->''"The second rule for surviving Zombieland: The Double Tap. In those moments when you're not sure if the undead are really dead-dead, don't get all stingy with your bullets..."''
-->-- '''Columbus''', ''Film/{{Zombieland}}''

An amateur only shoots once. A ''professional'' always shoots twice. A subtrope of BoomHeadshot, this is usually the difference between a sniper and a more up close and personal silenced pistol assassin. [[MakeSureHesDead Better safe than sorry, after all]]. The Double Tap seems like [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverKill overkill]], but in both real life and in fiction it is an example of [[CombatPragmatist pragmatism]]. It's rare that the target survives a shot to the heart or brain, [[TisOnlyABulletInTheBrain but it happens]], and there's nothing like [[WhyWontYouDie someone surviving their attempted killing]] to [[SpannerInTheWorks ruin your carefully laid plans]]. Similarly, there have been occasions where despite shots to the chest or head, people have continued to be coherent and capable of retaliation for some time thereafter. Some training methods insist on at least two shots to the torso and one to the head, a technique known as the Mozambique Drill. Being shot in any vital organ is bad but being shot twice in one is worse. Two to the head tend to be just as effective... [[VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas Usually.]]

Usually shown as a portrayal of a professional making sure the target is dead or will be in short order. Expect at least two shots to the head or chest from said professional. Thorough professionals may be depicted putting two in both the head or chest. (In case of film or TV, the target may vary depending on the rating of the show in question as naturally a headshot will be far more gory than a torso shot; if someone is double-tapped in the head, it's usually shown from a distance or not actually shown on screen at all.)

Sometimes used to show a tough enemy or monster really is dead by shooting them twice in the head or chest to make sure they stay dead. Anyone worth shooting once is worth shooting at least twice.

Compare MultipleGunshotDeath. Contrast OnceIsNotEnough. Compare and contrast CoupDeGrace and KickThemWhileTheyAreDown, which is similar in confirming a kill but usually is seen as having more negative connotations. Naturally, this trope is what happens when {{Instant Death Bullet}}s are not a thing.


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* Batou double taps a surprised Special Forces fighter near the end of ''Anime/GhostInTheShellStandAloneComplex''.
** In a stand alone episode in the middle, he quickdraws and neatly double taps three targets in a row before they can get a shot off.
* In ''Mangra/{{Change 123}}'', Fujiko was trained by her father to shoot every target twice; once in the head and once in the heart.
* In ''Jojo's Bizzare Adventure'' Part 5 Prosciutto shoots Mista three times in the head after going down
* Referenced by name and performed by [[{{Otaku}} Gun nut Kohta Hirano]] in ''Manga/HighSchoolOfTheDead''. He doesn't even wait for the first bullet to finish [[BoomHeadshot its faithful journey]] before firing the second.
* When Vanessa learns to shoot in ''Anime/{{Madlax}}'', the eponymous heroine explains that double-tapping is more efficient than single shots.
* Specifically emphasized by Tenma's trainer in ''{{Anime/Monster}}''.
* Kiriyama does this at times during ''Literature/BattleRoyale''. No matter where he shot you, one shot in the head extra won't harm you. Later chapters subvert this, as he tends to kill people with [[BoomHeadshot one shot to the head]].
* In ''Manga/{{Jormungand}}'', many of the professionals do this, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MChQlpKY2A Chiquita]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lYj0sGtXug in particular]] is quite fond of doing so.
* Present in full force in ''Manga/GunsmithCats''. Rally is a professional bounty hunter and bona fide gun nut who can regularly [[ImprobableAimingSkills Shoot the hammers off guns]]. She still double taps just about every shot that doesn't count as an example of the aforementioned ImprobableAimingSkills. When her partner Minnie-May starts doing it with grenades, though...
* Not usually present in ''Manga/CityHunter'' due a combination of the protagonists usually trying to take their enemies alive, not having the time, and having an almost uncanny ability to kill with one shot (it helps they normally use [[HandCannon .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum guns]]), but when Ryo teaches Kaori how to shoot, the ''first'' thing he demonstrates is the Mozambique Drill (see Real Life below). [[NoKillLikeOverkill With a .357 Magnum]].
** Used liberally in the first Union Teope arc, in which the enemy had the habit of dosing {{Mooks}} with [[PsychoSerum a drug that made them insensible to pain and capable of coming at you until they bled out or hit them in the head]].
* Mikazuki of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamIronBloodedOrphans'' has a tendency when firing his sidearm to always shoot twice. Never once: twice, everyone he has ever killed it has always been with 2 bullets. Special mention goes to the third guy he killed, with [[RuleOfThree 3 bullets.]]
* In ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemist'' after failing to stop Lust's approach with a bullet to the knee Roy Mustang swiftly performs a Mozambique Drill on the charging homunculus.
* Almost everyone killed with a gun in ''Anime/NinetyOneDays'' is shot at least twice. The only exceptions are kills that occur at point-blank range that hit obviously vital organs such as the heart and the head.

