->'''OP (name redacted):''' Has anyone noticed that Website/{{Twitter}}-style {{hashtag|ForLaughs}}s have replaced HTML-style coding as meta-commentary on the Internet?
->'''Person responding (also redacted):''' <[[EndOfAnAge /era]]>

]] -now part of [[TechnologyMarchesOn HTML5]]

On blogs and Internet discussion forums, when participants use the SGML-style tags popularized by HTML (or sometimes UsefulNotes/BBCode-style tags) to accentuate their messages.

For example [[SarcasmMode ...]], [[TheRant ...]], and [[CoughSnarkCough ...]].

Sometimes these tags can include attributes such as ....

Oftentimes the opening tag will be omitted and only the closing tag will be there, as a kind of self-conscious [[LampshadeHanging lampshade hung]] on the preceding flame/rant/etc. It is also used to show that a sarcastic rant mocking the opposite side of some debate is just that. Everyone KNOWS that first person is good wiki syntax, after all.

Can also be used in [[ImageMacro image macros]]. Note that not all edited photos are image macros: Some humorous pictures are seen on the 'Net, such as a man with " " tatooed on his neck or a tombstone with "".

Anti-war candidate Darcy Burner wore a T-shirt with on it in several photos.

[[Series/MythBusters Adam Savage]] frequently wears a T-shirt that states "Am I missing an eyebrow?" .

is occasionally used on Usenet to indicate that one is unsubscribing from a thread. However, the proper use should be either (to indicate that the subscription is ending) or (XML empty tag to indicate an unsubscription). It probably means, though, that the person has just finished the process of unsubscribing. <[[Administrivia/JustifyingEdit /justifyingedit]]>

This used to be done with faux C preprocessor directives, e.g.:
---> #ifdef FLAME
---> [[FlameWar flame flame flame]]
---> #endif
but that usage has largely been supplanted by more-approachable HTML.

Also known as [[http://www.cfcl.com/rdm/carny/2001.02.html Ostensible Markup Language]], although it's not the only meaning of that phrase.

The successor phenomena is HashtagForLaughs