neill||

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||OnlySaneMan||Teyla Emmagan||
||TheSmartGuy||[[InsufferableGenius Rodney McKay]]||
||The Pervert||John Sheppard||
||The ButtMonkey||[[TraumaCongaLine Ronon Dex]]||

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||OnlySaneMan||Wade Wells||
||TheSmartGuy||Quinn Mallory||
||The Pervert||Rembrandt Brown||
||The ButtMonkey||Maximilian Arturo||

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||OnlySaneMan||Buffy Summers||
||TheSmartGuy||Rupert Giles||
||The Pervert||Xander Harris||
||The ButtMonkey||Willow Rosenberg||

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||OnlySaneMan||La Chilindrina||
||The Pervert||El Chavo||
||The ButtMonkey||Kiko||

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||The Pervert||Gonzo||
||The ButtMonkey||Fozzie||

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||The Pervert||Gary||
||The ButtMonkey||Chett||

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''Series/ThirdRockFromTheSun'': The Solomon Family, [[TheMasquerade disguised]] [[AlienAmongUs alien researchers studying Earth]]
||OnlySaneMan||Tommy Solomon, high school student, Information Officer||
||TheSmartGuy||Dick Solomon, [[BunnyEarsLawyer physics professor]], High Commander||
||The Pervert||Sally Solomon, homemaker, [[ActionGirl Security]] [[AxCrazy Officer]]||
||The ButtMonkey||Harry Solomon...[[WackyGuy um, they had an extra seat]], [[TheDitz so...]] ||

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||OnlySaneMan||Luke Cage||
||The Pervert||Jessica Jones||
||The ButtMonkey||Iron Fist||


[[folder:Video Games]]
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''VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration'' has Octopus Squad.
||OnlySaneMan||Russel Bergman, TheGenericGuy in a cast full of weirdos and often the one who tries to break up fights.||
||TheSmartGuy||Leona Garstein, a cool-headed AcePilot.||
||The Pervert||Katina Tarask, a HotBlooded LeeroyJenkins prone to over the top threats of violence.||
||The ButtMonkey||Tasuku Shinguji, a tactless {{ditz}} who earns his punishment by saying the wrong things.||

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||OnlySaneMan||Fox [=McCloud=]||
||TheSmartGuy||Peppy Hare||
||The Pervert||Falco Lambordi||
||The ButtMonkey||Slippy Toad||


[[folder:Web Comic]]
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''Exterminatus Now''
||TheSmartGuy||Virus, he's the most book smart at least||
||The Pervert||Eastwood||
||The ButtMonkey||Lothar||

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''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'', Light Warriors
||TheSmartGuy||Red Mage, or so he thinks||
||The Pervert||Black Mage (mostly of the Sociopathic type, except when White Mage is featured)||
||The ButtMonkey||Fighter||

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''WebAnimation/HomestarRunner'', Teen Girl Squad
||TheSmartGuy||So and So||
||The Pervert||The Ugly One||
||The ButtMonkey||What's Her Face||

[[folder:Web Original]]
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||OnlySaneMan||Green Link||
||TheSmartGuy||Blue Link||
||The Pervert||Red Link||
||The ButtMonkey||Purple Link||

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''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' (Of the four main human fighters)
||The Pervert||Master Roshi||
||The ButtMonkey||Yamcha||

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||TheSmartGuy||Soren (maybe not the smartest, but the most adept and most likely to be crushed for his hubris) ||
||The Pervert||Michael||
||The ButtMonkey||Dan||

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''Machinima/RedVsBlue'', Red Team
||TheSmartGuy||Simmons, by virtue of his attitude rather than his competence||
||The Pervert||Sarge, of the ComedicSociopath variety||
||The ButtMonkey||Donut||

[[folder:Western Animation]]

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||The Pervert||Lucy||
||The ButtMonkey||Charlie Brown||

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||OnlySaneMan||Peter Griffin||
||The Pervert||Quagmire, who brings this character to its most outrageous (and darkest) levels||
||The ButtMonkey||Cleveland Brown. He personifies ExtremeDoormat in his pre-spinoff appearances||

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||OnlySaneMan||Ex ButtMonkey Cleveland Brown||
||TheSmartGuy||Tim the Bear||
||The Pervert||Holt Richter||
||The ButtMonkey||Lester||

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||The Pervert||Cartman (ComedicSociopath)||
||The ButtMonkey||Kenny||

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||The Pervert||Rico, ComedicSociopath||
||The ButtMonkey||Private||

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||OnlySaneMan||Hank Hill||
||TheSmartGuy||Dale Gribble||
||The Pervert||Boomhauer||
||The ButtMonkey||Bill Dauterive||

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||The Pervert||Lola||
||The ButtMonkey||Daffy||

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||The Pervert||Toad||
||The ButtMonkey||Toadstool||

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||The Pervert||Raphael||
||The ButtMonkey||Michelangelo||

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''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'': The Simpson family
||The Pervert||Bart||
||The ButtMonkey||Homer||

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Moe's Tavern Regulars
||The Pervert||Barney||
||The ButtMonkey||Lenny||

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''Disney/OneHundredAndOneDalmatians'': The main pups from the TV series
||The Pervert||Cadpig||
||The ButtMonkey||Rolly||

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||The Pervert||Dale||
||The ButtMonkey||Monterey Jack||

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||OnlySaneMan||Winston Zeddmore||
||TheSmartGuy||Dr. Egon Spengler||
||The Pervert||Dr. Peter Venkman||
||The ButtMonkey||Dr. Raymond Stantz||

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||OnlySaneMan||Kylie Griffin||
||TheSmartGuy||Roland Jackson||
||The Pervert||Eduardo Rivera||
||The ButtMonkey||Garrett Miller||