[[http://flyovercity.blogspot.com/ Flyover City!]] is a WebSerialNovel written in blog form, about a twenty-something slacker / fanboy who works as a call center employee for the "big evil empire".

It's sorta like a mash-up of ''Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen'', ''[[HighFidelity High Fidelity]]'' and ''Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy''
Provides examples of:
* {{Charles Atlas Superpower}}: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] when the main character decides to pursue a career in crimefighting after his beloved 1975 Vespa is stolen.
* [[spoiler:{{Heroic Sacrifice}}]]: [[spoiler:The Green Lama]]
* {{The Load}}: See above.
* {{Made of Phlebotinum}}: ''FC''!'s superheroes can do all those superhero-y things that are impossible in the real world thanks to "Malphysical Particles", which create a cosmic loophole in the laws of physics, rendering them “malleable”.
* UsefulNotes/{{Nikola Tesla}}: The archatypal mad scientist’s time in Colorado Springs plays a vital role in the plot.
* {{Not So Different}}: [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]]. When the protagonist tells the big bad ''“…you know, we really aren't so different, you and I. Us, I mean.”'' - the villain is compelled to list off all the ways they are emphatically ''not'' alike.
* {{Public Domain Character}}: pulp novel / comic book hero Green Lama serves as [[MrExposition Mr. Exposition]] and [[CynicalMentor Cynical Mentor]].
* {{Punny Name}}: [[SinisterMinister Sinister Minister]] Deacon Struck. Because the story is all about [[GenreDeconstruction deconstructing]] the superhero genre. Get it? ''Get it''??
* {{Shock And Awe}}: Lilywatt
* {{Stripperific}}: The [[FetishFuel electrified-whip wielding heroine]] Lilywatt goes undercover as a stripper (but ''only'' because the plot demands it).
* {{Whip It Good}}: Lilywatt's [[ShockAndAwe electrically charged whips]].