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->''"[[TooLongDidntDub [Russian profanities[=]=]]]"''
-->-- '''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'''

Sometimes a character comes from a country other than the one the show is set in, but contrary to the [[FunnyForeigner typical portrayal of foreigners]], he speaks the language just fine. However, every so often, events get under his skin to such an extent that he can't think through how to say what he's trying to say in the language of the show, and instead simply launches off on a [[BilingualBonus rant in his native language]]. Common enough in [[TruthInTelevision real life]] as well. Likely to involve [[ForeignCussWord Foreign Cuss Words]] in the middle (perhaps some that [[PardonMyKlingon aren't even from Earth]]), but it's perfectly possible to have a completely clean rant as well. Angry kin trope to EloquentInMyNativeTongue.

Sometimes referred to casually as "going Ricky Ricardo" after the character on ''Series/ILoveLucy'', who was famous for this trope and is likely the TropeCodifier.

See also ForeignCussWord and {{Angrish}}, where the person gets so angry, they stop being able to speak in full sentences. May overlap with EvenTheSubtitlerIsStumped if a translation is attempted at first but then they give up.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Seikon No Qwaser'': Sasha, a Russian, absolutely fails at bowling in one episode ([[EpicFail gutterballs across all ten frames for a grand total of zero points]]) and explodes into a rant of Russian {{Angrish}} offscreen.
* ''LightNovel/BakaAndTestSummonTheBeasts'' has Minami who when shocked, loses the ability to speak Japanese and begins to spout gibberish in German. It takes a while before she snaps out of it.
* In ''Anime/GargantiaOnTheVerdurousPlanet'':
** In the first episode, when Ledo kidnaps Amy for use as a hostage, she's screaming something in her language (which neither Ledo nor we the viewers can understand). When Ledo asks Chamber what it is she's shouting, Chamber responds "Those were exclamations regarding intercourse with one's mother, as well as sanctified excrement."
** Ledo has to painstakingly learn the Earth peoples' language over the course of the show, but by episode 8 he is reasonably competent with it. Then, when he tries to explain the hostility between the Galactic Alliance and the Hideauze, he gets rather emotional and lapses back into his native tongue all of a sudden, leaving Chamber to do the translating.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/AdviceAndTrust'':
** Asuka launched into a very loud and angry rant in her native German when Gendo [[spoiler:got her and Shinji detained and jailed]] after fighting Bardiel:
--->''"Verfluchtes Arschloch! Kommandant Ikari ist eine Idiot! Ich werde mit meiner EVA auf seinem Haus herumtanzen! Zum Teufel mit euch allen! Lasst mich los, ihr verdammter abschaum! Lasst mich los oder ich reiß eure Arme ab! Wisst ihr nicht wer ich bin?! Ihr seid Idioten! Ihr seid ALLE Idioten! Und Kommandant Ikari! SIE SIND DER [=GRÖßTE=] IDIOT!"''
** Later she yelled loudly in German when [[spoiler:Zeruel maimed her Unit 02]]:
--->'' “Du Arschloch! Sie Ente verdammte Scheiße Esser! Ich bring dich um! No one hurts my Unit-02! Cut his heart out, Rei! Kill him!”''
* ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfAnElderGod'': When Asuka was fighting Amaliel, the EldritchAbomination cut her robot's hand off, making Asuka feeling the pain of getting her hand ripped off. She launched into a very loud, very colourful rant as she tore the monster apart. She started off shouting "ICH WILL DIESEN KLEINEN SCHEISSKOPF TOTEN!!!" and it got angrier since that point.
* ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'' has a number of examples, owing to multi-lingual characters. Harry, when particularly annoyed, is occasionally known to go into one of these including curses in French, Russian, and 'something that sounded vaguely Scandinavian'.
* ''Fanfic/ScarTissue'': In chapter 14 Touji, Hikari and Kensuke tell Asuka they will try not to interfere with her and Shinji's relationship if she swears she will not hurt him or hit him again. Asuka swears her oath in German, thinking if she is going to swear something, she should do it in her mother tongue.
* ''Fanfic/MegamiNoHanabira'': [[{{Jerkass}} Brother George's]] reaction to [[spoiler: Matador]] appearing right in front of him is to run away as fast as he can, screaming in English the whole time. For reference, the story takes place in Japan, and most of the people there, including George himself, speak Japanese.
