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[[caption-width-right:300:[[MsFanservice Another reason]] [[WesternAnimation/MegasXLR we dig giant robots]].]]
In a story where sentient robots are commonplace, some of those robots are designed to look feminine. This tends to include RobotHair, sleeker, curvier bodies and bumps on the chest, as well as possible makeup-like patterns on the face. Other TertiarySexualCharacteristics may also be present.

Differs from a RobotGirl in that a robot girl is basically a girl who happens to be a robot, while a Fembot is a robot who happens to be female. While robot girls always look human with the possible exceptions of antennae or metal joints, fembots are unmistakeably robotic with female bits welded on.

It may not make too much sense when robots in a given universe lack certain "functions" or if the robot is ''male while in construction''.

Fembots tend to be rarer in fiction, simply because it's easier to design a robotic character that doesn't look distinctly feminine than one that does. It's not enough to add TertiarySexualCharacteristics or a BreastPlate. The obvious question is "why", when robots don't reproduce sexually; but one can also say "Why not?" and further "why are [[MenAreGenericWomenAreSpecial genderless machines lumped in with males by default]] anyway?" When this trope applies to HumongousMecha instead of robot, they are almost always piloted by girls.

The [[TropeNamer name]] comes from 1970's ''Series/TheBionicWoman'', though the fembots in those were {{robot girl}}s. If you're interested, the technical term for these bots is "gynoid"; same root as "android", but "andro" means man (in the sense of a male human) while "gyno" means woman (obviously).

When a FemBot meets a male robot, RoboRomance might ensue.

The [[http://fembotwiki.com/index.php?title=Main_Page Fembot Wiki]] collects information on the subject. Most of its content is {{NSFW}}.


* A commercial for canned goods that aired during the Superbowl in the 80's featured a sleek, CGI-created female robot, animated by matching the movements of a female model in a reclining chair. Unsurprisingly, the commercial spot was called "Sexy Robot".

* Aphrodite A, Diana A and Minerva X from ''MazingerZ'' and Venus A from ''GreatMazinger''.
** They even join forces in ''Manga/MazingerAngels''.
** [[GetterRobo Getter Q]] and other female robot mooks in ShinMazinger are also this. Go Nagai seems to love this trope
** Not to mention Wingle from ''MazinkaiserSKL''.
** The PSX game ''Getter Robo Daikessen!'' introduces Getter Zan, a Getter Q expy that comes complete with its own different forms.
* [=AnRyu, KouRyu and TenRyuJin=] from ''GaoGaiGar''.
** Also Piggy, the robot maid that serves all the GGG robots, and may or may not have flirted with Mic Sounders at some point.
** Piggy clearly had a thing for Volfogg, the final scene of GaoGaiGar Final has them holding hands.
* Bo and Boo formed the arms of the ''MightyOrbots''.
* Neo Sweden's Nobel Gundam from ''Anime/MobileFighterGGundam'' deserves mention here.
** And for {{Gundam00}}, we get the delicious GN Archer, endearingly called the GM's imouto.
* ''MahouSenseiNegima'': Though treated in story as a normal human girl, Chachamaru's first body was very obviously that of a robot, with visible joints, jetpack boots, mostly being emotionless (except involving doing stuff like helping kitties and her crush on [[AdorablyPrecociousChild Negi]]) and UnusualEars for good measure. Also breasts, long hair and [[strike:[[FantasticArousal seemingly what amounts to]] [[TheImmodestOrgasm sexual excitement when]]]] let's not get sidetracked there right now. Apparently, nobody actually ''noticed'' the not-quite-human bits besides the resident MetaGirl. She upgraded into full RobotGirl status, though, even before becoming indistinguishable in appearance from a human.
* Go Okusaer, Neo Okusaer, Volspinner and Core Gunner of ''{{Godannar}}''
* Gynoids are central to the plot of ''GhostInTheShell 2: Innocence''.
* ''TransformersCybertron'' gave us Thunderblast. Let's see... NonMammalMammaries, {{Underboobs}}, and in one scene in ep. 32, ''[[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:ThunderblastBoobsAndNipples01.jpg visible nipples]]''.
** Also Arcee in ''TransformersEnergon'' (as well as the in-show knock off of her model, used for medics and filling crowds), though not nearly so fan service-y
* ''StarDriver'''s Tauburn - a rare example of a fembot piloted by a boy. It has a tiny waist, wide hips, heeled shoes, and a chest shaped like that of women's plate armour.

