''Formula D'' is a board game released by Asmodee that focuses on vehicular racing in a turn based format. The game uses a system of gears for movement, such as first allows moving from 1 to 2 spaces, second allows 2-4 and so forth. The game also utilizes wear-points that a player's car can lose if they move through designated corners too fast. The stock game comes with two tracks on a board, the Monaco Gran Prix and a fictional "Race City". The game is already complicated enough and it only grows more with the advance set of rules that divide a players wear-points into [[{{SubsystemDamage}} several categories]], adds weather patterns and introduces characters to play as.

!!Formula D provides examples of:

* AlwaysNight: Being a board game, Race City always takes place at night.
* CarFu: Players can actively end their moves next to another car to try and damage it (and themselves), Derek Manson forces the player they collided into to roll twice.
* CriticalExistenceFailure: Cars can run just as fine with one wear-point (either normal or engine, body, etc.) But they are instantly eliminated once they lose that one last point.
* DrivesLikeCrazy: Encouraged, driving safe may reduce the risk of elimination but they tend not to rank as high as say, driving hard enough to lose all but your single wear-point.
* NitroBoost: The advance street race introduces nitrous that boosts the player by several spaces dependent on the gear number (first for a single space and so forth), a certain character can even boost this by several more spaces.
* SubsystemDamage: The advance rules allocates the cars damaged systems into several categories. Which is: 6 tire WP, 3 engine/body/gearbox/brake WP and 2 road handling WP. Every event damages a certain system or multiple systems. Players can customize their car to allocate wear-points into the system they desire and characters provide advantages to their cars as well.