{{BBC}} comedy show from the mid-1990s starring comedy double act Creator/StewartLee and RichardHerring. One of the last of an era of sketch shows presented in front of a studio audience that began with ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus''. Similar in style to a ''ABitOfFryAndLaurie'' and ''TheMaryWhitehouseExperience'', being quite intellectual and popular with students and 20-somethings. The main difference being that Lee and Herring were more self depricating, GenreSavvy, and played up their Generation X alter egos; Herring as the neurotic manchild and Lee being the aloof Morrissey lookalike who would "listen to music that nobody else would like just to show off". Other reccuring characters included 'Peter' (played and written by Peter Baynham, previously of ''TheDayToday'') a disgusting loser who provided "Lifestyle Tips", and Simon Quinlank (Kevin Eldon) an over-zealous hobbyist who has Nazi-esque enthusiasm for various bizarre hobbies ("Old Man Collecting").

!!Provides examples of:

* BerserkButton: Any suggestion to "Rod Hull" that he isn't actually Rod Hull "I AM HIM!".
* BritishBrevity: Two series of six episodes.
* CompanionCube: Donny Oddlegs, Peter's only friend.
* TheDanza: Peter Baynham as 'Peter'
* EpunymousTitle: Parodied in the Spin Off book with a whole list of sitcom titles based on the theme of "X in the Y' ("Bird in the Hand" Ian Bird is manager of 'The Hand' pub' "God in Heaven" Ian Godd is manager of 'Heaven' pub.)
* ExecutiveMeddling: The reason the studio went from a grungy warehouse look to a less suitable bright red and white set between series.
* {{Galaxian}}: "The product of the dark lord that is Satan"
* {{Jerkass}}: Rich throws Peter's only friend in a bin and sets him on fire. And teases the '[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmRf1zURNsw&feature=related Girl Who Smelt of Spam]]'.
* KeepCirculatingTheTapes: Lee & Herring have bought the rights to the show themselves and are self-releasing the DVD. Look out for it towards the end of 2011.
* LonersAreFreaks: Peter definitely qualifies.
* RealitySubtext: There's a dig at Lee and Herring's fellow "On The Hour" writer Patrick Marber (Peter O'Hanrah'o'hanrahan on TheDayToday), who they ''really'' didn't like very much.
* RunningGag: Every episode starts with Lee and Herring jumping out of crates - or, rather, Lee and somebody else (be it a Frenchman or the gimp from ''Film/PulpFiction'') jumping out of crates.
** The Hobby sketches also usually involve a reference to a weak lemon drink.
* SoundToScreenAdaptation: Started on BBC Radio.
* SpecialGuest: None other than [[spoiler:the real Rod Hull!]]
* SpoofAesop: "Stewart Lee's True Fables": The moral of The Ant And ''The Man''? Well the ant, being an insect, had died of old age.
* StalkerShrine: Rich has a shrine to Julia Sawalha (complete with ''a well'') and wig that looks like her hair.
** This was due to him having dated her for 18 months. Not sure if this was before or after the Sawalha shrine though, and I'm not sure which is weirder!
*** This was 5 years before he went out with her. She hadn't seen the sketche, and ended up watching it with Rich and his dad.
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: Rich would say something; Stew would point out it was nonsense, ending with a rhetorical reducto ad absurdum such as "Or do you want to swim in raw sewage?" Richard would then reply "Honestly, if I wanted to swim in sewage then I'd..." and proceed to outline a highly detailed plan for breaking into his local sewage plant during the guard's teabreak.
** In the stage show, during a lengthy Stewart Lee monologue, Richard left the stage with Peter and came back later with Peter's hair looking suspiciously damp. When Stewart asked what had happened, Rich replied 'Well, someone definitely didn't flush his head down the toilet seven times'
* Take That is a popular trope, usually against Patrick Marber or anybody complaing to or about the show.
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Rod Hull loves his jelly.
* UnintentionalPeriodPiece: The Simon Quinlank Hobbies sketch where his hobby is to destroy all computers so that "nerds" will have to stop surfing the internet and go back to real hobbies. And the Events Listings at the end spoofed real end credit listings designed to be paused on a VHS tape.
* UnreadablyFastText: The end credits provided a spoof 'Events Guide' full of silly messages. One of these was an advertisement for the Lee and Herring Video Repair Shop, suggesting you visit if you broke your video player by pausing it too many times.

!!You can drink your weak lemon drink now.