[[quoteright:300:[[Music/{{Delain}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/DelainAprilRain.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:300:The [[SpotlightStealingSquad Color Stealing Squad]] in action.]]

->''"Ziggy played guitar\\
Jammin' good with Weird and Gilly\\
And the Spiders from Mars\\
He played it left hand\\
But made it too far\\
Became the special man, then we were Ziggy's band"''
-->-- '''Music/DavidBowie''', "[[Music/TheRiseAndFallOfZiggyStardustAndTheSpidersFromMars Ziggy Stardust]]"

In most cases, whenever a high-profile band becomes well known, most casual fans can only identify one particular band member by name. Usually it's the lead singer. Sure, there are a few other people playing the drums, guitar and bass, but who cares about them? They're just background noise, so they don't get much of the publicity, if any at all. One possible explanation for this involves the rise of the music video. For the most part, when a band makes a music video, the camera tends to focus on the person singing, thereby giving a lead singer much more camera time than the rest of the band. In extreme cases, the lead singer ''will be the only one in the music video''.

This is especially prevalent in bands that are named for one or more of the founding members (Santana, Gladys Knight and the Pips), bands with rotating casts aside from one or two consistent members, or [[TheSmurfettePrinciple bands with one female member]] (even in the rare case where she doesn't sing lead, which is a sure-fire clincher of "face" status, she'll at least be the ''other'' Face Of The Band simply by virtue of being TheChick). It's also rather fascinating just how often this tends to be a rare human-specific case of WhatMeasureIsANonCute. (Not really ''surprising'', but fascinating.)

Depending on the genre, the person linked to the band will inevitably go solo, and the rest of the band will often fade into obscurity afterwards. And in a few cases, this is enforced from the get-go, where the "face" actually owns the name.[[note]]For example, "Five for Fighting" sure ''sounds'' like the name of a band, but it's actually the stage name of singer-songwriter Jon Ondrasik. Anyone else who happens to be playing with him is just a hired musician.[[/note]]

The two-person version of this trope, and also its opposite (where one band member is much more forgettable than the others) is {{Garfunkel}}. Taken to its LogicalExtreme, becomes IAmNotShazam. See also IAmTheBand and SpotlightStealingTitle. When a group tries to carry on after losing its most prominent member(s), the result is TheBandMinusTheFace. Can occur even on a LongRunnerLineUp. Not to be confused with TheFace but the roles can overlap if the one member everyone knows is also the most social. Quite common if [[EgocentricTeamNaming the band is named after the guy]].

Also, no points are given out to tropers for knowing the names of all the band members who are NOT the Face of the Band, so don't list them. This trope refers to the general public, of course ''you'' can probably name all the members of your favorite band, but casual fans usually don't. This is not a game of "[[Administrivia/ConversationInTheMainPage Hahaha, I can name all the members of The Moody Blues and you can't, so I'm superior!]]" So [[Administrivia/JustifyingEdit don't add that stuff in, please]].


* FaceOfTheBand/ElectronicMusic
* FaceOfTheBand/HipHop
* FaceOfTheBand/{{Metal}}
* FaceOfTheBand/{{Pop}}
* FaceOfTheBand/RhythmAndBlues
* FaceOfTheBand/RockMusic


* Mark Hall of Casting Crowns.
* Mac Powell of Third Day.
* John Cooper of Music/{{Skillet}} would be a perfect example -- if not for the fact that there are ''two'' female members in the band (John's wife Korey and drummer Jen Ledger, who also [[VocalTagTeam provides co-lead vocals]]). This ultimately leaves the band's guitarist as its least known member.
* Jon Foreman of Music/{{Switchfoot}}.

* The Three Tenors:
** A ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'' episode pokes fun at the fact that two of the Three (Pavarotti and Domingo) are considerably better known than the third (Jose Carreras). Of course, at the end of the episode they find someone who knows of Carreras "and those other two guys".
** ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'' also made fun of this, during a Greatest Hits game. Colin said to Ryan, "I love the Three Tenors; Pavarotti, Domingo... and the other guy. So I guess I only like two."

