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-> ''I'd throw this mocha in your face, but it's not nearly scalding enough.''
-->-- '''Santana''', ''Series/{{Glee}}''

Somebody has said or done something that offends someone else. In retaliation, that person will toss a drink at them, pour something over their head or launch a solid piece of food.

Can be considered the SuperTrope of FoodFight, although when done by adults a fight usually won't break out, outside of comedies (or westerns).

Compare EdibleAmmunition, PieInTheFace, TantrumThrowing. EdibleBludgeon is the more extreme version of this.



* An ad for a "[[SchmuckBait text us your names and we'll tell you whether you're soulmates]]" mobile phone service has the girl throw a drink in a guys face just because her phone told her he wasn't her OneTrueLove. ''Someone'' certainly dodged a bullet there, and it wasn't [[JerkAss the girl]].
* A rum commercial had a DJ sending a broadcast to his friend who's leaving the island about all the good things he'll leave behind.
-->"And you'll miss how we serve drinks over here..." ''(Cut to a flashback of the man having a drink tossed in his face by a beautiful woman)''

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* This happens from time to time on ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'', when characters dump or throw cups full of water at whoever they're annoyed with. Since the people they're aiming for have curses [[InvoluntaryShapeshifting that change their form whenever they get splashed with cold water]], it does more than just get them a little wet.
* [[spoiler:Jack]] splashes a glass of water at [[spoiler:Oswald]] in ''Manga/PandoraHearts'' when the [[NoSocialSkills latter]] [[BrutalHonesty bluntly]] tells the former that he is impossible to read and thus untrustworthy. [[spoiler:Jack]] becomes extremely embarrassed after doing this this, however.
* ''Manga/GunslingerGirl''. While Jean Croce was an officer in the Carabinieri, a female corporal fell in LoveAtFirstSight with the handsome aloof officer. When she revealed this Jean responded by throwing an orange in her face. Her persistence eventually breaks down his JerkassFacade however.

* One comic read off a list of apologies he had written to various friends and acquaintances, one of which read like so:
-->"Dear Kathy: You were right, Oprah is "Harpo" spelled backwards. [[SeriousBusiness I'm sorry I threw my milkshake in your face.]]"

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/Thor2014'', Thor / Odinson and Lady Sif are drinking together when the former starts asking leading questions. Realizing he sought her out just to ask if she's the mystery woman holding {{Mjolnir}}, she gives him a drink in the face for his trouble and storms out. Thor tells the bartender that both their lives depend [[INeedAFreakingDrink on him getting more mead, SOON]].
* In the first issue of ''Iron Man: Heroes Reborn'', Pepper Potts caps off a blazing rant against pre-shrapnel Tony with one of these.
* In ''ComicBook/AngelLove'', the titular character deals with a customer hitting on her while upsetting the girl he's with by throwing a drink in his face.
* In a Golden Age ''Franchise/GreenLantern'' story, Alan Scott's associate Irene Miller gets so upset at somebody that she splashes a drink in his face, with him saying, "Ooooh, Donner-Blitzen!"
* In a three-part Pakrat side story from the ''ComicBook/AtariForce'' second series, Pakrat's female partner Ferra dumps a whole bowl of Draconian loose juice on him at a party before she walks out in disgust.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In the ''{{Series/Emergency}}'' fic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7780560/1/A-Is-for-Arson "A is for Arson"]], Chet and Marco gang up this way on a guy attacking a hospitalized Roy. Chet douses him with a pitcher of ice water and Marco slams him with the bag of food he was carrying.
--> '''Chet''': And to think my Teacher told me that knowing how to food fight would never come in handy as an adult!
* In "Fanfic/PastContinuous", Bajoran nationalist protesters start throwing moba fruit outside Hathon's Bajoran Militia station. One hits Eleya's window when she bellows out at them to shut up, another hits Berat in the head for Being Cardassian in the First Degree.
* In Naruto/One Piece crossover fic, ''Fanfic/TheUnchained'', Naruto attempts to punish a mystery diner (Luffy) for stealing his ramen. Luffy retaliates by shooting him in the face with a high-pressure noodle beam. He doesn't avoid getting it in his mouth.
* There's a MagicSchoolBus [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3819428/1/Under-a-Jewelled-Sky fanfic]] where Carlos and DA have a BirdsOfAFeather tendency to do this when people say and/or do things that irritate them. The specific incidents mentioned are the time Ralphie gave up on teasing Carlos about his crush on DA after getting a milkshake dumped on his head and the time Wanda got a glass of wine dumped over her head for [[TooDumbToLive saying DA needed to get a larger wedding dress]]. Incidentally [[BirdsOfAFeather Ralphie and Wanda are also a couple in said story]].
* In the WWE alternate universe story, [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11554337/1/Just-When-They-Thought-It-Was-Over Just When They Thought It Was Over]], Wrestling/SethRollins "accidentally" dumps a plate of food all over Wrestling/SummerRae for nearly ruining the relationship between Trina Conley and [[Wrestling/{{Sting}} Steve Borden]]. The story is a PoliceProcedural and takes place in West Virginia. Seth and Trina are police officers in the small town of Davis, Steve is the county detective and Summer is a secretary working in the county sheriff's office. Steve and Trina began dating near the end of the previous story, [[www.fanfiction.net/s/11368588/1/Mountain-Murders Mountain Murders]] and she ended the relationship as one of his adult sons didn't approve and she [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy didn't want to come between them]]. With Steve "available", Summer began throwing herself at him, including kissing him against his will - while Trina saw it.

