Feed Dump is a weekly series hosted on ''Website/TheEscapist'' created by the crew of ''Webvideo/LoadingReadyRun''. The show features Graham Stark and two guests poking fun at odd news stories from around the world.

Episodes are [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/feed-dump here]].

!!Feed Dump contains examples of
* CatchPhrase: A few.
** "Good times."
** "There may be better sources for news, but they don't have this hat."
** Kate is fond of "Someone's getting ''fired''."
* CouchGag: Every episode opens with a variation of "And now, some (word rhyming with 'news')", often with an accompanying graphic.
* HalloweenEpisode: Two in a row - "Dinosaurs" and "Powerless and Nude".
* IncrediblyLamePun: Quite often with Matt.
** So much so that he once got thrown off the panel for too many horrible puns, just like in the Phailhaus.
* ItMakesSenseInContext: Pretty much all of the titles.
* {{Jingle}}: Several segments, including "Paul and Matt have to figure out what Graham is talking about", "Why in the hell?", and "Jer and Alex assess the playability of some bullshit".
* NiceHat: Graham ends every episode by placing a NiceHat on his head as he proclaims that other news sources don't have a hat like it. Most episodes contain additional jokes featuring hats.
** An entire [[http://hats.lrrcraft.com/ investment market]] has arisen around predicting the number of hats in the next episode.
* NegativeContinuity: Invoked by Graham after everyone except Paul and Matt die in a van accident on the way back from Comic-Con.
--> '''Graham:''' No! No! We're not... No! Get out! Get out! Out of the chair! We're not doing that! No narrative in Feed Dump! We're not doing any of that! Get out of here!
* NoJustNoReaction
--> '''Graham:''' ''*reads a news story as a song*'' It's song time!\\
'''Kathleen''': ''*excited*'' Can I sing a song?\\
'''Alex:''' NO!\\
'''Kathleen:''' ''*pouts*''
** Also Kathleen's reaction to Alex's "The Great Vagnini".
* PanelShow
* ProductPlacement: The episode "Soldiers of Fortune".
* PungeonMaster: Alex. Possibly Matt as well.
* RummageSaleReject: The Halloween costume suggestions, including a gorilla who's also a sailor and a construction worker, and The Honorable Judge Pimp Santa.
* RunningGag: Ron Dewings.[[labelnote:Explanation]]Graham stumbled over the word "wrongdoing", then took the name "Ron Dewings" and made the character into a Creator/BillyMays-style pitchman.[[/labelnote]]
* ShoutOut: "But what keeps such runny feces on such a pointy stick?" [[FiddlerOnTheRoof "TRADITIOOOOON, TRADITION..."]]
* TheStinger: OnceAnEpisode.
* SpecialGuest: Creator/ChrisAvellone of Creator/ObsidianEntertainment in [[http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/feed-dump/8712-Runners-Sliders-Designers this episode]].
* SpiritualSuccessor: To LoadingReadyRun's previous funny-news series, Phailhaus, which was in turn a SpiritualSuccessor to "The Whatever Thing."
* TakeThat: The stinger of Criminals & Lawyers has Graham wearing [[TheVillagePeople a golden hard hat, a cowboy hat and a police cap]] on top of each other, stating that he needs a studded leather cap and a feathered headdress. He follows it up by saying, "Coming soon to VideoGame/TeamFortress2!"
* ThatCameOutWrong:
--> '''Alex:''' The last time I saw Wow-Butter was in a very interesting store on Church Street in Toronto.
--> '''Kathleen:''' Now, before you're like, "Great! I'll purchase that to take to school 'cause it's safe for kids," in that case, Wow-Butter is a euphemism for a terrible street drug.
--> '''Alex:''' I was more going for, like anal lube.
--> '''Kathleen:''' That is still technically safe for schools, but don't bring it.
--> ''*Alex cracks up*''
* YouKeepUsingThatWord: Cameron points this out when "inertia" is used in relation with sleep.