--> '''George''': ''LET ME OUT! LEMME OUTTA HERE! LET ME [[KilledMidSentence OU-!]]''
* [[http://eclipse913.proboards.com/index.cgi?action=display&board=accepted&thread=8223 Adele Couteau]] on the {{Heroes}}-based [[http://eclipse913.proboards.com/index.cgi Eclipse RPG]] is quite prone to using French tirades to bestow curse-ridden insults and threats of violence upon her enemies. Not even her fiancé is immune to recieving them on occasion...
* [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6902768/1/Wrong_Place_Wrong_Time Wrong Place Wrong Time]] from Series/{{CSINY}} has Stella tirading in Greek in one chapter.
* Done by Asuka in the ''[[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Evangelion]]'' doujin ''Manga/ReTake''. Since she isn't what you'd call an open person, the only way she can stand admitting her feelings for Shinji is by speaking in her native German.
* ''FanFic/AShadowOfTheTitans'': Whenever Jade gets angry, she goes into a rant of GratuitousJapanese cursing. Presumably, this is a result of her transformation into a Shadowkhan (who are Japanese in origin), since she herself is Chinese.
* In the Walking Dead Game fanfic, "[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9826124/10/What-a-Difference What A Difference]]", Christa is prone to do this in French.
* ''Fanfic/{{Bait and Switch|STO}}'':
** ''Fanfic/RealityIsFluid'' has a bit where Eleya, a Bajoran, gets pissed off when the referee in the springball match she's watching misses a call.
--->'''Eleya:''' HEY! That's a foul! ''Y'trel bo tava tu san yc'fel, Dakhur'etil va'yaputal!''
** Another one from Eleya, this time in the {{prequel}} "Fanfic/TheUniverseDoesntCheat" after the ''KobayashiMaru'', well, cheats.
---> "''Sher hahr kosst. Phekk’ta yepal y’kren al’borea tash kelot!''"
** In ''Fanfic/TheWrongReflection'', Eleya's MirrorUniverse counterpart grew up on Cardassia Prime as the daughter of Bajoran refugees, and in chapter nine she drops a string of curses that Prime Eleya says contains both Bajoran and Cardassian swear words.
** "Fanfic/AenrhienVailiuri": Jaleh cusses out Morgan in Farsi; Morgan shoots back in Rihan. Also a {{Narrative Profanity Filter}}ed part where the Kazon maje launches into a tirade at Morgan of which only about every third or fourth word gets translated by her [[TranslatorMicrobes universal translator]].
* In ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8186071/15/Harry-Crow Harry Crow]]'' Harry, who was raised by goblins, bursts into a stream of goblin profanity when the ''Daily Prophet'' prints an interview he supposedly gave. His adoptive father chides him for this.
-->'''Barchoke:''' English please son.\\
'''Harry:''' Sorry father, but if I repeated that in English, Hermione would brain me with that practice sword.
* ''Fanfic/TheElementsOfFriendship'': In Book II, Twilight (who's an {{Omniglot}}, but usually falls back on German as a secondary language due to her heritage) gets frustrated with trying to figure out Discord's riddle leading to the stolen Elements of Harmony and goes off on a string of German profanity.
* ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'': Done by Asuka in German when she finds out that Nerv cheated her out of her combat pay.
-->Once the storm of multi-lingual swearing subsided, Asuka turned to Rei and said, “First chance we get, we’re going shopping!”
* ''Fanfic/LastChildOfKrypton'': In chapter 11, when Shinji is gravely wounded, Asuka whispers:
-->"Oh Gott, nicht zu sterben. Bitte nicht sterben. Ich brauche dich. Bitte."

[[folder:Film -- Animated]]
* Stromboli from ''Disney/{{Pinocchio}}'' goes into a basically unintelligible rant in Italian while he's counting his money, after discovering that someone paid for his show with a fake coin.
-->'''Subtitles:''' ''[Babbling in Italian]''
* Puss in Boots screams in Spanish in ''WesternAnimation/Shrek2'' when Donkey carelessly tosses him off the ride.
-->'''Shrek''': ''(after robbing two men of their clothes)'' Thank you, gentlemen! Someday, I will repay you. Unless, of course, I can't find you or if I forget. Hee-yah!
-->''(Shrek tugs Donkey. Puss in Boots falls off.)''
