The term "Evil Eye" can refer to the following tropes:

* AuraVision: The ability to see others' auras/powers ''et cetera''.
* DeadlyGaze: The ability to cause death or injury by simply looking at someone.
* DeathGlare: A menacing glare.
* EyeBeams: A character has the ability to shoot energy beams with their eyes.
* HypnoticEyes: A character's eyes can hypnotize/mind control/brainwash people.
* MagicalEye: An eye that has magical or supernatural abilities.
* NoEyeInMagic: A spell needs direct eye contact in order to work properly.
* ThirdEye: A third eye that is often itself {{Magical| Eye}} or grants TrueSight.
* {{Chuunibyou}}: In this teenage syndrome, the delusion of having powers is known as the "Evil Eye" type.

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