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[[quoteright:350:[[Theatre/RomeoAndJuliet http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/romeo_and_juliet_death.jpg]]]]

->'''Angela:''' James, give me back that knife.\\
'''James:''' No. I I won't.\\
'''Angela:''' Saving it for yourself?
-->-- ''VideoGame/SilentHill2''

Whatever the reason, ([[MyGodWhatHaveIDone a guilty conscience]], [[CrapsackWorld the world is simply too much to bear]], or [[InternalizedCategorism self-hatred, whether reasonable or unreasonable]]) a character may be driven to commit suicide. This may be as little as pondering their existence or as much as holding a gun to one's head. Most times, the character will have second thoughts, or will be [[TalkingDownTheSuicidal talked down]] by a friend, but in shows where AnyoneCanDie, the character may go through with it. In any case, this is a powerful way to underscore the desperation of the character. In a {{backstory}}, being Driven To Suicide can [[IncrediblyLamePun illuminate]] the character's DarkAndTroubledPast. On desperate occasions, this can be a happy ending, but only if a majority of the viewers agree, and this is very rare.

In some cases, the reason for suicide may not be depression, but honor, as with [[{{Seppuku}} ritual suicide]]. This is obviously more common in Japanese works (as in Japanese culture, traditionally suicide can be done to cleanse one's honor) than in Western ones (as in most Christian sects, suicide traditionally is a shameful act -- but classical settings allow it to be presented as honourable, e.g. in Shakespeare). It was also accepted by various ancient Greek philosophies, particularly that of the Stoics, as well as the ancient Romans and Egyptians, both of whom [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled lauded it as a dignified and timely alternative to illness, dementia, or disgrace]]. Some {{Proud Warrior Race}}s, such as the nomadic Scythians, preferred suicide as an alternative to dying in bed, thus making this trope OlderThanFeudalism. By contrast, Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, et al.) abhor suicide, believing that only {{God}} is permitted to say when a life may be ended -- however, there is considerable debate over issues like [[MercyKill euthanasia]], capital punishment, and killing in war.

Sometimes this is done to deliver AnAesop about teen suicide by having LongLostUncleAesop show up in a VerySpecialEpisode.

At the other extreme, victims of TheCorruption, CompellingVoice, or other forms of compulsion may resort to this to [[HeroicSuicide prevent the monster they are about to become from being unleashed on the world]]. This may allow DyingAsYourself.

This is regularly [[SuicideAsComedy played for laughs]], despite the risk of falling into "DudeNotFunny" territory. Also incidentally, [[SuicideDare deliberately pushing someone into suicide]] is treated the same as premeditated first-degree murder in many countries. Unfortunately, [[KidsAreCruel minors can be total monsters]] to each other, and [[NightmareFuel grave bullying at school]] or elsewhere often can have very sad consequences (the bully more often than not also gets off with a simple slap on the wrist, too).

SuperTrope of LeaveBehindAPistol.

See also: ICannotSelfTerminate, SuicideByCop, SuicideBySea, AteHisGun, BathSuicide, BetterToDieThanBeKilled, GoodbyeCruelWorld, GayngstInducedSuicide, SuicideBySunlight and MurderSuicide.

Contrast FaceDeathWithDignity, where one chooses to face the music (and the bullets); BungledSuicide and InterruptedSuicide, where the character's attempt fails or is stopped by somebody else; HappilyFailedSuicide, where the character is grateful to be alive after all, MistakenForSuicidal, where a character is mistakingly thought to be suicidal when they're not, and SuicideIsPainless, where the character has no reason to commit suicide, but does so anyway. Also contrast {{Seppuku}}, a form of suicide usually associated with {{Samurai}}, which is done to retain honor if all other choices mean violating it.

Tragically, this is an all too common occurrence in RealLife, but due to the ''extremely'' sensitive and personal nature of this trope, [[Administrivia/NoRealLifeExamplesPlease please do not add real life examples]].

'''This is a DeathTrope, so expect spoilers, marked and unmarked.'''
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A little public service announcement that we at Wiki/TVTropes would be very remiss not to make here: If you're feeling suicidal, ''please'' [[UsefulNotes/SuicidePrevention get help immediately]]. Talk to a loved one at the very least and let them know how you're feeling. [[YouAreNotAlone There]] ''[[YouAreNotAlone is]]'' [[YouAreNotAlone help out there]], no matter what you might believe.
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* In the last painting of ''Art/MarriageALaMode'', already ashamed of having brought about her husband's death in a duel, the Countess is broken completely by the news that Silvertongue has been hanged at Tyburn for the crime. She poisons herself with laudanum which she has bribed a dim-witted manservant (the man in the loose-fitting, incorrectly-buttoned coat) to buy for her. Since this makes what remains of the Earl's money forfeit to the state, the only money her father can get back from her dowry is from selling her wedding ring, which he is busy removing.

[[folder:Other Sites]]
* ''Wiki/SCPFoundation'', [[http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-405 SCP-405 ("Telepathy Virus")]]. SCP-405 is a contagious effect that causes the victim to gain the power of uncontrollable {{Telepathy}}. The constant mental "noise" and resulting sleep deprivation cause most victims to attempt suicide.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Kung Fu Chicken Noodle, seen in Wrestling/KaijuBigBattel, is the result of a suicide attempt gone wrong. He ''eventually'' became a hero though.
* Samuel Shaw tried to commit suicide in Wrestling/{{TNA}} when he realized Christie Hemme, [[StalkerWithaCrush whom he had been stalking]], did not share his affections. This eventually lead to him being put in a padded cell.

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