-->'''Puss in Boots''': ¡Eh, tú, pedazo de carne con patas! ¡¿Como te atreves a hacerme esto?! ''(translation: "Hey, you slab of meat with legs! How dare you do this to me?!")''

[[folder:Film -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/TheLoveParade'' (1929), Count Alfred (Creator/MauriceChevalier) periodically lets off steam by ranting in French...after making sure that the person he's with doesn't speak the language.
* In the version of ''Film/TheParentTrap'' with Creator/LindsayLohan, the British twin starts ranting in French while she's [[TwinSwitch pretending to be the American twin]].
* Appears in ''Lorenzo's Oil'' about midway through, when Augusto has just about had it with Michaela's guilt-ridden obsessiveness.
* In ''Film/ToCatchAThief'', Danielle (Brigitte Auber) curses the protagonist in French at her father's funeral, accusing him of being the notorious jewel thief and having caused the death of her father. [[spoiler: Since both accusations are wrong and she knows it, the rant is actually completely fake.]]
* ''Film/TheDiamondArm'', a Soviet comedy staple, combines it with the UnreliableNarrator in the scene with arguing Turkish contrabandists. Their increasingly expressive outbursts (which are, incidentally, [[RuleOfFunny complete]] [[AsLongAsItSoundsForeign gibberish]]) are extremely politely and tersely "translated" in a typical Soviet newscaster interpreter diction, until the "interpreter" [[EvenTheSubtitlerIsStumped simply gives up]] and just describes the rest of a fight as a "untranslatable wordplay using [[ForeignCussWord local idiomatic expressions]]".
* Creator/MonicaBellucci's character in ''Film/ShootEmUp'' goes on little tirades when talking to Smith, particularly after he saves her from the villain.
--> '''DQ:''' [rapid Italian cursing]\\
'''Smith:''' I don't have a clue what you're saying, but I know exactly what you're going on about, and no, I won't apologize.
* Lampshaded in ''Film/LordOfWar'':
-->'''Yuri Orlov''': Curious how you always revert to your native tongue in moments of extreme anger... [cut to Yuri and Vitaly having sex with two girls they picked up] and ecstacy.
* The speech (you know the one) in ''Film/TheGreatDictator'' takes this form, with an English-speaking interpreter [[strike:[[TactfulTranslation translating]]]] [[TooLongDidntDub providing running commentary]].
* The CIA agent in French spy satire ''Film/OSS117LostInRio'' speaks French fluently but enjoys insulting Agent 117 in English.
* Creator/AleksanderKrupa's character in ''Film/HomeAlone3'' blows up in a short tirade against the protagonist after he doesn't find his chip in a toy car, possibly in the actor's native Polish.
* The German villains of the first ''Film/{{Taxi}}'' film speak French throughout most of it, but when their plans are foiled towards the end, their leader [[VillainousBreakdown starts letting out]] [[ForeignCussWord a stream of expletives in German]].
* InvertedTrope: In ''Film/KillBill'', O-ren Ishii (played by Creator/LucyLiu), a Japanese crime boss, rants at her Japanese followers ''in English'' (obviously so Liu, who doesn't speak Japanese, can act the scene better). She said she would rant in English to show how serious she was. (In the background, someone was translating back into Japanese, far more calmly.)
* Hugh Simon (Kenneth Mars) goes into an impressive one in ''Film/WhatsUpDoc'' in what is supposed to be some Balkan language after it is revealed that he plagiarized another musicologist's theory and is stripped of his prize.
* Alluded to in [[Film/PoliceAcademy Police Academy 3]] - when Commandant Lassard briefs the cadets on Commissioner Hurst's assessment:
-->'''Lassard''': He used a lot of mean words. Some of them were foreign. Italian... or Irish, I think.
* In ''Film/TigerBay'', this is pretty much the entirety of the (Polish-language) argument between Bronek and Anya that leads to Anya's death.
* In ''Film/GreatHandel'' a tenor is complaining about the tempo Handel is taking a song in rehearsal, and threatens that if he uses that tempo in performance he will jump from the stage onto the harpsichord and stomp it to matchsticks. Handel says: "May I put it in the playbill? I think more people will pay to watch you jump than ever paid to hear you sing." The tenor at that point goes into a rant in Italian that is better left untranslated.
