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A Fighting Spirit is when a person's ki/mana/spirit/psychic power is manifested in a physical form that acts on its own. They don't need to lift a finger to punch you; their ki will do it for them. This usually resembles SummonMagic, except that it's an extension of the user rather than a separate entity. This can sometimes manifest as an AnimalBattleAura. See also GuardianEntity, AstralProjection and ShapingYourAttacks.

For the ''other'' kind of Fighting Spirit, see HeroicResolve.


[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* TropeCodifier for this trope in Japanese media are the Stands from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure''. They started out as a way of making PsychicPowers more visually interesting, and they were so awesome that they eventually became the most common power in the series. A strong fighting spirit is actually required to properly control a Stand. Jotaro's mother Holly starts ''dying'' when her Stand manifests because she's a gentle person with little fighting spirit. Jotaro's main reason for hunting Dio in Part III is to save her.
* Raoh from ''HokutoNoKen'', could use his ''[[BattleAura Touki]]'' to attack an opponent without so much as flexing a single finger.
* Many of the Nen abilities from ''Manga/HunterXHunter'' qualify, such as Razor's 13 Devils.
* "[[RunningGag Inner Sakura]]" is often depicted as this in some ''Manga/{{Naruto}}''-themed videogames. Naruto's [[SuperPoweredEvilSide Fox Cloak]] can function as this, forming arms of chakra to attack independently of Naruto's movements and at its most powerful forming a gigantic AnimalBattleAura he controls from within. The Susanoo technique of the [[MagicalEye Sharingan]] similarly creates a massive EnergyBeing around the user, its form evolving from a [[DemBones skeletal]] form into a [[WarriorMonk yamabushi]] and then finally a {{Samurai}} as it increases in power.
* ''Manga/OnePiece''
** There's Haki, which can cause hundreds of people to pass out at the same time, enhance one's Attacks/Defense, [[spoiler: Luckily our clueless Hero has an especially powerful Haki named the "King's Disposition". As of Chapter 589, he is on an Island were he can train this Ability. Cue possible TrainingMontage]].
** Also, Zoro's ''Kyutoryu Asura'', seeing as its described as an extension of his spirit. Although its unknown whether its related to Haki or not.
* ''Anime/SCryed'' drew heavily from ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' with its Alters. The main difference is that while Stands are mental constructs, Alters are physical in nature (and blow away small portions of the landscape for the material form themselves). Additionally, only a few Alters are humanoid, with others becoming weapons, elements, or 'harmonius' armor, while Stands are the opposite - mostly humanoid, with a minority taking on other shapes or styles.
* Arguably, ''GGundam''[='s=] Sekiha Tenkyoken, a KamehameHadoken that takes the form of a gigantic energy fist. Near the end of the series, Domon even uses this to perform a gigantic version of his Bakunetsu God Finger attack that grabs the opponent's entire body and not just their head.
* This is how spirits are used in ''ShamanKing'', in many ways similar to Stands.
* In Anime/{{Ayakashi}}, the titular creatures can be seen as a literal embodiment of their user's life force; the more their power is used, the closer their user comes to death.


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* The Aura Smash technique in the ''BreathOfFire'' series creates a giant image of the user to strike the enemy.
* Nero from ''DevilMayCry 4'' manifests a FightingSpirit [[spoiler:version of Vergil]] when he uses [[SuperMode Devil Trigger]], in contrast to Dante who simply transforms into a demon.
* ''InazumaEleven'' Go ups the Super Dimentional Soccer by way of Avatars, which are basically [[Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure stands]] for football.
* Ansem from ''KingdomHearts'' fights with a LivingShadow "Guardian" which floats behind him. The Guardian seems to be an ability of his, not a separate entity.
* Persona from the ''VideoGame/{{Persona}}'' series are a representation of different sides of the user's personality, and are the basis of the game's magic system.


[[folder: Other ]]

* In ''MagicTheGathering'' this is a favored tactic of the planeswalker Ajani, who has several cards involving him making avatars from his or other people's emotions. The most direct is [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Discussion.aspx?multiverseid=174951 Soul's Fire]].
* In ''Series/PowerRangersJungleFury,'' a common battle tactic of members of the Order of the Claw is to summon giant ki representations of the animal one's fighting style is based on. There's one awesome scene where the BigBad and TheHero are fighting over ''here'' while at the same time their lion and tiger spirits (respectively) are fighting over ''there.'' This also exists in the ''Sentai'' version but done less often. Of course, these spirit animals being giant and solid create the series' HumongousMecha.
** Later, the Ranger's Masters are kidnapped and forced to attack the Rangers in the form of "Spirit Rangers" that are controlled from back in the villains' base, mimicking the mind-controlled Masters' moves. After the Masters are freed, the Rangers learn to summon them in battle much like they do their animal spirits. In the final episode, the Masters fight ''alongside their own Ranger forms.''
* {{Franchise/Green Lantern}}s and Lanterns of other colors sometimes use their constructs in this way. Karu-Sil of the Sinestro Corps especially is known for being accompanied by three constructs of [[RaisedByWolves the beasts that raised her]], and all of the Orange Lanterns are constructs of people that Larfleeze has killed and assimilated.