A mid-Nineties British sitcom based on the 1988 book of the same name by Stephanie Calman.

Louise (Beatie Edney) is an attractive, if romantically luckless young woman stuck with a overbearing flake of a mother, while her best friend Carla (Holly Aird) tries to negotiate life with her live in lover.

''Dressing For Breakfast'' was in some respects a female answer to the much more famous ''MenBehavingBadly'', focusing on the lives of young adults coming to terms with their maturity. It showed a (at the time) relatively unprecedented glimpse into the lives of sexually active (and frustrated) thirty something women that would later be picked up by ''{{Coupling}}''.

Like the contemporary ''GameOn'' the show is largely forgotten today, but it is notable for being an early example of a series that portrayed young(ish) women as sexually adventurous while keeping them sympathetic.

The series is legally available online and may be viewed for free (by those in the UK and Ireland at least) [[http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dressing-for-breakfast here.]]

This series provides examples of:
*HeterosexualLifePartners (Louise and Carla)