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->'''Antipholus of Syracuse:''' Then she bears some breadth?
->'''Dromio of Syracuse:''' No longer from head to foot than from hip to hip: she is spherical, like a globe; I could find out countries in her.
-->-- ''Theatre/TheComedyOfErrors'', III.ii

A character who's [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin at least overweight]] and AlwaysFemale who is portrayed as being either insecure, unimportant or both.

Often, she functions as [[AcceptableTargets a source of]] [[FatComicRelief comic relief]], whether or not the subject is her weight. Like the BlackBestFriend and PetHomosexual she is the unconventional one who is likely the [[SatelliteCharacter all-American main character's best friend]] for her size. Either that or she's the main character of a drama where her big conflict is [[WeightWoe having an issue with her weight]]. She can range anywhere from HollywoodPudgy, where the actress is actually fairly thin and her fatness comes across as more of an InformedFlaw than anything else to BBW, where large women are portrayed more positively.

When the main character is a BigBeautifulWoman, that is an inversion and should simply be listed ''there''. A common characteristic of BrawnHilda, the GrandeDame, and the GonkyFemme.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Nago-san in ''Manga/DailyLivesOfHighSchoolBoys'' is probably just chubby, but a convex mirror shows that [[SheCleansUpNicely she can look much nicer]] if she loses some weight and [[PerpetualFrowner not frown as much]].
** And later on we see [[InexplicablyIdenticalIndividuals another girl who bears a homophonous name, go to the same school, and looks exactly like a cleaned up Nago]]. The only disambiguation is their kanji.
* Kanae in ''Anime/OjamajoDoremi''. She's rather well adjusted though and does try to lose some weight in one episode.
* The main character of ''Anime/RealDrive'' has two friends, a lithe and athletic one and a fairly pudgy one. However, the female body shapes in the series are actually surprisingly realistic, so the protagonist weighs enough that she could probably pass off as a HollywoodPudgy Fat Girl in another series herself.
* ''Anime/SailorMoon'' had an overweight friend who got [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome dropped]] pretty quickly. Her name was never actually given, [[AllThereInTheManual not even in the extra material]] (even though most of the extra characters are), so most fans simply call her "Usagi's fat friend".
** ''WebVideo/SailorMoonAbridged'' has a field day with this poor girl.
** Incredible but true: Minako has been this for part of a chapter of ''Manga/CodenameSailorV''. All fault of the Dark Agency, that was selling incredibly addictive and fattening sweets... Thankfully Artemis caused her insecurities on her weight in time for her to not become ''really'' fat...
* Tamako in ''Manga/SilverSpoon''. The manga wastes no time in pointing out the PunnyName fitting her egg-shaped body.
** Apparently, her schtick is to constantly lose and regain weight. She can go from rotund to model material, and then back, ''in less than a week''.
* Yugina in ''Anime/AttackerYou'' is very insecure about her weight, mostly because it hinders her a lot as a volley-ball player. Therefore, she's almost always sidelined when a serious match is playing. However, [[MightyGlacier she smashes even harder than You herself due to being indeed the physically strongest of her team.]] Made even more ironic when her sister, who's quite not the twig and also a volley-ball player, is actually much more successful than she is.
* In the ''Anime/PetshopOfHorrors'' manga there is a chapter where several people have storylines related to food and dieting. One is a high school girl who is chubby and wants to lose weight so that she can look pretty enough for a boy in her class to take her out to a dance. [[spoiler:To the story's credit, she does learn that he was a jerk and that she shouldn't care what he thinks.]]