[[folder:Films -- Animated]]
* In Disney's ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'', Jasmine throws a glass of wine in Jafar's face.
* At Bruce's party, one of his exes throws her drink in his face, in ''WesternAnimation/BatmanMaskOfThePhantasm''.

[[folder:Films -- Live Action]]
* Occurs twice in the classic western ''Film/{{Shane}}'', once [[PlayedForLaughs as mockery]], once PlayedForDrama and indirectly leading into the epic BarBrawl.
* In ''Film/{{Cocktail}}'', Tom Cruise's character goes to the restaurant Jordan works at, and she responds by offering him the "Daily Special" - right on his lap.
* In ''Film/{{Hitch}}'', after Sara finds out who Hitch really is, they argue and one of them throws a small piece of food at the other. He ends up tossing a salad on her.
* The title character of ''Film/LeonardPart6'' ends up wearing most of the meal when he dines with his estranged wife - both times.
* In ''Film/{{Freaks}}'', a dwarf gets the remainder of a punch bowl thrown at him after offering it in the famous "One of us" chant.
* PlayedForDrama in a 1985 Filipino movie where a jealous actress splashes water right in front of the heroine's face, added with the most remarkable line in Filipino film history, "''You're nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard, copycat!''"
** Then in a later scene, the heroine food slaps her rival right in public as an act of revenge, added with the line, "''A manos!''"
* In ''Film/SherlockHolmes2009'', when Sherlock implies that Mary is only in a relationship with Watson for his money, she pours a drink on him.
* In ''Film/TheHatefulEight'', when John Ruth throws his bowl of stew in Daisy's face.
* In ''Film/DiaryOfAMadBlackWoman'', Helen eats a salad in front of Charles, knowing he can't get food for himself, and when she is almost done throws the plate at him.
* ''Film/ThePublicEnemy'''s most [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4R5wZs8cxI iconic scene]] has Tom smashing a half grapefruit into his girlfriend's face.
* In ''Film/MadeasFamilyReunion'', Lisa throws a plate of hot grits into her abusive husband's face before beating the shit out of him with a frying pan.
* ''Film/TheOtherGuys'', when Terry loses the battle of wits with Allen, he plays his trump card: throwing a coffee over him.
* In ''Film/LAConfidential'', Ed Exley thinks the woman with Johnny Stompanato is a hooker who has had plastic surgery to look like Lana Turner. [[MistakenForAnImposter It is the real Lana Turner.]] She tosses her drink in his face.
* Discussed in ''Film/SpiesLikeUs'', when Fitz-Hume suggests to Boyer that they go OutWithABang.
-->"If we were in a bar, I'd throw a drink in your face. But, under the circumstances, not such a bad idea."
* Spoofed, [[SatireParodyPastiche like everything else]], in ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie'', when resident AlphaBitch Priscilla "spills" her water on Janey... who'd just gotten out of the pool.
* The EpicTrackingShot in ''Film/{{Wings}}'' includes the drink version as the camera tracks through a Paris nightclub.
* In ''Film/FinalJustice'', One the patrons in the Smugglers' Tavern pours his beer over Geronimo's boots.
* ''Film/{{Valentine}}'': At the dance, the bullies dump a bowl of punch over Jeremy's head before beating him up.


