Tropes that describe entire fictional cultures, nations or ethnic groups.

See also NationalStereotypingTropes for tropes that relate to the fictional portrayals of specific RealLife nations.

!!Fantastic cultures:
* AlwaysChaoticEvil: An entire race of people who are simply evil.
* BarbarianTribe: Uneducated and often chaotic, ranging from AlwaysChaoticEvil mooks to ProudWarriorRace {{Noble Savage}}s.
* BornInTheSaddle: A culture centered around horses and horseriding.
* BornUnderTheSail: A culture centered around sailing.
* ElementalNation: Nations divided based on ElementalMagic.
* FantasyCounterpartCulture: Cultures on non-Earth worlds that are similar to real ones.
** CultureChopSuey: Fantasy Counterpart Culture cobbled together from several real ones.
* FantasticCasteSystem: A society divided into very different and distinct cultures, and nearly always lacking individual freedom to move between them.
* FictionalUnitedNations: A government of governments, mediating between nations.
* HordesFromTheEast: Lots of feared enemies coming from the east.
* LadyLand: A land where women are in power and men are rare.
* ModernMayincatecEmpire: AlternateHistory has let a Native American empire survive and flourish into the modern day.
* MulticulturalAlienPlanet
* PlanetOfHats: A planet where everyone has the same theme or identifying characteristic.
** MySpeciesDothProtestTooMuch: ...Except for this person.
* ProudMerchantRace: A race built around making money.
* ProudScholarRace: A race built around learning and knowledge.
* ProudWarriorRace: A race built around warfare and honor.
* ScaryDogmaticAliens: Evil aliens with an obvious dogma, usually a standin for real life ideologies.
* SpaceNomads: Peoples who spend their time traveling space without a permanent home.
* SpaceRomans: A human or HumanAlien culture that strongly resembles one from Earth's history.

!!Cultures to base your fictional culture upon:
* AncientEgypt
* AncientGreece: Home of [[Creator/{{Socrates}} phi]][[Creator/{{Plato}} loso]][[Creator/{{Aristotle}} phy]] and much of [[Myth/ClassicalMythology fantasy's bestiary]].
* AncientRome: [[GladiatorGames Gladiators]], [[GodEmperor Emperors]], [[UsefulNotes/TheGloryThatWasRome and an army that you don't want to mess with]].
* DarkestAfrica:
* {{Eagleland}}: American styled culture based around democracy, liberty, and freedom. For better or for worse.
* EskimoLand: The HornyVikings to the InjunCountry.
* FarEast: {{Samurai}}, {{Ninja}}s, and {{Yokai}}
* GloriousMotherRussia: Soviet-inspired military and ruthless politics. CityOfSpies everywhere.
* HornyVikings: [[GrimUpNorth Northern Northmen]] who [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy base their lives on fighting and glory]].
* InjunCountry: People commune with the forces of nature, living in tipis, and believe in totems.
* WelcomeToTheCaribbeanMon: {{Pirates}} rule the seas with drugs, rum, and terror. You'll be lucky if they're romatizised.

!!Cultures defined by their government:
* TheAlliance: A group of smaller nations banded together for political strength, usually versus TheEmpire.
* TheEmpire: Evil, regimented, and intent upon world domination.
* TheFederation: A generally good, generally democratic ReasonableAuthorityFigure.
* HegemonicEmpire: An empire which absorbs instead of conquers and makes people want to be a part of it.
* TheHorde: Loosely-connected barbarian masses.
* TheKingdom: A usually small, usually good, sometimes magical kingdom.
* MicroMonarchy: A tiny country with a monarchy, usually modern and liberalized.
* PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny: TheEmpire trying to pass itself off as TheFederation. Includes in its name words referring to freedom and democracy.
* TheRepublic: Usually capitalist, democratic, and humanitarian heroic culture, more tight-knit than TheFederation.
* RisingEmpire: A proud race in an expansionist phase, usually led by TheConqueror.
* TheTheocracy: A society in which the Church is the government.
* VestigialEmpire: An empire which has seen better days.
* VoluntaryVassal: A culture that has willingly sworn to TheEmpire and receives better treatment than those who have been subjugated.

!!Cultural details that make a culture more fantastic:
* BazaarOfTheBizarre: A marketplace selling strange and wonderful things.
* {{Conlang}}: The author makes up entire languages.
* {{Constellations}}: The creators create their own new constellations to fill up the sky.
* ExoticExtendedMarriage: Exotic cultures are more open to unusual marriage arrangements.
* FantasticHonorifics: This culture uses unusual manners of address to show status.
* FantasticNamingConvention: People in this culture have names in an unusual format.
* FantasticRacism: People in this culture are racist for unusual reasons.
* FantasticRankSystem: This culture's military uses a fictional system of ranks.
* FantasyWorldMap: The author has detailed the geography of the world.
** LeftJustifiedFantasyMap: If the work contains only part of a world map, it normally shows that the main cultures are on the western part of the continent, and "the east" is undefined.
* FictionalZodiac: The culture has its own version of the zodiac.
* NamedworldAndNamedland: The country is named "something-land".
* OneMansTrashIsAnothersTreasure: People in this culture find [[MundaneObjectAmazement mundane things amazing]] or [[SolidGoldPoop amazing things mundane]].

!!Fictional settings for these cultures:
* {{Arcadia}}: A gentle, utopic countryside where people are InHarmonyWithNature.
* {{Americasia}}: A setting where the dominant culture is a blend of American and Asian culture.
* FictionalCountry: A fictional country in an otherwise real setting.
** BananaRepublic: A fictional developing tropical nation, usually of of Central or South America, populated by militias and tinpot dictators.
** {{Bulungi}}: A fictional developing country wedged into central or southern Africa.
** {{Qurac}}: A generic Middle Eastern country populated by sand, camels, optional oil, and either sultans or terrorists.
** {{Ruritania}}: A small backwards country in Central Europe.
** {{Uberwald}}: A dark and gothic Eastern European setting.
* GhibliHills: Pristine and usually not-too-dangerous wilderness near civilization.
* GrimUpNorth: The frigid north is a place of darkness and danger, and possibly evil.
* LandOfOneCity: The setting (country, kingdom, planet...) has only one city, making it a City-State.
* TheLostWoods: Vast old forest, more dangerous than the GhibliHills.
* MagicalLand: The "other world" which people from ours visit.
* NorthIsColdSouthIsHot: When the north of the world map has all the cold regions, and the south has all the warm regions.
* TheSavageSouth: The south is barbaric, inhospitable, and hot.
* UnitedEurope: Europe has become a unified entity.
* {{Wutai}}: A generic FarEast-flavored setting in MedievalFantasy.