* In ''Film/TheLostWorldJurassicPark'', Ian Malcolm tries to contact the boat that brought him and his team to Isla Sorna so he can get his daughter Kelly to safety; unfortunately, he accidentally gets a woman who mistakes him for a guy named Enrique and unloads on him in Spanish.
--> '''Kelly:''' Boy, is she mad at you.\\
'''Malcolm:''' I feel sorry for that guy Enrique.

* A GoldDigger who married a foreign aristocrat is prone to giving long {{The Reason You Suck Speech}}es to him in her native language which he doesn't speak. He always responds with "Darling, I don't understand what you're saying, [[EverythingSoundsSexierInFrench but it sounds so beautiful...]]"

* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'':
** In ''Discworld/TheTruth'', Otto Chriek is heard to give one of these after knocking over some of his iconography equipment. Apparently, Uberwaldean is one of those languages that's good for swearing in.
** In ''Discworld/{{Snuff}}'', Miss Beedle mentions that her mother used to swear in goblin, which is a good language to swear in, and can go on for some time.
** In ''Discworld/MakingMoney'', Aimsbury the chef suffers from an involuntary version; he's allergic to the word "garlic" (just the ''word'') and one of the symptoms is that he yells angrily in Quirmian.
* In ''[[Literature/TheLordOfTheRings The Two Towers]]'', one orc goes off into a long unpleasant rant in the BlackSpeech.
** In the various omnibuses and appendices that translate the other {{Constructed Language}}s used in Tolkien's work, this rant is politely left as "untranslatable."
** Though in other material, the part of the rant that is quoted is given at least two different, contradictory translations, none of which sound remotely as foul-mouthed as you'd expect. (But then again, if you put any English curse word in SpockSpeak, it stops being one; and an ExpoSpeakGag is only funny because you know the actual curse word.)
* In ''Chess With A Dragon'', an infuriated Madja rants for five minutes straight, in at least six different languages, before she starts repeating her obscenities. Later, Yake blows her record out of the water, ranting obscenities for fifteen minutes straight, without repeating himself, in at least twelve languages (including ''Pascal''!).
* There's one ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' books where Erek the Chee does this with an ancient Byzantine language known for having a lot of swear words.
* In ''Literature/TheGodfather'', when Vito Corleone learns that his young son, Santino, was involved in a stupid armed robbery, he loses his temper for one of the few times in his life. He has his son brought to him, and then cusses him out in Sicilian Italian, described as a dialect more satisfying than any other for expressing rage.
* In the Literature/AlexRider book ''Ark Angel'', Nikolai Drevin starts babbling in Russian after [[spoiler: accidentally shooting his son]].
* In Creator/RobertAHeinlein's ''Literature/TheStarBeast'', the Hroshiu Commander is translated as saying: ''"Contempt... lower animal... eat you with relish... follow back your ancestors and eat them as well... your despicable race must be taught manners... kidnappers... child stealers..."''
* The ''Franchise/StarWarsLegends'' book ''[[ComicBook/XwingSeries Solo Command]]'' has Warlord Zsinj (who knows a lot of different alien languages) do this after Han calls him to gloat after a particularly spectacular New Republic victory and offers to "let [him] kis [his] Wookie". Han even has one of the bridge crew record it so that he can play it back to Threepio later and get a translation.
** What makes it even funnier is Zsinj has successfully conned the New Republic into believing he's lost his [[MileLongShip ridiculously large]] and immensely powerful flagship, intending to give them a very rude shock when it turns up intact in a few months, and his reaction to Han's gloating was an act. ''[[RantInducingSlight Was]]''.
* Played with in one of the short stories that makes up ''Literature/TheShipWhoSang''. Helva's brawn curses a hapless functionary off the ship by reciting a particularly vituperative string of syllables; when Helva asks what she was saying, she explains that she was reciting her grandmother's recipe for paprikash, which she then proceeds to cook and eat.
