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A SubTrope of ElementalPowers, but more specific or "classic" form.

Despite the idea of the "four elements" being obsolete, writers love to play with the idea in fiction. Sometimes, a writer will merely use the idea of the "four elements" for an ElementalRockPaperScissors system. Other times, however, writers will base not a character, but an entire ensemble on the classical elements.

This can sometimes be used literally by giving each member of the ensemble [[ElementalPowers power over the particular element]]. Other times, however, it can be used on a more symbolic level, by giving each person [[PersonalityPowers personalities associated with the element in question]] or by using ThemeNaming to assign each person an element.

The classical [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Elements Western set]] is commonly used in the band. The set is made up of [[DishingOutDirt earth]], [[BlowYouAway air]], [[PlayingWithFire fire]], and [[MakingASplash water]]. This also tends to correspond with the FourTemperamentEnsemble. Traditionally melancholic ≡ earth, choleric ≡ fire, phlegmatic ≡ water, and sanguine ≡ air, though there are other interpretations.

Usually, there will be four elements represented, but shows/games that absolutely need a FiveManBand will possibly add another: western creations prefer something like [[HeartIsAnAwesomePower Heart]] and eastern creations will use [[LightEmUp light]] or [[ShockAndAwe lightning]], which will probably end up in the hands of TheHero. See ElementNumberFive.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* God's Right Seat from ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' follows this trope with Vento of the Front, Terra of the Left, Acqua of the Back, and Fiamma of the Right.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'' has the enemy team of Element 4: Aria of the Wind, Totomaru of the Fire, Juvia of the Rain, and Sol of the Earth.
* ''Anime/GoPrincessPrettyCure'' starts out with the trio of Cure Flora, Cure Mermaid and Cure Twinkle representing, respectively, [[LandSeaSky land, sea and sky]], and halfway through the story adds Cure Scarlet, representing fire.
* In ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', disciples of [[RedBaron Mage of]] [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast the Beginning]] comes in this flavour ([[AndZoidberg plus]] [[CastingAShadow Dynamis]]).
* ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' gives the original line-up of Sailor Scouts power over a different element. Sailor Mars is Fire, Mercury takes Water, Jupiter swaps Earth for Lightning [[note]]In the [[Manga/SailorMoon manga]] she had Earth as well and this carries over to ''Series/PrettyGuardianSailorMoon''[[/note]] and Moon of course takes Air. When Sailor Venus joins them she of course [[LightEmUp has Light]].
** The Witches 5 from the first [[Anime/SailorMoon anime]]'s ''S'' season have this too. Eudial is Fire, Tellu is Earth, Viluy is Water/Ice and Cyprine is Air. Mimete appears to be the odd one out as her attacks involve shooting stars from her guns.
* The four generals in ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann'' are not only generals of their respective element, but half of their ThemeNaming comes from a traditional ElementalEmbodiment. There's Thymilph for fire, Adiane for water, Guame for earth, and Cytomander for air. Oddly, the embodiments Thymilph and Cytomander are named after are swapped in regards to their elements.
* ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing'': According to an [[AllThereInTheManual artbook]] by mecha designer Kunio Okawara, the five Gundams each had an elemental association with them during the design process. The quick and stealthy Deathscythe represents air, the walking arsenal Heavyarms represents fire, the desert-themed and heavily armored Sandrock represents earth, and the martial arts-themed Shenlong represents water. The book doesn't list an elemental association for Wing, but since it's the JackOfAllStats among the five it most likely corresponds to [[PowerOfTheVoid void]].