* Ayu in ''Literature/DeepLove'' pours hot coffee over [[spoiler:Keiko, the girl who organised Reina's rape]] along with stabbing her in the leg.
* ''Literature/PrettyLittleLiars'': Ben spills his drink on Emily after finding out she cheated on him with Maya.
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''. Queen Cersei has a tendency to chuck wine in the face of members of her own family; so far Tyrion, Jaime and her uncle Kevan have copped it. Averted with [[BoisterousBruiser Tormund Giantsbane]], who throws his drinking mug at Jon Snow but not before draining it first, as he's [[TheNeedForMead not a man to waste good mead]].
* In ''Literature/TalesOfAFourthGradeNothing'' by Creator/JudyBlume, Fudge becomes so irritating with his food strike and his becoming "the family dog" that the father takes him into the bathroom, sits him in the tub, and dumps a whole bowl of cereal over Fudge's head. From there came Fudge's favorite expression, "eat it or wear it".
* In ''Discworld/NightWatch'', Downey throws an apple at Vetinari, though it isn't because Vetinari has ''done'' anything to bother him and is more because Downey is a JerkJock and wants to get the weird kid's attention. It doesn't hit him; Vetinari is quite adept at ForkFencing.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Joffrey pours wine over Tyrion's head in an attempt to escalate an argument. When Tyrion refuses to rise to the bait, Joffrey resorts to other tactics.
* Samantha Jones, in an episode of ''Series/SexAndTheCity'', dresses in her finest and heads off to meet Richard, who's sitting at a table in very nice restaurant, waiting for her. As Samantha approaches him, he smiles and tells her how great she looks. She gives him a big smile back, tosses a drink in his face, turns on a dime, and triumphantly walks away.
* On ''Series/HappyDays'', Chachi found himself eating in the kitchen (as there were not enough seats in the dining room). Richie has become mad at Chachi, and when Chachi asks for a roll, Richie throws it at him really hard. Chachi announces that he'll get his own gravy.
** In another episode, the Fonz dumps a lobster into an antagonist's lap, and Richie adds to this by pouring melted butter all over it.
* On ''Series/{{Friends}}'', Joey has a LoonyFan who thinks he's his ''Series/DaysOfOurLives'' character, Dr. Drake Ramoray. When she gets angry at Ramoray and goes after Joey, the others save him by convincing her that he's actually Drake's EvilTwin, and splash glasses of water at him for various offences, most famously [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking leaving the toilet seat up.]]
* On ''Series/EverybodyLovesRaymond'', Ray and Debra are eating ice-cream when Ray brags about how he got a higher score than Debra in an IQ test. Debra responds by dumping the ice-cream bowl on his crotch.
* ''Series/TheGoodies and the Bean Stalk'':
** Bill has gone to sell the beloved trandem -- however, it's rated as worthless by the bike buyers, who jokingly buy it for a tin of beans. When he comes back, Tim and Graeme inspect it, surprisingly calm, before pouring all the beans over Bill's head.
** In "Punky Business", Graeme has gotten to work as a waiter in a punk restaurant. When Tim orders the sauce, he gets it all over his head.
** In "Black And White Beauty", there's a literal food slap. Exposition: Graeme's running a place that takes care of old animals. Bill, after watching some of their behavior (nothing), starts doubting that they're alive. Bill watches a very unmoving cat, then this ensues:
--->'''Bill:''' Alright, Graeme. ''(produces a fish)'' I want to see that cat eat that kipper.
--->''(nothing happens)''
--->'''Graeme:''' Er--yes--oh, look! ''(points)'' The hamster's doing a handstand!
--->''(Tim and Bill look away for a bit -- when they look back, the kipper bone is sticking out of Graeme's mouth. Tim slowly pulls it out)''
--->'''Graeme:''' Er...''(turns to the cat)'' I'm sorry, Kenneth, I was just so--''(Tim slaps him with the kipper)''
** The Goodies have become bank robbers and a CID detective comes to arrest them. A suggestion that they "spill the beans and hand over the dough" leads to an ExactWords response where the detective has baked beans and dough poured over his head.
* Upon visiting Creator/JustinTimberlake in ''[[Series/BoSelecta Bo!]] in the USA!'', Avid Merrion invents a new board game, titled "Avid [[PunBasedTitle Meats]] [[Creator/JustinTimberlake Justin]]". The winner of the game gets to slap the loser with the contents of a packet of ham slices three times in the face, it just happened that Avid won.