[[folder: Comic Books]]
* In ''Comicbook/{{Empowered}}'', Thugboy guns down the ninjas who kidnapped and were about to dismember Ninjette. As Empowered tends to her, Thugboy is shown in the background walking up to each ninja and shooting them in the head.

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* In ''Fanfic/{{Wonderful}}'', [[spoiler:mass-murderer Jack Slash]] was killed when [[spoiler:[[ActionGirl Miss Militia]]]] shot him thrice in the head after [[spoiler:[[PapaWolf Danny]]]] tackled him out a window and onto a piece of rebar.
* In [[XCOMRWBYWithin XCOM:RWBY Within]], [[spoiler: Weiss]] starts compulsively double-tapping downed enemies with her pistol after the [[WhamEpisode Site Recon mission]].

[[folder: Film]]
* In ''Film/SeventyOne'', Captain Harris shoots one of the provos in the chest twice, even though he was probably already dead.
* ''Film/{{Zombieland}}'' has this as Rule #2 for surviving the ZombieApocalypse. Despite the zombies in the movie being of the [[TechnicallyLivingZombie Technically Living]] variety, the characters frequently make sure to [[RemovingTheHeadOrDestroyingTheBrain Remove The Head Or Destroy The Brain]]. This is seen performed with guns, [[DropTheHammer giant mallets]], and even a [[CarFu car]] at one point.
* Near the beginning of ''Film/BeverlyHillsCop'', Mikey Tandino is executed by two shots in the back of the head. Axel Foley's captain notes that it was a professional hit.
* Seems to be favored by Keyser Soze in ''Film/TheUsualSuspects''; although he doesn't make the connection as he says it, Kujan reveals that this is also how [[spoiler: Edie Fineran]] was killed.
* ''Film/TheGodfather'':
** When Michael goes to kill Solozzo and his bodyguard [[DirtyCop McCluskey]] at a meeting, Sonny instructs him "Two shots in the head apiece."
** In ''Godfather III'', Vincent shoots Joey Zasa twice, then aims carefully and fires a third shot to finish him off.
* There's a Hong Kong action movie ''named'' Double Tap, about a series of murders where the victim always had two bullet holes in the head, ''[[ImprobableAimingSkills close enough to form an '8'.]]''
* In ''Film/TheBoondockSaints'', a Boston detective is able to distinguish the target of a hit from the assorted dead mooks because he was offed this way:
-->'''Duffy:''' He was the only one done right. Double tap, back of the head.
* Vincent from ''Film/{{Collateral}}'' shoots the chest twice and the head once (the Mozambique Drill, mentioned below in the RealLife section).
* The robbers in ''{{Film/Heat}}'' shoot their victims twice in the chest and then once in the head, in a manner similar to Vincent from ''Collateral'' (Michael Mann directed both movies). Detective Vincent Hanna notes this as one of several things that marks them out as serious professionals.
* Creator/MorganFreeman's character Charlie in ''Film/NurseBetty'' lives by this:
-->''"Two in the head, you know they're dead."''
* ''Film/PacificRim'': Taken to ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill levels. With a plasma cannon. Into the chest of a {{Kaiju}}. Justified because [[spoiler: his failing to do so earlier cost him his brother Yancy.]]