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* The ComicBook/BatmanAndTheOutsiders villain team The Masters of Disaster featured characters with water, earth, air, heat and cold powers.
* The ComicBook/FantasticFour's powers, while not all are ElementalPowers, they are sill evocative of the elements.
** Reed: Water. Like liquid, he is able to change his shape and fit through obstacles that solid objects can't.
** Ben: Earth. In addition to being [[SuperStrength super-strong]] and [[SuperToughness resilient]] like rock, his appearance is similar to that of a golem.
** Johnny: Fire. He has the power to self-ignite, so it's fairly obvious.
** Sue: Air. She has the power to become invisible and can make the air exert force, like the wind.
* ''ComicBook/{{WITCH}}'' has the four elements for Irma (water), Taranee (fire), Cornelia (earth) and Hay Lin (wind), plus Energy for Will.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* The ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' fic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7509661/1/Unmentionable Unmentionable]]'' has elemental auras as a subplot and how they work with each other; Tara is Earth and Willow is Air, while Buffy is Fire and Spike is Water.
* ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9030904/1/Yu-Gi-Oh-GSTART Yu-Gi-Oh! GSTART]]'' has the Sykonetyks, a strange street gang who dress in thematic jumpsuits and wield Decks of their corresponding Attribute. Their nicknames are even the Greek-derived prefixes of their elements: Hydro, Aero, Geo, Pyro.

* In ''Film/TheCraft'' Nancy represents Fire - she is the most passionate and dangerous of the girls, Sarah represents Earth - the most grounded and mature of them, Bonnie represents Air - she is the most in tune with her surroundings , and Rochelle Represents Water - she is a swimmer.
* The ''Film/GhostRider'' movie used this to justify villain Blackheart's QuirkyMinibossSquad's theming of Air, Water, and Earth -- with the Rider himself handling Fire.
* This may be completely unintentional, but the AmusingInjuries the four spies from [[Film/HomeAlone Home Alone 3]] suffers at the film cover are related to the four elements. Unger is electrocuted, which made his suit (and [[FartsOnFire farts]] ) burn (''fire''); Jernigan is ice-covered after falling into a frozen pool (''water''); Alice is covered in dirt after several incidents in mud (''earth''); and Beaupre has black paint in his face, coming from a gas-powered spray can (''air'').
* The four murders in ''Film/SherlockHolmes'' planned by Blackwood correspond to the four classical elements:
** Earth:[[spoiler:Reordan is buried in Blackwood's dirt-filled coffin after being killed]].
** Water:[[spoiler:Sir Thomas is [[DeadlyBath drowned in his bath]] when when Blackwood sneaks a paralytic chemical into it]].
** Fire:[[spoiler:Standish is [[KillItWithFire burned to death]] when his pistol backfires]].
** Air:[[spoiler:Everyone in Parliament is nearly [[DeadlyGas killed by poison gas]]. Instead, Blackwood ends up hanging himself]].
** [[ViewersAreGeniuses This is never mentioned, at all]]. Presumably they wanted to be careful around [[Film/AngelsAndDemons another recent movie that had coincidentally pulled exactly the same trick]].
** Additionally, [[spoiler:the elements are paired with their opposites for each murder]].
*** Earth:[[spoiler:Reordan is BuriedAlive and dies from a lack of air]].
*** Water:[[spoiler:Sir Thomas dies submerged in water that is heated by fire]].
*** Fire:[[spoiler:Standish is immolated by fire, hastened by the fact that he was soaked in a chemical he took to be water]].
*** Air:[[spoiler:Parliament would have been killed by poison gas pumped in from beneath the earth]].
* In ''Film/SuckerPunch'' each of Baby Doll's fantasies when she's dancing is based around a different element. The first takes place in a snowstorm (water/ice), the second in the trenches of World War I (earth), the third involves getting something from a dragon (fire) and the last takes place on a monorail in the sky - as well as trouble arising when a jet pack doesn't work (air).
* ''Film/MidnightSpecial'' has each time Alton uses his powers corresponding with one of the elements. He first wrecks a house in an earthquake (earth), then brings a satellite down from the sky (air), [[spoiler: controls his powers by]] watching the sun rise (fire) and [[spoiler: crosses dimensions]] while standing in an everglade (water).
* ''Film/HellboyIITheGoldenArmy'' has four characters trying to save the world; Abe Sapien (an acuatic [[FishPeople Fish Man]]), Liz (a woman with pyrokinetic powers), Dr. Krauss (a ghost made of smoke-like ectoplasm) and Hellboy himself who has a hand made of stone. Therefore we have water, fire, air and earth.