* In ''Manga/FushigiYuugi'', Miaka is said InUniverse to be fat, and believes herself to be so. However, at [[AllThereInTheManual 5'2" and 125 lbs.]], she is at a perfectly healthy weight, despite being an ''incredibly'' BigEater.
* In a {{filler}} episode of ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'', Ino is hired to be the BodyDouble of a fat [[TheOjou princess]] named Fuku who became chubby after starting to [[ComfortFood binge eat]] out of nervousness at her upcoming ArrangedMarriage. [[spoiler: It turns out the princess's arranged boyfriend Chikara is [[BigFun a fat guy himself]] ''and'' a ChubbyChaser, [[PerfectlyArrangedMarriage so things work out anyway]].]]
* Nikuko from ''Manga/PleaseTellMeGalkoChan'', a chubby girl who plays on the girls' soccer team at Galko's school. While there are a fair share of jokes about Nikuko's weight, she's [[{{Acrofatic}} still fairly athletic]] and gets her fair share of attention from the male students.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* Franchise/WonderWoman's sidekick, [[MeaningfulName Etta Candy]], in the '40s. Woo woo! Etta is a notable {{aver|tedTrope}}sion for being something of an ActionGirl, not the slightest bit insecure, and frequently important to the plot; although still serving as PluckyComicRelief. Since the dawn of UsefulNotes/{{the Silver Age|of Comic Books}}, she's been relegated to the [[TheScrappy Scrappy Heap,]] and her rare reappearances usually either depict her as insecure or else emphasize her ActionGirl status while slimming her down a fair bit.
** As {{Creator/Seanbaby}} put it: "[[http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-5-gayest-fattest-most-racist-most-useless-sidekicks-of-all-time/ Wonder Woman finds that nothing is more frustrating when you're trying to make a fat person cry than having them accept all your insults as scientific truths. Why won't you tell me I'm better than you, you diabetes whore!?]]"
** In Wonder Woman #1, a short but chubby Amazon named Fatsis (No really) can be seen for a whole two panels competing in the same tournament as Princess Diana.
* And ComicBook/RichieRich's pal [[MeaningfulName Little Lotta]] in the 50s. Creator/HarveyComics never met an {{anvilicious}} name they didn't like. She is portrayed very positively, much of her material built around her near super-strength.
* ''ComicBook/MillieTheModel'''s friend Daisy is a relatively happy and well-adjusted example of the type.
* [[ComicBook/SuicideSquad Amanda Waller]] is another example of a large woman who is NOT insecure about her weight, and is plenty badass. At least, she was, until the ComicBook/{{New 52}} reboot and the ''Film/GreenLantern'' movie got a hold of her and retconned her into having a slimmer appearance.
* ComicBook/SheHulk had a friend, "Weezie" Mason, who featured in the Creator/JohnByrne run. She was originally a GoldenAge character, but she stuck around She-Hulk because [[NoFourthWall she was trying to invoke]] ComicBookTime (Seeing as characters only age off screen.)
* Heavier people don't often show up in ''ComicBook/TheWalkingDead'', presumably since they [[Film/{{Zombieland}} didn't follow the number one rule of cardio]]. Two examples of this trope do show up, however. There's Lacey Greene, Hershel's oldest daughter, who is the heaviest member of the Greene family. Later, Olivia shows up in Alexandria. Lacey ends up getting eaten (and we're [[SarcasmMode treated]] to a shot of the walkers all converging on her large belly and tearing it open), and Olivia is humiliated by [[BigBad Negan]] because he mocks the idea of a fat woman being in charge of Alexandria's food supplies. Olivia later mentions that she actually has a rather active sex life with the men of Alexandria, possibly because [[ChubbyChaser she's the only heavyset woman in town]].

