''Double House'' is a {{josei}} {{Girls Love}} manga by Nanae Haruno. It tells the story of Maho, a transsexual [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hostess_club hostess.]] One night, she sees a young woman, Fujiko, being mugged; she steps in, and saves her. They learn that they live in the same apartment, and quickly become friends. Fujiko falls in love with Maho, who is wary of getting involved with someone...

!!This work contains examples of:

%%* {{Bittersweet Ending}}
* [[CastFullOfGay Cast Full Of Transsexuals]]: Justified, considering where Maho works. [[spoiler: Her co-workers' response to learning that she's "living with a girl" is somewhat bizarre.]]
* {{The Eeyore}}: Maho.
%%* {{Expository Hairstyle Change}}
* {{Fat Girl}}: Koko.
%%* {{Gayngst}}
%%* {{Girls Love}}
* HatesTheJobLovesTheLimelight: Koko
* {{Hopeless Suitor}}: Oogiri, Fujiko's would-be boyfriend, [[spoiler: who is found stalking Maho.]]
* {{Lady Drunk}}: Maho.
%%* {{Lipstick Lesbian}}
* {{Lonely Rich Kid}}: Fujiko, who left her wealthy family out of ennui.
%%* {{Only Six Faces}}
* [[DoorstopBaby Park Bench Baby]]
* {{Pass Fail}}: In the first few pages, random passersby comment on Maho's height and her shoulders. Yeah.
%%* {{Transsexual}}