* There's a doozy in French in the early chapters of Paul J. Gillette's ''roman a clef'' ''Carmela'', about post-WorldWarTwo European and American {{Opera}}. Carmela Londra is a Sicilian peasant who's already a brilliant singer in her early teens. She hoaxes her way into an exclusive Roman music school where a snotty clique mock her in French, knowing a working-class southerner doesn't understand it. Another student charges up to the Film/MeanGirls spitting ''Votre gueule!'' ("Shut the fuck up!"). Continuing in perfect, polished French, she repeatedly calls them bullshit-spreading whores, calls the AlphaBitch "the mother superior" and "the queen of bullshit" and employs what turns out to be her favorite oath, "''Sacre bite de Dieu!''" -- Holy God's dick!" None of this is ever translated, you have to know French to understand her. All the more shocking for coming out of this obviously well-bred, highly cultured girl. Her name's Ida Angioia, she's a mezzo-soprano with a genius IQ, and she becomes Mella's lifelong friend.[[note]]She is probably from northern Italy where there's a lot of Swiss influence and many people grow up bilingual.[[/note]]

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* [[BadassIsraeli Ziva David]] on ''Series/{{NCIS}}'' has lapsed into an exasperated rant in Hebrew at least once, but because the actress is Latina, viewers fluent in Hebrew find the pronunciation somewhat, ''odd''.
* CueCard "boy" Tony Mendez will sometimes do this on ''The Late Show With Creator/DavidLetterman''
* Catalina from ''Series/MyNameIsEarl'' does this at least once with a tirade against Joy in Spanish; doubled as a BilingualBonus since what she is ''actually'' doing is commenting to her fans through the FourthWall.
* One of the soldiers in ''Series/GenerationKill'' will occasionally start screaming in Portuguese on the radio net.
* Some of the Chinese dialogue in ''{{Series/Firefly}}'' probably counts, although it's not exactly a foreign language as far as the characters are concerned.
* Radek Zelenka of ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' frequently rants in Czech when frustrated; these are split 50/50 between context-relevant statements and [[BreakingTheFourthWall tirades directed at the viewer or the actors present]]. The character of Zelenka was originally written as a Russian, but was changed to Czech in order to allow David Nykl to use his native tongue. It's important to note that these rants are usually [[RealityHasNoSubtitles unsubtitled]].
** Then there's the long graphic description of Atlantis rising out of the water when recording a message to his family on Earth. Ford, who doesn't understand a word, asks if he's revealing anything that requires security clearance. "Security clearance?"
** In another instance, when he and Sheppard are searching for a crashed Jumper on the floor of the ocean, Zalenka does one of his characteristic rants, to which Sheppard responds "I think my Czech's getting better, because I know what you mean."
* ''Series/TheWestWing'': in what may be President Bartlet's CrowningMomentOfAwesome, he rants in Latin in the National Cathedral, [[RageAgainstTheHeavens at God]].
* In Creator/{{Nickelodeon}}'s ''Series/TheMysteryFilesOfShelbyWoo'', , her grandfather (who raises her and is played by Pat Friggin' Morita) is said to rant in Chinese when angry. And he
* Stella appears to do this at least once on ''Series/{{CSINY}}'', though the other time she speaks Greek, it's got a friendlier meaning.
* April does this once in a while in Spanish on ''Series/ParksAndRecreation''.
* Ricky Ricardo from ''Series/ILoveLucy'' is probably the TropeCodifier.
* Another contender for TropeCodifier is Series/TheBrothersGarcia where the family has a name for when their father starts ranting in Spanish: Ricky Ricardo.
* Santana, a Latina woman with well known anger management issues on ''Series/{{Glee}}'', launched into a Spanish one of these after Finn and Rachel's kiss lost them a nationals championship. It wasn't only a tirade, if her teammates weren't holding her back, she probably would have attacked.
* In ''Series/TheOfficeUS'', during a roast Michael Scott arranges for himself, Oscar does this.
-->'''Oscar'''(in a talking head): It wasn't hard. I just wrote down the things I usually yell during the drive home.
* Ranjit, their regular driver, goes off on a Farsi rant in Series/HowIMetYourMother before storming off in a CavemenVsAstronautsDebate. Translated he says "Duck can swim, duck can walk, duck can fly, what do you want from an animal?"
* When the alien characters on ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' are sufficiently frustrated or angry their TranslatorMicrobes can't quite keep up, leading to streams of ranting in their native languages. [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy D'Argo]] is especially prone to this. Additionally, common swear words don't translate in the first place, so all swearing arguably falls under this trope. Ironically, Crichton's frequent [[SanitySlippage raving]] in ''English'' also comes across as this to his shipmates.
** Sometimes, just for the hell of it, he'll throw in a [[StarTrek Klingon]] word or two, as fictional languages aren't translated by the TranslatorMicrobes.