-->'''Raleigh''': Let's check for a pulse. ''[fires plasma cannon into its chest until most of the internal organs are ash]'' No pulse.
* AntiHero Danny Archer from ''Film/BloodDiamond'', who is former South African special forces turned mercenary, does this regularly. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BstunZN_e7g This]] is probably the most notable example.
* ''Film/PansLabyrinth'': Whenever a battle is won, the winning side always takes the time to shoot the fallen enemies in the head, be they rebels or fascists. Vidal even has a moment where he points his gun at a soldier who's been shot in the trachea and he can only weakly bat away his gun, Vidal resets the position and it happens back and forth until he executes him.
* In the 1986 TV movie ''Sword of Gideon'' (based on the below-mentioned book ''Vengeance''), a Mossad firearms instructor stresses the importance of this, as their WeaponOfChoice is the .22 calibre Beretta, firing underpowered cartridges for a quieter gunshot.
-->"[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Rule-Number-One.]] When you pull your trigger, you pull it twice. If you aim right in the first place, there will be two bullets in your enemy. If not it doesn't matter -- if you miss with one bullet or two, you are dead. Make it always twice: ''fumph-fumph''. Always twice. ''Fumph-fumph'' never goddamn ''fumph!''"
** This becomes a BrickJoke when they have to use a single-shot zip gun hidden in a bike pump.
-->"There's one problem. It only goes ''fumph'' and not ''fumph-fumph!''"
* ''Film/JohnWick'' almost always shoots mooks multiple times, with at least one BoomHeadshot to boot.
* In ''Film/TheSuicideTheory'', Steve typically uses the double-tap on a target, though when he takes out Percival's attackers he hits eat of the confederates with a single headshot. Then he double-taps the leader's ''groin''.
* Major Mitchell performs a double-tap on a downed alien in ''Film/IndependenceDay''.
* Seen frequently (overlapping with MakeSureHesDead) during ThePurge in ''Film/{{Casino}}''. When the mob bosses decide to leave no loose ends and kill everyone who could implicate them, the assassins take no chances that their targets might survive. Most of their victims [[NoKillLikeOverkill are shot enough times to be killed several times over]]. For an idea of how thorough they are, the first person killed in the montage is shot twice in the back of the neck/head, and then after he falls to the ground the assassin casually shoots him another ''six'' times while walking past his body. Most of the other victims in the montage don't get off any easier.
* In ''Film/{{Scream 2}}'', [[spoiler:after the other killer turns out to be NotQuiteDead]], Sidney shoots the probably already dead [[spoiler:Mrs. Loomis]] in the head.
-->'''Sidney:''' [[GenreSavvy Just in case.]]
* In ''Film/OlympusHasFallen'', after the terrorists seize control of the White House, they [[BoomHeadshot headshot]] every downed Secret Service agent, in order to MakeSureHesDead.