* ''Literature/AngelsAndDemons'' uses the theme of the four elements in the murders of four Catholic Cardinals and in the clues to the location of the Illuminati's meeting place.
* In Shannon Hale's ''Literature/BooksOfBayern'', the four female leads could qualify. Isi is a wind ie. air speaker, Enna is a fire speaker, Dasha is a water speaker and Rin is a tree speaker, which could be reinturperated as earth
* Mercedes Lackey's ''Literature/ElementalMasters'' series, exactly as it says on the tin.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'':
** Creator/JKRowling has stated that the four Hogwarts houses are based off the four elements. Gryffindor is fire, Hufflepuff is earth, Ravenclaw is air, and Slytherin is water. This can be subtly seen in some of the Houses' more prominent members: Slytherin is headed by Snape, a Potions professor who spends most of his time brewing liquid concoctions; Hufflepuff is headed by Sprout, an Herbology professor who spends most of her time potting plants in her greenhouse; Ravenclaw is headed by Flitwick, a Charms professor who is first seen teaching the students how to magically levitate feathers; the most prominent (adult) Gryffindor in the series is Hagrid, who is infamous for his obsession with dragons, and is most often seen in a cabin with a roaring fireplace.
** Their dormitories also reflect on it: The Slytherin dormitories are in the dungeons, close to the lake. The Ravenclaw dormitories are in the highest tower. The Hufflepuff dormitories are underground. The Gryffindor dormitories are not located anywhere specifically related to fire, but the common room has a prominent fireplace.
** According to WordOfGod, the Triwizard Tournament was [[WhatCouldHaveBeen originally]] going to have four tasks with each one based on a classical element. However, Rowling had difficulty coming up with tasks for all of them. In the end, the First Task combines air and fire while the Second Task is water and the Third Task is earth.
* ''Literature/TheSecretsOfTheImmortalNicholasFlamel'' has the Four Swords of Power. Clarent is the sword of Fire, Excalibur of Ice/Water, Durendal as Earth and Joyeuse as Air. The twins also intend to learn each of the four Elemental magics though only Sophie ends up learning them all and Josh only learns Fire, Water and Air.
* According to Creator/AugustDerleth some of the deities of the Franchise/CthulhuMythos are associate with one of the four classic elements. The most prominent are: Cthulhu with Water, Ithaqua with Air, Cthugha with Fire and Shub-Niggurath with Earth.
* Creator/GeorgeRRMartin 's ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' saga, as said in the title, plays a lot with the classic elements of Norse folklore; Ice and Fire. There are two main interpretations about what's the title exactly referring:
** As the fight between two elements; Ice, represented by the White Walkers as they are heavily associated with cold and the Fire represented whether for the Red Priestess that serve god Ríhllor, also known as Lord of Light and seem to have fire-related powers, or for Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons, or both.
** As the complement/fight (depending of what would happen) between two houses; the Starks lead by Jon Snow representing the Ice and the Targaryens lead by Daenerys representing the Fire.
** As a reference to [[spoiler:Jon Snow]] as the son of a Stark and a Targaryen (thus the Ice and Fire).
** Other creatures and houses seem to be elemental allusions too; The Children of the Forest with Earth and Wood elements, the Ironborn with Iron and Water (the Greyjoys sigil has a Kraken and they praise an aquatic deity call the Drowned God), the Arryns with Air (as they live in the Vale inside The Eyrie), the Tully with Water (lords of Riverland), etc.