[[folder: FanWorks]]
* The premise of [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10530109/1/Ryouou-All-Girls-Sumo-Tournament Ryouou All Girls' Sumo Tournament]] is that everyone female at [[Manga/LuckyStar Ryouou High School]] is magically fattened up for a sumo tournament to be held there. Including any teachers and the school nurse. [[http://dmxrated.deviantart.com/gallery/55381290/Ryouou-All-Girls-Sumo-Tournament Corresponding pics here.]]
* All magical girls in the Madoka AU ''FanFic/CibusEsculentusMadokaMagica''. Kyubey reconfigures their bodies when they make a contract with him, and not just to [[StoutStrength make them strong]], either.

[[folder: Film]]
* Anaïs from ''Film/AMaSoeur'', which is known, in English, sure enough, as ''Fat Girl''.
* Rosemary Shanahan from ''Film/ShallowHal'', played by Gwyneth Paltrow in a fatsuit and a body double.
* ''Film/FatSlags'': Paige, the villain's assistant, starts off as a skinny and insecure woman with a crush on her boss. She can't understand why he doesn't reciprocate until he turns out to be a ChubbyChaser. [[BigEater After a few scenes of her stuffing her face and getting very fat, very quickly,]] she ends up being a Fat Girl, treated as being just as unimportant as she always was by her boss and only insecure about that, rather than her intentional weight gain. Eventually, seeing him humiliated by his ex-girlfriend and her friend (the titular ''Fat Slags''), she gets over her crush and becomes a fully fledged BigBeautifulWoman.
* The title character of ''[[Literature/{{Push}} Precious]]''. She, however, absolutely doesn't function as comic relief.
* The big girl in ''Take the Lead'' is creatively named... Big Girl.
* [[SevenDeadlySins Gluttony]] from ''Film/{{Bedazzled 1967}}''.
* As Rufus T. Firefly says of GrandeDame Mrs. Teasdale in ''Film/DuckSoup'':
-->''"I can see you now in the kitchen, bending over a hot stove. But I can't see the stove!"''
* Martha `Dumptruck' Dunstock from ''Film/{{Heathers}}''.
* Michelle, one of Andy's best friend's in ''Film/HowToLoseAGuyIn10Days'', who believes she's fat inspires Andy to write an article that is a ''How to'' in reverse about dating.
* Han Na, the main character in the Korean film ''Two Hundred Pounds Beauty.'' She gets a ton of plastic surgery, and the rest of the film is about whether that was a net gain or loss for her ... pun slightly intended.
* The 2006 film ''Fat Girls'' features exactly one character that fits this definition exactly, and many more that are this trope in spirit.

[[folder: Literature]]
* Agnes in ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' has aspects of this, but only from an outside perspective. In fact, given that a major aspect of her personality is how irritating she personally finds the trope, it probably counts as a {{Deconstruction}}.
* Brittney from ''Literature/{{Gone}}'', books 2 and 3, although she is not comic relief and her weight is only mentioned once.
* La Falvine from ''{{Literature/Malevil}}'' is an old fat woman. She is given considerable grief from a rival old woman who insists she is a burden to their limited food supplies [[AfterTheEnd after the Apocalypse]].
* Celina in ''Literature/FeliksNetAndNika'' is a BigEater, but tries to be member of local GirlPosse. She gives up and goes on with normal life after AlphaBitch Aurelia starts mocking people for their weight.
* Carmen of ''Literature/TheSisterhoodOfTheTravelingPants'' is a subversion. Her size and shape are an issue mostly because her Latina curves make her stand out from her father and his new family as seen when she gets so upset when her bridesmaid's dress doesn't fit because it was clearly designed for someone skinny. There's also the fact that she's the narrator and the one who holds the group together.
** There's a racial element to it, too - one of the reasons why she gets so upset when her bridesmaid's dress doesn't fit is because it was clearly designed for someone like the newer, blonder family that her (also white) father seems to be replacing her with - a family that never got Carmen's Latina bottom genes.
* Lois Waller of the ''Literature/SweetValleyHigh'' series is a shy, overweight student who was once friends with popular student Janet Howell but now the only person who's nice to her is the kind-hearted Elizabeth.
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' has the blonder and rounder than your average [[SmugSnake Frey]] "Fat Walda" Bolton née Frey -- [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin it's in her name, even]]. However, the series being [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation what it is]], she doesn't play it as straight as you might think, considering she seems to be negotiating the [[DysfunctionalFamily razor's]] [[BigScrewedUpFamily edge]] that is [[IDontLikeTheSoundOfThatPlace the Dreadfort]] quite well.
* The Creator/DanielleSteel novel ''Big Girl'' features a HollywoodPudgy protagonist who might actually even be a BigBeautifulWoman--although she's spent her whole life as TheUnfavorite to her slim sister and is plagued by insecurities about her looks and her weight, she's very successful professionally and has a decent dating life, even being engaged by the book's conclusion.
%% * ''Literature/HushHush'': Vee

