Francis Edward Wintle, better known by his pen name Edward Rutherfurd, is a British writer known for his HistoricalFiction novels. His novels are usually long enough to act as [[DoorStopper Door Stoppers]] and long enough to have a ProgressiveEraMontage in every chapter and feature vast amounts of [[ShownTheirWork Rutherfurd's work being shown]]. For more details, see the [[ other Wiki]].

Rutherfurd's bibliography:
* ''Sarum: the Novel of England'' (1987)
* ''Russka: the Novel of Russia'' (1991)
* ''London'' (1997)
* ''The Forest'' (2000)
* ''Dublin: Foundation'' (2004)
* ''Ireland: Awakening'' (2006)
* ''New York'' (2009)
* ''Paris'' (2013)