[[folder:Comedy / Parody]]
* A lot of people don't even know that Music/WeirdAlYankovic has a real, honest-to-God band that he's been recording and touring with for decades.
** Of which most people can only name the drummer (Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, but only because he's Yankovic's official band historian).
** Notable in that, with the exception of Ruben Valtierra (who got started doing keyboards for Al during concert), [[LongRunnerLineup the band has been the exact same since Al's first album]].
* Fans of The Nick Atoms can usually name all three members, but fans of The Nick Atoms tend to be pretty far and few in between...
* Music/MitchBenn and the Distractions. Dedicated fans can name Kirsty Newton, but might take a bit longer for either drummer (Tasha Bayliss and Ivan Shepherd).
* While the members of Music/TheLonelyIsland generally appear on their songs and videos more or less equally, the casual viewer / listener is more likely to recognize Andy Samberg due to his being a cast member on ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' and his starring role in ''Series/BrooklynNineNine'', among other projects. Akiva Schaffer generally only does backstage work and Jorma Taccone hasn't really scored a major role.
* Music/TenaciousD is Creator/JackBlack and a guy who isn't one of the most popular comedy actors of all time.

* Union Station consists of Alison Krauss and, um...maybe Dan Tyminski, only because of him singing Avicii's "Hey Brother."
* Parodied in Joan Hess's ''Much Ado In Maggody'', in which country singer Matt Montana's band consists of four nearly identical guys with four-letter first names starting with "B". Even their manager only bothers to keep track of who's who because the drummer's the only one who can be trusted to drive the tour bus.
* Sugarland is Jennifer Nettles and that guy with the guitar. Apparently, they used to be a trio, too.
* The Pistol Annies are Miranda Lambert and a couple other girls. Their first CD even had an insert ad for Lambert's solo albums.

!!Examples from other media:

* The Kelloggs "Special K" breakfast food is aimed at women who want to stay healthy, regular and slim. The adverts tend to use groups of happy, shapely, unconstipated-looking women. Swimming costumes, post-bath towels or skimpy summer clothes feature a lot, just to make the point that Special K keeps you slim. Most of the women in the adverts wear white or dull neutral grey. But ''the'' Special K Girl, the star of the show, the one who typifies the brand to platonic perfection, the leader of the gang, the one the others follow - she, and only she, wears the corporate red. She is also usually black-haired when the rest around her are blonde or mousy.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''Comicbook/AstonishingXMen'', Cyclops recruited Kitty Pryde to act as this for his team, as his powers and Beast's appearance made it difficult for them to interact in public, while Logan was an unapologetic thug and Emma was an IceQueen, making Kitty the most personable and normal looking of the original line-up.
* Though all the characters are mainstream, except possibly Reggie, [[Franchise/ArchieComics The Archie's]] is basically "Archie Andrews and..." in-series and out. Similarly Josie is the face of ''ComicBook/JosieAndThePussycats''.
* ComicBook/BlackCanary's band is even called "Black Canary".

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* Lampshaded in Cameron Crowe's ''Film/AlmostFamous''. The band Stillwater is given a prototype promotional [=T-shirt=] to look at - which shows the charismatic and handsome guitarist in a nice portrait - and [[WhatMeasureIsANonCute the rest of the band in shadow]]. Which gets even funnier in the next scene, when they start to argue over which one of them is going to emulate which "Face of the Band:" "I'm the light, you're the dark! You know, Keith and Mick! Page and Plant!"
* ''Film/ThisIsSpinalTap'' Somewhat parodied by Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap, who to say the least is rather meek and quiet in comparison to the other two (founding) members of the band.
* ''Film/StillCrazy'': Jimmy Nail's character Les. He fumes in the background while Bill Nighy's character (who [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute replaced]] the original singer) is interviewed. "''Why'' do they always assume the singer is the voice of the band?" Les and Beano are later shown in a television interview given when drunk they identify the Keith and Brian, the two deceased members of the original line-up as being 'the band' which leads to Ray quitting and the band (temporarily) splitting up for a second time.
* This forms a great deal of the plot of ''Film/WaynesWorld 2''. Wayne's girlfriend is Cassandra, lead singer and bassist of the band Crucial Taunt. Her manager sees great potential in her... but not so much the rest of the band, nor for having a boyfriend keeping her from traveling to more lucrative venues.
* Satisfaction/The Girls of Summer... The fictional band consisted of "star" Justine Bateman, a then-unknown Julia Roberts ("the slut") and...um....
* Dewey Finn initially is this for the ''Film/SchoolOfRock'' but part of his CharacterDevelopment is not hogging the spotlight for himself. He also attempted to be this in No Vacancy but that's one of the many reasons why they kicked him out.
* Deconstructed in ''Music/TheRunaways'' (based on fact too). Cherie Curie is pushed as the Face of The Runaways and the other members end up resenting this. Cherie also suffers an emotional breakdown because of all the pressures of being the famous one (especially since she's only sixteen) and that's why she chooses to leave the band. As Music/JoanJett puts it...
--> "It's my band. She was just the singer"
* Also deconstructed in the Korean horror film ''Film/WhiteTheMelodyOfTheCurse''. The protagonists, all part of the same K-Pop group, begin competing against each other to be the main member when their popularity peaks. Cue three of the four girls becoming insanely jealous of each other (the fourth, who serves as the TeamMom, simply tries to control the younger three). It goes FromBadToWorse, in no small part because of the vengeful spirit tied to the titular song.