* Morrigun is a female member of a warrior robot band called the ''ComicBook/ABCWarriors''. Her combat abilities are derived from secondary bouncer software; her primary function is ''waitress''.
* In Creator/JossWhedon's run on ''[[ComicBook/XMen Astonishing X-Men]]'', he introduced a new villain called Danger, the AI from the Danger Room developing a murderous personality and building a female-looking robot body for itself.
** She underwent a HeelFaceTurn after Xavier, Rogue and Gambit saved her from being taken by Shi'ar bounty hunters, and is now the warden at Utopia.
* Tiffany, one of the main characters in ''ComicBook/FallOutToyWorks''.
* Platinum (AKA Tina) and, now, Copper, from Creator/DCComics' MetalMen.
* [[http://marvel.com/universe/Jocasta Jocasta]], formerly of ComicBook/TheAvengers (about 100 iterations ago).
* In the ComicBook/{{New 52}}'s ComicBook/{{Earth 2}}, ComicBook/RedTornado is a feminine robot rather than the masculine robot Tornado was pre-New 52. Pre-Flashpoint, the male Tornado was given a "sister", Red Torpedo.
* Robota, Planet Terry's companion in Marvel/Star Comics' ''Planet Terry.''

* One of the earliest examples in film is Hel, from Fritz Lang's ''Film/{{Metropolis}}''. She/it is eventually disguised as the film's heroine, thus ''becoming'' a RobotGirl.
* The cover art for the film ''LiquidSky'' has one of these.
* In ''Film/AttackOfTheClones'', the alien chef Dexter had a female [[InsistentTerminology droid]] waitress at his diner.
* Despite being called Fembots, the ones that appear in the ''AustinPowers'' movies are RidiculouslyHumanRobots and not these. At least they have machine-gun jubblies.
** Vanessa gets replaced by one between the first and second films (a "wedding gift" from Dr. Evil?). Machine-gun jubblies included.
* Blue Sky's WesternAnimation/{{Robots}} has them all over the place. During the assembly of the main character, his father asks if they want a boy or girl. The mother answers boy, followed by a clang and crying.
* Cleo from ''Film/{{Automata}}'' is evocative as a mix of [=ASIMO=] and the bot from Music/{{Bjork}}'s "All is Full of Love" as an awkwardly designed SexBot.

* OlderThanTelevision: The French novel ''La Femme Endormie'' (1899).
* The JN ("[[RobotNames Jane]]") series of robots in Creator/IsaacAsimov's short story "Feminine Intuition". The story is practically a lighthearted deconstruction of the trope: US Robots experimenting with artificial sexual characteristics, the project engineers becoming [[PerverseSexualLust bashful]] once they get a feminine voice working, and Susan Calvin ''rolling her eyes at the whole project as hard as she can''.
* In ''Literature/TheRobotsOfDawn'', Daneel mentions that some robots are called "she" on Aurora (where the custom is not to refer to robots as "it" due to social reasons). ''Literature/RobotsAndEmpire'' briefly features one such robot, "delicately designed to appear female".
* The robot population in Creator/FritzLeiber's "The Silver Eggheads" is divided into males and females because it turns out to be very beneficial to robotic mental health to be able to have sex -- robotic sex, which entails sharing power on the same circuit. They don't have to do this by an exacting emulation of human sex, but that's the way it works out culturally, possibly in a collective form of wanting to BecomeARealBoy.
* The Stalker Fang of ''MortalEngines'', while technically a cyborg, not a robot, is designed to look feminine, being sleeker and more elegant than other Stalkers.
* The [[IncrediblyLamePun titular]] character in the obscure TSR sci-fi novel ''Warsprite,'' whom the main human protagonist still falls in love with.
* In the novel Code Of The Lifemaker sentient robots (the result of a damaged alien factory ship crashing on the moon Titan and attempting to fulfill its damaged programming imperatives) living in a medieval society actually come in 'male' and 'female' flavors, right down to the females becoming pregnant as a result of programming code exchange which they then upload into one of the many sprawling factory computers where the 'child' is assembled.
* Parodied with Gladys in the ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' novels ''Discworld/GoingPostal'' and ''Discworld/MakingMoney'', who is an ordinary {{Golem}} given a new name and a gingham dress in order to satisfy Miss Maccalariat's strong views on who should be allowed to clean the ladies' privy. The weird part is that once she become Gladys, other characters start treating her as female, and she starts thinking of herself as female. At one point, Moist, thinking about how ridiculous the whole thing is, compares her to the [[MenAreGenericWomenAreSpecial "male" golems]], and then has to remind himself that they ''aren't'' male, any more than Gladys is female.

