''Earth II'' was a made-for-TV movie from 1971 -- a pilot for a TV series that never got off the ground -- set onboard an Earth-orbiting space station.

The Earth II station was supposed to be a haven for those weary of all the strife going on down on the real Earth, replete with a "no weapons of any kind are allowed" policy, gleaming white hallways, and a friendly international staff of scientists.

Of course, something goes wrong, in the form of a Chinese nuclear bomb that assumes a station-keeping orbit right next to Earth II, and threatens to detonate should sufficient sunlight exposure melt its failsafe fuses. A space-suited bomb squad saves the day by deducing that, since the Chinese read right-to-left, they should cut the wires right-to-left to disarm the bomb.

No relation to the 1990s TV series ''Series/{{Earth 2}}''.