A generic term for [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin dramatic series that run in a one-hour time slot]]. Along with the SitCom and the RealityShow, one of the three primary non-news, non-sports television programming types found on American TV. The term is purely a type descriptor, and conveys no indication of level of humor or high drama on the show, or lack thereof.

Of course, an "hour-long" TV program is usually not really an hour long unless it's on Creator/TheBBC. More like 40-42 minutes plus commercials. [[note]]It is fair to say that even on the BBC, that nominal hour has been drastically cut back because of the BBC's neurotic need to show endless trailers - internal adverts for forthcoming shows, and big Brother-style reminders to pay your licence fee or suffer. The BBC is also making more and more shows with one eye on overseas sales to countries that have commercials. So a BBC hour is edging closer and closer to 42 minutes of actual hard content.[[/note]]