* ''Series/{{Glee}}'' has the running gag of slushies to the face. It's mostly PlayedForLaughs, until [[spoiler: Sebastian puts rock salt in a slushie, and Blaine gets it in his face.]]
* Abed receives a drink in his face in the "Mixology Certification" episode of ''Series/{{Community}}'' after he (kinda) leads on another man who was clearly attracted to him, so he could talk about ''Series/{{Farscape}}''.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'', "Within": Dana Scully tosses water on Agent Doggett when they first meet. Doggett is assigned as a task force leader to find missing Agent Mulder. He tries to find out some information on him from Scully, Mulder's partner of seven years. He doesn't introduce himself and messes with her, telling her some fake or very old Bureau's gossip that Mulder never trusted her and might have had secrets. He also hands her a cup of water. She figures out who he is and what he's trying to do, and that earns him splashing of the water in his face.
* A ''Series/TheKidsInTheHall'' sketch had Dave Foley and Kevin Mac Donald as two ladies' men who fondly reminisce together on all the women who have thrown drinks in their faces.
** Another sketch has a salesman negotiating with a customer for a stereo (he wants $750, while the customer only wants to pay $1). At one point they take a break from arguing to have a drink. They then start negotiations again, leading them to simultaneously throw their drinks in each other's faces.
* Eileen throwing a drink in her ex-husband Jerry's face becomes a RunningGag in ''Series/{{Smash}}''.
* In ''Series/TheSopranos'':
** Carmela is about to throw a glass at Tony's face when he is making a confession. Subverted as soon as she hears the topic is the start of his therapy.
** Junior breaks up with his talkative girlfriend with a dramatic PieInTheFace. A shoutout to ''The Public Enemy''
** An enraged Gloria Trillo throws a steak against Tony.
* ''Series/LifeWithBoys'': In "Wrestling with Boys", the two girls Gabe is two-timing both show up on his doorstep at the same time. When he can't remember their names, they toss their drinks in his face.
* On an episode of ''Series/{{Cheers}},'' Sam throws a drink in Frasier's face. He blinks, and says, "Crème de menthe, Sam? You couldn't find a nice chablis?"
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'': {{Conversed}} and {{Invoked}} in the pilot episode. PlayedStraight with Barney quite often.
** Conversed: Ted meets Robin at his favourite bar, and it's one-way LoveAtFirstSight. Robin likes him too, but she says she's with friends; one of whom has just been dumped, so every guy is an enemy. They joke about how women in movies spill their drinks in men's faces in cases like this, and that it always looks like great fun.
** Invoked: Ted suggests to Robin that she can do it to him to impress her broken-hearted, now-man-hating friend. She promptly spills her drink in his face, smiles and says that it really was fun.
** Drinks to the face are an occupational hazard for [[HandsomeLech Barney Stinson]]. "Eventually, you'll be able to anticipate it, and when you do... free drink!"
* ''Series/{{Sharpe}}'': Richard Sharpe tosses two glasses of wine into faces of two jerkass officers who beat up a lady, and he wants them to ask him to duel.
* One episode of ''Series/{{Becker}}'' ends (and the next [[PreviouslyOn begins]]) with Chris throwing multiple drinks in Becker's face. Five, in fact, of which was provided by a woman at the next table.
-->'''Becker:''' (soaking wet) Why do you have to make this so difficult?\\
'''Woman at Next Table:''' [[BerserkButton I hate it when men say that.]] (hands Chris the glass) Here.
* ''Series/{{Psych}}'': Juliet throws a drink in Shawn's face after finding out he was [[WasItAllALie lying the whole time]] about being [[PhonyPsychic psychic.]]
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'': Elliot throws Keith's water in his face after he forgets to use a coaster on her coffee table.
* ''{{Series/Cracker}}''. Fitz finally convinces the beautiful DS Penhaligon to go out with him, [[OperationJealousy only to take her to the same restaurant his estranged wife has taken her date in order to show her up]]. While the two are arguing, Penhaligon can be heard asking the waiter for a jug of water, which she calmly pours over Fitz's head before walking out.
-->'''Fitz:''' (dripping wet) Anglo-Saxon foreplay.
* An epic one happens to Jack at the end of a ''Series/ThreesCompany'' episode when he secretly makes dates with two different women '''and''' his roommates, Janet and Chrissy on the same night and they all find out about it. They dump a bottle of wine and a bowl of soup dumped on his head, smash a cake in the face and a stuff a hot dog in his mouth!