[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''{{Series/Charmed}}'' naturally features this, being a show about witches:
** Paige's past life, the Evil Enchantress had the power to conjure the elements. She can conjure up a strong gust of wind to represent air, she can set fire to Paige's apartment, Paige is seen counteracting fire with a blue light possibly representing water, and she possibly controls the iron portcullis with earth.
** Another episode has the sisters using the four elements in a spell to reveal the Eternal Spring. They use dirt from the garden, a fan to create wind, matches to create fire and some water from the tap.
** The house itself is built on a spiritual nexus, surrounded by notable elemental points. Oddly this episode used the five Taoist elements instead of the classic ones. Wood was used instead of Earth and the fifth element was Metal.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Houses: Targaryen (Fire), Greyjoy (Water), Arryn (Air), Stark (Ice), Baratheon (Earth)
** Creatures: Dragons (Fire), Children of the Forest (Earth), White Walkers (Ice).
** Gods: The Drowned God (Water [[note]]of course[[/note]]), The Lord of Light (Fire [[note]]is said to communicate with its priestess through fire and its followers burn the infidels, among other things[[/note]]), The Old Gods (Earth [[note]]they are said to live in the trees and are represented by faces carved in them[[/note]]), the Seven (Air [[note]]they are said to live in the skies[[/note]])
* ''Series/TheMysticKnightsOfTirNaNog'': "Fire within me! Earth beneath me! Air above me! Water around me!"
** "[[SixthRanger Forest before me!]]"
* ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' and ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' often use this setup with their {{Five Man Band}}s, though with a fifth member it's a little loose with who the resident "Earth" Ranger is: the combination of elements is usually Fire/Water/Air/Earth/Wood (''Kakuranger'', ''Shinkenger''/''Samurai'') or Fire/Water/Air/Wood/Lightning (''Gingaman'', ''Magiranger''/''Mystic Force'').


* Fanfic/SkyBladeAcademy: Of the four main characters' actual [[ElementalPowers Metria]], we have Nagito as Terra/Earth, Shiki as Ventus/Wind, Kaiba as Pyro/Fire, and Atsuya as Aqua/Water.


[[folder:Mythology and Religion]]

* Wiccans and other magic practitioners summons for their rituals and spells the help and/or protection of the four guardians of the Elements; Djin for Fire, Neksa for Water, Paraldas for Air and Ghob for Earth (the names may vary depending on the tradition). Some summons the elemental themselves, generally Salamanders for Fire, Ondines for Water, Fairies or Elves for Air and Gnomes for Earth.
* The ritual of the Kabbalistic Cross, a protection ritual in Ceremonial Magick, uses the four archangels each with an element associate; Uriel for Air, Raphael for Earth, Gabriel for Water, and Michael for Fire.
* Eliphas Levi linked each of the Tarot's symbols on the Minor Arcana to an specific element as; Batons for Fire, Cups for Water, Swords for Air and Pentacles for Earth.
* The Four Classic Elements are sacred for Zoroastrians as they are thought to be the purest manifestation of the Creator. Therefore they donít bury their dead as such thing would contaminate earth, donít cremate them as that would contaminate both fire and air and do not toss dead bodies on water as that would contaminate water. They left the bodies in especial towers for the vultures to feed on them. This could be seem as horrible for some cultures but for them is not only the only way not to pollute the elements but also a way to give life from dead.


* In Mozart's Magic Flute the hero & heroine undergo ordeals of Earth, Fire, and Water; Air seems to be missing, until you realize that the Flute itself is a wind instrument.
* Music/SpiceGirls
** In Holler:
*** Melanie B - [[PlayingWithFire Fire]]
*** Melanie C - [[DishingOutDirt Ear]][[GreenThumb th]]
*** Emma - [[MakingASplash Water]]
*** Victoria - [[BlowYouAway Wind]]
** In Let Love Lead The Way:
*** Emma - [[DishingOutDirt Ear]][[GreenThumb th]]
*** Victoria - [[PlayingWithFire Fire]]
*** Melanie B - [[BlowYouAway Wind]]
*** Melanie C - [[MakingASplash Water]]

