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[[caption-width-right:300:It's like riding a bicycle, through the sky.]]

Simply put, a video game that encourages the player to actually exercise.

The goal isn't usually to complete the game so much as to get in shape.

Now even though this became successful with the UsefulNotes/{{Wii}}, it's been around longer than that. See [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exergaming this article]] from Wiki/TheOtherWiki.

Compare CasualVideoGame, SportsGame, RhythmGame, EdutainmentGame.
* ''Adidas MiCoach'' has real athletes train you to achieve weight loss and strength goals to help better perform their respective sports whether it be running, soccer or basketball.
* ''Dance Aerobics'' for the NES is the UrExample. It made use of the Power Pad.
* ''VideoGame/DanceCentral'' comes across as doing the moves of your SugarWiki/CrowningMusicOfAwesome of choice with cool characters, but they provide quite the workout and include an exercise mode to gauge how many calories you burn.
* Although mostly incidental, ''VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution'' is considered to give a very good workout. Some editions even have a calorie counter.
** Likewise, so does ''VideoGame/PumpItUp'' [=/=] ''Pump It Up Pro'', ''VideoGame/InTheGroove'', and even ''VideoGame/StepMania'' if a dance mat is on hand.
* ''{{EA Sports Active}}:'' A series of simple aerobic and strengthening games to motivate you to train.
* ''[=EyeToy=]: Kinetic'' were a series of Nike inspired gym games and ''Kinetic Combat'' taught Wu Shu kung fu, fairly standard when compared to the likes of Jillian Michaels but fondly remembered for their [[SugarWiki/CrowningMusicOfAwesome kickass music.]]
* ''Get Fit With Mel B.'' ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin.
* ''Gold's Gym Cardio Workout'' and ''Gold's Gym Dance Workout''
* ''VideoGame/{{Ingress}}'' is a GPS-based game in which you visit real-world locations to access portals. The intent is for players to walk to the portals, as the personal stats screen shows the amount of distance you have walked while playing, although some players play in a vehicle (preferably as a passenger, as driving and playing ''Ingress'' at the same time can be dangerous).
* ''Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum'' is kind of a ''Franchise/TombRaider'' trainer where you follow Jillian done up like Lara Croft running through jungles, caves and...ah, tombs, doing some of the same moves from the game.
* ''VideoGame/JustDance 2'', ''3'', and ''4'' has a mode for this.
* ''Kinect Sports'' is the XBOX version of Wii Sports below with simplified versions of soccer, golf, boxing, ect and the various sports being available as stand alone games on Live.
* ''Michael Phelps Push The Limit'' has Olympian Michael Phelps as your trainer, where he gets you to, well, [[ShapedLikeItself push the limit.]]
* ''Motionsports'' and ''Motionsports: Adrenaline'' are semi realistic takes on sports, some of them extreme like slalom skiing, mountain climbing and white water rafting.
* ''Nike + Kinect Training'' is a very hardcore trainer not unlike the Wii Fit below, except without the cutesy graphics.
* Any UsefulNotes/Nintendo3DS game that allows you to exchange Play Coins for rewards has elements of this, since the only way to earn Play Coins is to go for a walk while carrying your system in sleep mode. You can shake the system to trick it into counting steps, but it's generally less stressful and tedious to just walk around your neighborhood, a park, or a shopping mall (assuming you live someplace safe, of course). However, the fact that you can't earn more than 10 coins a day (which is an equivalent of 1000 steps) downplays the exergaming element quite a bit, considering making 1000 steps a day isn't that much of an exercise.
* ''Personal Trainer: Walking'' (although less about direct exercise than getting in a walking rhythm).
* ''VideoGame/PokemonGO'' is built off of the same platform as ''Ingress'', even sharing locations with in-game points of interest. In particular, hatching eggs involves walking anywhere from 2 to 10 kilometers.
* ''[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver]]'' come with the Pokéwalker, a device that can hold a Pokémon and rewards you with experience points equal to the amount of steps you take. You can also catch wild Pokémon and find items after taking enough steps.
* ''VideoGame/PropCycle'', a 1996 arcade game from Namco has you riding a flying bicycle to pop balloons and ultimately save a village in the sky.
* ''Self Defense Training Camp'' goes in a slightly different direction in trying to teach self protection moves (as in, not using the killing blows of the SAS,) with the idea being that you go through them slowly to train then use them at full force should the need arise.
* ''Series/TheBiggestLoser'' has a LicensedGame, of course, about this.
* On ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'', Lisa bought a [[BlandNameProduct Funtendo Zii]] for the old folks' home so they could get some exercise.
* ''UFC Personal Trainer'' has the ring girls train and motivate you on the speed bag, heavy bag, and tire lift, or you can pull aside one of the actual UFC fighters to spar with.
* ''Virtua Tennis'' allows the use of Kinect to move about the court like Pat Cash or Anna Kornikova. [[NintendoHard You will need to.]]
* ''VideoGame/WarioWare: Smooth Moves'' has a rather tenuous workout mode where you burn "kelories".
* ''VideoGame/WeCheer'' has a workout mode.
* ''VideoGame/WiiFit'', the TropeCodifier.
** Before that, Mario had his own ''[[VideoGame/DanceDanceRevolution Dance Dance Revolution]]'' game.
** And before those two we got the ''VideoGame/WiiSports'' and the sequel ''Resort'' that served to demonstrate the capabilities of motion controls, ending up the biggest sellers on the system.
* ''Yourself!Fitness'' for the Xbox, [=PS2=] and PC platforms. Ubisoft later bought it to release on the Wii as ''My Fitness
* Creator/{{Ubisoft}}'s ''Your Shape'' for the Wii and its sequel, ''Your Shape: Fitness Evolved'' for [[UsefulNotes/{{Xbox 360}} Kinect]].
* ''VideoGame/ZombiesRun'' and from the same creators, ''VideoGame/TheWalk''
* ''Zumba'' and it's sequels are based on the idea of dancing to salsa and reggae music to help lose weight and build fitness.