[[folder: Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': "Fat" Walda Bolton née Frey. Roose Bolton was offered his wife's weight in silver as a dowry, so he chose the fattest.
* Zev from ''Series/{{Lexx}}'' grew up this way. She didn't have a lot of room for exercise at the [[PathOfInspiration Divine Order's]] factory farm for [[ArrangedMarriage brides]].
* Lyndsay in ''Series/{{Teachers}}''. Notably she does get a romance storyline with Matt, the most conventionally attractive member of the cast, but only after an episode of him being shocked by his own attraction to her.
* The Creator/AbcFamily show ''Huge'' contains many fat girls (in fact most of the cast is overweight), but completely averts the stereotypes of the trope.
* Lauren Zizes on ''Series/{{Glee}}''. She is presented as a really "cool" character but still often functions as the comic relief, mostly referencing eating. Because of hr toughness, Lauren could also be considered more of a subverted BrawnHilda.
** "Lucy Caboosey" [[spoiler: (aka Quinn, before she got all that plastic surgery)]] is a straight example.
* Laura Quinones from ''Series/{{Carrusel}}''
* Harper from ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'' is the best friend of the show's main character Alex Russo and is often known for her outrageous fashion ensembles that she designs herself. She is very optmistic, though a little insecure at times but not for her cloths which are generally non-figure-flattering.
* Sookie St. James from ''Series/GilmoreGirls'' is the loveable control freak and scatterbrain/klutzy best friend of Lorelai Gilmore.
** Something of a subversion; while Sookie is skittish, her weight is never mentioned by anyone, she's never seen as fretting about being on a diet, and despite being a chef there's never a single "Ho ho, she should stop sampling her own products" crack made. The character could have been played by a woman of any size without having to be re-written (not that anyone but the awesome Creator/MelissaMcCarthy should have played it), making her far from the usual "fat girl" type.
* Theresa 'Terri' [=McGreggor=] of ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'' is an insecure, overweight girl. Both Ashley and Paige's strong personalities completely dominated hers to the point to where she really could not stand up to them.
* Darlene from ''Series/OneThousandWaysToDie'''s segment "Die it". She's so desperate to stop being this that she orders [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapeworm tapeworm larvae]] and swallows them so they'll eat up anything she eats. But since the tapeworm breed and spread inside of her, two months later [[WeightLossHorror Darlene loses both 27 kgs... and her own life]].
* ''Series/{{Friends}}'': Monica's FormerlyFat past is used for a lot of comic relief and a source of insecurity with her. An alternate universe episode also establishes that if she was still fat, none of her previous boyfriends would have dated her and she'd be a virgin. (Ouch.) Somewhat subverted eventually, when her normal world best friend-come-boyfriend is still her best friend and falls in love with her in the alternate universe as well.
* Lulu Roman, formerly of ''Series/HeeHaw'', said in an interview about her casting in the show, "I was hired to be the fat girl I was."
* Averted with ''Series/AmericasNextTopModel'' cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson, who was confident and wanted to be a role model for girls watching. Unfortunately, her confidence would sometimes come across as arrogance and she also made the mistake of declaring herself better [[FandomBerserkButton than all the other, more popular plus-sized models from the previous cycles.]] Also, it annoyed fans that she was praised by the judges whereas the former plus-sized models were more or less singled out by them. The result made her one of the most divisive winners of the show's history.

* The various women mentioned in the "Pro's and Con's" segment of the Music/{{Caravan}} song "The Dabsong Conshirtoe" are dismissed after the singer notes their large size.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Truth Matini kept at least [[SaltAndPepper two]] women, ''a sort of'' pudgy one and visible fat one, in his employ during the House Of Truth's first Wrestling/RingOfHonor incarnation for tasks beneath his [[PerkyFemaleMinion Hoopla Hotties]]. All the women seemed to get along well enough and Truth said he found them all sexy but you know this trope's in play when the fatter ones aren't even mentioned by name.[[/folder]]

[[folder: Theatre]]
* Nell the kitchen wench from ''Theatre/TheComedyOfErrors'', as the page quote suggests.
* Mabel is a Fat Girl in ''Theatre/ThePajamaGame''. [[AllThereInTheScript That's exactly what the script says.]]