[[folder:Tabletop RPG]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'' adventure "The Coriolis Effect". Donnah Hannah and three anonymous {{NPC}}'s are transformed into elemental themed villains (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) by the Black Enchantress.
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' had the Elemental Princes of Evil: Cryonax (cold), Imix (fire), Ogremoch (earth), Olhydra (water) and Yan-C-Bin (air).
** And their Good counterparts. But neither set ever teams up.
* The Chaos gods of the TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}} universe.
** Khorne - the raging fire. To extrapolate, red is his color, his forges are powered by his rage, and his spiky armoured silhouette and the silhouettes of his demons also look like a men on fire.
** Nurgle - the hungry earth. The god of rot, decay, acceptance, and humility (the most "down to earth" god). His mansion is located in a garden, and his colors are generally brown and green.
** Tzeentch - the uncatchable air. His color is blue, "The winds of change" is a saying used in Warhammer Fantasy rather often, he's constantly in motion/change just like air, he has flying chariot demons, and his greater demons are birds.
** Slaanesh - the beguiling water. The Eldar refer to her as "She who THIRSTS", her demon steeds are tamed by giving them a drink (of the milk of loyalty), fond of reflective surfaces (Slaanesh's palace is filled with them), and many of Slaanesh's demons are crab-themed.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/BattleRealms'': The 4 clans can be seen as this, the Dragon clan are water, as they are about meditation and discipline, the Serpent clan are fire, as they freely use gunpowder, and fire, the Wolf clan are earth, as they have a close connection with nature, and use stone and shale as weapons and armor, and the Lotus clan are wind, as their warlocks cast bolts of lightning, and are quick on their feet.
* ''VideoGame/{{Boktai}}'' gives you access to earth, fire, water, and wind type elements each with their own properties[[note]]Earth revives plants, fire melts ice and burns wood, water extinguishes flames, and wind smashes rocks[[/note]]. You also get solar as the default attack, lunar which expends no energy but inflicts no damage, and dark which is reserved for the NewGamePlus. It only gets [[UpToEleven more complicated in the sequels]].
* In VideoGame/BraveFrontier, four of the six elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Thunder), forms a variant of this ensemble, where they form an [[ElementalRockPaperScissors elemental wheel]].
* ''VideoGame/BreathOfFireIV'' kind of does this. [[TheChick Nina]] uses wind, [[TheLancer Cray]] uses earth, [[TheSmartGuy Scias]] uses water, and [[TheBigGuy Ursula]] uses fire. There are, however, two more characters in the party, with [[RobotBuddy Ershin]] getting the most powerful spells of all elements but have little {{mana}} to use them regularly, and [[TheHero Ryu's]] dragon forms focusing on fire but also having access to wind and earth.
* In ''VideoGame/BrutalLegend'', the elements of the world of HeavyMetal are Fire, Noise, Blood and Metal.
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVII'' has the heroes awaken and round up the four Elemental Spirits. They're also {{Bonus Boss}}es.
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' frequently has four elemental crystals - Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Often there's the [[FourIsDeath Four Fiends]] to go with them. Both pop up in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'', ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'', and ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyMysticQuest''. ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX'' brought the Four Fiends back but not the crystals, and ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIII'' has the crystals but not the Fiends.