* ''Series/{{House of Anubis}}''- Pouring a drink on someone Patricia's favorite ways of getting revenge- she does it at least once every season, and it's been [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] on a few occasions. To elaborate, she did it in the premier to Nina, when she was trying to get information out of her, and in another episode to Amber when they told on her for trying to take Nina's locket. She poured milk on Eddie in season two for only dancing with her on a bet, and then in Season 3 she threw juice at KT and finally, poured juice over Willow. (She was a sinner in the latter case, however.) In the finale movie, she TRIED to do it twice, but was stopped on both occasions.
** She also attacks Eddie with creamed carrot when he accidentally got some on her shirt. This started a food fight.
** KT once threw her cereal at Patricia, in response to Patricia throwing juice at her.
* After a ThatCameOutWrong moment, Samantha dumps a drink on Simon while he is the pool in ''Series/TheWorstYearOfMyLifeAgain''.
* Creator/MontyPython had the Fish Slapping Dance.
* In ''Series/TheInbetweeners'', Charlotte pours a drink on Will's head when she finds out that he has told his work experience co-workers that she is his girlfriend and a pornstar.
* In the ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' two-part episode "[[Recap/StarTrekTheNextGenerationS5E8Unification2 Unification]]", Commander Riker gets so irritated dealing with a fat Ferengi at the bar when he is so uncooperative with answering the commander's questions that Riker dumps a plate of fish unto the Ferengi's lap.
* In the ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'' episode "Parturition", Neelix becomes [[GreenEyedMonster so jealous with Tom Paris hanging around with Kes]] that he dumps a plate of [[AlienLunch Alfarian hair pasta]] on Tom's uniform. Tom responds in kind. Then Captain Janeway comms them to report to her Ready Room for a briefing, and they don't have time to clean up the evidence.
* In one ''{{Series/The Swamp Fox}}'' episode, one of the guys thwarts an arrest attempt and starts a bar brawl by tossing his glass of booze in a Redcoat's face.
* ''Series/NewTricks'': In "Lottery Curse", Fiona dumps a drink over Danny's head after she finds out he bet on whether Sascha had sex.
* ''Series/MidsomerMurders'':
** "Not In My Back Yard" opens with a heated argument about an experimental design house being built in a traditional village where a woman hurls a glass of champagne in the architect's face. Needless to say, she becomes the first VictimOfTheWeek.
** In "Death in Chorus", a dispute between two choir directors erupts into a brawl when one of them (played by Creator/PeterCapaldi) throws a drink in the other's face in the pub.
* ''Series/RelicHunter'': In "Diamond in the Rough", Sydney dumps a glass of water into the lap of Nigel's boorish friend Tony (having just flicked hot cigar ash on him).
* ''Series/{{Wings}}'' has an episode during Joe and Helen's tense "between relationships" phase where they're trying to be friendly and get into an argument in Joe's kitchen (while his current girlfriend, who Helen is trying to be friends with, is out of the room) which quickly devolves into repeatedly slapping each other in the face with flour coated beef. Which then devolves (evolves?) further into kissing.
--> '''Helen:''' Whoa. What the hell was that?
--> '''Joes:''' I don't know. One minute we were slapping each other with meat. The next minute things got weird.
* ''Series/{{Columbo}}'': In "Publish or Perish", Miles Greenleaf throws his drink over a bartender as part of his attention attracting antics as he carefully establishes an alibi.
* ''Series/FatherBrown'': In "The Kembleford Dragon", Mrs Webb tosses a glass of water in the face of the odious Buddy Arnold during a heated town meeting.
* The KoreanDrama ''Everybody, Kimchi!'' [[https://youtu.be/xflOya8d3AU?t=1m33s had one character literally slap another with kimchi]], with MemeticMutation ensuing instantly.
** The above, as well as the "throwing water at someone's face" variant, got parodied in a ''Saturday Night Live Korea'' sketch with Creator/ChloeMoretz [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXOEixzkuVw&ab_channel=chlomovideos about K-Drama cliches]].
* ''Series/{{Endeavour}}'': In "Muse", HighClassCallGirl Eve Thorne throws a drink in Morse's face following a loaded conversation between the two of them.