[[folder: Video Games]]
* Eunice, the innkeeper's daughter in [[VideoGame/HarvestMoon Rune Factory Frontier.]] Notably, you can marry her.
* Hilda in ''[[VideoGame/ShadowHearts Shadow Hearts: From the New World]]'' in her curvy form. She has a hyperactive metabolism, and changes between curvy, slim, and bat forms depending on what she eats.
* Princess Spumoni from ''VideoGame/LittleKingsStory''. Almost everything she says revolves around eating. She even has a side-quest that involves gathering food from different kingdoms.
* Princess Theredras, in the ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' dungeon Maraudon. She's also butt-ugly. Her mother, Therazane (ruler of all earth elementals) is almost completely spherical.
** Many players make jokes about dwarf and tauren women being overweight. Oddly, the player consensus is that the human female model is also overweight, even though she's really just an example of HollywoodPudgy.
*** This has led to something of a community backlash from those who don't hold that anyone who isn't a night elf or blood elf is overweight in recent years. Ditto for female dwarves, though not quite to the extent that female humans get defended.
* Averted for ''VideoGame/FatPrincess''. Making your Princess ''fatter'' to keep the other guys from making off with her is half the game. The other half is stealing their Princess.
* A morbidly obese version of [[Literature/TheBible Eve]] appears in ''[[VideoGame/DragonsLair Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp]]'' who chases Dirk [[AbhorrentAdmirer mistaking him for Adam.]] Her appetite ends up dooming Eden.
* What [[spoiler: Ai Ebihara]] used to be in ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}''. And what Hanako Ootani still is.
* Eunice Pound in ''Videogame/{{Bully}}''.

[[folder: Visual Novels]]
* The love interest in ''Debu Plus'' and the three sisters in its sequel ''Motto! Debutopia''. As expected of {{eroge}} characters, they are all very {{moe}}.
* The protagonist of ''VisualNovel/OtometekiKoiKakumeiLoveRevo'' is an overweight girl (as in 220 lbs) who used to be pretty enough to win beauty pageants, until her love of sweets did her in. The point of the game is to lose the weight while pursuing one of five hot guys (plus the pudgy childhood friend who gets hot later, and [[BrotherSisterIncest your brother]]).
* While it's not her most important character trait, Ellen in ''VisualNovel/MagicalDiary'' is clearly a little insecure about her weight and appearance, and resents that the stick-thin Virginia is a BigEater.

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* Carrie from ''Webcomic/EverydayHeroes'', although this is somewhat of an InformedAttribute. She isn't drawn that much heavier than the other characters, but a few have commented on her weight. If the comment comes from a rude guy, it's [[HyperspaceMallet Hammer Time]]!
* Faye of ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'' is considered this. She wasn't drawn any different from the rest of the rather thin cast, though she and other cast members would comment on her weight, until recently; as the artist's ability improved, Faye's curves became more apparent, though arguably not unattractive. The same could be said of Marigold.
** Mostly subverted in that both are [[BigBeautifulWoman considered attractive]] by the other characters, largely because of their...[[BuxomIsBetter ahem,]] assets. They even go out of their way to assure Marigold of this.
** Both have other characters at some point pestering them to exercise and "improve" themselves. However, Faye manages to beat Dora at treadmill running when Penelope drags them to the gym.
* The Empress of Blood in ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick''. She got wind that more powerful dragons have a distinct tendency to be ''bigger'', so she decided that the quickest way to become more powerful was to gorge herself constantly.
* Marilyn "Jackie" Monroe from ''MeatyYogurt'', a young woman with a bad case of SmallTownBoredom.
* Hanae from ''Webcomic/RedString'', who is portrayed in a more positive light compared to most examples of this trope.
* ''Webcomic/YumeHime'''s Laurie, although she's the protagonist and portrayed neutrally.