** ''Final Fantasy IV'' has the FireIceLightning trio of Ifrit, Shiva and Ramuh, with the Earth-elemental Titan as slightly stronger, but remakes and the sequel bump Titan down to their level of power and importance for a four-summon ensemble.
** Near the beginning of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV'', each of the four protagonists is associated with one of the four elemental crystals along with a personality trait associated with said element. Bartz gets wind and quest, Lenna gets water and kindness, Galuf gets earth and hope, and Faris gets fire and courage.
** Like the four main characters of ''V'', the four main characters of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII'''s party all correspond far too closely to a cardinal element for it to be coincidental, although unlike ''V'' it is never relevant to the plot or highlighted:
*** Cloud - Wind. Wind-related name, uses a sword (associated with Air in tarot), wind-themed attacks, compelled to wander, introspective and strategic, acts detached and looks down on others.
*** Aerith - Earth. Earth-related name ("[[SignificantAnagram I, Earth]]"), gardener, grew up in an underground slum, her magic is drawn from the Planet, practical, stubborn, nurturing, sensual. Cloud and Aeris's [[MeetCute first meeting]] even involves him falling down from the sky and landing in her flowerbed.
*** Tifa - Water. Dolphin-themed hairstyle, uses water-themed attacks (well, Dolphin Kick), bartender who pours drinks for the rest of the cast, giving and kind, fluid and accommodating, likes to act as group peacemaker. Her [[JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind Journey To The Center Of Cloud's Mind]], where she gets him to see things her way, is caused when they both fall into (Lifestream-filled) sea. She is also associated with a Hearts motif (her surname is Lockhart, her ultimate weapon is the Premium Heart), the card suit analogous to the tarotic Cups/Water.
*** Barret - Fire. Fire-themed tattoo, fire-themed attacks, associated with firearms, terrorist, HotBlooded, hot temper, impulsive, passionate, powerful.
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' actually reduces the traditional series of elements down to just four (there had always been about eight or nine in previous games). Lightning and Ice replace Earth and Air. It also mixes up the strengths/weaknesses a little, with lightning and water being opposed to each other, and the same with fire and ice. There's also the fifth Holy element (Which is good against most things, but especially undead), but it's very rare and hardly ever used.
* In both ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'' games, each of your party members maps to a specific element, and they characters of each element in the original and the sequel even ''look'' alike. [[spoiler: But when you get access to the first game's characters in the sequel, you can put together parties of whatever you like]].
** Continued in ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'', where you eventually end up with two party members for each element as in ''The Lost Age''.
* ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsCoded'' has Fire, Ice, Wind and Thunder variants for a lot of commands, and each of the four elements go beyond the usual third-tier of spells into advanced commands that each parallel each other.
* ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaofTime'' has the Spiritual Stones: The Kokiri Emerald, spiriual stone of the Forest (Air/Earth), the Goron Ruby, spiritual stone of Fire, and the Zora Sapphire, spiritual stone of Water.
* ''VideoGame/{{Obsidian}}'' features Air, Fire, Metal and Oil as part of an alternate universe where machines thrive instead of humans, described in one of the dream worlds. 4 different mini-worlds each utilize these elements within an enormous mechanical spider, and with the puzzles in each one solved, the spider gains these elements one by one until it fully comes to life when complete...which may not be a good thing for a human.
* Used throughout the ''VideoGame/QuestForGlory'' series, especially in the second game, where Shapeir is threatened by four Elementals representing the four elements. Four of the five games in the series (discounting ''III'', which was made at the last minute and thus is the OddNameOut) also represent the four elements, with ''I'' representing earth, ''II'' fire, ''IV'' air and ''V'' water. There is a fifth "pizza" element, used mostly as a joke, though the AGD FanRemake of II includes a Pizza Elemental as a BonusBoss.