* Figures heavily in "The Band's Tale" from the Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse anthology ''Literature/TalesFromJabbasPalace'', tells the story of the Max Rebo Band, who were seen playing for Jabba in ''Film/ReturnOfTheJedi''. It turns out that the manipulative singer Sy Snootles took control of the group after it's original leader was killed in a shootout, but she put the cheerful, friendly and easily manipulated keyboardist Max Rebo at the front of the group with the intent of making herself TheManBehindTheMan. [[spoiler: This backfires immensely, as Jabba's agent approaches ''Rebo'', who ends up getting the band trapped in an exclusive contract at Jabba's palace in return for a lifetime supply of free food]].
* ''Literature/TrickyBusiness'' has the band's drummer, who while not extremely bright is a remarkable {{Pornomancer}}.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* [[Creator/AntAndDec The Beautiful Corrs]]. And their brother Jim.
* One episode of ''Series/{{CSI}}'' featured a murdered rock star who wrote all of his band's songs and would have kept the lion's share of the group's earnings if they'd broken up. This is a strong motive for his bandmates to kill him, but it turns out that the killer is [[spoiler:his ex-girlfriend, who was afraid she'd lose custody of their child to him and didn't want the kid caught up in his drug-fuelled lifestyle.]]
* In an episode of ''Series/QuantumLeap'' Sam leaps into the leader of a GlamRock band. He writes and sings all their songs and plays guitar; when the other guitarist asks him to play ''one'' song he wrote, Sam refuses.
* An episode of ''Series/JonathanCreek'' involves Jonathan trying to help out his favourite musician, who was once on a 1970s prog-rock band called "Edwin Drood". While he still achieved success after the band split up, the story also shows us his former bandmates, who are slogging away in various levels of self-deluding obscurity and bitterness.

* On paper, L Nomura is the leader of Music/MarginalNumber4, but it's Atom Kirihara that's used as the face of the group out of universe. The [[Anime/MarginalNumber4 anime]] tackles why this is the case.
* As quoted atop this page, the song [[Music/TheRiseAndFallOfZiggyStardustAndTheSpidersFromMars "Ziggy Stardust"]] by Music/DavidBowie is about how lead guitarist Ziggy becomes this for his band. It goes to his head, and the other members become so tired and envious of Ziggy's success and ego that they ultimately kill him.
* Wait a minute, there are other Music/{{Vocaloid}} singers beside [[BreakoutCharacter Miku]]?

* Invoked in Creator/{{Bally}}'s ''[[Pinball/KissBally KISS]]'' pinball, which places Paul Stanley front and center on the backglass.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/ChrisJericho, also face of the band Music/{{Fozzy}} when not wrestling, calls himself the "Face of ''[[Wrestling/WWESmackDown SmackDown!]]''/''[[Wrestling/WWERaw Raw]]''" depending on which roster he's on at the time.

* In-universe example: in ''Theatre/{{Dreamgirls}}'', when the Dreamettes break out from the shadow of Jimmy Early and become the Dreams, Deena is promoted as the most marketable face. This leads to original lead singer Effie trying to steal the spotlight back.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys Freddy]] [[VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys2 Fazbear]] is this, in-universe and out, for ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddys.'' It helps that he's actually ''in a band,'' and that his face is plastered all over the games and the restaurant they take place in.[[note]]Though [[EnsembleDarkhorse Foxy]] has more fans.[[/note]]
* VideoGame/{{Splatoon}} has the in-game band ABXY, also known as the Chirpy Chips internationally. Their lead vocalist is an ''adorable'' sea anemone girl, who has already become the most popular of their quartet amongst the game's fans.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The third case of ''VisualNovel/ApolloJusticeAceAttorney'' revolves around a murder at a concert featuring the recurring prosecutor's band, the Gavinners. Despite the band having five members (and an early puzzle requires you to listen to all five musical parts to determine a discrepancy), you only ever see or talk to Klavier and Daryan.

