->This morning, Politician John Smith will ''[[TitleDrop Face the Nation]]''.
->- Typical opening for each episode

[[Creator/{{NBC}} The National Broadcasting Company]] has a Sunday morning talk/public affairs show called ''Series/MeetThePress'', that it started on television in 1947, two years after it began on radio. Creator/{{CBS}} comes along and creates a similar program called ''FaceTheNation'' in 1954. Deciding that it needed to have something to go against the two other networks, Creator/{{ABC}} started a competing program called ''IssuesAndAnswers'' in 1960.

As of 2012, ''Face the Nation'' is still on the air.

All of these types of shows are more or less the same. Some politician or public figure comes on to talk-talk with the host over some current issue or event of public importance.
!! Tropes featured include:
* LongRunner
* NoExportForYou: Some non-O&O stations carry only the first half hour and preempt the second for a local public-affairs show.
* {{Political Program|mes}}
* TalkShow