* ''VideoGame/RomancingSaGa'' has 4 Elemental Lords; beings that embody the elements: Pyrix (Fire), Adyllis (Earth), Strom (Water), and Avi (Air). Fighting them is optional; however, [[spoiler: failing their Ecology Quests forces you to fight a corrupted yet stronger version of them]].
* ''VideoGame/ShounenKinindenTsumuji'' has the five dark ninjas represented by an element in their boss fights. (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Metal).
* The four Vibes in ''VideoGame/SuperPrincessPeach'': Calm=Earth, Gloom=Water, Joy=Wind, Rage=Fire.
* The Elemental Lords/Masou Kishin robots in the ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' series uses the classic formation of Earth-Wind-Water-Fire. There's Cybuster (Wind), Granveil (Fire), Goddess (Water) and Zamzeed (Earth). These are the highest order of the elemental robots, there's tons more lesser robots corresponding to those elements too.
* The four Space Pirate leader bosses in ''VideoGame/SuperMetroid'' are associated with the four elements. They are the following; Draygon (water), Kraid (earth), Phantoon (air), and Ridley (fire). Draygon is fought [[UnderwaterBossFight underwater]], Kraid is the only of them who is fighting from the ground, plus he spits rocks at you, and while both Phantoon and Ridley are airborne and attacks with fireballs, Phantoon can turn invisible, and Ridley has his lair inside the fiery [[LethalLavaLand Norfair]].
* ''TotalAnnihilationKingdoms'': The four factions and their monarch are base on the four elements they have control over. Elsin of Aramon-earth, Kirenna of Veruna-water, Lokken of Taros-fire, Thirsha of Zhon-air.
* ''VideoGame/WrathUnleashed'': The four factions and their leaders Aenna water demigoddess, Epothos fire demigod, Durlock earth demigod, and Helamis air demigoddess.
* In ''{{VideoGame/Bayonetta}}'' there are the Auditio, also known as The Cardinal Virtues, which are angelic physical representations of Divine Will, but also are each associated with one of the four Western elements. They act as major antagonists in the game, working in ensemble with the BigBad, and include; Fortitudo, Cardinal Virtue of Fortitude and the [[PlayingWithFire Bringer of Flame]], Temperantia, Cardinal Virtue of Temperance and [[BlowYouAway Manipulator of Wind]], Sapientia, Cardinal Virtue of Prudence and [[MakingASplash Controller of Seas]], and Iustitia, Cardinal Virtue of Justice and [[LifeEnergy Giver of Life]] ([[AllThereInTheManual who represents Earth]]).
* In VideoGame/LuxarenAllure, there are the Fire, Ice, Bolt, and Nature elements.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Played with in ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'' when the Dark Warriors find the [[PlotCoupon elemental orbs of light]] and divide them amongst themselves. Two were clear cut (the Earth Orb for the elf and Water Orb for the pirate), but the other two were just given to whoever.
* Each one of the four kid protagonists in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'' is associated with a classical element ([[ThemeTable among other things]]). [[TheFool John]] is wind, [[BlackMagicianGirl Rose]] is water, Dave is fire, and Jade is earth.
* There's a ''Webcomic/KevinAndKell'' [[http://www.kevinandkell.com/2003/kk0513.html strip]] where the Dewclaw family are defined by the elements: Solid and reliable Kevin is Earth; adaptable working mom Kell is Water; intellectual flight-lover Lindesfarne is Air; hot-tempered artist Rudy is Fire; and carnivourus bunny Coney is "[[ElementNumberFive maybe that weird 'plasma' thing that no-one can define]]".
* In ''WebComic/TheOrderOfTheStick'', Vaarsuvius once complained about Redcloak refusing to play by this trope and summoning elementals based on the periodic system instead.
-->'''Vaarsuvius:''' Titanium elementals. Very distasteful. Does he not know the classic elements are classic for a reason?