* The androids (including of course the Anne-droid) in the ''Series/DoctorWho'' ep "Bad Wolf".
* Despite being called Fembots, the named robots from TheSixMillionDollarMan are actually RidiculouslyHumanRobots that can even impersonate specific people well known to the person they are interacting with, and are not all female. (One comes close to passing for Oscar Goldman to Steve Austin. It doesn't quite pull it off, but only because Steve notices the unusually deep footprints of the robot on the carpet in Oscar's office, and tests it by surreptitiously tossing a pencil underfoot and the robot crushes it to splinters.)

* Eminem's MusicVideo for "We Made You" has [[{{Transformers}} a purple semi truck transform into one of these]], [[GagBoobs with certain parts accented]].
* The cover of the Music/{{Aerosmith}} album ''Just Push Play'' depicts a fembot doing a MarilynManeuver.

* ''Pinball/TheMachineBrideOfPinbot'' combines this trope with HumongousMecha. She returns in the sequel, ''Pinball/JackBot''.
** A small Fembot can be seen on the backglass and playfield of ''[[Pinball/{{Pinbot}} Pin*Bot]]'', but it's unclear if it was meant to be a different character.
* The titular character of ''Pinball/{{Xenon}}'' is suggested to be one, though only her head and shoulders are visible.
* The chrome fembot in ''Pinball/{{Viper}}'' is the most memorable aspect of the game.

* Warforged in ''{{Eberron}}'' are usually asexual, but those who identify strongly with a female gender identity may modify themselves into {{Fembot}}s.
* The Nova ESR from ''{{Monsterpocalypse}}''.

* Roodaka from ''{{Bionicle}}'' qualifies, possessing NonMammalMammaries and HartmanHips, as well as a number of TertiarySexualCharacteristics. Gali Mata also has shades of this, although it's much more subtle. Interestingly, all other female characters are aversions.
* Sun Shangxiang Gerbera from ''Toys/BBSenshiSangokuden''. She's a GenkiGirl and RebelliousPrincess in the provided comic, bonus point are that she's dressing up with a pair of {{Odango}}, and that female SD gundam is very rare. Gerbera is pretty much attractive for SuperDeformed macha lovers.