[[folder:Music Video]]
* In the video for Music/PatBenatar's "Love Is A Battlefield", after [[TheRunaway Pat's character]] sees a fellow dancer at a nightclub she worked at get mishandled by their boss, she retaliates by throwing a drink into her boss' face before she and all the other workers leave the nightclub.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* In a ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'' arc centered on Roger attending his college reunion, one strip opens with a woman confirming that he's Roger Fox, from the Delta Theta fraternity, at which point she says "After all these years, I can't believe I found you!" ...And then promptly throws her drink in his face, calling him a pig. And as this is happening, [[HereWeGoAgain another woman walks up, asking "Roger Fox?"]]
* One ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' comic had [[JerkAss Garfield]] approaching [[ButtMonkey Odie]] with a pie held above his head. He stops, [[SubvertedTrope then turns around, and walks back the way he came.]]
--> '''Garfield:''' [[PragmaticVillainy I have more respect for food than that.]]

[[folder: VideoGames]]
* ''VideoGame/GuildOfDungeoneering'' has a "shield" that is clearly a mug of tea. It grants a fireball attack, presumably by letting you do this to enemies.
* [[DemBones Bone Courtiers]] from ''VideoGame/DarkestDungeon'' have the ability "Tempting Goblet", which involves throwing their cup of wine in a hero's face. Considering that this causes ''physical injury'' on top of upsetting them, it must be some really bad wine (who knows how many centuries out of the bottle, being irradiated by the concentrated awful pouring off the local EldritchAbomination might have something to do with that, by the way).