* An episode of ''Series/GreysAnatomy'' has Callie's Catholic father arriving with a minister in order to "[[CureYourGays pray away the gay]]." One scene of the episode involves a long rant by her in Spanish to Sloan, who eventually tells her that he doesn't understand a word. Surprisingly, this is the only time Callie switches to Spanish, even though the actress is Mexican.
* Moze on ''Series/NedsDeclassifiedSchoolSurvivalGuide'' is great volleyball player, but only when trash talking the other team. The ref kept penalizing her for unsportsmanlike conduct so she tries to switch to Swedish, but turns out the ref speaks Swedish too.
* ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise''[='=]s final episodes reveal the universal translator given to aliens visiting Earth to help them speak with humans lacks the various languages more vulgar and profane phrases from its databases, leaving them untranslated for the alien.
* Det. Chano Amenguale ranted in Spanish a few times on ''Series/BarneyMiller''.
* ''Series/TheFlyingNun'' has Carlos, who occasionally reverts to his native Spanish when particularly frustrated with Sister Bertrille's latest mess.
* In an episode of ''Series/ChicoAndTheMan'', a government bureaucrat gives Ed Brown a verbal tirade in Spanish before leaving, Chico looking on with a shocked look on his face. When Ed asks Chico what the bureaucrat said, Chico replies "You're too young to know!"

* In the 70s [[AllMusicalsAreAdaptations musical adaptation]] of ''Theatre/TwoGentlemenOfVerona'', Proteus and Julia do this when they are reunited.
* In Creator/GilbertAndSullivan's ''Utopia Ltd.'' Tarara explodes into Utopia's native language despite orders for the king that people are to speak English. Since it shocks the ladies of the court, it's censoring out what he actually said.
* LampshadeHanging in ''Theatre/IdiotsDelight'':
-->'''Pittaluga''': Pezzo mascalzone farabutto prepotente canaglia...\\
'''Don''': And it will do you no good to call me names in your native tongue.

* There is a scene in ''VideoGame/WorldInConflict'', where French Commander Sabatier lets out an angry tirade in French after the American protagonists fail to recognize the cultural importance of a local church. He is cut short, however, by [[ColonelBadass Colonel Sawyer]], who reveals that he is fluent in French and well-versed in local history in his personal CrowningMomentOfAwesome.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Mercenaries}} 2'', Matthias Nilsson will sometimes curse in Swedish after losing one of Fiona's challenges. It is subtitled as [Curses in Swedish]
* Salvador from ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' will occasionally start yelling invectives and profanities in Spanish when [[GunsAkimbo gunzerking]]. [[ExactWords The subtitles are in Spanish, though.]]
* ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedII'' has a variation in that Caterina Sforza's speech taunting her children's kidnappers was in Italian the entire time in real life, but in this simulation being viewed by the descendant of someone who was present at the event the Animus seemingly gives up trying to translate it into English at some point. Not that it matters, since her tone gets the point across beautifully.
* Non-English example in ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}} VI'': Catherine de Medici speaks French for most of her dialogue, but responds to a declaration of war by angrily ranting in her native Italian. Inverted with [[UsefulNotes/MahatmaGandhi Gandhi]], who'll rant at you in English when angered.
* ''[[VideoGame/ModernWarfare Modern Warfare 2]]'' has the normally very [[TheStoic stoic]] [[MissionControl Nikolai]] [[NotSoStoic unleash a massive tirade in Russian]] after his [[GunshipRescue plane]] is nearly shot down.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* In ''VisualNovel/{{Sickness}}'', a Thai couple start arguing in their native tongue in front of Suoh and Markus at one point.

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* In ''Webcomic/CityUnderTheHill'' often M.T. will slip into Polish cussing, this usually occurs when paperwork overflows, Seamus is hurt, or Slim exists.

[[folder:Web Originals]]
* [[WebVideo/TheAngryJoeShow Angry Joe]] made a machinima of ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' where his character at one point starts screaming in Spanish, the entire thing is subbed as "Latino Rage".
* [[http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2ru1x_whose-mario-is-it-anywayy Finnish cursing,]] from a LetsPlay of ''VideoGame/KaizoMarioWorld''.
* LetsPlay/{{Raocow}} has done this on occasion when very frustrated. Once he got so frustrated that he did the remainder of the day's video in French, which a fan helpfully [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sa0SD2e-E6Y translated]].