* Juana in ''VideoGame/{{Mother1}}'', and her [[UndergroundMonkey sisters]], Nancy and Kelly.
* The Gretel series in ''VideoGame/TimeSplitters.''
* Dolores from ''VideoGame/ZoneOfTheEnders: Dolores, i'' arguably straddles both lines. She has many of the characterizations of a Robot Girl, but happens to be a HumongousMecha.
** Enough to be the star of her very own hentai doujin, Dolores X. No we aren't linking you to it!
** Plenty of Orbital Frames, including the Nephitis and Ardjet, look pretty feminine as is.
*** All Orbital Frames that exhibit this are pretty special cases, considering that the majority of Orbital Frames also have literal ''cock''pits.
* ''VideoGame/VirtualOn'' gives us the Fei-Yen and Angelan series of mecha, modeled after MagicalGirl archetypes. (Fei-Yen is a MagicalGirlWarrior whose iterations frequently resemble a waitress of some sort, while Angelan looks like a WhiteMagicianGirl, but is probably more an homage to [[Manga/AhMyGoddess Belldandy]].)
** The third game, ''Virtual-On Force'', introduced the Guarayakha, which resembles something of a CuteWitch, but in a bizarre subversion, was actually the LightningBruiser boss mecha Jaguarandi in disguise. {{Squick}}.
** The fourth, ''Virtual-On Marz'', brought us fem'd versions of a robot with a previously AmbiguousGender, the three [[TransformingMecha MYZR]] Delta units belonging to the [[QuirkyMiniBossSquad Three Rose Sisters]].
* The ''VideoGame/CustomRobo'' games have the aptly named Aerial Beauty and Sexy Stunner robo types.
* Genders not revealed, but at least these robots in ''VideoGame/SuperRobotWars'' look female enough that the resident AscendedFanboy Ryusei fall heels over it: [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWars3 Valsione]] (this one also looks [[RidiculouslyHumanRobot ridiculously human]]), [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsAdvance Angelg]], and the [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsOriginalGeneration Fairlions]]. Possibly also [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsReversal Fiona's Excellence Eternal]], just to differentiate it with [[VideoGame/SuperRobotWarsReversal Raul's Excellence Lightning]], so it's given a MUCH more {{Fembot}}-ish appearance.
** Also, any of the above in an SRW game? Ryuusei's been there, drooling. Especially the French Dragon twins.
* The unnamed sex fembot from ''WesternAnimation/HeavyMetal FAKK 2''. Julie is less than pleased (more like disgusted) at her addition to the team and takes the first opportunity possible to off her.
* The service droids from ''VideoGame/MrRobot'' have a distinctly feminine shape.
* The Praetorian Clockwork androids in ''CityOfHeroes'' come in both male and female varieties. So far [[RobotGirl IVy]] is the only one that can be considered qualify as sentient.
* ''VideoGame/XMenNextDimension'' added a sleek, flying "Sentinel-Beta" to allow for more variety when compared to the male, large, grounded and slow Sentinel-Alpha. Apart from moves shared for plot reasons, they were quite different, averting DistaffCounterpart.
* Several from ''VideoGame/{{Xenogears}}''. Two are playable (Vierge and Crescens).
* In ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', EDI, the AI system installed aboard the Normandy that was carried over from the previous game in the series, gains remote control over a Fembot platform built by Cerberus after encountering it as an enemy combatant and later neutralizing its on-board AI. Combined with her being unshackled[[note]]IE: released from artificial constraints on her thought processes[[/note]] in the previous game, she begins to evolve from being merely intelligent to feeling truly "alive".
* One gets the feeling there was someone with a fetish working in Bioware, because around the same time as [=ME3=], the equally feminine looking robot with less of an excuse (being, apparently, the combat platform of another self evolving AI) called SCORPIO popped up in TheOldRepublic. She's basically GLaDOS with a body.
* Miss Bloody Rachel from ViewtifulJoe 2, who can also shapeshift to become a one-woman BossRush.
* FATE of ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'' adopts such a form for your boss fight with her.
* ''TheSims3'' allows this with the Into The Future and its Plumbots.
** SimBots from ''Ambitions'' also have physical differences depending on what gender they activate as; females have metal hair and a narrower waist. Servos from ''TheSims2 Open for Business'' may or may not count as male and female Servos share a body mesh but females sport cosmetic TertiarySexualCharacteristics, such as lipstick and a pink bow on their antennae.
* Female Mechari from ''VideoGame/WildStar'', good '''god.''' Their creators, the Eldan, specifically designed them to be like this, though.
--> '''Reporter''': So you're a Mechari! I didn't realize they made robots quite so...shapely.
--> '''Agent Voxine''': Rest assured, your reaction is perfectly normal. It merely confirms the effect of an appealing physique on those of diminished intelligence. Such as yourself.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Robopon}}'', several Robopon are this, such as Razor, Meddy, Betty, and Loopy.
* Female CASTs in the ''VideoGame/PhantasyStar'' series have this as one of their possible body types in the games that allow for character customization.
* There's one in ''VideoGame/{{Jazzpunk}}'' that's a prostitute, delivering such priceless lines as "Only if you use encryption, sweetie!" As she has the same body shape as all the human characters in the game, namely a genderless restroom sign symbol, it might be unclear if she qualifies as this or a Robot Girl... were it not for the flashing red readout where her eyes should be and the [[ComputerEqualsTapeDrive prominent tape reels]] [[GagBoobs on her chest]].
* WD-40 in ''SpaceQuest V'' is basically a gynoid version of Arnoid the Annihilator from ''Space Quest III''. After Cliffy reprograms her to be the SCS Eureka's science officer, she still maintains a cold, aloof demeanor, but at least not aiming to kill Roger Wilco. Her surprise attack [[spoiler: on the pukoid mutants]] during the game's climax [[TorpedoTits drives this trope to hilarious extents.]]