[[folder:Web Original]]
* In the hybrid webcomic/browser game ''Webcomic/DemonThesis'', the four main characters find themselves gifted with these powers after a mysterious entity from another dimension starts interfering in our world. There is one exception though: Sam's powers are actually over [[AnIcePerson ice]] rather than water.
* The ''Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse'' featured Gaea's Children, a supervillain team themed after the four classic elements. The members were [[PlayingWithFire Flame]], [[DishingOutDirt Mountain]], [[MakingASplash River]], and [[BlowYouAway Wind]].
* From the FictionalVideoGame in whiich ''Franchise/{{Noob}}'' is set:
** The Phoenixes that serve the seeting's [[PhysicalGod Source]] of life are a group of four women affiliated respectively with fire, water, air and earth. Pironess, the fire one, is a recurring QuestGiver in the later part of the webseries, while the three others have made various appearances in the novels and movies taken together.
** The possible specilizations of the elementalist class, which according the novels and webseries include swearing fealty to one of the Phoenixes. Water make you a CombatMedic, fire a PlayingWithFire SquishyWizard, earth a StoneWall and air a FragileSpeedster.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/ActionLeagueNow'': The Flesh represents Earth (has strength far surpassing an ordinary Chuck-o-mation character), Thunder Girl represents Air (her super ability is flight), Stinky Diver represents Water (he's a scubadiver, no doubt), and Meltman represents Fire (what else but fire, or Heat, to have givin him his melted form?).
* ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGalaxyRangers'': Zach: Earth (very connected to his family, very literally grounded, augmented strength, LawfulGood leader), Shane: Water (shapeshifter, friends with dolphins, names his horse after a sea god), Niko: Fire (FieryRedhead, psionic blasts), Doc: Air (Air is the element of ideas, communication, and bullshit - and he's well-stocked on all three)
* ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' has an [[BizarroElements alternate]] selection of elements from tradition, and this is represented in their [[{{Reincarnation}} present-day]] Elementals: Flame Princess is the Fire elemental, Patience is the Ice Elemental, Princess Bubblegum is the Candy elemental and Slime Princess is the Slime elemental..
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** The heroes are made up of a FiveManBand (in the second half of the third season), though one of the, Sokka, is NonElemental. Sokka jokes about it in the finale.
-->'''Sokka:''' Team Avatar is back! ''[series of dramatic zooms]'' Air! Water! Earth! Fire! ''(grabs some large leaves for himself and Suki)'' Fan and sword!
** The four nations themselves are based around the elements they control, the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads.
* ''WesternAnimation/CaptainPlanetAndThePlaneteers'': The five members have the powers of earth, fire, wind, water, and... [[WhatKindOfLamePowerIsHeartAnyway heart]].
* It may not be intentional but in ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'' the sectors seem to reflect the elements. The desert sector is fire, the ice sector is water, the mountain sector is air and the forest sector is earth. In fact sector 5 could be considered the aether.
* The Xiaolin Monks of ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown'' each control one of the four elements, Omi (water), Raimundo (wind), Kimiko (fire), Clay (earth).
* ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'': [[MadScientist T.O. Morrow]] created his "Reds" to have powers over the four elements: Red Torpedo (water), Red Inferno (fire), Red Tornado (air) and Red Volcano (earth).
* The Cluster's Alliance in ''WesternAnimation/ShadowRaiders'' is made of four planets; Fire, Ice, Bone and (reluctanly) Rock. Planet Water was destroyed at the beginning of the series.
* In ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'', Shendu and three of his siblings have these elemental powers while the other four derive their power from [[ShockAndAwe thunder]], [[AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever mountain]], [[GiantFlyer sky]], and [[GravityMaster moon]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien'', four of the new alien forms Ben obtains have these powers: Water Hazard (water), Terraspin (wind), [=NRG=] (fire), and Armadrillo (earth). The fifth one, Ambphibian has lighting, though this one is a case of LightningCanDoAnything.
* In Disney's ''Disney/{{Hercules}}'', the four Titans fit each element: Rock Titan (earth), Ice Titan (water), Lava Titan (fire), Tornado Titan (air). As the climax reveals, the combination of the four is quite...[[StuffBlowingUp explosive]].

[[folder: Real Life]]
* Electromagnetism, gravity, and strong and weak nuclear forces are the four fundamental forces in particle physics.
* States of matter. Earth, water, air, fire? Solid, liquid, gas, plasma.
** (Fire is sometimes plasma, sometimes not. It's complicated. But many people consider it to be plasma because strong fires can be affected by magnetic fields.)
* Sources of renewable energy: Geothermal (Earth), Hydroelectric (Water), Wind (Air), and Solar (Fire). Probably the closest thing to ElementalPowers in Real Life.