A film or series that revolves around non-news reporting of NonFiction subjects.

Many documentaries are known to break several OmnipresentTropes which exist in other genres due to nature of the documentaries.

Types of {{Documentary}} include:
* The TVDocumentary.
* The NatureDocumentary.
* The DocumentaryOfLies.
** TwistingTheWords
* The SpeculativeDocumentary
* The DocuSoap

Works of fiction or comedy sometimes use a style that imitates or parodies the {{Documentary}}:
* The DocumentaryEpisode.
* The FauxDocumentary.
* The FauxToGuide.
* The {{Mockumentary}}.

The MondoMovie is an intesting type of ExploitationFilm that can be a hybrid of the serious types (the original ''Mondo Cane'') or be totally fake (''Faces of Death'').

Compare and contrast NewsBroadcast.
!! A list of tropes that are commonly found in, or specific to, documentaries:

* TheKenBurnsEffect
* ManipulativeEditing
* NationalGeographicNudity
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter
* ShootTheMoney
* StockFootage
* StrawmanPolitical
* TalkingHeads

* ''Series/AirCrashInvestigation''
* Series/BBCHistoricalFarmSeries
* WebVideo/BecomingYouTube is a weird mix of a serious documentary and {{Mockumentary}}-style [[SketchComedy sketches]].
* ''Film/BeyondTheMat''
* ''{{Blackfish}}''
* ''Series/BloodDolphins''
* ''[[Film/BroniesTheExtremelyUnexpectedAdultFansOfMyLittlePony Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans Of My Little Pony]]''
* ''TheBusinessOfBeingBorn'': About pregnancy and birthing in America.
* ''Film/CardSubjectToChange'': Life on the ProfessionalWrestling independent scene, for both RingOldies, current stars and young hopefuls.
* ''Film/TheCove'': About dolphin hunting/fishing in Japan and won an Oscar.
* ''Film/TheDarkSideOfChocolate:'' About the widespread but strangely unknown-to-the-public use of child slaves in the cocoa industry.
* ''Film/{{Earthlings}}:'' About the horrific treatment of animals in the food industry, puppy mills, etc...
* ''Film/EnronTheSmartestGuysInTheRoom''
* ''Film/{{Everest}}''
* ''FatHead'': A rebuttal to SupersizeMe.
* ''Film/FirstStrike:'' About the possibility of a nuclear surprise attack on the United States.
* ''Film/TheFogOfWar:'' About former Secretary of Defence Robert Macnamara.
* ''FoodInc.''
* ''Film/ForAllMankind''
* ''ForksOverKnives''
* ''Film/GrizzlyMan''
* ''GunsGermsAndSteel''
* "Hellbound" A documentary about different perceptions of hell.
* ''Series/AHistoryOfScotland'': Explores [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin the history of]] UsefulNotes/{{Scotland}}.
* ''Film/{{Home 2006}}'': This documentary looks at New York City through the eyes of a number of famous people.
* ''Series/InSearchOf'': A documentary series centered around popular mysteries, with Creator/LeonardNimoy as the narrator.
* ''Film/JesusCamp''
* ''Film/{{Jonestown}}''
* ''Film/KissLovesYou''
* ''Film/{{Koyaanisqatsi}}''
* ''Film/TheLifeAndTimesOfRosieTheRiveter''
* ''LooseChange''
* ''Series/MiraclesForSale'': A Derren Brown special about the US faith healing industry.
* "Missrepresentation'' A documentary about attitudes toward women in the media and in American society.
* ''Film/NanookOfTheNorth'' (1922), the TropeMaker, Robert Flaherty's film about life among the Inuk people of upper Hudson Bay.
* ''Pedigree Dogs Exposed'': About the effects of inbreeding and other KC practices on the health of purebreds as a whole and certain breeds in particular.
* ''Film/{{Primary}}'': Groundbreaking cinema verite film about the 1960 Wisconsin Democratic presidential primary contest between Hubert Humphrey and JohnFKennedy.
* ''Film/ReclaimingTheBlade'': On medieval European swordmanship.
* ''ReelBadArabs'': A documentary about the stereotyping of Arabs and other Middle Eastern peoples in mainstream media, particularly films, and all the UnfortunateImplications coming from it.
* ''Film/{{Revolution 1968}}'': This documentary explores hippiedom in San Francisco in 1967.
* ''Film/{{Revolution 2012}}'': This documentary explores the importance of saving the environment.
* ''WebVideo/{{The Smash Brothers}}'': A nine-episode WebOriginal following seven of the most influential ''SuperSmashBros Melee'' players of all time, as well as the community surrounding them.
* ''Film/SuperSizeMe'': One man's attempt to eat McDonalds, and only McDonalds, for 30 days in a row.
* ''Film/TheTiesThatBind1985'': A documentary on the life of the filmmaker's mother.
* ''Film/{{TPBAFK}}'': A documentary about ''Website/ThePirateBay'' and the trial of its creators.
* ''Film/WakingSleepingBeauty''
* ''Series/WhyWeFight2005''
* ''WinnebagoMan'': Explores the phenomenon of viral videos, in particular that of one man's profanity-laden out-takes.