[[folder: Literature]]
* [[ActionGirl Murphy]] mentions (and does) this several times over the course of ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles''.
* In the book 'Vengeance' (the basis for the film ''Munich''), the author recounts his shooting lessons during Mossad training. The instructor told the class to always fire two shots at a time. "Always BANG BANG...Never just god-damned BANG!"
* John Kelly of Creator/TomClancy's ''Literature/JackRyan'' series uses this technique extensively in ''Without Remorse'', largely because of his SOG[=/=]SEAL training, with his Colt .45. When he configures it as a .22 with a home-built suppressor, his especial reliance on the double-tap headshot is mentioned as particularly necessary given the .22's relative weakness--and as an indicator to the investigating policemen that they're dealing with an experienced professional. When he switches it over to .45 configuration, he changes to two in the chest, one in the head, a sign that he's discarding subtlety for the last push.
* In ''Literature/ArtemisFowl'', [[BattleButler Butler's]] preferred technique is a quintuple tap: two to the chest, three between the eyes.
* In Creator/SergeyLukyanenko's ''Literature/AutumnVisits'', one of the characters is a contract killer. When another character gets thrown from a roof to be ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice, he follows up with a headshot, just to be sure. Especially, since the killed character is [[spoiler:not entirely human]].
* Discussed several times in Don Winslow's "The Power of The Dog", specifically by hitman Sean Callan. He refers to the second shot as "correcting" the first, in case it was off (interestingly, this is the opposite of what most firearms instructors teach: usually the ''first'' shot is the most accurate).
* In ''The Killer Ascendant'', a former Federal Air Marshall shoots Literature/JohnRain twice in the chest, but the rounds are stopped by his BulletproofVest. Fans of the series who were Federal Air Marshalls informed the author Barry Eisler that this trope was incorrect, as procedure was to keep firing until the target was no longer a threat.
* ''[[Literature/HonorHarrington Honorverse]]''
** It's not called the Mozambique Drill, but Victor Cachat favors two rounds center-of-mass and a third aimed round to the head.
** If Thandi Palane is an accurate representation, the Solarian Marines teach the double tap. During the MuggingTheMonster incident in ''Cauldron of Ghosts'', her "always double tap" conditioning is strong enough that she ends up blowing limbs off the people she's been ordered to capture alive.

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* The Mozambique Drill (see RealLife) has also been used in ''Series/{{Dexter}}''.
* The Mozambique Drill is also excellently demonstrated by Jim Zubiena in the MiamiVice episode "Calderon's return."
* In ''Series/{{Revenge}}'' this is used by [[spoiler: Takeda]] to execute a wounded [[spoiler: Tyler]] on the beach. Also used by [[spoiler: Daniel]], who shoots Emily twice in the stomach and lets her fall overboard during her honeymoon cruise.
* In ''Series/TheWire'', this tends to be the preferred method for the enforcers of the notorious Stanfield drug empire. [[TheDragon Chris Partlow]] tends to execute with two shots to the head, and new soldiers are trained to either shoot for the head if they're at point blank range, or to disable by shooting under a potential BulletProofVest and then finish with a head shot. That said, they're sometimes sloppy about actually following this.
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest''. When Control orders TheDragon to execute Shaw. "Two to the head, please. And be careful of the blood spray."
* In one skit on ''Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook'', a GrammarNazi shoots a man for pronouncing "H" as "Haitch", then shoots him another two times when he's on the floor.
* In ''Series/TwentyFour'', Kim, under the instructions of her father, guns down the man who's been trying to kill her all day. She [[BleedEmAndWeep promptly breaks down in tears]], and is less than pleased when her father orders her to shoot him again.

