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[[caption-width-right:320:"Reinventing the wheel" is a common type of article.]]

->''"I can totally see some of them being used in one of those glossy fashion magazines. Y'know, the kind that cost nine bucks and are 97% ads."''
-->-- [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad]] email [[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail132.html "Modeling"]]

{{Magazines}} devoted to fashion, with some articles on other topics relevant to their readers (lifestyle, people, and other things). As noted in the quote, they are heavy on advertising, but this has had the benefit of keeping the format of these magazines relatively consistent, as opposed to the MagazineDecay of other print genres.

Many fictional works, particularly {{Work Com}}s, are set around the offices of a fashion magazine. It works well for giving guest stars the full benefit of the RuleOfGlamorous.

Tropes common among these include:
* TheBeautifulPeople
* ConspicuousConsumption
* CostumePorn
* TheFashionista (if an article is about one)
* FashionDesigner (either showing off the designer's work or an article about this person)
* FashionModel: Since many ads and spreads have people wearing the clothes)
* ImpracticallyFancyOutfit
* MerchandiseDriven (Spreads showing clothes will note who made each piece, and how much they cost.)
* ModelCouple
* ModelingPoses
* PimpedOutDress
** FairytaleWeddingDress (for a Bridal Magazine)
* PrettyInMink (this is common for fall issues)
** ItsFakeFurItsFine (if an article or spread focuses on fake fur)
* ProductPromotionParade
* UpMarketing

Compare FashionShow, RuleOfGlamorous.



* Poise magazine in ''[[Film/ThirteenGoingOnThirty 13 Going on 30]]''. And their rival SPARKLE.
* Janet in ''{{Film/Rope}}'' writes for Allure, a column on "how to keep the body beautiful".
* In the ''Film/HouseOfWax2005'' remake, Carly is mentioned to have been offered an internship at ''In Style'' magazine.
* ''Quality'' magazine launches the "Think Pink" campaign in ''Film/FunnyFace,'' followed by a search for "the ''Quality'' woman."
* ''Film/CoverGirl'' has ''Vanity'' magazine. Their search for an unknown model to grace the cover of their "golden wedding issue" drives the plot.



* Runway magazine in ''Literature/TheDevilWearsPrada''.
* Bu-Bubble in ''Discworld/UnseenAcademicals''.
* Men's fashion magazines are mentioned in ''Literature/ABrothersPrice''. The men in them wear much tighter, more revealing clothes than Jerin is willing to consider, and he thinks they are not proper, but it's different for the nobility.


[[folder:Live Action TV]]

* In the ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' episode "Wicca Envy" Rex tells Phoebe he can get her a job at a fashion magazine (of course he's lying). Ultimately subverted though as, three seasons later, Phoebe does get a journalism job but as an advice columnist instead.
* Blush magazine in ''Series/JustShootMe''.
* ''Series/{{Revenge}}'' has Voulez, founded by Margaux [=LeMarchal=] to prove to her father that she would make a suitable heir to his media empire.
* ''Series/ThatsSoRaven'' features Raven winning a design contest for one of her dresses to be featured in a high-profile fashion magazine. And in the fourth season she actually gets to work at a fashion magazine.
* Mode magazine in ''Series/UglyBetty''.



* ''Radio/OurMissBrooks'': In the episode "Cosmopolitan Magazine", a photographer arrives from the real-life ''Magazine/{{Cosmopolitan}} Magazine'' to do an article and photo-spread about an average American high school. The trope is somewhat averted, as at the time (1953) Cosmopolitan was an esteemed literary and general interest periodical, [[MagazineDecay and not the slutty women's sex and fashion magazine it is today]]. The radio episode was broadcast to coincide with Cosmopolitan's publication of an article on Eve Arden and ''Our Miss Brooks'' [[OlderThanTheyThink An example of the application of media "synergies", at least fifty years before the modern word was coined.]]



* In ''Theatre/LadyInTheDark'', the protagonist is the editor of ''Allure'' magazine but her life is not nearly as glamorous as the contents of her magazine.


[[folder:Video Games]]

* In ''VideoGame/BarbieSuperModel'', Barbie appears on the covers of magazines in a matching mini-game.


[[folder:Real Life]]

* ''Magazine/{{Cosmopolitan}}'' (although with less of a focus than others)
** Cosmopolitan tends to focus more on issues, lifestyle, relationships and sex and so on than fashion nowadays.
* RuleSixtyThree of the above is ''Magazine/{{Esquire}}''
* ''Magazine/{{Elle}}''
* ''Magazine/HarpersBazaar''
* ''Magazine/GentlemansQuarterly'' (GQ), one of the few male-focused fashion magazines. Often runs lads-mag-style photo shoots of women in skimpy clothes.
* ''Magazine/VanityFair'' (not the book, Literature/VanityFair)
* ''Magazine/{{Vogue}}'' (so full of ads that sometimes the table of contents is on ''page 100'' or later).
* ''Magazine/{{W}}''
* ''Magazine/InStyle''