* ''Webcomic/MenageA3'':
** When the comic’s main band, the Troublemakers, [[http://www.ma3comic.com/strips-ma3/A_little_rebellious finally acquire their name,]] drummer Yuki and bassist Sonya, who have their differences but share a fondness for lead guitarist Zii, insist that it really should be “Zii and the Troublemakers”. And certainly, the audience at their first gig seem to have a lot of regard for Zii personally.
** Later, Zii’s arch-rival [[http://www.ma3comic.com/strips-ma3/i-like-to-be-flexible Angel unilaterally declares that the Pretty Boyz with Electric Toyz are henceforth going to be known as Angel and Their Electric Toyz.]] Angel may have some ego issues.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* As far as one's concerned, Website/TheEscapist's only contributor is [[WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation Yahtzee Croshaw]]. Over time, this joke started to hold more and more truth, though; creators like Creator/JimSterling and Critical Miss have left the site, and as of 2017 Yahtzee is pretty much the ONLY contributor still creating videos for the site. For a good long while the Escapist content calendar had nothing on it except Yahtzee's two ongoing series and the weekly Escapist streams which are often staffed by Yahtzee.
* yo go re writes so many of the reviews on OAFE that people assume he writes the non-review content as well.
* Mr. Creepypasta ''is'' WebVideo/TheMidnightSociety. To the point where he actually used to have a trope page by himself. So, of course, he's also one of the best voice actors on Website/YouTube.[[note]]YMMV.[[/note]]
* WebVideo/{{Vinesauce}} is Vinny and Joel to most people, the former because he's the founder (and his corruption videos, even though that's something he only occasionally does) and the latter after his destruction of a Windows XP virtual machine (as well as a since-disowned joke in the same stream) put him on the map. Originally, it was just Vinny that was the most well known, but even after Joel's popularity added another face to the band, the other streamers ''still'' tend to be less well known.
* Website/ChannelAwesome? WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic is usually the first that comes to mind for people who don't follow the site. Many other creators have left the site now.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/SabrinaTheAnimatedSeries'' when Sabrina, Chloe, Hilda and Zelda cast a spell to make them into a famous GirlGroup "The Flavour Babes", Sabrina becomes lead singer and lead guitarist to boot. Naturally she's the one who has to learn AnAesop about letting her ego get the best of her. An in-universe "Where Are They Now?" report describes her as "the face of the Babes".
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Jem}}'':
** The band is called "Jem and the Holograms" after all so it's obvious Jem would be this. She's the one who gets the media attention and is an actress. The LiveActionAdaptation and IDW comics both deconstruct this. In the movie Jem getting the spotlight causes her bandmates to leave. In the comics Rio thinks Jem comes off as a spoiled diva and complains why the band isn't just called "The Holograms".
** Zig-zagged in a meta fashion with The Misfits. While Pizzazz is the lead singer and is well known for being outrageous, Stormer is the fan favorite.
** In-series The Stingers fanbase consists predominantly of women who are hot for Riot. He is the lead singer and an [[LongHairedPrettyBoy attractive]] one at that.
* In ''WesternAnimation/MiloMurphysLaw,'' [[OnlySaneMan Zack]] used to be the face of a BoyBand called the Lumberzacks. [[OldShame He's doesn't like to talk about it]]. [[TheBandMinusTheFace After he left]], another member named Max took his place, turning the band into the Lumbermaxes.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* [[Creator/MontyPython The Pythons]] that aren't Creator/JohnCleese, occasionally. Creator/EricIdle even [[LampshadeHanging hung a lampshade]] on it in a 30- or 40-year anniversary special by naming them as "John...[[Music/TheBeatles Paul...George...and]]...{{Creator/Spike|Milligan}}".
* In a non-music example, Creator/JohnRomero was this for Creator/IdSoftware at the height of their ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}''-based popularity. This was encouraged by the other company members, who preferred to avoid the spotlight anyway.
** If you read the credits at the time, American [=McGee=] wasn't an easily forgotten name. Even before ''[[VideoGame/AmericanMcGeesAlice Alice]]''.
** After Romero left (and fell from grace), programmer Creator/JohnCarmack, who creates all of id's engines, started to get his recognition.
* ''Creator/{{Maxis}}''? Most people only think of ''Creator/WillWright'', and not all his colleagues that did the artwork and music.