[[folder: Tabletop Games]]
* In TabletopGame/D20Modern, there is a feat called DoubleTap, allowing you to deal one extra die of damage to your opponent, but giving you a -2 penalty to your attack roll. It requires two bullets to use.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' fourth DLC, the Claptrap Ninja Assassin [[spoiler: does this to the arms merchant just before the final boss battle]]. Also, the Jacob's brand of weapons (which have the highest damage) uses the lack of this as their selling point; "If it took more than one shot, you weren't using a Jacobs".
* ''VideoGame/MassEffect1'':
** If [[spoiler: Wrex dies on Virmire,]] his killer ([[spoiler: either Shepard or Ashley]]) will shoot him ''three'' times when he's already on the ground. [[spoiler: This is a pretty good practice with krogan enemies in regular gameplay, too; if you don't see the XP payout, they're still coming.]]
** At the end, Shepard tells his / her companions to check if [[spoiler: Saren]] is really, absolutely dead after he has already either [[spoiler: shot ''himself'' [[BetterToDieThanBeKilled in his last lucid moment]]]] or [[spoiler: been impaled through the chest]]. One of them will give the body another shot to the head. [[spoiler:But anyone being slightly GenreSavvy knows right away that if the developers added that scene, the body will get up again.]]
* In the opening level of ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', Liara suspends a few Cerberus troopers in the air with Singularity, shoots them, then puts a few more rounds in them when they're on the ground.
* The protagonist of ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' gets doubletapped at the beginning of the game - and ''survives''.
** Follows-Chalk shot a White Leg in the head twice after bludgeoning him with his club the first time you meet him. Apparently, Joshua Graham has trained the Dead Horses tribals to do this, as can be seen in the final battle.
** The Ghost People in the Dead Money DLC require this treatment, due to their unique ability to continuously come back to life unless they've lost a body part.
* In ''Videogame/{{Fallout 4}}'', members of the Brotherhood of Steel will often advise the player character "If it looks dead, put one more bullet into it, just to be sure."
* ''VideoGame/CallOfDuty''
** In [[VideoGame/NaziZombies zombie mode]], there is the Double Tap Root Beer item, which causes every pull of the trigger to fire two rounds, even when using pump action shotguns or bolt action rifles. While doubling your rate of fire sounds fun, scarcity of ammo can to push this into AwesomeButImpractical.
** ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyBlackOps2 Black Ops II]]'' changed it to Double Tap II Root Beer, which now doubles your bullet mid-flight.
** ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDuty4ModernWarfare Call of Duty 4]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/CallOfDutyWorldAtWar World at War]]'' multiplayer had a perk named "Double tap", which caused every weapon you had - even one taken from an enemy - to fire slightly faster.
* A Sniper with the "Croc-O-Style" item set in ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' will not be killed by headshots and thus will require a double-tap to kill.
** A Spy wielding the [[HandCannon Ambassador]] can kill weaker classes in as few as 2 shots.
** Most weapons in general take at least two shots to kill any class at (standard) full health: point blank the Rocket Launcher, Scattergun, and the Grenade Launcher all do just under 125 damage (health of the Scout, Sniper, Engineer, and Spy) in one hit.
* In ''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine'', one of your {{Finishing Move}}s is this.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Thwaite}}'', a balloon or MIRV that has split into three pieces may require more than one missile to destroy. The reliable way to blow them up is to put one missile between two of them and another in front of the third.
* In ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'', this is one of the {{Finishing Move}}s on Brutes - backhand the GiantMook onto the ground, then shoot it in the head repeatedly until it explodes.
* This is a handy tactic to use when playing ''VideoGame/DeadIsland''. From time to time, you'll come across Walkers pretending to be dead. Kicking them will help expose them, and if you've acquired the head stomping ability, you can tromp on their heads when they're down.
* No attention is drawn to it, but in ''VideoGame/TheLastOfUs'', Tess does this to Robert when she executes him.
* Not doing this to a Neo-Mitochondrion Monster almost screws Aya over in the beginning of ''VideoGame/ParasiteEve2.'' Fortunately, [[BigDamnHeroes Rupert]] shows up and blasts the NMC in the face with [[HandCannon a .44 Magnum revolver.]] He then proceeds to shoot the beast ''[[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill five more times]]'' while it's on the ground.
* Episode 2 of ''VideoGame/BatmanTheTelltaleSeries'' shows this happen three times, with the murders of [[spoiler:Thomas and Martha Wayne, Carmine Falcone, and Mayor Hill]]. Particularly brutal in the case of [[spoiler:Thomas Wayne]], whose assassin puts two bullets in his chest and a third in [[EyeScream his left eye]].

[[folder: Web comics]]
* PlayedForLaughs in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''. Caliborn use a double tap with a Machine gun on Gamzee's corpse... after blazing at him with full auto for an [[BottomlessMagazines indeterminate amount of time]], at least several panels straight.
** Made even funnier by the fact that Gamzee ISN'T EVEN DEAD after all that, because he's a MonsterClown and They. Never. Die.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/JonnyQuest'' episode "A Small Matter of Pygmies". After downing a black leopard, Race Bannon shoots it again to make sure it's dead.

