->"''[[FunWithAcronyms Lionel Scritchie's Dormitory]] presents, in association with the Department of Pawpetry Entertainment...''"
-->-Opening credits to the EF pawpet show

The Eurofurence Pawpet Show is a stage production, and one of the principle draws for the Eurofurence furry convention in Germany. Up to 2010 it featured a core case of Lional, Mika, Poke, and Lori. However in 2011 it featured a new cast created solely for this year. The stories usually reflect the convention's annual theme, and tend towards adult drama.


!!The ''EurofurencePawpetShow'' provides examples of:

* FourManBand:
** TheSmartGuy: Lional
** TheLancer [=/=] ActionGirl: Mika
** TheChick: Lori
** [[LovableSexManiac The Pervert]]: Poke
* FurryFandom: The people the show is created for and by.
* [[MomentOfAwesome Crowning Moment of Awesome]]: Usually a rate of once per year, but the most well recieved was probably Sky's final song at the end of Dream Catchers. Not so much the song itself but the way a one foot tall (bat) hand puppet suddenly turned into an 8 foot wide flying bat that literally filled half the stage...