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->''"Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;\\
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,\\
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;\\
But there is no joy in Mudville -- mighty Casey has struck out."''
-->-- "Literature/CaseyAtTheBat" by Ernest Thayer

'''1.''' A finale to a movie, a TV series or an episode of that TV series, a video game, or some other form of media that ends things in a way that varies from sad to {{trag|edy}}ic. These tend to be rare, as there is overwhelming pressure to tie loose ends up in a "{{happy|Ending}}" way. Sometimes done as a way to assure that the show, once canceled, cannot be revived later (similar to the GrandFinale), but sometimes leaves the show on a {{cliffhanger}}.

'''2.''' A similarly low-key or unhappy ending to an episode of a normally "happy" series. Also rare, due to the same reasons as above. Sometimes used in an attempt to get Emmy nominations, or to at least surprise the viewer. When the series finale of an otherwise "happy" series is one of these, it's a SuddenDownerEnding.

Downer endings have effectively been used to drive home an episode's [[AnAesop Aesop]]. For some issues, it's the only effective way to deliver the message.

Sometimes, a downer ending can conclude the character arcs in a very satisfying way, despite (or because of) being dark, if the characters are [[VillainProtagonist VillainProtagonists]] and people feel that [[LaserGuidedKarma they got what was coming to them]]. This no absolute rule however and there are cases where the audience can have enough sympathy and pity for the characters in question especially if they sympathetic qualities and poignant moments that can lead more into an AlasPoorVillain perspective. Other times, it can be overused to the point it feels like a MandatoryTwistEnding. If it comes out of nowhere or is the result of an AssPull, then it may be the result of the writers summoning DiabolusExMachina. If enough people consider it fundamentally unjust, it may acquire the FanonDiscontinuity and {{Snicket Warning Label}}s.

KillEmAll, ShootTheShaggyDog and TheBadGuyWins are particularly cruel variations of this. A {{Prequel}} may require one, or both; the HappyEnding was DoomedByCanon.

If the ending mixes elements of happiness and Downer Ending, then it's a BittersweetEnding. If the whole adventure leading up to it turned out to be meaningless, then it's ShootTheShaggyDog. The CliffHanger is often a Downer Ending, but one implicitly not final; tune in next time to see how they retrieve this one.

See also GainaxEnding, LastBreathBullet, CrapsackWorld, YankTheDogsChain, and ItsAWonderfulFailure. Occasionally, part of a {{Tragedy}} or an {{Utsuge}}. Sometimes a ForegoneConclusion, either because of a historical setting or if the work is a {{Prequel}}. [[TheHeroDies The hero may or may not die]]. [[EsotericHappyEnding Realization of]] an InferredHolocaust may turn even the most TastesLikeDiabetes "happy ending" into one. Downer Endings easily lead to {{Tear Jerker}}s or NightmareFuel. Compare DownerBeginning.

'''''Note:''''' This is a SpoileredRotten trope, that means that '''EVERY SINGLE EXAMPLE''' on this list is a spoiler by default and most of them will be unmarked. [[YouHaveBeenWarned This is your last warning]], only proceed if you really believe you can handle this list.

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* As of the last painting of ''Art/MarriageALaMode'', the Earl has been killed in a duel, Silvertongue has been hanged for his murder, and the Countess has committed suicide. The title cannot pass to their now orphaned daughter, and the circumstances of her parents' deaths also mean she cannot inherit what remains of their money; she has, however, inherited her father's case of syphilis (the braces on her legs also indicate a case of rickets), so she'll be lucky if she lives long enough to have children of her own (who will also have syphilis).