* Lincoln, Persephone, and Hades from ''CogaSuro.''
* In ''Webcomic/{{Freefall}}'' robots divide themselves into gender categories based on how much talking they do. None of them particularly look gendered, and the identified females are commonly bigger and stronger than their male peers.
* ''LastRes0rt'' has several female robot combinations:
** Gangrel (and Breya) are Cybee dolls with female owners; it's implied that Cybees are designed to mimic their owners, so the dolls may be technically genderless until paired up with an owner.
** Siege is either a ReplacementGoldfish or a BrainInAJar, but either way she still considers herself female.
** Peloton, who is very much an out-and-out fembot, complete with breastplate, eyelashes, and corset / gorget combo with TronLines.
* Webcomic/{{Sinfest}} has fembots as products from Devil Tech (even though they're technically [[RobotGirl robot girls]]).
** Slick got his fembot into [[RealityEnsues the Reality Zone]], causing it to have sentience and become a central character as of late.


* In ''ThaliasMusings'', Thalia recalls [[UltimateBlacksmith Hephaestus]] constructing "solid gold, fully automated, mechanical assistants" that were built "in the form of very attractive women." He got rid of them once he had a girlfriend.
* The mechanical [[CuteMonsterGirl K-Girls]] from ''TwistedKaijuTheater'' fall into this category more than RobotGirl due to being [[RuleThirtyFour sexy]] [[RuleSixtyThree parodies]] of various super-robots and mecha.
* In ''IlivaisX'', Ashe Gogus's mech, Ilivais B, is undeniably feminine, with energy cells housed in giant domes on the chest. Considering Ashe believes boobs are the most important thing in the universe, this is hardly surprising.

* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' features fembots in quite a few episodes. Several of these have been LoveInterests for Bender. Justified, since in ''Futurama'', robots reproduce sexually when factories couldn't make enough.
** Bender himself, in one episode, becomes one of these to avoid getting caught cheating by dressing up in a muumuu and easily winning the FemBot Robolympics.
** They once crashed on [[LadyLand a planet]] ruled by a femputer who turned out to be a [[spoiler:humanoid fembot]] instead.
* ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' also has female Transformers from time to time, who include {{Action Girl}}s (both regular and [[DarkActionGirl Dark]]), [[TheMedic medics]] and [[TheChick damsels]].
** Especially notable names include Arcee (pictured above) and Blackarachnia.
** Strika is a fembot -- which are outnumbered about five hundred to one in Transformers -- that [[http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Image:BMStrika.jpg doesn't look even remotely female]]. Has a lovely voice, though.
*** Except in ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'', where she's clearly female- but still [[BrawnHilda nowhere near attractive]].
** The Marvel Comics Transformers series responds to a letter asking why there were no female Transformers with something to the effect of, "You assume that Transformers are male and female, and that any Transformer not explicitly female is implicitly male." Unfortunately, the current IDW Comics series opted not to do it that way, having a MadScientist turn an Autobot female to see what happens if you throw gender into a genderless race. The victim, Arcee, talks about how people treat her now, and even use different pronouns, and... basically, not being one of the boys anymore. It becomes clear that Jhiaxus didn't introduce gender to a genderless race, but a ''woman'' to an ''all-male'' race - and of course, there is no good reason for non-sexually-reproducing robots to be male, either. Things wind up making [[VoodooShark much less sense]] than they would make if the question were simply ignored, as most series have.
** This is actually justified in the Generation One series, as the Transformers were built by the Quintessons as civilian (Autobots) and military (Decepticon) hardware for sale to other races. Although the Quintessons themselves are a OneGenderRace, they understand the concept of genders and built their robots to appeal to their clients. By the way, the page picture is Arcee.
* Jenny from ''WesternAnimation/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot''
* Neosapiens in ''WesternAnimation/ExoSquad'' are not robots but close: asexual {{Artificial Human}}s created as slaves for normal humans. One'd think that making them in two (cosmetic) genders would be superfluous but it was done for some reason...
** Note that it wasn't until the ''end'' of the series that giving Neosapiens the ability to sexually reproduce was even seriously discussed.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventureOfJimmyNeutron'', Jimmy constructs a robotic substitute mother (AKA Maternotron) while his own mom is away at the spa.
* ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' has the Bebebots, a trio of feminine robots with a HiveMind (and...well, beehive hairdos). They were initially made to be dates, but were later redesigned to be [[KillerRobot weapons of revenge]].
* ''Franchise/{{X-Men}}'' villain Master Mold was voiced by a woman in ''WesternAnimation/{{Wolverine And The X-Men}}''. When Xavier encountered it in the end...Yup, [[http://images.wikia.com/marvelmovies/images/0/0e/Master_Mold_(Wolverine_and_the_X-Men)2.jpg gigantic metal titties]].
* Big Brain from an episode of ''Franchise/CareBears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot'', the first female robot built by [[HarmlessVillain Grizzle]]. She was programmed to be the "smartest robot ever," and thus had a mecha-[[HotLibrarian librarian]] design.
* Silica from ''StarchaserTheLegendOfOrin''. At first she's a hardassed and snippy bureaucrat, la Hermes' boss in ''Futurama'', but Han Solo expy Dag (really, just Solo with a darker skintone and more "Pimp") reprograms her by going up her ass (all her key circuits are there), slapping her circuit board open, reprogramming her personality center, and turning her into a sultry sexbot. Psychoanalyzing this scene is, [[BlackComedyRape all in all]], [[FunnyAneurysmMoment a bad idea]].
* Four robotic replicas of Leslie Cohen appear in ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' season one episode "Past Tense".
* On ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars''. 'The BD-3000 "Betty Droids" that serve in the Galactic Senate and Executive Buildings.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad!'', Roger and Steve are attempting to write a porn movie script. Steve keeps adding robots.
--> '''Steve:''' When will people get that ROBOTS ARE EROTIC?
** In a later episode, Steve tries to build his own fembot with a vacuum cleaner and a bunch of cardboard tubes. Steve [[{{Squick}} was apparently sexually active with it.]] In an ImagineSpot later in that same episode, Stan imagines Steve in the future having iterated on his design to make it an actual robot.
* Piper, Cappy, Aunt Fanny, and Mrs. Copperbottom from ''WesternAnimation/{{Robots}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb:''
** In the episode "Cranius Maximus", Baljeet has fembot [[SummonBackupDancers backup singers]] during the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3RfOAk0r9M "Taking on the Big Brain"]] musical number.
** Later, in "Love at First Byte," Norm meets and falls in love with a fembot created by Dr. Doofenshmirtz's rival Rodney.
* Clockwork Smurfette in ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'', as the DistaffCounterpart to Clockwork Smurf.