[[folder:Visual Novel]]
* ''Franchise/AceAttorney'': Godot has thrown his coffee at Phoenix Wright three times. In the middle of '''[[CourtroomAntics court!]]'''
* ''VisualNovel/{{Kisetsu o Dakishimete}}'', the second game in the ''VisualNovel/{{Yarudora}}'' series, has Tomoko throwing a plate full of sweets to the protagonist's face in the "Four Seasons" Café sequence, if you choose to surprise her and do a "Who is it?" hands-covering-eyes game (instead of calling her from afar), [[PervertRevengeMode making her think it was a random pervert's doing]]. Especially [[{{Irony}} ironic]], since she loves to play that game on the protagonist herself.

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* [[http://nonadventures.com/2016/04/16/hanging-chads/ This comic]] from ''Webcomic/TheNonAdventuresOfWonderella'' depicts Dana escaping a dull conversation with an ex-boyfriend by throwing her drink on him in the style of ''VideoGame/{{Pokemon}}''.
* In ''Webcomic/OctopusPie'', Eve throws a drink in her ex-boyfriend Park's face after he casually reveals that he and the rest of her old friends have had several major life events (like marriage) without even thinking to tell her, and that he'd been in the city more than once before he casually called for SexWithTheEx. It actually [[RealityEnsues causes him quite a bit of pain]] since he was wearing contacts.

[[folder:Web Video]]
* ''WebVideo/WelcomeToSanditon'': Edward gets hit by ice cream when he and Clara have an argument over her ice cream shop which the Mayor wants to turn into a juice bar.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Greedy throws food at Brainy to get him to shut up about critiquing his cooking in ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'' episode "Gingerbread Smurfs". At the end of the episode, Brainy gets thrown out of the village along with his cookie, which lands on his head.
** And Brainy gets ice cream thrown in his face at the end of "The Smurfwalk Cafe".
** Clumsy gets muffins thrown in his face at the end of "The Secret Of The Village Well".
** And in "The Golden Smurf Award," Clumsy gets pelted with bits of Greedy's Gargamel cake after it collapses.
** Smurfette gives Farmer one by dumping a plate of fruit into his face in "Farmer's Genie".
** A different version of Greedy also gives Brainy a food slap with a piece of cake in ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfsAndTheMagicFlute''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLooneyTunesShow'': Daffy remembers doing this to Porky at high school by pushing a plate of cake into his face. As it turns out, [[spoiler: it was actually BigManOnCampus Porky who pushed the cake into Daffy's face]].
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', "The Best Night Ever": [[PrinceCharmless Prince Blueblood]] uses Rarity as a shield against [[PieInTheFace a flying cake]]. For Rarity, who had been dealing with his rudeness to herself and others all night, its the final straw; she gives him a ReasonYouSuckSpeech and shakes her own head, splattering ''him'' in cake.
-->'''Blueblood:''' Stay back! I just had myself groomed!\\
'''Rarity:''' Afraid to get ''dirty?!''
* In the ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'' episode "Franny 911", Francine slaps Roger in the face with a bass after he (among other things) throws it at her shoes.
** In "Office Spaceman", a flashback shows nuns hitting Francine with a fish at her old orphanage (It was usually a head of beef, but this was on a Friday).
* ''WesternAnimation/TUFFPuppy'' episode "Freaky Spy-Day", Dudley does it to Jack by spilling water at him, and putting ketchup and butter to his face; all while being in Kitty's body.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'': In "Play It Again, Brian", when Peter calls Brian out on his inability to sustain a relationship Brian throws his drink at him.
* Played with in ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' when Teri splashes her cup of water in Tobias's face for hitting on her. Tobias says that was just because "She's knows I'm hot" and Penny, realizing [[{{Unishment}} he welcomes another splash to the face]], simply pours her glass out in front of him.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'', in a DVD extra, does a cooking show with guest Alton Brown, who quickly garners tension by criticizing Archer's eating and drinking habits. As Brown talks, Archer throws a piece of expensive pata negra ham on his face. Brown throws a stick of butter onto Archer's face, and a violent fight ensues, with a cut to a WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties card.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* February 4th (2010) Lindsay Lohan went to see her ex, Samantha Ronson, spin at Crown Bar in West Hollywood. It was reported that "Lindsay was trying to get Sam's attention, but Sam was working and apparently ignored her...Lindsay began 'dirty dancing' with a girl in front of Sam, who then became infuriated and called Lindsay 'a disgrace," after which Lindsay picked up a drink and threw it straight in Sam's face."
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhSnLqW7Eu4 Waiter! Bring Me Water]], Shania Twain directly calling on this trope.
* A [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbifHevHekE live TV interview in 1995]] with Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Boris Nemtsov ended in an orange juice fight.