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[[caption-width-right:295:The original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, clockwise from top-left: [[BigBad Magneto]], [[TheDarkChick Scarlet Witch]], [[TheBrute Quicksilver]], [[TheEvilGenius Mastermind]], and [[TheDragon Toad]].]]

Heroes aren't the only ones who enjoy bonding in groups of five. Villains do it, too, making this {{trope}} the EvilCounterpart of the FiveManBand. This isn't necessarily done to mirror the heroes or provide any sort of advantage; in fact, many Five-Bad Bands are in place even before the FiveManBand is. Note also that Five-Bad Bands are more fluid than Five Person Bands, open to more roster changes. However, if there are not five of them, it's not a FiveBadBand, it is a StandardEvilOrganizationSquad.

The roles in a Five-Bad Band are:

#'''The BigBad'''--Counterpart to TheLeader or TheHero, or if present sometimes the BigGood. Likely with an inner circle of {{mooks}} to do their bidding and often also an [[TheEvilArmy Evil Army]] as well. Often will be more difficult to identify early on because of the very nature of a BigBad.
#'''TheDragon'''--Counterpart to TheLancer, or on occasion TheHero if the BigBad v BigGood thing is going on. Usually more physical than their boss, and commonly the most trusted member of the bunch. Good for leading {{Mooks}}. If the BigBad is a Barbaric Psychopath, then the Dragon will likely be the most [[WickedCultured "classy"]], and Vice Versa. Much like TheLancer, in the absence of a SixthRangerTraitor, TheDragon is the most likely to betray the team (''especially'' if they're TheStarscream), and may bear their share of resentment towards the BigBad[[note]]although if there's more than one Dragon, odds are at least one will be fully loyal[[/note]]. More likely to be TheHero's EvilCounterpart or WorthyOpponent within the context of the story than the BigBad is.
# '''The EvilGenius'''--Counterpart to TheSmartGuy. Operates the weapons or acts as MissionControl for the others. Often essential to the evil scheme; their screwing up could mean the entire thing falls apart. Most likely of this group to be BadBoss'd for this very reason. Ironically, being less manically evil doesn't make them a better candidate for a HeelFaceTurn, as they are often just completely amoral. More prone to insanity or [[BunnyEarsLawyer other quirks]] than others. Very likely to be a MadScientist (or an EvilSorcerer in fantasy-oriented works), and also has a high chance of being TheStarscream.
# '''TheBrute'''--Counterpart to TheBigGuy. If {{the Dragon}} doesn't [[MookLieutenant lead]] the {{Mooks}}, they will. While likely not better in a fight than TheDragon, is often the most physically powerful and often the most sadistic. Likes to fight and get his hands dirty, and is usually second best to {{the Dragon}} at doing so. Oh, and they are [[GiantMook big]], and sometimes ([[GeniusBruiser but not always]]) [[DumbMuscle pretty dim]].
#'''The DarkChick'''--Counterpart to TheChick. She's more likely to [[ManipulativeBastard toy with emotions]], or outright [[IceQueen ignores them]], rather than tending to her team. Tends to have a [[TheVamp seductive presence]] and [[DatingCatwoman flirts even with the heroes]]. If she has personal motivations instead of just being in it ForTheEvulz she becomes most likely candidate for CoDragons. If in an [[SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism optimistic setting,]] she will be the one most likely to be [[HighHeelFaceTurn redeemed and not die horrifically]] (and probably [[VillainessesWantHeroes hook up with]] TheHero or TheLancer). If she doesn't get CharacterDevelopment, she's just there for a DesignatedGirlFight because TheHero isn't allowed to hit girls. Some lineups forego this role, or just combine it with, BunnyEarsLawyer and the WackyGuy.

Also frequent is for the group to get a SixthRanger of its own - possibly a SixthRangerTraitor. Sometimes there'll be a more classical [[TheLancer Lancer]]. Just like with the FiveManBand, the former can either be a FaceHeelTurn or just simply a third entity that eventually joins them and the latter is a member that undergoes a HeelFaceTurn (although the member doesn't necessarily have to join the heroes opposing the organization). It's extraordinarily rare for a Five-Bad Band to get a TeamPet, though. However, when they do, [[FluffyTheTerrible it]] will be out on the field of battle trying to ream {{redshirt}}s of the team to death or is seen consuming {{mooks}} like treats.

In general this team is the ultimate enemy to defeat, being [[FixedRelativeStrength equal and opposite]] their enemies. However, if they are a group sent out by the BigBad and have a leadership structure but are nothing more than a dangerous group to cause trouble then it is a QuirkyMinibossSquad. A Five Bad Team can double as ThePsychoRangers, the collective EvilTwin of a FiveManBand.

When adding entries to this list, please follow the order as listed above. Also remember, the individual character {{trope}}s are very specific character types. It is tempting to match one or two possible characters and then shove other characters in a QuirkyMinibossSquad to fit this {{trope}}. Like the FiveManBand, they have a team dynamic, not just vague personality quirks.

Compare and contrast with a StandardEvilEmpireHierarchy.


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