[[folder: Real Life]]
* There's the [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mozambique_Drill Mozambique Drill]], which is a quick double tap to the chest followed by an aimed shot at the head, designed for close-range encounters. Particularly helpful if your enemy happens to be wearing a BulletProofVest and/or you are using a less powerful gun (rifle rounds can penetrate most soft body armor, but handgun ammo has quite a bit more trouble with this).
* British Special forces [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHzElqfzMtc are taught]] to double-tap the head, if possible in the "T" (a line from temple to temple, then down the nose), because body armor has become an awful lot easier to get hold of nowadays.
** This training is said to have originated around halfway through the century; back then the standard issue pistol for British Special Forces was the Browning Hi-Power, a reliable and accurate gun, but with dreadfully low stopping power caused by its usage of smaller 9mm cartridges that had trouble taking a man down with a single shot, even at center mass. As a result, agents were trained to fire twice in rapid succession, thus the double-tap became standard in British intelligence.
* Osama Bin Laden reportedly took one to the chest, one to the eye.
* Many firearms instructors now teach students to shoot until the threat is neutralized, regardless of how many rounds that is, so some people now shoot triple taps or just punch out five or six rounds rapidly per target.
** Due to the prevalence of the Double Tap in pop culture, some schools and even military training now emphasize such drills as the [[https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjohuvM1PTRAhXHMyYKHf_-DOQQtwIIHDAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dc1CI4sL_EiI&usg=AFQjCNH1e1dAmc4OeDkfsdt_oMK5LYb1bw&sig2=4cTkKnYWj6-aTHrZlhnjQw 22422 drill]] in order to prioritize shooting til the threat is neutralized.
* Standard police training in most American districts is that if you are in a situation where you're actually shooting at someone, you '''always''' pull the trigger twice. Sometimes cops will end up firing much more than that, if it's not clear that the suspect is dead (such as if he ends up falling against a wall or a vehicle), hence the meme of trigger-happy cops [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill unloading dozens of rounds into some poor guy.]]
** There are records of up to ''[[http://myfox8.com/2014/10/09/tense-massive-protests-overnight-in-streets-of-st-louis-after-18-year-old-boy-shot-and-killed-by-off-duty-officer/ 17 shots]]'' being fired into people.
** That poor guy may also be shooting at the officer, however. Unlike what is commonly portrayed in movies and TV, gunshots are not like getting zapped by a phaser. Just as one example, '' [[http://www.policeone.com/patrol-issues/articles/6199620-Why-one-cop-carries-145-rounds-of-ammo-on-the-job/ this gunfight]]'', where the suspect was hit with .45 ACP in the heart, right lung, left lung, liver, diaphragm, and right kidney, as part of 14 hits up to that point. He was still attacking. The officer then took four carefully aimed headshots, which finally caused him to drop. The threat was over, but not because the guy was dead. Even after all those vital organ hits and headshots, he made it to emergency surgery. He couldn't be saved.
* A tactic used by American pilots in the UsefulNotes/VietnamWar was "ripple fire", lobbing off one missile followed by another at a target. This was due to the [[ReliablyUnreliableGuns less than spectacular]] performance of most of the guided missiles of the time.
** Also a common tactic in bombing missions - if one bomb was a dud, the other would probably work. If the first bomb worked, the other would fratricide in the explosion.
* [[https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=Hx6RvaqUy9IC&dat=19570316&printsec=frontpage&hl=en This account from page 51 of the March 16, 1957 issue of the Calgary Herald.]] On May 10, 1953, a Canadian native woman named Bella Twin was hunting some small birds near Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta, when she realized [[BearsAreBadNews a grizzly bear was stalking her.]] Hiding in a pile of brush, she hoped the bear would move on, but it kept coming closer and closer. When it was only a few yards away, Twin shot the bear with her .22 caliber Cooey Ace 1 rifle [[labelnote:note]]There are conflicting accounts of whether the rifle was chambered in .22 Long or .22 Long Rifle ammo[[/labelnote]] and dropped the beast with a single headshot. However, as .22 caliber ammo isn't exactly an ideal defense round, she made sure to shoot another 6 rounds into the grizzly to make sure it was dead. [[https://www.ammoland.com/2014/11/what-22-rifle-did-bella-twin-use-to-kill-a-world-record-grizzly-in-1953/#axzz50z5Y7Mxp More details here.]]