Let's say you bought a [[RealityTVShowMansion mansion]]. It didn't cost much. It was rather cheap, really.

Now let's say you find out that several other people also bought this mansion and that you are being videotaped. There are challenges, eliminations and pizzas. Sounds like basic RealityTV fodder, right?

Now let's say that the producers are evil, and want to get a demon machine to turn people into demon slaves, only they don't really and they get eliminated by another producer.

This is ''Fandemonium''. ''Fandemonium'' is a [[CerebusSyndrome comedic, happy, then dark, action-packed]] genre-contradicting, fourth-wall breaking hybrid between Original Fiction and Fan-Fiction. There are characters from things like ''SuperMarioBros'' and ''SonicTheHedgehog'', but there are also original characters like Nightwolf and the Producers. Let's not forget the {{expy}} characters, like [=McBoo=], based on the Mario series Boo enemy. It's a massive collaboration among nearly 10 different authors and is still going with a second season. You can read it here: [[http://fantendo.wikia.com/wiki/Fandemonium]] That's on {{Fantendo}}, by the way.
!! This fanfic (sort of) provides examples of:
* AbortedArc: The Almost-Killer, Anti-Blaze... mostly stuff that didn't fit with the increasingly dark tone.
* BookEnds: Unintentionally done. Early in Episode 1, Heart and 3.14 walk into Fandemonium mansion, which is bustling with activity. Episode 50 ends with [=MLv2=] walking out of the mansion, which is empty.
* BolivianArmyEnding: Kind of. [[spoiler:Metal Locked v2 sets off into the world to solve the mysteries presented to him by the author, his fate unknown.]]
* CanonDiscontinuity: The Blaze story arc, the episodes with Marine in them... pretty much every single episode that crosses over with Creator/{{Nintendo}} or {{SEGA}}.
* CerebusSyndrome: Done ''very'' brutally and abruptly. Your mileage may vary on whether or not it worked.
* DeadFic: ''Fandemonium'' nearly became this, but was revived.
** And then at the end of Season 1, there was a hiatus before Season 2 came to be.
* DisneyDeath: Played with. [[spoiler:Literally all of the characters who die in the last few episodes reappear, perfectly healthy, in the "future" that the author shows MLv2. It is unknown if the events that occur during the "future" segments are really happening or if it's all a ploy by the author to made MLv2 get out of the portal.]]
* DrivingQuestion: Several.
** For the first half of season one: "Who tried to kill Pashie?"
** For the second half of season two: "What is the producers' plan?"
** And it appears that the driving question for season two will be: "What did Metal Locked v2 know that led to his data being erased?"
* {{Expy}}: Several superexpy characters are involved, that while they take inspiration from characters in various video games, they are actually unique characters.
** Clyde is a superexpy, being a Scottish Yoshi.
** McBoo is based off of the Boo species from Mario.
** Chaos 12 is made of the same substance as Chaos.
** Flame is a british Yoshi.
** Ybrik, Xero, and Luz are all Kirbies.
** Bloop is a blooper.
** PKB is a koopa.
** Ginourm is a spike.
** More personality-lacking Yoshis: RedYoshi and Nugg.
** Akro Bat is a swooper.
** Dashed is a koopa.
** Shroobster is a toad.
** Sunnyscythe is a Pichu, [[MindScrew albeit a psychotic one who's soul inhabits a chameleon's body.]]
* GainaxEnding: Episode 50. [[spoiler:At some point in the future, Heart will be alive and married to PKB. PKB himself will have become human for some reason that even he does not understand. He will be in contact with the Yellow Eyed Man, who somehow survived his fall. At another point in time, Hiro will have become human as well, and an alcoholic once more. In the present, The Black Haired Man is revealed to have manipulated all of the events that occurred throughout the series, and the Super Hound is alive and working for him. All of this is being shown to Metal Locked v2 by the author (who has become a physical character) in order to persuade [=MLv2=] not to give up on life.]] WHEW.
* LighterAndFluffier: The Arend episodes.
* MalignantPlotTumor: The Yellow Eyed Man, The Black Haired Man, and their fellow producers.
* RealityTVShowMansion: Of course.
* SequelHook: Episode 50 is practically made of these.
* ShooOutTheClowns: [[spoiler:The Almost Killer and his helper]] got killed off right after CerebusSyndrome set in.
* ShoutOut: When Hark first sees the telephone box, he expresses his astonishment, thinking that it might be the TARDIS from ''Series/DoctorWho''.
** Upon opening the box and finding a telephone, he hums the ''Doctor Who'' theme while waiting for the phone to dial.
*** One of the questions asked at the end of an episode concerning the telephone box is, "Will the telephone box disappear?"
* ToBeContinued: At the end of every episode.
* TrippyFinaleSyndrome:Oh yes.
Will this article get longer? Will more tropes appear on it? [[ToBeContinued Find out in the next episode of... Fandemonium!]]