* In her WebVideo/HotPepperGaming review of ''VideoGame/HuniePop'', Reina Scully lapses into Japanese at one point. She's not cursing: the pain of the pepper overwhelmed her so badly that she temporarily lost the ability to speak English.
* ''WebAnimation/DrHavocsDiary'': Professor Von Duct, early on in Episode 2, rants in German due to being incredibly frustrated by how nobody pays attention to him and his inventions.
* Whenever ''LetsPlay/PewDiePie'' gets scared or frustrated while playing a game, expect a Swedish expletive somewhere.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* [[SubvertedTrope Subverted]] in the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime", Kyle speaks in PigLatin to an imprisoned Cartman over the [[JailBake nail file in the cake]].
--> '''Kyle''': There's a ailnay ilefay inside of it.\\
'''Cartman''': A what?\\
'''Kyle''': An ailnay ilefay.\\
'''Cartman''': What's that?\\
'''Kyle''': Listen, aggotfay! An ailnay ilefay so you can eakbray out of isonpray!\\
'''Stan''': Yeah, you stupid umbassday!\\
'''Cartman''': I'd love to eat a cake, you guys, but they don't let us take anything back to the cells from here.\\
'''Kyle''': They on'tday?! [takes the cake down] Why the ellhay otnay?! It ooktay ourfay ourshay to akebay this Od-damnedgay akecay, and ownay we're otallytay ewedscray!
* One episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' had two Russian cosmonauts screaming in Russian; their lines were subtitled simply as "Russian profanities" and "More Russian profanities".
* In ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'' episode "Father of the Bribe", after Bobby offends Kahn and Hank defends the boy, Kahn walks off swearing in Laotian. Subverted in that Hank understands it ("Yeah yeah, I know, I'm a broiled ox penis"), probably because he's heard it so much.
* The 1930 MickeyMouse short ''The Cactus Kid'' has a scene of Minnie yelling at Mickey in Spanish.
* In ''Disney/TheThreeCabballeros'' Jose Carioca launches into a Brazilian Portuguese version of this when the Aracuan Bird steals his cigar.
* In ''WesternAnimation/HiHiPuffyAmiYumi'', the eponymous J-rockers tend to do this when they get upset.
* In the ''[[WesternAnimation/AmericanDragonJakeLong American Dragon: Jake Long]]'' episode "Feeding Frenzy" Jake's dad [[YourMom insults Grandpa's mother]] in Norwegian thinking he won't understand him. Unfortunately, Grandpa also knows Norwegian.
** Jake's grandpa occasionally has moments when he'll start yelling in Chinese when Jake has screwed up big time.
* Amy Wong from ''{{WesternAnimation/Futurama}}'' will sometimes start cursing in Cantonese when she gets angry. And since her voice actress, Creator/LaurenTom actually speaks it it's authentic too.
* Sour Cream from ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'' angrily rants to his father Marty in the IntelligibleUnintelligible gibberish his stepfather and younger brother speak in the episode "[[Recap/StevenUniverseS3E7DropBeatDad Drop Beat Dad]]."
* Crossed with PardonMyKlingon in the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' episode ''It Ain't Easy Being Breezies'', when Seabreeze, frustrated at Fluttershy giving in to the other, dangerously feckless Breezies, gives a long tirade in Breezish.
-->'''Applejack:''': Uh, what did he say?\\
'''Fluttershy''': [=*=]blushing[=*=] I'd... rather not say.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Creator/HidekiKamiya of Creator/PlatinumGames fame. His Website/{{Twitter}} [[https://twitter.com/PG_kamiya account]] is partly a Q&A account, but he will not hesitate to badmouth users who ask him annoying or repeated questions. If you come off as a massive nuisance to him, especially if you're talking to him in English, he'll cuss you out in Japanese before blocking you; expect the words ''kuso''[[labelnote:tl]]"shit"[[/labelnote]], ''UsefulNotes/{{baka}}'', and ''gaijin''[[labelnote:tl]]"foreigner"; it's a contracted version of ''gaikokujin'' ("foreign-country person") that some equate to racial slurs[[/labelnote]] to pop up. Many Twitter users have learned the hard way.
* Occasionally invoked towards suspected [[SpotTheImposter infiltrators or spies]]. Startle or attack them suddenly and [[DamnYouMuscleMemory see what language their outburst comes in]].