* Thanks to his [[ShamelessSelfPromoter constant efforts at self-promotion]], many people are under the impression that Creator/StanLee singlehandedly created all the [[Franchise/MarvelUniverse Marvel superheroes]]. This is even more the case after the latest wave of Marvel movies--after all, Creator/JackKirby is dead and Creator/SteveDitko is [[ReclusiveArtist not exactly up for making cameos in movies.]]
* Apparently a lot of people believed that the entire Apple Corporation consisted of Steve Jobs putting together laptops and iPods in his garage. When people began hearing that Jobs was in bad health, Apple's stock took a dive.
** Though ironically the company did start in [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Apple_Garage.jpg his garage]], though Steve "Woz" Wozniak, the other co-founder of Apple who was arguably more this trope in the early days, did most of the single-handed inventing. Wozniak moved on since, though.
*** Jobs was pretty much always the face; Woz was just the guy who actually, y'know, knew a damn thing about computers other than that you could get people to pay money for them.
* Creator/ShigeruMiyamoto ''is'' Creator/{{Nintendo}} to most people, even when the company has enlisted other talented producers like [[Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda Eiji Aonuma]], [[Franchise/{{Kirby}} Masahiro]] [[VideoGame/SuperSmashBros Sakurai]], and [[VideoGame/AnimalCrossing Katsuya Eguchi]]. Takashi Tezuka has about the same role as Miyamoto, but tends to be ignored (he directed ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaLinksAwakening'' and the ''Series/TwinPeaks'' influence in that game was his idea, and he produced the original ''Animal Crossing'' before Eguchi was promoted from director to producer). Also of note is Yoshiaki Koizumi, a major force behind ''Mario'' and ''Zelda'' titles, Satoshi Tajiri, the mastermind behind ''Pokemon'', and Gunpei Yokoi, the guy who turned the company into what it is today.
** Creator/SatoruIwata, Nintendo's president from 2002 until passing away in 2015, was also in this territory. The ''WebVideo/NintendoDirect'' program/press releases might have something to do with this (note that in Europe, an entirely different Satoru, Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata, does the Nintendo Directs).
** The American fanbase [[MemeticBadass can hardly forget about Reggie]]. He is also well known enough in PAL regions for a Mii based on him to appear in the European ''VideoGame/TomodachiLife'' Nintendo Direct alongside one based on Nintendo of Europe's president, even though Reggie has no control over the European branch.
* On a similar note: To many people, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb is ''the'' face of the UsefulNotes/{{Xbox}} brand due to being Microsoft Studios' most public figure, although Phil Spencer has gotten recognition after being promoted to "Head of Xbox" and has become well-liked by the fanbase due to his focus on bringing in as many games as possible.
* Speaking of game companies, Creator/ValveSoftware owner Gabe Newell is the face of the studio. Valve's policy of not crediting individual employees on its works probably contributes to this (though the company maintains a fairly informative staff directory). However, several other Valve staff members have some public recognition, usually based on work they did before joining the company.
** Robin Walker is known for ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', and in fact is himself very much the face of [=TF2=]. Hardly anyone can name the other two creators of the original ''Team Fortress'', still less most of the others who have worked on ''VideoGame/TeamFortressClassic'' and ''[=TF2=]'' inside Valve. This remains the case even though he's now in Valve's ''VideoGame/{{Dota 2}}'' team rather than the ''Team Fortress 2'' one.
*** One minor exception is Makani, artist and writer on Valve's [=TF2=] comics, who is widely recognised by [=TF2=] fans. She again fits the pattern of developing your profile before joining Valve, as she is a PromotedFanboy: first her character design for [=TF2=]'s Administrator became AscendedFanon, then Valve took her on to produce the comics.
** Icefrog was famous among ''VideoGame/DefenseOfTheAncients'' fans as the game's lead developer when Valve (at the instigation of Robin Walker) hired him to create its re-implementation/sequel ''VideoGame/Dota2'' for them. This despite the fact that "Icefrog" is the SecretIdentity of a ReclusiveArtist, and it's not publicly known who he actually is. However he's not the sole face of ''DOTA'', as previous lead developers have some fan recognition.