[[folder: Web Original]]
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick jokes that she feels this way about herself sometimes, so she has her own BFF (Big Fat Friend) Nella, whom she pays handsomely to be her "fat" friend so that she would look nice in comparison.
* Winnie, aka Geomancer, in the Literature/WhateleyUniverse. She's overweight and shy and has a bad stutter (which gets worse when she's upset). She lives in a dorm at SuperheroSchool Whateley Academy which is full of abnormally beautiful girls, and that makes her feel worse about herself. Fortunately, she has good friends who look out for her.
* In ''WebVideo/UltraFastPony'', protagonist Twilight Sparkle is overweight and in denial about it. ("Hey, I am not fat! [[DistinctionWithoutADifference I'm just bigger than the above-average pony.]]") [[InformedAttribute She doesn't look heftier than anyone else]] because this is an AbridgedSeries, and Twilight was normal-sized in the original series--but in TheMovie, running the length of her bedroom leaves her completely out of breath. And the other characters mock her weight, more so in the later seasons.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* Subverted with Two-Tone from ''WesternAnimation/OneHundredAndOneDalmatiansTheSeries''. While smaller than [[FatComicRelief Rolly]], her chubbiness is never brought up. She's more of a "sassy fat chick" than this trope.
* Lizzie from ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor''. Unlike other examples, this isn't brought up a lot.
* Toot from ''WesternAnimation/DrawnTogether''. In one episode they even lampshaded that she just existed to be a one-dimensional fat joke. Though ironically she was one of the few characters to receive positive CharacterDevelopment.
* Zig-zagged with Meg from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy''; while she's frequently mocked for her appearance, the most she's ever seen with is a muffin top, which pales in comparison to her father's and brother's girth. Although this has more to do with the {{running gag}} that everyone picks on Meg for literally no reason.
** One of these is the subject of a song Stewie sings as part of a jug-band.
-->'''Stewie''': Met 'er on my C.B., said her name was Mimi, [[ArousedByTheirVoice sounded like an angel come to Earth]]. When I went to meet her, man you shoulda seen her, twice as tall as me - three times the girth.
* Cleofatra ([[PunnyName as the name implies]]) in ''WesternAnimation/GravedaleHigh''. Ironic considering that she's a mummy. Her insecurity come in play when she became pen-pan with a handsome (for monster standards) celebrity and sent [[GorgeousGorgon Duzer]]'s photo.
* Eugly the rabbit from ''WesternAnimation/{{Kaeloo}}''. Everyone except Quack Quack makes fun of her for her weight, and usually [[EmotionalBruiser she bursts into tears upon hearing them]].
* In the TV series of ''WesternAnimation/TheLittleMermaid'', Adella (one of Ariel's sisters) was retconned into a fat girl and she can be seen eating every time she appears.
* Penny from ''WesternAnimation/TheMightyB'' is the title character's clumsy, dim-witted, obese best friend, who loves taffy. Although she and Bessie are best friends, Penny also shows loyalty to Portia who is often opposing Bessie or trying to humiliate her.
* Kurst the Worst from ''WesternAnimation/{{Recess}}''. A rare example of being an antagonist (though she and Mikey become friends towards the end of the series).
* A fair few from ''WesternAnimation/TotalDrama'': Sadie, who's TheDividual with her skinny friend Katie; Staci, whose weight wasn't much of an issue since she [[WeHardlyKnewYe only lasted one episode]]; Sugar, who had lots of fat humor; and Leshawna, who [[ZigZaggingTrope zigzags]] between this and a BigBeautifulWoman.
* ''WesternAnimation/TotalDramaPresentsTheRidonculousRace'' had Tammy who barely spoke and was one half of [[spoiler: the lowest ranking team in the whole race.]]
* Mavis Cruet the fairy in ''WesternAnimation/WilloTheWisp''. Most of the jokes are about her weight and the fact she can't fly.
* Hoppopotamus from ''WesternAnimation/TheWuzzles''. Every episode had at least one joke about her weight.
* Heidi Turner from ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' started to gain weight in "[[Recap/SouthParkS21E7DoublingDown Doubling Down]]", due to Cartman manipulating her into eating KFC, mashed potatoes with gravy, and Arby's by claiming they are vegan alternatives similar to Beyond Meat. By "[[Recap/SouthParkS21E8MossPiglets Moss Piglets]]" she has been transformed into Cartman's DistaffCounterpart, complete with the IAmBigBoned arguments that Cartman used to have.
* [[MeaningfulName Countess Le Grande]] from Disney/CinderellaIIDreamsComeTrue.