''Fastlane'' was BuddyCopShow that ran on {{Fox}} from September 2002 to May 2003. It was centered around the Candy Store, a base of operations for deep-undercover cops with access to the most impressive cars, weapons, and other confiscated toys. Their motto: Everything we seize, we keep; everything we keep, we use. Their goal: infiltrate various big-name crime organizations and take down their leaders. Pretty much like ''MiamiVice'', but in the City of Angels.

The show is notable for its licensed soundtrack, laundry list of guest stars, unconventional cinematography, and impressive pyrotechnics. Unfortunately, all of that contributed to the show's ludicrously high production costs, averaging at about $2.6 million ''per episode''. That coupled with the dip in ratings from the move to the FridayNightDeathSlot ensured its swift cancellation.


[[folder: The cast included: ]]

* Peter Facinelli as Donavan Ray, a CowboyCop for the [=LAPD=] who was roped into working for the Candy Store after stealing a hundred grand for a botched car deal that ended with the murder of his partner, Andre Hayes.
* Bill Bellamy as Deaqon Hayes, an ex-gangbanger turned narcotics detective for the [=NYPD=]. Returned to Los Angeles [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge after his brother]] [[YouKilledMyFather Andre was killed]].
* Tiffani Thiessen as Wilhemina "Billie" Chambers, the lieutenant in charge of the Candy Store.
* Big Boy as Aquarius, Deaqon's link to the streets. If the Candy Store needs information or credibility, he's the one they turn to.
!! This show provides examples of:
* BadassBiker: The trio of female diamond capers in "Girl's Own Juice".
* TheCasanova: Take a shot every time Van flirts with the mark. Two if he gets further.
* CliffHanger: And an infuriating one at that. [[spoiler: The Candy Store is dismantled while Billie is kidnapped and tortured, being forced back into her heroin addiction.]]
* ClearMyName: [[spoiler: Billie]] is accused of murdering a supposedly unarmed kingpin in the two-parter "Defense/Offense".
* CoolGarage: The [[MeaningfulName "Candy Store"]].
* CoolOldGuy: Ray Ray, Van's father.
* CowboyCop: Both Van and Deaq. They're supposed "51% cop and 49% criminal".
* DarkReprise: In "Defense", Van and Deaq have to participate in a street race and one brutal boxing match, respectively, to gain the trust of a kingpin. Cut to the next episode, Van has to chase down a rogue [=FBI=] agent while Deaq has to face off with the same monster boxer, [[RecycledInSpace but with hooks!]]
* GroinAttack: Ray Ray negotiating a deal for a counterfeiting job with a dinner knife in his eponymous episode and his son Van getting kicked in the sack while trying to arrest a surfing marijuana dealer in "Dogtown". Oh, and there's Aquarius threatening to come back as a pair of pliers to yank off the nutsacks of the heavily armed, masked marauders taking him hostage in the pilot.
* GunsAkimbo: Standard for our two leads.
* InternalAffairs: {{Subverted}}. One episode features the Candy Store being temporarily closed down by a stuffy IA cop while he investigated their operation. During the episode's climactic shootout, however, he saves Billie's life by shooting a bad guy who gets the drop on her.
* JerkAss: Billie.
* LiteralAssKicking: [[WithFriendsLikeThese Van shooting Deaq in the ass]] to keep him from being shot by [=SWAT=].
* MusicVideoSyndrome: Just like its predecessor, ''MiamiVice''.
* PsychoPrototype: A rare non-technology/super-soldier example. Turns out that Van and Deaq were the second iteration of the "Candy Store" project, and Billie had tried RecruitingTheCriminal to play undercover cop. [[DidNotSeeThatComing Much to her surprise]], the criminal she chose turned out to be [[ManipulativeBastard manipulative]] and [[MagnificentBastard magnificent]] enough to not set off any of her alarms up until the moment he tried to kill her and steal the Store's contents for himself-and then ran away when Billie fought back.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge: After the beloved brother of a gang leader is murdered by a thrill-seeking lunatic in "Monster", Van and Deaq have to find the murderer before the gang turns the city upside down. Also, [[spoiler: Billie]] in "Mighty Blue".
* SceneryPorn: Was probably the most colorful show on FOX at time of airing.
* SaltAndPepper: Van and Deaq, of course.
* SpiritualSuccessor: Of ''MiamiVice''.
* ThemeTuneRap: By SnoopDogg, no less.
* VitriolicBestBuds: Van and Deaq. It seems like the only thing they share is Andre.
* [[YouHave48Hours You Have Three Days]]: "Girl's Own Juice" and "Monster".