** Erik Wolpaw and Chet Faliszek were Internet-famous for early computer-gaming satire website Website/OldManMurray before becoming staff writers for Valve.
** Michael Abrash was quite widely recognised for his earlier work as a graphics programming author and sometime Creator/JohnCarmack associate and Creator/IdSoftware employee when he was at Valve.
** Non-employee Creator/EllenMcLain achieved modest fame as the voice of ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'''s villain SelfDemonstrating/GLaDOS (and also voiced several other characters for Valve), a rare example of someone making their public name for work which began at Valve.
** Kim Swift's role as the creator of ''Portal'''s core game design (originally from her pre-Valve student project ''Narbacular Drop'') was notable enough that her departure from Valve to work on similar game ''VideoGame/QuantumConundrum'' was publicised to promote the latter game.
* Back to music: Frank Klepacki for the ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquer'' series. Jarrid Mendelson, Steve Jablonsky, James Hannigan and Tim Wynn? Who are those people? Particularly notable in that Frank hasn't actually been a composer for any of the games past ''[[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRenegade Renegade]]'' back in 2002 - all he's really done for the series since was a third iteration of of "[[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert Hell]] [[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert2 March]]" for ''[[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert3 Red Alert 3]]''.
* The very nature of the game industry (and the film industry, too, come to think of it) promotes "faces" rather than "bands." You have a few big-name developers/directors who have either charisma or vision, and they lead hundreds of more or less faceless workers in the creation of their product. How many people are going to remember anyone besides the central creative force behind the whole thing?
** Some other companies do at least try to give ''some'' recognition to those faceless workers - ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty'' games, for instance, have their randomly-generated RedShirt allies (at least the American ones) named after various workers at the company. That said, it does still fall into this on occasion (particularly among disgruntled PC fans, Bobby Kotick from [[Creator/{{Activision}} the series' publisher]] does tend to overshadow both the rest of his company ''and'' those actually making the games).
* For Hallam FM it's Big John, from Big John@Breakfast, and Metro-Radio it's their Frasier Crane equivalent, Alan Robson.
* Creator/HideoKojima is naturally the face of Kojima Productions.
** However artist Yoji Shinkawa also enjoys considerable name recognition thanks to his character designs and other art for the VideoGame/MetalGear series.
* Ever since joining Creator/{{Shaft}} in 2004, Creator/AkiyukiShinbo has become this to the studio.
* In the podcast world, Podcast/ThrowinChat is known more for being the Darcy Rhodes show. You can forget the other guy.
* The Kardashians? Kim's the one that everyone knows. After that comes the other Kardashian sisters, then the Jenner sisters, then the parents, and finally the sons. As of 2015, Kendall and Kylie have surged ahead of Kourtney and Khloe in fame (thanks to the millennial generation), but are nowhere close to dethroning Kim.
** As of 2014, you can throw Kim's husband Music/KanyeWest into the mix.
** Caitlyn Jenner's transition scored her a show and public attention, making her the most famous Jenner at least briefly.
* Yoshitaka Nishimura, otherwise known as [[Music/{{BEMANI}} DJ YOSHITAKA]], become the face of the Franchise/{{BEMANI}} franchise in TheNewTens, serving as the head producer for ''VideoGame/{{beatmania}} IIDX'', ''VideoGame/PopnMusic'', ''VideoGame/ReflecBeat'', ''VideoGame/SoundVoltex'', and ''[=BeatStream=]''; in other words, half of all active BEMANI series.[[note]]The series he isn't a producer of are ''VideoGame/{{GITADORA}}'', ''VideoGame/{{jubeat}}'', ''VideoGame/{{DanceDanceRevolution}}'', ''VideoGame/{{Dance|Masters}}Evolution'', and ''Miraidagakki Future [=TomTom=]''.[[/note]] On top of that, he's known for a number of "boss" songs, most notably "FLOWER", a song that has been crossed over into nearly every active BEMANI series. It is joked about amongst fans that he practically runs the BEMANI franchise now.